Ebrahim Bham – Lessons from Hajj

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The upcoming months and holidays for the month of carrier include the start of the month of tack, the start of a new year, and the return of a former member of the government. The "hamster" subversion is discussed as a common misconception used by some people, particularly in the context of the current crisis. The importance of shaping behavior to fit in with Islam's rules, including being a woman of the lottery and a woman of the farm, is emphasized.
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Al Hamdulillah he was Surat was Salam wa ala Mala and

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I'm about to fall in the villa he may not share it on your Radziwill Bismillah your Walkman where he

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will la he had a job at Minnesota it he served in

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Wyoming aka fine Allah have Annie you know Angela and me and Sarah Kola awesome.

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My dear respected elders and brothers.

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We are all aware we are in the month of hutch, the month of hajj, start off immediately after Ramadan. And now we are just about two and a half weeks away from Hajj and I felt that we will speak about Hajj although some people might say that many of us we are not going for Hajj and today even if you want to go for hydro it is so difficult because you have to go into the Kota do you get a visa don't you get a visa? We want to go but we can go but of course there are a few reasons why I want to make mention of it the lessons of Hajj of all time not only for the * and not only for the people going for Hajj. hijama. Hatch, Kibera man or head JSA Azim Ibaadat get to pay for live

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kebari miCoach jaisa Lingayen upwey saltpetre Karasik they have cam messy portulaca hatch Killian each other to Ferris mo zooper balcanica Cafe de Huisman botsify They have a two year five year HEC Adriana will schedule Hutch schedule to pay for white hair was subcarrier head or sieve Hodgkin era near as kebabian. Now one of the things that is there is that Allah subhanahu wa taala has kept a natural inclination and love for of every believer to the bay to LA and Madina Munawwara Allah escaped that natural love yet Allah Tala Anna amaretti Romea Haramain Sharif nktp For Hapa Dalian yes he is a campus co Biometrika sector is amazing. Allah has kept a natural inclination and natural

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love for maca Medina, you know as a prime minister that was salam made dua to Almighty Allah. For Allah if either Tamina nurse Sita will delay him or will not turn the arts and incline the hearts of people towards MCI mocha Rama when he finished both Rapana Hindi has come to mean Duryea TB word Riri visa

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when he started and he finished both MCI muda Kava. He said I will Allah I came here and I left my wife and children in a barren desert. A panic and Ishani quake Kenny Kenny Shani, we can see if he's naked in the political Muharram Yark agora Maha MacArthur's Korea, fragile Africa tamminen us he or not read is no one year but you are not turn the hearts of people towards McIver Kurama turn and he also minuteness then some of the people's hearts towards MCI mocha Rama. Now this is an amazing because of the DUA people are naturally inclined that even if you haven't gone or when you go and you come back you are naturally you want to see when can I go back again? Allah is kept that also

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amazingly, when he primally salat wa salam, you know finished building the Kaaba and the pay to love.

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Allah Tala told him make the call towards Hutch Hutch Kirilenko logo Kohut, kitra Bula Cohen call people for Hajj to the Prime Minister Dominic Ayala you happen to coin a Mickey Scola? He is no one Yeah, who do I call? Allah Allah says oh Ibrahim you give the call. And when you give the call for it to go to every soul is my responsibility. I will see that it will go to every call. And when the Prime Minister Nawaz Salam called towards people was in finance he Bill had to carry Jallianwala could leave armory at 10am in Khalifa gene me. Whoever studied was to go for Hajj. He will come from different valleys and different places. As a Prime Minister, I'm gonna shade cow guy might have said

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come towards Hutch or am I upset whichever soul heard it in second debate? He will go for Hutch is clear. That's why when we go forward, we say the big O Allah we are present. We have we are responding to the call of your great Khalil who called us for Hutchins. So there is a natural inclination, not only for for hutch, but not only for the Kaaba and Baitullah, but also for Madina Munawwara the BA crimson Allah Who

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It was seldom left Madina Munawwara maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will much I'll Bill Medina T VFA ma JAL Tabby Maka terminal Baraka, O Allah give Medina double blessings, then want to give to my mocha mocha Rama, maybe Navia Kareem salsa made dua once he Allah Ibrahim alayhi salam made baraka for Makkah. In the Allah you accepted his dua, he Allah I'm making dua for Medina give baraka to Medina.

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So we find that Baraka, not only Medina, sometimes even sometimes there are certain things that we are Kareem saw some said when he came back from hijo vida, he passed by who had passed by the amount of overhead and maybe a cream sauce and said, How the Javelin your hip buena when a hippo, this mountain. We love it and it loves us Subhanallah not only we love it, the mountain also loves the believers. So we are naturally inclined even if you don't go for Hajj. We love we love Mackay Medina Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if Camino one that when the via Kareem saw Salam used to come towards Medina travel anywhere when he used to come near Medina. He used to tell the camera let

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the people go faster go faster, out of love for Medina. So Baca in Medina, we have natural love towards Makkah and Medina even if you don't go

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for lehtera Take everyone in shock. Second, second reason is Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is, so Mackay Medina 25th Fitri torpor Mahabharata Nebia, Karim Salah Salem suffer septum Whoppers the SRI flatterer to Medina and Mohan Marina

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keywords I set up new auto update with Nico Tasker that catheter. Now one of the other reasons is that Allah Tala has kept certain landmarks

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and let them Nishan hierarchy. Now when those landmarks we see it we are naturally inclined towards the greatness and the love of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Now that is one of the reasons why we think of Allah Tala because Allah has kept certain visible objects, the moment you

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to think of Allah subhanho wa Taala and obey to Allah is one of the greatest objects that Allah Ghana has kept as a visible object as a sign of Allah subhanho wa Taala has greatness. The moment you see the Kaaba and be Tula, we just think of Allah keep now Okay, how many people you see that they don't have any emotions? They are very different. You don't have them they have emotions, and you find it very difficult to evoke any emotion from them. All of a sudden they go to Makkah the moment they see maca it's a square cue building. Apparently outwardly let Dallas Ramadan is coming. The moment the city start crying. Why because it reminds you of the greatness of Almighty Allah

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subhanho wa Taala to ALLAH can only appear as matter Shanky AKAZUKI coach me just showed me Shania is dunya Merle murkier Cisco Decker Allah Tala ki hibbott Er ke ideale per Tara Dario Tatia will miss a bit to lie. And then another aspect is when you are there, the historical

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aspects that took place comes alive in you. It comes alive in you one is you read about it, and what all of a sudden you are there and you know, I'm doing this because this happened here. Now you're making SAFAROVA when you making Tawaf thing Allah I'm making the world maybe I can even saw celebrate the very same place the VA claims and the Sahaba and the whole history of people meet up on a very safe place.

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And then if you go between Safa and Marwa you say I know why bring because hasn't Hajra Allah Tala Tala you know she out of because as a brambling salat wa salam left her in a barren desert there was no water there was no vegetation out of concern. She went between the two mountains looking for water looking for vegetation, this one particular place. She couldn't see finally Salatu was Salam she started running because I have to get to the next place because in the two places, I couldn't see smiley stamps. You couldn't see smiley, so that was set up. Now when you run it, don't that particular thing comes in your mind. One is you read it, you're happy.

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Like and we're happy Jim Dorthea had me lay in the rain get to eat you and I will put a work here does. It comes into us. Yeah Allah, what would what particular feeling that woman was already

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now when you go for the Jamara you going for the Jamara

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And one is when you are going for the Jabra you are testing the shutter. When you are belting we call it a pressure into the spelling of the camera, but we call it the pelting of the shutter. One is your year you know about it.

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Um but there can be a snare to NHMRC Rummikub but when you are there and you are belting are you thinking shaytan came between Allah subhanahu between Allah to Allah is command and Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam, he wanted to go and slaughter his one and only son. He was about to do it. Shaytan How could you see such a great aspect of Allah subhanahu wa taalas

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submission of a Latinus C'mon, how could you see something like this? So what what he did was he came there in front of Ibrahim alayhis salam in primaries that was salam saw him and he pelted him to him. Jim Ratcliffe, Remy kurta to your work. Yeah.

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So there are certain landmarks that happens there in Makkah, when we see it, it brings the whole aspect. I read somewhere somewhere I read one sermons by someone's barely said, two times. There are two times when the angels became very perturbed. One was a time of time. When Allah when the be a cream sorcerer was filtered. And maybe a cream saw Islam was bruised and battered. Then the angels came to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala Allah, look at what has happened to your hubby, allow us to bring the two mountains of time together and destroy the people of time, maybe a cream sauce. I'm going to ask Muhammad, if he tells you to destroy going destroyed. And the angels came in they asked

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maybe a cream saucer that we see what has happened to you by the people of time, give us permission and we will bring the two mountains of life together. Then we are cream so Some said they have not accepted Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps will give the children the Hidayat to accept Islam. And the second time was when the primary salat wa salam was about to be thrown into the fire who swerved to enter war Malaika Johanna will punish you Allah Holika Hora what is happening to him? Go and ask him when we go and help him we take the fire we throw it back to the people who threw the fire and Allah said Go and ask him if he asked you for assistance give it but if you don't ask you

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don't give it and they went to tell you Ibrahim Ibrahim give us permission. We will take the fire in throw it back to the people who made who made the fire. A mighty Laker fella. Oh from you, we don't want no assistance Malaita from you, I want no assistance. Allah subhanaw taala will assist me if Allah subhanaw taala holds. So this is the other now the other important aspect is the importance of hardship. Now just imagine this. Two things I would like to make mention. Keep Quran surah tus SALADNA Surah told so many. There is no misterton and independent Surah of Salah of soul of zakat. Surah

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Surah Al Hajj and look at how Allah made salad compulsory, I think Musa Allah made the card compulsory.

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Allah made fasting compulsory quotevalet Kumasi Allah, Allah has made fasting compulsory Hajj kebari When Hodgkin How did Allah make it compulsory? Well Allah He had an assay, hit bait.

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Just look at the words

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for Allah. For Allah, Allah Tala it was an assay upon people who

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had chill bait it chill bait, to make hatch of the Baitullah manasota Illa. He said Allah, whoever has the means

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for Allah as human beings you owe it to us to make

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you owe it to Allah to make Hajj. And then look at what Allah Allah says. If you have the means you don't make much. Well Monica Farah, if you reject it, for in Allah has me you and me. Allah, Allah doesn't worry about

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Allah, Allah doesn't care about you. Allah is independent about you. There is no command that Allah Tala has made so much emphasis upon in terms of the wording for Allah upon people the Hajj have been to law is a right to have to fulfill

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if you've got the means and if you don't do it if you have the means a lack of money Allah doesn't care about you.

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So this is the importance My dear respected with regard to it. And of course there are certain lessons with regard to hatch, which are not only for the RT is not only for the Hajj, it is for everyone. Yeah Hetzner one of the biggest aspects with regard to hatch it is an Ibaadat of love and love for Allah subhanho wa Taala somehow cheated on me

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But we learn love through the means of Hajj

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everything in admite irrespective brothers, it just turns our attention towards Allah subhanaw taala it's just about love you don't even do it because there is any rational and logical argument

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yes we agree ugly cheese hate me. It is not about you doing it because Allah Tala has command is there may come a social hazard Hajra ran between suffer and moreover because she couldn't get water and suffer or Maruka Domian cycle to punish

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her she ran because he was no motor. We run into his water every 100 meters needs water. Why are you doing it?

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Has it the primary salatu salam he saw Shiite and therefore he was pelting he belted the Jamar because he associated Are you seeing shaitan um deleted you can Google

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this give it us disordersin support given support gigawatt asset submission of Allah Tala love for Allah subhanho wa Taala you are doing it because the Command of Allah subhanho wa Taala Nebia cream sauce Salam said dues performed the How can we you see me doing pure pure love Almighty Allah there is no internet there is no waste. There is wisdom, but there is no apparent reason but you're doing it because Allah tell us commands. You don't see shaitan but we're doing it you don't see it as it added I ran because you know what are you doing is what are you still running? Because Allah subhanaw taala and there's so many beautiful things when you for example, you know, Libya Kareem

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Salah when he was selling when he was on high, you know and he saw that

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Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cried

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as a woman of the lottery we never used to come to hydrate Assad used to cry. And then as Omar sauna became so Aslam crying he said Jana salah, so maybe I can him so slim said Omar. This is a place where tears are supposed to shed this is a place where cruisers apne Capri conical Christianna will our normal Kreutz we don't wear that we wear two pieces of cloth cube until you go to a local person.

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Mabu person, the beloved loves it therefore you wear it. The beloved loves it there for you.

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And do you know how Allah takes pride with regard to your haram? When you come on Arafah now normally the time of the time you come to Arafa you already one day you know you already tired you already you are the shovel your hair is full of dust maybe a cream sauce from says when a person comes to ARAVA Allah subhanho wa Taala says oh my mother Erica, who was worried at Caja Oh nice. shortfin houbara oh my oh my Malaika look at the people who have come to my house. They have come scharffen houbara they are full of dust. They are full of dust. You're happy when you're happy? Does America pray tomorrow? They some dust pick it off can change it we another shirt. We're another

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quarter. We're happy you got more dust. Allah loves it. Could shower only shorts?

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Wouldn't be less worried at ca only shows that

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they have come in. There's two pieces of proof. They are full of dust. They are tired.

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What is the reward for such people?

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forgiven them. Maybe academia or some said I never saw a day in which shaytan was more humble. He was more disgrace he is more humiliated he then the Day of Arafah when he sees the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. So this hatch my dear respected Brothers has many many benefits. One is it teaches us love Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala it teaches us submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala and I would like to make mention of one very important point

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everyone must yearn to go to Makkah and Medina ha ha ha a julu husband Ijarah musculocutaneous a nature set up may delimit whiskey

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they must yearn to go to Mecca Medina, we all yearn Inshallah, say inshallah. You know, there's one beautiful Hadith. The Viet creme sallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that he went into Ha, I think it was most likely the Battle of the book. And Libya crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam had said, you know if you are going in, in this jihad, Master Lagna fragile, we're not worthy and you do not cross any Valley any mountain. But there are people in Medina who are getting the same reward Hila Humana

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just said he just

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was okay, we'll just add just that they can go where he swapped milk right well

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Alchemilla so even if you don't go but if you've got a certain degree of yearning for it, Allah will give you the reward.

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Inshallah inshallah coverage.

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Of course a Carnegie hamburger on kita sui CNET a memoji Oh the head. We have not seen the vehicle themselves. I wish I was atika, Johanna Maka, Medina and Aiko. The Caymans get us we'll see them

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was Kitab Chioggia say inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will kill us.

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There are many people who can't go because of circumstances and athletic everybody who's who can't go keep the yearning. Inshallah, one day Allah will make it a reality, and we let her give us a trophy of learning from the lessons of Hajj.

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