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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and characteristics of the Quran in English, including its protection of the holy Bible and its use in the Holy Spirit. The speakers emphasize the importance of preserving the holy title and its use in the holy spirit, as it is a source of inspiration for writing. The title is a collection of words and phrases that make people understand and is a reference to scientific matters. The discussion also touches on the benefits of the Quran, including its preservation, and how it is a way to make people aware of what is being said.
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La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati

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a mavado favela Humana. shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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lead to Henrik B Healy Sana colita jollibee. In Alina Gemma Hua Khurana, either Khurana Khurana Suma in Elena bhajana Sara Kala blossom.

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Maddy respected Ellison brothers.

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As we move swiftly closer to the month of Ramadan.

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It is important that we mentally attune ourselves and mentally prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan.

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So that we would be able to benefit from the month of Ramadan.

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Now one of the things that is attached maybe indirectly to the month of Ramadan

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the Quran image

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and the reason why it is attached to the month of Ramadan because Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran, Shadow Ramadan lady Zilla Fie Hill Quran. It is in the month of Ramadan that Allah subhanho wa Taala is revealed the Quran, the Quran, which is a distinguishing mark between truth and falsehood. So Allah Allah specifically says that Allah has revealed the Quran in the month of Ramadan.

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And there is a reason why our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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used to make revise the Quran in Ramadan was originally Salatu was Salam. And the year prior to his death nebia grimsel cillum made two items of the Quran was eligible Elisa to wasallam it shows that our attachment to the Holy Quran should increase in the month of Ramadan.

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The Quran is a column of Allah is the speech of Allah tala is unsurpassable. In every one of its aspect, every aspect that we take with regard to the Quran, you know, it is unsurpassable whether it be its beautiful rhythm, whether it be its captivating charm when you read or you listen to it. Anyone who was here last night when he heard curry Sha three reading with a sweetness that he normally possesses. You can you can identify with that there's a captivating charm in reciting and listening to the Holy Quran. But it is not only that, in its substance in its message that Allah tala wishes to give to humanity till the Day of chiamata. Now of course when we speak about the

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Quran, there are so many aspects in the little time we can cover all the beautiful aspects of the Quran. But I would like to start off by making mention of one beauty of the Quran and then take it on from there with regard to

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the preservation of the Holy Quran, the preservation of the Holy Quran, Allah tala says in Luna Zelda vichara when Allahu Allah Hafiz when we have revealed the whole of the Quran, the reminder and Allah tala says we will protect it Allah has taken upon himself the protection of the Holy Quran. In the ayat which I've recited is in Surah kiyama Allah Allah says, led to Henrik mihaela sana colita jollibee whenever you wish to receive what he maybe a cream sauce salami used to recite the verses together with debellis ratusan for fear that it might not be lost, he might not forget it. So Allah tala revealed I'd love to Herrick be Lisa Caleta jollibee Oprah Almighty Allah don't read the Quran

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in haste for fear of forgetting

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in Allina Gemma Hua Khurana Allah says it is my responsibility to preserve and then for you to read the Quran in Alina Gemma Hua Khurana sama enough Allina bayana not only my responsibility that you will read, but it is my responsibility that you would explain the Quranic message to the people. So Allah has taken it upon himself to preserve the words and to preserve the meaning of the Quran, which is by enlarge, can by and large in the hadith of Nivea cream sauce in the sense of Nevis. Awesome because the Hadith explains the Quran and the revelation that came from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah tala has got various ways with regard to the preservation of the Quran. One

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of the ways that through the means of the half is the half is today even if some enemy you know won't be able to do it but even if he wants to, wants to burn all the most have the most half is the printed version of that

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Holy Quran, even if he wants to do that he would not be able to obliterate the Quran because it is protected by safety vaults. And that is the heart of the half is who has preserved the words of the Holy Quran. Then the curry preserves the proper pronunciation the Allah preserve the proper meaning. So Allah is taken upon Himself through the means of the ayat which I've recited, to preserve the words and also to preserve together with the words also to preserve the meaning of the Holy Quran. This is a great number for us, my dear respect of others. And can you imagine, there is no language in the language of Arabic is a very rich language. And one of its richness is because of the Quran,

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but you see, when you read the Arabic language, we call what is known as Maharaja Chadwick, the word the rules of the jury is the any language in the world, there is no perhaps no language in the world, where there is a tire size science, on the proper pronunciation of the alphabets of that language, there is no language. But here we got the il method, which is only there. What is it? What's that which it's only there to protect the proper pronunciation of the words of the Quran Subhan Allah. And it is that it is to is part of the preservation. When we were small, where was that who came from Bangladesh curry root for Rockman. He used to teach us that you eat and he used

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to teach us the Maharaja. Now every word that is the olive Botha told Antalya used to teach us that pronounce it properly and he had a formula for you to pronounce every word properly. And we used to read this somehow that it sticks in my mind. You say read Baba, Baba, Baba Baba Baba, Baba Baba, Bonnie boonie beaker Babu mineral Bhopal mineral Babu. B it means nothing. It's only to pronounce the word bar correctly. When you finish that he said now start over the next word that Allah Mata NSM wait till the end. Now can you imagine is the any language in the world where even the good pronounce the Maharaja rebar like this return like this rizza like that. Latella has preserved the

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Quran in such a way. Now what is the meaning and what is the benefit with regard to the preservation of the Holy Quran in this way?

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One is that among the things is when you make deal out of the Holy Quran, when you reading the Quran, now you know exactly you are reading what Allah has spoken.

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So it is not an ordinary word. Many times people come up with this unfounded you know, Chris's criticism and unfounded objection well why should we read the Quran like parrot fashion? Yes You know us reading other books which you don't understand in a better fashion, but this is not an ordinary book. This is in fact together with it being a book is a column of another speech of Allah when we say the speech of Allah, every quality of Allah tala remains attached with Allah subhanho wa Taala has been and will remain attached with Allah tala forever and ever. So it means Quran has always been part of the speech of Allah. So you are reading what Allah tala is recited, you are

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reading what has been part and parcel of Allah tala has been in the quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you're not reading an ordinary book you are reading the speech of Allah. So when you read the speech of Allah, can you imagine the blessings with regard to it? You know, that is whenever your cream sauce limited, man corral Quran mancora huerfano Quran whoever reads a letter of the Holy Quran, not even a word whoever reads a letter of the Holy Quran. For every letter, he gets 10 rewards. I don't say in the word Alif Lam Meem Elif is a word Elif is a letter. And therefore in Alif Lam Meem you get 30 in for reading a leaf, you get 10 rewards, and then every particular word

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you are you it's multiplied 10 times. So look at the beauty of that. Definitely a cream sauce lemon said alika bt Lovato Khurana it's compulsory upon you to make tilava tilawat means to read for in the whole neural lock of cydonia was the Holika phylloxera because it is nor for you in this world and it is provisioned for you in the after. In reading it is part and parcel of our responsibility that we should try and recite it correctly.

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Allah Allah says work till Khurana tequila read the Quran correctly. In really you can you can read the Quran correctly in one month. In one month, you can read the Quran there are 29 letters in the in the Arabic language, go to a new star and tell you every day Teach me one letter how to pronounce it. You have known how to read the Holy Quran in one month. Here's the other the other particular type of also commands but that that forms the basis. So read the Quran, why you read it because it is a column of Allah it is a speech of Allah, Allah will reward you Allah will bless you. Another aspect with regard to it, we can only remain it that, you know, part of the preservation has been

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dead the Quran has always remained relevant. Part of it been preserved because it is preserved. Now look at all other scriptures, because it has not been preserved. You always doubt Can this be Can this be

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Correct. If I'm reading this even if it looks and seems right, but because you don't have the guarantee of his preservation, there are always question marks with regard to it. When there are question marks with regard to it, it cannot serve as an inspiration to you.

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Unlike this particular aspect with regard to other scriptures, look at our scripture, that which remained and was a source of inspiration for the Sahaba

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is still there in the books in the most have in the Quran, the way they were inspired, the source of inspiration is still there for us.

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Now part of it being relevant today, when you look at, you know, talk of relevancy, then people like to talk and like to make mention with regard to the fact that in terms of contemporary nature, the Quran is spoken about scientific matters, in such a way that that 1400 years ago could not have been, you know, thought about, but it has been proven true today. Many years ago when I started a neutron budget in the early 80s. In the mid 80s. There was a debate here the Johannesburg City Hall between a Madeira former home and a person by the name of Gary Miller. So went to listen to him. Gary Miller was a Christian at that particular time. But the way he spoke about the Quran while he

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had reservation because of being not from the Islamic faith, but he also spoke about certain aspects of beauty in the Quran. And I found it amazing a person who was supposed to debate from the Christian faith yet he is speaking beautiful aspects about the Quran. In fact, one Christian woman even asked him and said, You were supposed to, to stand up on behalf of Christianity and yet you are speaking about some of the beauty aspects of the Quran. But I found it quite quite surprising and quite amazing at that time. Many years thereafter, I picked up a book Al Quran, the ultimate muric miracle, written by Gary Miller, who has now changed his name to Abdul Ahad he had become a Muslim.

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And it makes for fascinating reason reading, because he brings up this aspect in terms of anyone who wants to learn about how the Quran has spoken about matters with regard to science, and it has been proven true. It's a small report very beautifully written and there are very beautiful incidents in there. Once he said a Canadian professor was called to Saudi Arabia to speak about embryology because that was his field of expertise. When he spoke about, you know, embryology and he brought it one person told him that's what the Quran says about embryology. You know, he he actually was quite surprised and he said, that what the Quran spoke about is something that people in this field only

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came to know 20 years ago. And yet the Quran is spoken about is so much so long ago. Then the Quran makes mention of one phase of human development and gives an example of it like a leech leech, like trot. So he found it very amazing. He went to an X ray about it. And when he saw the X ray and he showed it, it was exactly how the Quran it said about a leech.

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And this was part of you know, he makes mention with regard to it another aspect that he makes mentioned, he says that the Quran had said in the Holy Quran in the 19 supatra. Allah tala speaks about, you know, to great masses of water as a as boon for ga anabaena Houma Bursa Majora to great masses of water, there is no physical barrier between the two. One is sweet one is salty, but you know there is no barrier there is no something thing that Sweetwater you remain the same salty water, you remain the same, but there is no barrier they take they integrate, they amalgamate. But yet the sweet water remains sweet and the salty water remains salty. And not only does it happen in

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the convergence between the river and the ocean, but it also happens right in the depths of the ocean. Sometimes there are bubbles of sweet water right in the middle of the ocean. And in that bubble, those particular that water remains sweet, even if it is surrounded by an entire mess of salty water. Someone made mention of it to Jacques Cousteau, who was supposed to be one of the greatest oceanographers with you know, to photograph the better under under the ocean. And when he said this, he said I find this to be amazing. A Muslim told him that Allah Allah has made mention of it in the Quran. Now one Lao alum, Tex Costello passed away several years back, but mentioned is

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also made that this made him turn into a Muslim Allahu Allah, if he did it is to his benefit. But it just say shows you with regard to the relevance of the Quran, because it is a column of Allah, and because it has been preserved. Now there is one aspect with regard to the benefits of its preservation. The other benefit is because it is preserved, we are we know 100% what may be so slim read what we are is what we are reading, what the Sahaba read what we is what we are reading, and the third benefit of its preservation. And I think this is something that you and I we don't pay sufficient attention towards. But as we all know that we cannot only remain to our key now what is

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very important, there's no doubt I made mention with regard to but we also have to make an effort to understand in the correct manner and to a common upon what the Quran has said what Allah Allah is telling us. Allah tala

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Messages containing the Quran. Allah doesn't only want you to read a letter also wants you to understand it. Now yes there are certain Allah would tell us in caution us with regard to understanding. It's not a condemnation of understanding, but it is a precaution to understand it correctly. There's a great difference in the two. One is that we condemn you must understand the Quran no one can ever say such a thing. The Quran is there to be understood is correct to be to be to be a practice upon. The only thing is, don't bring your own personal whims and fancies into interpreting the Quran according to your

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desires. And this is the reality for eight Amanita Allahu Allah. Have you seen those who made the desires the Lord, Allah Allah tells us that we are living in an age where today a person will try to justify his desires at all cost. And if a person tries and justify his desires to the Quran is gonna make a mockery of the Quran. That is why the almasi don't understand it from your mind. Don't understand it from your whims and fancies and your desires. Understand it what Allah tala wants to tell you, then you change your life according to that message. Don't try and change the Quran according to your desires, because then you are going to make a mockery. So therefore, this

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particular aspect of understanding and making ama that is what the Quran has been revealed for, understand it correctly, not from your own perspective, not from your own whims and desires and to the latter has made it easy. There are Lama who are prepared to tell us what the meaning of the is the art of seals that have been written, which have been simplified with proper translation and commentary, like the Tafseer of martial Quran of multiservice have translated into English by Mufti Taqi amongst many, in fact, one of the binaural actually, the profounder of our Marisa and Karachi, in his medical student has written that he according to his estimate, that particular time, which

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was some a decade or so back or maybe more than that, there are 200,000th of zero the Quran that has been written 200,000 is no Kitab in the history of humankind, that there have been 200,000 the first year return on this particular item, it shows you the beauty, but then together my dear respective brothers after trying to understand is to make a man upon it. And you see one of the reasons he is in that in the in the benefit of preservation is that which transform the Sahaba today it is there to inspire us if only we can take the trouble to try and be inspired. So we read the Allahu taala and who was the arch enemy of Islam. He even went out to assassinate Nivea creme de la la Salaam,

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they after he came in, he saw his sister reading the Quran. And he started first he beat up his sister. And then he said, Let me read the Quran What were you reading? They said, No, you have to make boo. And when he made boo, and he read, he read the first page of Surah Taha when he came to the ayat in any Ana La Ilaha Illa Anna fabbrini I am your Lord there is no one wish you're worthy of worship besides me says Allah. Welcome is salata Vickery perform salad for my remembrance, brothers that which changed the life of woman has been preserved for us to be inspired today also, it's there. Why haven't we been inspired? So we find this example. Once a hubby came and he saw Nivea

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cream saw Selim reciting an iron and he was told that don't go near Muhammad. Muhammad is going to change you from the region of your forefathers. He said no why I got a proper understanding. He went to Nivea cream sauce, and maybe a cream sauce Lim was resetting the site in La Jolla Monroeville at level x and y. El kotoba Vienna annual fascia he will moon curry Well, he transformed his life. Allah commands you to do justice. Allah tala commanded to do good in Allah will I believe a lesson and to be good to your relatives and Latella prevents you from evil from immortality from promiscuity, that one which changed his life is there today for us to be inspired. As a Jew, bear

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with me, Tim came to Madina munawwara he came to ransom one of his family members were taken taken captive in butter. He came it was a time of Missouri. And when he came at the time of Missouri, maybe a cream sauce lamb was reading what tour when he came to the Hyatt in Arabic Allah wa tada Allah will come upon the evildoers. He stood transfixed in other burrow. He said it said the winner Bissau slim read it. I felt as if the ASVAB is gonna come now upon me.

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That changed my life that would change his life is today available for us to be to be same way change our life for a living.

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I'm just giving you a few examples for a living is was was you know what we will call the gangster of the time. He used to be so notorious with regard to it, that when he used to come into a village people used to clear the village by fuseini

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has come. He is so notorious. allow him to take what he wants. Don't resist him. You can't resist him. He is too powerful. One day he went to a village, he saw one small child, one small house, he did not vacate. He got angry pride. He actually want to resist me. He burst into the house and there was a young child reading and height of the Quran. Allah Mia and Isla de una mano untuck Shaku boom, Lydia Cranleigh has the time not come for believers to start fearing Allah. How long are you going to resist? And how long are you going to rebel against Allah that changes life?

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That is what I'm saying about the preservation. Amongst as I said only to one aspect of the Quran. You can talk about many other aspects of the Quran that when the Quran has been preserved, it has so many benefits amongst the benefits that when we read we are reading what Allah tala recited what Allah tala revealed to me so Salaam what maybe a cream sauce lamb reset in Islam we already why because of the preservation because of the preservation it remains relevant relevant, because of the privacy preservation that which inspired the previous people is there to inspire us. Now my dear respect of others, let us take a firm resolve that this in particular this Ramadan, we are going to

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inshallah increase our attachment to the Holy Quran, whether it be through reading, whether it be through the cloud, whether it be trying to understand the message of the Quran, and trying to make armor upon what Allah tala is telling us in in one Hadith has led villalta gnosis and the last words of the Hadith which I will conclude today, he said mancala he said, he will say is what the Quran has said he has spoken the truth, woman formula he, he who practices upon the precepts of the Holy Quran, he will be rewarded by Allah. Woman hakama he hadn't. He who decides upon a meta according to the Quran, he has decided upon justice, woman de la de vous de la serata Mr. Kim, and he who calls

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upon the Holy Quran is called upon the slate path. Men are given a topic of understanding and making a man walk through that one