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Hello, Mala

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Mala kita Baba kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati.

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mavado favela.

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Raji, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Allah who

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are currently bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in

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the hokum, Alcala de serratos set up hola hola Zeum

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respected elders and brothers, I have recited a verse of the Holy Quran

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and a saying of our beloved nivia Karim son Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And in this verse at the saying of our beloved Prophet,

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the emphasis is upon intention for our deeds, and forming and been sincere in the good deeds that you and I do.

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Let us first look at the saying of our beloved nebia Kareem Salalah. Solomon, he said, in number Ama rubini. Yet, verily,

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the reward of every deed

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goes a long way, by being dependent upon the intention that we have made for the deed.

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Our ama, and our great scholars in the past, have placed this saying of our beloved Nivea cream sauce,

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in the beginning of many of the books, in the beginning of the compiler nations, and you find great great scholars when they begin any book, they used to place the saying of our beloved prophet this Hadith, in the beginning of those compilations, to correct the intentions, to see that the intentions in doing any good deed is for a noble purpose. Our scholars tell us that from this Hadith, we learn amongst many other things in today's talk, in this brief time we have, I would like to concentrate on three important lessons. First, is the importance of intention.

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Today, brothers, you and I, we do many things, we don't know the purpose of why we are doing it. You go and open up your shop, it's just a matter of routine you're doing, you're going to open up your shop, you're going for a job, you're going for unemployment, it's a matter of routine, we have become stuck into our mundane activities, without having any higher purpose in life. And surely, you can do something. And you can have a noble purpose, or you can just have a normal purpose. So he said about a person who was baking bricks. And when he was baking bricks, someone came past and said, What are you doing? Isn't this what I'm doing? I'm just making bricks, and another person who

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went to a same person who was doing the same thing. And he said, I'm putting up these bricks, which will one day adorn the walls of a mosque. And look at the difference in the two the way they did it. One was I just picking up a little small brick I'm making and one said I'm making a brick that which will one day adorn the walls of a mosque or which will adorn the walls of something that is great in terms of its building. So we must form intention and have intentions and purpose why we are doing things. Our ama tell us that there are three degrees and three types of Amel and deeds.

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And I will go on to explain the different intentions that we can make for these different types and categories of deeds. One is good deeds. And I will go on to explain as we go along in the talk, good deeds, we do it solely for the sake of Allah. Then there are evil deeds, deeds that are wrong. Now, you know, fortunately or unfortunately, the fact of the matter is you can do an evil deed with a noble intention, no Robin Hood story. You can go and steal from the poor to go and give the rich and say that no, my intention is good. You can go and do that people would like to dream, different types of intentions with regard to deeds, evil deeds. evil deed is an evil deed, no matter how noble

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The intention is. So you can have an evil deed will remain an evil deed. So sometimes, since noble intention will not change the nature of an evil deed it will remain like that. So in this particular aspect in terms of an evil deed, intention doesn't play any role. And sometimes a person might have noble intentions, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is good. Someone saw a bird with a big beak, you know, and a very land and he said and he cut off the beak and he said Why are you cutting said okay that week, how is it we're going to be able to eat food

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But the very nature of the provisions of that bird dependent upon that beak for it to reach crevices where Allah had kept its sustenance. So when he cut the beak after a while that bird died, his intention was good, but what happened with the weather did so evil deeds to not become right with noble intentions in Islam, just as the deed is supposed to be correct. The intention and the objective is also supposed to be correct, the means and the data supposed to be correct, then where intention plays a very important role is in mundane activities of life. So a person goes, and he can open up a business, he can do so because I want to compete with the Jonas's of the world, I would

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like to have the luxuries of this world, I want to let become prosperous.

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To an extent that is not haram it is not prohibited. But he can also go and do so. Because my Allah had said, to acquire halaal provisions is a religious duty.

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For me to look after my wife and children is a religious duty. So I'm doing it because Allah has commanded me to do so. So in that particular way, his mundane activities become inhibited. I am eating one is because I, I eat, to live I love to eat whatever. But one is because I'm eating I want to gain strength to be able to worship and remember my Allah. Now that particular eating becomes a worship, it becomes an abundant look at how through the means of intention.

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Pure dust can be turned into gold, just with proper intention. That is why mustard has it mana Idris Murthy, my teacher, and what a beautiful saying one one or two saying he said Nick near 88 muster till he bothered him. He said forming noble intentions is an independent good deed in itself. Forming noble intention is a good deed in itself. There are many examples from the from the scenes of our beloved nebbia Kareem salsa. Once nebbia Kareem salsa was going in an expedition. And whenever Kareem salsa went into this expedition, he said that there are people who have been left behind in this noble expedition. masala nashoba Juana huadian illa hamana they we do not cross a

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street or we don't cross a mountaintop. We don't cross the valley, but they are together with us in in reward. The intention was to come for some reason they could not come. But because of the intention. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give them a reward for every good deed that we do. Because of the intention.

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He said about Mr. Medina hamburger Malala he had a neighbor who was very fond of him, Mr. Medina humble. After he passed away, someone saw him in a dream. He said, How did Allah treat you? He said Allah forgive my sins. So what basis is Allah gave me an elevated status, said for two reasons. One is he was a person who used to do you know,

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iron Smith. So he used to warm the iron and carbon molded according to whatever it was. So he said, one is respect for other.

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He said he used to be busy with his with with his work. Sometimes he had a big boy x and he was about to strike the iron. And when as on the call for prayer used to be given, he shouldn't even complete that one strike. You should say Allah has called me for prayers used to leave it beside one time, except for that respect for the as an Allah forgive me. And he said the second thing is, I used to look at him alma mater of New Hampshire and his noble life. And as you say, I am a person who is an ordinary worker, I'm an employee, I'm a worker, I'm a worker, I can't I don't have the time to be able to do the noble deeds your mama is doing, per se is my heartfelt desire my intention

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that I would like to become like mama number. I would like to become like admin. And because of that need a little at granted reward. So brothers, the first thing in terms of enamel ama will be near the lesson that we learn, let us form good intentions for what we are doing. The second thing is when we have to form intentions, what is our intention? Our intention is to please Allah, especially our good deeds, we do it not for any name and fame. We do it for the sake of Allah. To say human beings are by nature, people who like rewards and our community, not everyone is from the same community but by and large they say when you see an Indian men running, you must know it is a sale

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or something is for free. There is nothing

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We see an Indian man running you notice a sale somewhere or something is for free. Now, we another tells us to be true to our nature. Allah says, Seek rewards for the good that you do, but who do you seek it from? seek it from human being. human being is one of the most this lawyer in terms of appreciating good deeds. The reality is, sometimes you will do 99 good deeds or 99 good things, one thing you will do wrong, because someone sent me this message recently the week you know, you will be such you do 99 wrong, you do 99 right, you do one wrong, he will leave that right and he will focus on the wrong that we have done. And Allah is such you do 99 wrong and you do one right. In

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Nevada, you do it and sometimes Allah will focus on that right that we have done, and forgive the 99 wrongs that we have done. But this is the reality. So, who are you going to seek your good deeds and reward for your deeds from your home? Camila Hassan O'Malley in Algeria, Illa Allah, every Navy that came to these people, every prophet that came every messenger of Allah came over my tribe, I don't want any reward from you. My reward is with Allah. My reward is with Allah. Allah in the in Surah to Dharma, such a beautiful diet. You today morata Mahara puppy Myskina via tema, who has era in a minute removed from Li YG Hill

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when you feed the poor feed the poor for the sake of Allah Landry Roman come, just wanna show pour up. When you feed the poor, you don't need even a sense from them. You don't even need a gratefulness from them. You don't need a reward. Your reward is Allah not for the people who have given charity

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I made mentioned as an Ayesha whenever she used to give someone charity. She used to tell the person taking the charity see what prayer they make for me, telling me what prayer they made for me when you give someone something similar librescu will not give you more provisions they like even more is to say write down that prayer so that I can repeat the prayer on behalf of the recipient of my charity, and my charities and solely for Allah, not even for the prayer that they have made for me.

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We don't even even when we give to people of other faiths, we don't even do it with the intention that they must confer on this on Islam. We do it solely for the sake of Allah, Allah if he wants because it can give them the right and let Allah can guide them upon the Islam. But we don't do it for that reason. Because yes, two days ago, I made mention of this incident, the Prime Minister that was set up one day was he gave meals to an atheist and before he gave him meals, he said read Bismillah take the name of Allah. He said I don't believe in Allah I believe I worship the fire. So he primarily Salaam became angry and said you worship the fire leaving Allah leave my leave my

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dresser Han leave my table cross.

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And when he went away, unless Angie Brian, was what he said, Oh, Ibrahim, I fed him for 17 years despite the fact that he didn't believe in me. You couldn't give him one meal.

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Despite the fact that he won't believe me I still provided for him. We don't even give our charity for any other reason but for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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This is an aspect and in this is a great amount of benefits. My brother's name is Aslam Torres it was Omaha's listi

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Oh was two things solely for Allah, then a little bit will be sufficient for your salvation.

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Who do little bit of good deeds now for example, if you take a whole ton of stones, and penguins sell it in the open market, you will get nothing for it. Take one small Ruby which is part of a store and go and try and set it and see how much you get. This is the reality with regard to deeds done with sincerity. It is like rubies and deeds done without sincerity. It is like a ton of just normal type of stones where you will not get much with regard to it.

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We saw some toll hazard was home was do your deed solely for law even lifted will be sufficient for you. Then we saw how do you toolbar Lipofuscin congratulations p for those who did things for the sake of Allah, they are lentigines of guidance. It is said that there is no limit a person can do. There is no limit a person can do in terms of good deeds when he doesn't worry who gets a credit.

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He doesn't worry who gets a credit for this this you know, this is such an amazing idea. Sometimes you think about it. And you look at it to us as the Prime Minister that was Sarah made, you know, you know, he said when he was he and his son were alone putting up the Kaaba and Baitullah no one was with them.

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No one saw them. No one said that how much donation anyone gave for the machine? They put up the machine alone and he says a pinata Ballymena Allah accept from us what sincerity that today 1000s and millions people flock to that home in tomato karma, because of the sincerity of two people. Do you want to know what the effect of sincerity is? Two people put up the Baitullah until today they are accused in crowds. We fight with one another for visa. We will do anything to win get a visa Why do you want to go to the Kaaba and vitola why done by two peoples class to people sincerity, when we are for Ibrahim Beatty, when you smile, this is the effect of sincerity. But it is very difficult to

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get sincerity is no easy thing. You see, to get to do things solely for Allah sake. Because we are you know, we like to get name fame praise to do it. And the problem sometimes is you start off a good deed with noble intention, that afterwards certain things come. Someone must praise me Someone must see me doing this good deeds, and those things are so intangible. All of a sudden it comes. So it's so very important for us that is it said I read this is in the hookah. Mama O'Meara Illallah Muhammad Sallallahu Do we have been commanded to worship only Allah to things solely for the sake of Allah? He said when this verse was revealed, he

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says, the entire Heavens and Earth Stood Still by the implications of a site. It stood still to deeds solely for the sake of Allah.

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The hadith of NaVi salsa Manasa coolroom Harlequin Illa Allah moon, that entire humanities is destroyed except the one who has knowledge. When I leave on Hollywood in the army alone, and the learner and the knowledgeable person is also described as unless he has he follows his knowledge with action. When army rune, Coloma, Harlequin, indigo Hassan, and the person who does action is also destroyed except the one who is sincere in his actions. Well, Melissa soon feel hotter in azim and the person who is sincere. He's on a very great try.

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person who is sincere and a very great try. Does he do it for the sake of Allah? Does he do it for something else? She's mentioned Hydra hotel, Allah. Allah give us just one example, that one day he gave a talk to 1000s of people in the jam emerge here in Delhi. And after he went away, there was a poor person who came running up to the top. And when he came there, he came running to a lecture finish. He said yes, he said, travel so long to come listen to your one sermon, because you give such beautiful sermon to remind people about Allah. So he said, All right, never mind. Come, let me repeat the sermon. And he repeated the whole sermon that he gave in front of 1000 people for one

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person, his disciples and his students said, Why did you do so you are tired? You are such a hectic person. He said, the first time when I gave in front of 1000 people, I also gave it for one.

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So I gave it in front of 1000 people I read in front of one person I still give it you know, 4k blu ray certainly is one of our great scholars. He gives an example of sincerity. You know, someone asked him what is the reality of sincerity he said, you know, a shepherd, when he reads his Salah in front of the sheep.

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When a shepherd reads namaz in front of the sheep, does it ever cross his mind that the sheep are watching how I'm reading Sarah

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has ever crossed his mind that the sheep are seeing me How nice edit namaz. He said that his sincerity that the way the shepherd read his salad without without worrying whether the sheep are watching your setup or not. You read your numbers in front of people not worried whether they're watching or you're not. You're doing it for LASIK.

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And the third reason the third lesson that we learn from it is, don't corrupt your intention for the sake of name and famous practice. This is one of the great sins, that you do good deeds for the sake of name and fame. May Allah protect us, I will say the footer of the ultimate set now when

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we were talking about the antichrist in front of the time of our beloved Navy so awesome, that john will come the Antichrist will come and let me sossel impasse I said what are you speaking about? said we are speaking about the Antichrist will tell you something that is even more worse and more dangerous for you. Maybe not worse, but more dangerous. Worse, we know that is the greatest crime, but more more widespread and common. jasola tell us he said he concealed a soul associating partners to Allah shakuhachi jasola What is that? He said to do your deeds, not for Allah sake but for the sake of people saying that

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Allah won't reward a person by this Hooper who does not do deeds for the sake of Allah. I gave this example which I will conclude and that is one Omar Palin could use up this beautiful example. A builder builds a house CC for for a person by the name of Musa so after building the house

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For Mussa, the builder after he completed the house goes to Isa Isa give me money. Why I put up the house for Moosa what Elisa Can you

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tell him why you Who did you pull the house for?

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You to build a house to sell for money? Why are you asking me for money? In the seminar man on the day of kiama allowed us to Who did you do your good deeds for? If you did for the sake of people who ask them for reward Why must I reward you? You didn't do it for me.

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But brothers Can you see the implication logically it makes so much sense when you did it for people allow will be entitled to tell you on the day of chairman. You didn't do it for me go in, quit ask the people for whom you attended. Tell them to go and reward you what what what do you want me to reward you? So these three lessons we learned from this one beautiful Singapore beloved Livia, Kareem salsa, Lily May Allah Allah grant us a philosophy everything that we do. Latin America has two noble intentions, correct intention our deeds sincerely for the sake of Allah and keep us away that we start doing things for the sake of name and fame, corrupting our rewards. The way the Quran

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addict has told us was through the 100 reliable Halloween