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guerrilla salatu salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati.

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A mavado favela Amina shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem calama Menaka Allah does Judah is Amar took Allah Allah Pharaoh Min electroneum in the womb in the circle Allah who loves him,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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Throughout history, we find that human beings

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have always been plagued with problems and arguments and disputes

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on the principles of social classification.

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What we mean by this is, human being has always been grappling to try and find a concrete basis it who is better than another person, and on what basis is one person better than another person?

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puri Tara kotoko.

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Toe how many a SAVAK milltek A in sunny hamesha, tilapia, corn kiss a better or kiss which is a better in some conquests a better hair kiss which is a better in fact, this argument, who is better than another person who who is better than someone else? He is as old as human kind in this world. In fact, even before we came into this world, and you would recall and many times we have made mention of it, that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he created Adam la Surat wasallam Allah tala after creating a tamale. Salatu was Salam Allah tala toll, the melodica. And he believes was amongst them although he was not an angel. He was condominial Jin. But because he used to make he but he was part

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of the melodica. Allah told him to make CGI in front of Adam alayhis salam out of respect.

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The Malaika lasuna la Hama, Hama whom never go against the command of Allah so they made says that he believes refused. And when Allah tala asked him, and that Allah says in the Quran in the ayat which I have recited calama manaka Allah does Judah either Mr. Took

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Oh, he believes what why didn't you make sister? So what did you say? And a pharaoh mean I'm better than him.

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I am better than Adam alayhis salam Halekulani Mina Hanukkah whom woman teen I am created from fire. He is faded from this. So shaytan use substance from where he was created from as the basis of superiority over someone else.

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You see this. So she believes near up near Mata ko yay botallack apne mother Khawaja crmls rostrum se better. Mira Madonna Agha Orozco Mamata meaty, so on the basis of that he said I am better than Adam la salat wa salam. There are Latin in the Quran is made mentioned sometimes of people using wealth as a basis of superiority and nine surah Kahf that we are supposed to read in on Juma makes mention of two people's conversation. Like in Surah Kahf. One of them had more a lot of wealth, a lot of gardens The other one was poor. In the process of conversation, the one who had gardens said Anna Thoreau Minka Marlowe, asuna Farah. I'm better than you and Atlanta surecav may hate mukalla

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makossa kerkia is very, very bottom, your mother and Mickey darmian to Muller adminer Macaca anak thirimanne, Kamala was Donna Ferrara, Maricopa Sierra Madre de se mi Absa better, I have more well, therefore I'm better than you. And not makes mention of it in the Holy Quran. And of course, this is something that is false because if this was the basis of superiority, qarun would have been the best person on earth. Because no one in the history of humankind perhaps, had had more wealth than qarun. No one. He had more wealth than anyone. But he is not the best. In fact, together with his wealth, Allah destroyed him. Then sometimes people use that where I come from the origin of my race, my

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ethnicity, my background, where I was born, where my forefather was born. Therefore I am better than you. I've come from Gujarat, I come from this village, I come from that village. Therefore this village is better than that village.

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Gujarat Oh is better than bharucha brooch is better than Hyderabad and he has to build it in a way we get this. This is situation it used to be very very famous nowadays we know our children they market it we ask our children which car you come from receive bubblegum. Now we know this particular situation but today we today we know that many a times people use that as a basis of superiority. I come from this village I'm better than you. I come from Arab stock, I come from this particular aspect. I got green card I got an American citizenship. So what what does it mean it means nothing in the eyes of Allah tala, but people have used this as a basis of superiority then perhaps one of

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the most shameful tendencies in humankind has been us the color of your skin, that I am better than you because of the color of my skin I'm more fair skinned than you. Therefore, I am better than you are today in today's situation in South Africa, you have you know affirmative action. So therefore if a person has a particular color of skin he is more more in status and people who don't have that color of skin. Allah tala in that particular regard is discredited all theories of classification on false an artificial means.

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And Allah has given us the classification what constitutes superiority, but we will make mention of that the time of our beloved nebia Kareem saw cillum this also was something invoke, people used to look upon one another on the basis of which stocktake came from which class and category came from which race they came from, and which what was the color of the skin they used to look down upon slaves. Sometimes they used to look down upon people who came from a senior in Africa. So when nebia Kareem saw cillum performed and conquered Makkah, it was the time of Zohar, which was a first Salat after the conquering of Makkah. Nivea cream sauce from Tobler op lol get up on the Kaaba, give the

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Hassan nowadays Africa has a it is it is makrooh to make us and from the top of the Kaaba. That was one time nobody saw Salaam gave him the command. And unless Allah knows, maybe salsa might have been maybe sauce lamb was instructed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Maybe Sam told him stand on the Kaaba and give the ASEAN so when the people of Macau who was still there who are not Muslims, who are in them still aspects of racism, aspects of looking down upon people on the basis of where they come from, on the basis of the color of the skin, they couldn't take it. One has been a sham said I am happy My father died before this. My father didn't have to see a black person standing on the cover

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and giving the exam one person said they're allowed to be led in the basis never find anyone better than him. So this this is something that has always been part and parcel how do we how do we look down upon people on the basis of various things on the basis of their wealth on the base of where they come from, on the base of the color of the skin? And when this happen? nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam could not remain silent, and maybe a cream sauce alum call the people on that day or the very next day and he said, Yeah, you are nurse and he recited the ayat. It was perhaps reveal of that time on the resource. Let me remind other people about it. You are not in a documentary. Oh

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people we created a few from one male and female. We have made you into different races, different tribes that are a fool for the sake of identification. And that'll tell us in the Holy Quran, aka Johanna multileaf jugos Anna, aka run hugger mocha lipo to ESM Allah tala kita or yourself or surf the arrow key Raja Taki up to three coupe Chan Sacco. He is linear. Up to three core hockey awesome Joe. up now produces a better asenjo in a Croma comb. The best amongst you are those who are pious, the mess amongst you are those who are pious and cream sauce from society. Maybe a cream sauce lamb showed this one day I was a furry realtor know, told Bella Bella, you are the son of a black slave.

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Obey law you are the son of a black slave. So nobody came angry with him as an abuser. You are still jail. You are still an ignorant person of jail. So I will reserve fell so hurt. He went to Bilal and said Oh, Bella, take your feet and put it on my cheek. I have I have him. I've abused you. I feel a shame. Oh bill, I'll take your feet and put it on my cheeks so that I can come right. This price has come up with me on the basis of the color of my skin. Take it away from me. So this is what maybe a cream sauce lamb did and maybe a cream sauce lamb shoulder. This whole particular aspect at the heart of this aspect of racism is the fact that Allah tala Allah

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cupula has made a mistake. Allah Allah has made a mistake, a creative mistake when he brought some people into being at the heart of racism when you start looking down upon people on the basis of the color of their skin, you are saying and you are attributing a fault to Allah, creativity and allows creation and Allah siefert of creation, that you are saying Allah made a mistake by bringing certain people into this earth. How dare you make a search such a thing that Allah made a mistake? Who are you as a creation? To say that Allah tala made a mistake by bringing people Allah knows why he brought people in this world and Allah tala knows and sees

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them after I brought him I granted him respect and dignity. We have no right to look down upon any people on the basis of the color of his skin, the base of where they come from. If anyone does it is haram. It is not permissible. If someone does wrong, it is an individual who is done wrong. If someone does wrong, it's an individual Aslam said in a hadith. Now there are only two groups of people. There are people who are good, there are people who are bad, there are people who are truthful there are people who are in falsehood, there are people who are virtuous, there are people who are on vice, the person who is virtuous, the person he is, he is he is right. He is worthy of of

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superiority either worthy that Allah has given him superiority, no matter where he comes from, no matter what the color of his skin is. He is right. And he is virtuous. He is superior by the basis of Allah Allah. Allah takamiya taqwa no matter who he is, and the person who is who is than evil, no matter where he comes from. He even if he's or even even if he's an uncle of NaVi sauce alum, he's in Jana.

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Who knows what better what better color of skin can you get an akula have the word that means father of the fire. The reason why he was poorer the father of fire because he used to be extremely fair. And he used to have a red complexion fair with with redness, which added to his stature in terms of his appearance. But Willa Hill as he is in the fire of Jana, they he is from the family of Nivea cream sauce now, he was more afraid than any one of us. But yet he's in the fire of Jana. That didn't save him and look at other people. In the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan Abdul Malik bin Marwan at the time of Hajj in a pharaoh Quran, he made mention and he said, Oh people, no one must

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ask anyone Muslim about Hutch except us a turban Abba, a turban. hubiera was the Mufti of Makkah. He was a black slave. He was crippled. Some say he was deaf.

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He had a he had a flat nose. But in the time of hydrocodone, he was a Mufti of Makkah. And Abdul Malik when Marwan said, No one must ask anyone Musleh poliquin has a turban hubiera in our the Hanafi fit. Many of the great scholars of Hanafi Fiqh came from sail and sail is in Abyssinia, the one the one who has compiled the Hadith, in which many Hanafi you know, for Hadith come from in which your basis is nesbo. Riah ness was the author of naspo Raja come from sales elite and ever senior in in Africa. So what we are saying is that this particular aspect of who is better on what basis there is only one aspect, and that is on the basis of taqwa and piety and goodness, it is

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haram for a person to engage in looking down upon a person on the basis of the color of his skin or his appearance. And they have very serious consequences to this in higher to Sabah as it mana use of Kundalini Rahmatullah Lee writes, that the people of Yemen, they came to make Hutch with Libya, cream sauce Islam, right at the time of Hatcher tuviera so nebia Karim serves them on one occasion was waiting for some of his aide to come because he was he was traveling with the resources from Osama bin Zayed, son of xAPI, Aretha and ever senior slave. So then at that particular time, when he came out, the people of Yemen said, didn't wait for this person. And the other winner didn't wait

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for this person. Look at them wait for a son of a slave.

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There that the Sahaba said because of the statement of this. The people of Yemen after nebbia Crimson Muslim passed away, they turned against Islam, they went out of the fold of Islam, because they look down upon a person on the basis of his background. And they got involved in following a false prophet. The Sahaba set the basis of that because they look down upon another person on the basis of his appearance. Recently, we had a situation where a politician made mention with regard to something that some people felt offensive. And I felt that you know, it's something that people feel offensive, whatever you said it was wrong, especially when it was it could have been used in a

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derogatory term although he made later on Friday.

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justified, but I thought it is important for us to to repeatedly make mention of the Islamic view on this matter and where we should stand on it. In fact we should be the ones to be able to show what racial harmony is upon and what racial harmony is about because we're realizing there is no other religious group that has given such an example with regard to racial harmony the way Muslims have and the way Islam has. The time of Nevis Aslam, one one person came in Madrid and he saw Pillai ultimo sitting on the same gathering. He's gonna be so slim. He saw Arabs, he says to hate Rumi, he saw boozer Safari, he saw salmaan Farsi, he said Allah subhanaw taala first time I saw all people

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sitting equally on one gathering, on one basis, we have that history we have that legacy. And we can't, because someone has said something that we are going to resort in kind and he has to be live equally Something must be quote unquote, something back in like that. Allah says, Well, at this time we'll have

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it for ability he doesn't mean don't repel evil with evil. He's in October Baraka Tatyana bourassa. Yamato, he currently is what the Quran says, if someone does you bet too good to him in return, too good to him in return, what will happen, that that person who is your enemy will become your friend. If you throw stones in the path of those people who throw stones in your path, then the whole world will be filled with stones. If you're gonna throw stones in the path of those who throw stones in your path, the whole world is gonna be through an hour on a man have given great amount of emphasis on harmony between people of different faiths, different backgrounds, different racial conflict

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classification in one country, how old am I have told us? And you know, what is the example of Wendy's and ratio, when he is in harmony in a country what happens? Look at Libya. Now we all know with regard to Gaddafi, he was killed in you know,

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amazing circumstances. But you know, and those circumstances, no matter what a person has with regard to a, it's a mockery of human rights, it's a mockery of human decency, no matter what you have with regard to it, how can you How can you kill a person the way he was killed, you know, cold, cold blooded, whatever our situation is, but what what was one of the aspects with regard to Libya there on one hand, there was great amount of harmony and great amount of favors dished out on one section of the population. And the people of Benghazi and misurata, didn't share in that particular wealth. Now, when these in harmony, when there isn't harmony in a country, look at what happens

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when there isn't harmony between different groups in the people. Why is it that on one hand, on one place, people like like him, on the other hand, people are prepared to do this to him. No one came from outside to do this to him, full of same country. This is what happens when there isn't harmony and what am I have realized this two of our great Salama shefali Nana said when I was in Madeira Malala they were amongst the people who were incarcerated in Malta. And they came back to India as a shareholder in essence of rally writes. And in one of his writings, he says, I placed great emphasis upon harmony between people in one country, no matter what their background is,

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as it monoshock will hinder Mama Mama,

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Mama Mama

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gave this example. He said people are going from a train from one destination to another. You see, people might have different destinations, why are they going to that place they say for example, people are going to Delhi or people are going to Pretoria they got one train.

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People might have different reasons why they're going to Pretoria but while they are on the train, it is in everyone's interests, that the train reaches safely.

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We might have different reasons and different objectives of our life while we are in this country. But while we are in this country, it is in everyone's interest at a speech in this country, just as is in everyone's interest that when you are in a train going to a particular destination that that train must reach a particular destination safely. And Allah worked for this Manasa rally after the formation of Pakistan. Now it is reading this morning. So annalena phone is so amazing and inspiring. When I was sitting with Manila, Malala was 80 years of age. And the person who writes it is alive today Mr. Abdullah

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Ali, he's a father in law of Korea, Ahmed amin choccy, who is in the Imam of Shiva Masjid. I had lunch with him once in Toronto, and he writes he said when after partition Manasa what money went throughout India telling people Muslims, you are still here. Not everyone could go to Pakistan. He said how you must live. He said one day he said I joined our small he said I was eight nine years of age. He said I joined mana money he gave a ban in Gujarat up till hoppas one in the morning, telling people people stay with peace. Stay with a flock stay with conduct. Your conduct must be such people must come towards you. People must come towards you. They must not throw you out. He said when he

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finished? I asked him I would like I would like to sleep in one

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room. I would like to sleep in one numbered nice room. So the currents are a small boy in sleep. So he said mana was a bit he loved the bed he took his normal surely stepped on the floor. I was tired I slept say four o'clock in the morning I heard someone crying. I said who is crying? He said I got up

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early after giving bayana after finishing up as one four o'clock in the morning he was crying in front of Allah subhana wa tada and he is the one who said that in a country it is extremely important that you that you strive towards harmony between people. These examples mana city comma ban Ramadan I will conclude with this. He came from a place with a Muslims non Muslims he's amazing humility Allah Allah had granted him amazing humility one student make mentioned in one of his books I read he went to Banda to go and study so you reach a station didn't know where the madrasa is. mana Citrix app was there the The more I mean the principal or the madrasa. He said, where you want

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to go is on the go to the madrasa. He carried his luggage till he reached a madressa only when he reached a mattress I realize he's a principal who carried his luggage.

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Van Rahmatullah Lee was one day in a station. So when he came to the station, the Muslims, non Muslims, everyone surrounded him, and he was writing, always giving everyone blessings giving everyone when the time for the train came to leave. So Mona said, Well, I have to leave the train is leaving the station master, who was a non Muslim. He said Maulana, as long as you helping people out, I'll keep the train stopped. When you finish writing and giving everyone was then I will tell the train to go and non Muslim at this respect. So I'm making mentioned with regard to racial aspects, racism, what is fees and what our alumni have told us how to remain in a place where there

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are people of different backgrounds, different faiths. This is what our alumni have told us. So we must strive towards during to that, for in that lies, our success, our salvation, for in that lies the way to propagate Islam for in depth lies what we are supposed to do from our Sharia law, of understanding and making our way through that one.