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Lillah al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna be

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a MOBA do photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Kowloon have seen the cartoon mode whenever local missionary will horrific now we'll enter to Roger one set a colloquialism.

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Respected listeners and viewers. We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we send salutations upon our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we are continuing with our series lessons from the first plague in Islamic history in Hamas. Today's a fourth program. Yesterday we spoke about the martyrdom of Azad Mojave Allahu Allahu wa Mojave Hello Toronto is very special. And we gave examples with regard to his life. And there are one or two things with regard to his death at the time of the AMA was the plague that I would just like to expand on. He used to tell the people the very same thing Abbe de mujeres de la Tran who used to say in the huddle was

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Ramadan become Oh people. This plague is a rabbit upon the believers without an obeah calm and it is what maybe a Kareem saw Salaam had predicted and we saw slim a dua for the people who go through this plague and it is the means of the death of pious people in the past. And perhaps it will also continue and then he used to make this die and see Oh Allah give the family of mother a share of this Ramat Oh Allah give the family of Muhammad a share of this Ramadan and that is why many people in his family passed on. And this is not only about the family of Muhammad, I will go on to make mention of prominent people who also passed on in this plague. And his his Eman and conviction is

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absolutely astounding. He used to kiss the boil which was a prelude to the plague. Saying I would not change and substitute you for anything in this universe because maybe a cream sauce from said the one who dies in this plague would be a Shaheed history has also recorded that his one son his favorite son, there are many other family members, his wife, his daughters, other sons also passed on. But he's one favorite cemetery eldest son I believe was a black man who is buried next to him in Jordan, when he was ill Martini Java be allowed to know when women said oh my son, how do you find yourself in this particular place? And he said, I'll help him Arabic fella takuna nominum Turin have

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this from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you will not find me amongst those people who doubt or have any doubts with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala in this occasion, and then was really allowed and replied on a Saturday Dhoni inshallah whom in a serene and aspires myself is concerned, you would find me amongst those people who persevere and make supper. And of course, that was the statement of Smiley's salatu wa sallam, when he was told by his father Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam that he is going to sacrifice him and he said Sajid only in sha Allah whom in Asahi history has recorded this remarkable conversation between father and son. Also amongst the people who have

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passed on prominent people,

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and mentioned is made that one of them was yes, even Abby Sophia, the brother of acid muawiya. He has he been abused Sophia, a very, very great Chandra. In fact, in the Battle of Yarmouk, which was an led to the downfall of the Roman Empire. He was in charge of the left flank, and he was in commanding 1000 people. So he was part of the responsible people in the Battle of Yarmouk, which led to the downfall of the Roman Empire. And he was a brother, was it mahavihara villalta? No, he also succumbed in this plague, amongst other people who second was sleep niihama a remarkable human being, you would recall if you have an interest in Islamic history, so al bin amor was a negotiator

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on behalf of the Quraysh in the Treaty of Arabia, he came on behalf of the College that time he was not a Muslim. He was not a Muslim, and he goes negotiated on behalf of the Quraysh. And when he came, and he was the head of the negotiating team in Libya, Kareem Muslim said because Sohail comes from the root word salad which means is maybe a cream sauce and was very happy and said, Allah will create ease for you at the time of the Fatimah cup. He maybe

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Kareem Sourcelink presented Islam to him. And he said, Yeah, oh Mohammed give me time to think about this. And the vehicle himself said go, and I've given you time for two months, we have given you are given amnesty. And so he'll goes and within that two months, he sees the clock and the conduct of the Muslims, he becomes a Muslim. And he becomes in the foremost amongst those who defend Islam taking part in various expedition, and you will also recall in Islamic history, so he'd been amorosa comes in this plague. And also amongst them, you would recall at the time just before the signing of the Treaty of today via his son mo gender, who was a Muslim, he was in Makkah, he was chained by his

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family, that he must not come towards the Muslim abou gender. He came then at the time when they were about to sign the treaty. When the via cream sauce them say I saw him the via cream sauce was apprehensive, because he came with change, and it raised the emotions of the Muslims and many of them started you know, feeling a certain degree of apprehension with regard to the different the treaty that is about to be signed. And at that particular time maybe a cream sauce from Toronto general general Go Go back as a treaty demands to be a cream sauce and first of all his father Sohail when amor free him he said no, I'm not going to free him the district he says anyone who is a

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Muslim who comes from Mecca to Medina you must return in return him and maybe a cream sauce on to the treaty is not sign in Swain said then if you don't return him I won't sign the treaty, maybe a cream sauce himself who attended go and make supper. And I will gender also passes away in this plague amongst the people who passes away was positive in a pass the cousin of nebbia cream sauce from Khalid. Meanwhile, he lost 40 close family members in the plague of Hamas. And the reason why we are making mention of this, that if there are any people throughout the world who have passed on in this plague with this virus, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us aspects of reassurance that they

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were great people of the past who also passed on, and this is a natural thing. And there is also great great tidings, the person who passes away on a plane, he becomes Shahid and inshallah we will continue with this discussion. tomorrow. We'll have one and 100 in Nairobi.