Ebrahim Bham – Seeking the mercy and forgiveness of Allah

Ebrahim Bham
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and Hungary really was that was salam ala Milan to be about

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an AMA Allah.

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Allah Almighty He will be talking about the Kitabi when I show you

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a map I do

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it on your Ragini Bismillah Walkman Rafi Julio Lavina Astra for

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him. Latifah Neto era

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in Allaha Jamia Hello nauseum, my dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanahu wa taala has blessed us with a month of Ramadan and Allah subhanho wa Taala has further divided Ramadan into three categories. We know the Hadith never said a word who Rama the first 10 days of Ramadan is rough mouth Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking the mercy of Almighty Allah, who hosted to Houma Farah, and the second, Ashura of Ramadan is seeking the forgiveness of Almighty Allah and the

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Last 10 nights of Ramadan and the last 10 days of Ramadan is seeking emancipation from the fire of Johanna. Because we are now in the second ashram, which is to seek forgiveness of all mighty Allah for our sins. I failed to the appropriate and today we will speak about seeking forgiveness for our sins. We know that Allah subhanahu wa taala has created as human beings, what both the capacity to do right and Allah has kept within us the inclination towards science, so that data in the Holy

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Quran says I'll have a half to do Raha Mata.

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Allah has given human being both these aspects for June. And Taqwa for dual means transgression and sins and Taqwa means seeking the consciousness and seeking piety. In another place in the Quran that Allah says in Medina who Seville image Shakira when image of Allah has sold you both ways. You must Shakira or him metaphora. Either you are grateful to Almighty Allah by being obedient to Allah, gratefulness to Allah mean being obedient to Allah, where you might have hoorah a day you are

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ungrateful by being and by committing sin. So Allah has given both of these things to humankind, human time is an amalgamation of both. He is not like for example, the angels which Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says, Leia as soon Allah humma Amara, the Angels in America, they never go against the commands of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala and Allama Iqbal, the very famous poet from Pakistan has made mention of this aspect of humankind gfrp apne, freetrack Manda, Nori head and this human

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being instinctively he is not a nori or dvz Aneri he is not by nature, someone completely innocent. Neither is he completely only Stephen. He is an amalgamation of both of these things. Obviously, the challenge for us as human beings is that we must lead our life and channel our life in such a way that we do more good, and the evil that we do, we curve it to the best of our ability. However, we all know that we have all of these things both the inclination towards good and also the aspect of

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cinema, and we are human beings. Allah Allah says critical in some of the ephah Allah Allah has created human being weak, and maybe uttering sosman is very famous, didn't record himself silhouettes, it couldn't have any other factor on each and every human being is a sinner. Some are more and some are less but each and everyone has committed sins, other than the NBI name was Salatu was Salam wa Su and ballyhoo salat wa salam cannot commit sin and Sahaba Ekrem Amma Foos, Sahaba

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Ekrem are protected from sins. So this is the Sahaba and the Gambia, you and I, we commit sin some some more, some less fortunate are those who have lessons and even more fortunate are those who commit sins and then they acknowledge Jason's and they ask Allah Allah for forgiveness. Anyway, this is the aspect. So you know it is part of humankind that we are going to sin and we are inclined towards weakness we are going to commit sin. Someone asks a wise person, would the world not be

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better if there was no evil if there was no sin? So he gave such a beautiful reply, if there was no temptation to evil

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And then they would be no meaning in being virtuous. If there was no there was no inclination towards them then there is no there is no meaning towards being virtuous. Therefore never you can use Aslam, I said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim and you must understand this hadith, it is proper context. Libya Grimsel Salam said, If you do not commit sin and do not ask Allah to Allah for forgiveness, Allah will create another nation who will commit sin and they will ask Allah Allah for

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forgiveness. What does it mean? It doesn't mean that Allah Tala is epi Watson, When are your body everybody will? Allah is on Happy whatsoever. Allah Allah is not humble. Allah

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was the you know, for carbohydrate for our

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Allah is not happy with sin. But if you do not so much sand and ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah will create another nation who will kill will commit sin and ask Allah for forgiveness. Why? The reason? Allah Allah is Allah for Rahim, ALLAH is forgiving, Allah is merciful. If you're not going to commit sin and ask Allah for forgiveness, who is going to forgive me? If Allah is not going to forgive the sinners? Who is he going to forgive? He's not going to, he's going to forgive the people

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who asked for repentance and ask him that ALLAH forgive forgiveness person. So we must understand Allah Tala has kept both these assets in human being by nature because he's weak, he's going to commit sin, but sin is no ordinary matter. Allah does not like sin and it is not correct for us ever, ever to regard some as insignificant. We never regard to some as insignificant. It is made mentioned about Abdullah II Massoud said he Buhari makes mentioned in a minute here are the Aruba

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who can no you don't have to jump in your car for a yacht or RV that the believer regards some as burdensome, as difficult as someone sitting underneath a boulder and now thinking that when is the boulder perhaps going to fall upon me? Sometimes we read nowadays, when a person goes to Chapman speed, you want to go to Cape to Cape Town you want to drive on Chapter Pete. They said today Chapman's peak is closed because of falling boulders because of the falling rocks. So a believer

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regards sin as difficult as sitting down a mountain that perhaps that mountain the rock is gonna fall. We're in the Virgin era of Luba who because we work in Moraira and NP and a 5g a sinner regard some as being significant like a fly sitting on his nose and he wipes it away. We don't regard something as insignificant in a hadith, maybe a cream saucer material related but Abu Huraira the Allahu Taala hidden, hidden updated feta Assa T attend. Look at that for your Toby he looked at him

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so that when a believer commit sin adopts what comes upon his spiritual art. And then when he makes Toba and he asked for forgiveness, Allah removed the darkness. And when he doesn't make Toba then that particular darkness spreads over his entire spiritual heart, until it becomes completely dark, then it cannot recognize good from evil. It cannot recognize one from either and it continues to in that in that particular way it carries. So therefore sin is no ordinary matter. But now, if sin is

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no ordinary matter, what do we do with regard to our sin? If sin is such a significant thing, it is so serious what do we do with regard to sin? It is our beloved maybe I can install cinnamon who came to our rescue that he said for every each and everything, there is a cure and the core cure for selling is to make Stefan ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness. This is the cure for sin. It is made mentioned by Ronnie at a cafe in the Kitab area to hear that you said to untwist mentioned the

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severity saying made mention to his students that Runa muda was the one who was shut up cannula color was going over what do one is the father was Shabbat wanted to been to malaria. He said this the sickness is suddenly the sickness is sin. The medicine is to ask Allah Tala for forgiveness that your if you don't go back to that self, what a beautiful example the sickness is, the sickness is a sin. Sickness is sin. And the medicine for that particular sickness is asking

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for forgiveness. And the cure for it is you don't repeat the self Subhanallah so these things I

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Orton, for us to understand simply is no insignificant matter. When we have it. What do we need to do to save ourselves from the alotta and the destruction of sin is to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for forgiveness. And one of the greatest things with regard to sin is to acknowledge his son. Brothers, this is a very important thing. You see, there were two reactions in the beginning of creation, two reactions. One was the reaction of a bliss. One was the reaction of Adam and Eve Salatu was Salam.

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So this is a very sleepy bliss when he committed and he refused to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala by making Sita to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala he did not acknowledge his sin. Allah Tala said Mammon aka Allah does do that.

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Oh, he believes why What prevented you from making SR when I commanded you Karana Pharaoh Mini, I am better than Adam and Eve Surat wasallam conducted me Nirwana the human team I have been treated from from fire he has been treated from dusk, color up BB MA or Italy. Allah Tala and the Holy Quran says Allah, Allah, He told Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allah, you let me astray. Rafi Pema has waited, he

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has waited, you lead me astray. Now this is the way of bliss when someone tells you when you know you have committed a Buddha and you say oh, he's nothing wrong. you justify that is the way of shaitan and then is a way of Adam Melissa. What did he say that was salam do when Allah Tala told him and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada rebuked him, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala told him RTA that he said the root canals alumna and husana Oh ALLAH has committed wrong. And in the first part of the Holy Quran

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is a very amazing verse for Tara Ba, ba photogra Ali, and they're gonna put the steez words in the heart of Adam Malik salat wa salam. Now, you know, what am I have given this example? Beautiful example. So one day, your small son did something wrong, small child, right? He did something. He broke something in the house. And when he broke something in the house, you shout him. And first time now, the son all of a sudden heard, the father is rebuking him, the father is shouting him, the

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father is lifting his voice. Now all of a sudden, he's frightened. And sometimes you see the child crying.

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He didn't know what to do. All of a sudden he did something wrong. He didn't know what to do. Now. The father is shouting him. Then the father said okay, says sorry, the father saying, Say sorry. So then you see, I'm sorry. Then the father Huxley

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will ever see. The same thing happened with antibodies.

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did something and then he felt regret. He didn't know what to do.

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He didn't know what to do. But Allah

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Allah Tala put it in his heart. Who Adam say these words from Bonanza Amnon husana. Oh Allah you've done wrong. If you don't forgive me you don't have mercy upon me then a phone number the first thing I will do wrong you know I will be amongst those who are losers Subhan Allah Allah Tala put those words in Adam Elisa to a Salam Am I have made mentioned that a bliss mislead human times with regard to sins in two ways. He believes misleads human beings with regard to Sims in two ways.

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One he tells human beings, Allah is the Fuhrer Rahim. Go and do whatever you want. One is he can tell human beings Eliza foodora him, go and do whatever you want, Allah will forgive you. And one is he tells human beings after he commits sin, that Allah will never forgive you. So these two extremes, one is he tells human beings that commit sins Allah is a photo Rahim.

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Allah is a full Rahim. But you know, we must understand the context of hola Am I written and given this example, some doctor comes to your house and you tell him give me some basic medicine and it gives you one ointment and he gives you the oil and he says in case someone burns in the house, then you take this pointment and you put it over the burn pot.

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So you got the ornament in the house. Now next time is the bride that comes up and making a bride in the yard and you take your hand and you want to put it in a fire. Someone said why are you putting in a fire?

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He said doctor gave me an ointment. doctor gave me an ointment. Someone who seems foolish. The ointment is if you burn deadly use the vitamin. Not good to put

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You heard him deliberately in the fire and said, You know that I got an ointment the same way if a photo Rahim you can't say, I'm going to come and go now because Allah is a photo of him. That is so foolish like putting your head in the fire, saying I got an ointment. That ointment is in case someone burns then you put it in a similar manner. If in case you come up Pune, then you ask Allah for forgiveness, you don't deliberately go in common because ALLAH is forgiving. And the other way

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is, you say no, you know, you make a newcomer to Pune. And you feel that Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive me. Yeah, this is, this is Kufa

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in the hula

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Nero Illa in Liverpool coffee Road, only that this believer loses hope in the Mercy of Allah. Allah the Ultron was so a person when he was sitting in he was sitting very despondent, very disappointed. Why are you disappointed? Oh, Ali, I promoted the guna I promoted a sin. You know, so he became very despondent, Olivia loutra told him, Oh, my brother, for you to be despondent about the sin is even more worse than committing the sin. Sin is no insignificant is wrong. But you can never ever be

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despondent with regard to the sun. Because for you to be despondent about the sun is more worse than converting the sun. So this is the aspect that Sun is a disease and it's an integral is seeking Allah tell us forgiveness, you know, and then whoever seeks ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So forgiveness or my yarmulke Sue, who years limb nefs for Maya Stella villa, EJ de la la for a Rahima

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whatever does wrong or makes an oppressor is sold by commodity bro Sumaya stalker Allah says the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala yo J Dilla has a Fuhrer Rahima he will find Allah subhanahu wa Tada to be the Fuhrer Rahim. He will find Allah subhanho wa Taala to be very helpful to him. Now we all know we all know that there are there are conditions with regard to asking for forgiveness. By the way we will make mention of it. Allah Tala sticks about toe to toe with Daniel. So, they are

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you already in Amman who will Allah He

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has a Toby has

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come to Dubai and a su signifies that a person should regret his past evil deeds and make a firm resolve not to do it again in the future. That is to pretend assume that is that is a Toba which tells us you know when you do wrong you ask Allah Tala kotoba. And so Toby's gonna sue is that you make a firm result I Will not you Do you regret and you will make his firm resolve that I will not do it again. One great arguments made mentioned and says amongst the things with regard to tobacco

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and so is a person should pray for forgiveness with his tongue. So with his tongue he shows asking Allah for forgiveness. In his heart there is regret October to another, the essence of Toba. The essence of Toba is for you to feel bad about your guna insulin.

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The essence of Toba is for you to have regret no damage. And then with regard and prevent your lumps of your body from not committing the sins in the future. So three things What's your tongue you say Robin?

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Robin affinity What do you worry the year you know you ask for forgiveness in your heart, your every grep and the terms of the body you discipline yourself not to commit the same mistake again. Now one thing that comes to mind is what happens if we continuously make sense we are human beings we make one sin we ask Allah for forgiveness, then we make the sin again. Now what am I have written that at the time of Toba? You must resolve you're not gonna come at the sun. If afterwards you commit Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will forgive you. Allah give you an example of the wiper, the wiper. Now the rain comes the wiper wipes away the day. Afterwards, the rain come again, the wiper webserie in the rain comes the wiper with Wachovia, that is Toba. You must continuously ask Allah for forgiveness. Shaytan does not tell you to mislead human being. Allah will never get tired from forgiving you, provided you don't get tired of asking Allah for forgiveness. Let me repeat this again. Shaytan

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doesn't get tired of misleading you. Allah will never get tired of forgiving you. Allah subhanho wa Taala the Fuhrer Rahim and his Ramadan is cannot be imagined. It is beyond our understanding. Allah will never get tired of forgiving you. You must not get tired of asking Allah Tala for forgiveness. So this is the example our clothes get dirty. Right? No one says the throat is dirty. I can throw it away. She washes that against you get dirty. He washes it it becomes white he wasted

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Friday, the end of Friday it gets dirty, he sends it again to the washing it gets washed, ripping it, customize it again. That is our example. We must continue. You know, of course, it was, you know a Gerardo de Rumia how to rally very famous poet and a very famous Sufi came from the Persian state and he gave his beautiful words in Persian bizarre bizarre harassing Bahasa

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Syd Baraka Russia Christie Basa EJ in their guy the guy No meatiness stay away from a laptop stay away from Pune turn towards Almighty Allah turn towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada Basa Basa harati Husband, Son Father tobasco Christie BUZZA even if you prove your 201st

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and let Allah is waiting for you to take towards Almighty Allah, if this is not only poetic language, this is in the Hadith comes in a hadith in Bukhari, Sherry that maybe a Kareem said Allahu Allah He was celibate mentioned that a person committed 99 murders.

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To commit one murder Allah in the Quran says minimoto Ramadan for just a number halogen here, you kill one person. Allah Tala decrease for your Jahannam forever. If you kill one person, you murder one person, your person kills 99%. All of a sudden after 99 he became regretful in what he says, if 99 What I'm going to do so you went to a pious person of his time is a time opening Islam. And he said I committed 99 murders. What Allah Allah forgive me. So many times, you know, people who don't

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have the wisdom of the qualities of Allah will say, No, Allah won't forgive you. So he said, you told me Allah will forgive me. So let me complete by Century

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100 finished maybe most of you know Finnish people, so they made him show him. So then someone told him that in another village, he's a very, very pious person who is very wise go to him, maybe he will show you a way to ask for forgiveness. So he went on the way and let her took his life. And he died. When he died, both sets of Angel scheme. One One of the angels he came was who said that? No, he is committed 99 murders we must take him to jahannam and the other words it No, no, no. He was

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walking to ask for forgiveness. He was walking to ask for forgiveness. We must we must take him to Rockford you must take him to Jannah Allah subhanaw taala intervened and told the angels measure the distance between the two, measure the distance between the two measure where he came from where he committed sins and measure the distance where he was going to ask Allah for forgiveness. And when they measured, then the stem was one spent more closer towards the place where he was going for

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forgiveness and let ALLAH forgive.

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Going for him. He didn't come up one good deed. Didn't format what could be. You didn't help even breed a man he was on his way to bring in the man could ask for forgiveness, justice, intention I want to turn towards Almighty Allah. I want to ask Allah for forgiveness, the Hadith, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive him in January Timothy, there is Allah to Allah. While we regard them as significant, we worry about ourselves, but we must never ever lose hope in the Mercy of Allah turned

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towards Almighty Allah. Look at this verse in the Holy Quran.

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Oh, they'll add to my bondsman who have done wrong, a Saku Allah unforeseeable, who have exceeded the limits with regard to themselves. Do you sometimes see ya Allah. Allah is not addressing Ambia Allah is not addressing Olia Allah Allah is addressing a sinner.

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I mean, you can say Allah Tala addresses himself Slavia you will never hear you will Musa Millia you will ya know your isa Allah is addressing a person who committed

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you been

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Oh, you might want my seven my seven was done wrong Subhan Allah how is it that is in the center? Yeah, buddy. Oh my oh my sleep. Oh my bondsman.

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Don't lose hope in my voice.

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Look at our lives address it the person who is a sinner. Allah addresses him in the Quran. In January paramilitaries rewired with regard to the military Mr. Aslam made mention of it in January. With what a season, people committed guna he was a wealthy person with a great amount of money given to a life of luxury. And many times when people have money and luxury, they get involved with it.

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modality he used to fulfill his desire with any woman he wanted. So one day he a one woman came who was very attractive and pretty. And she said, I need your assistance because you have money. She said, I'm prepared to assist you, provided you, you give your body over to me. You give your body over to me.

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And they agreed upon a price 60 dinar 60 gold coins, the Allah 60 Gold points. And she took the money. And then when he was just about to fulfill this evil act, and he was about to commit Zina, she started crying. And he said, Why are you praying? You accepted the money. You accepted the whole deal to accept the gold coins? Why are you crying? He said, I'm not given to a life of

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I did it because of my circumstances. I'm in poverty. That is a reason why I did it. So you felt so ashamed. He said he gave a woman and a woman this money. She agreed. And now she's feeling regretful she said, I've never done this before. I'm not a woman of immorality. I did this because of my circumstances. And she started crying, and he felt ashamed. And he said, I will never ever do this deep again. He do over there.

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And then he Allah, Allah took his life away the time. People didn't want to perform his janazah because he says such a great, you know, seller, and then it was written on his door. On his door, it was written Allah subhanho wa Taala is a miracle Matan FIRFER for know, for us, Muhammad, Allah Bobby in Allah has

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written on his door that Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven him and this is in Hadith Kitab Jami with me after committing so much so we never lose hope my dear respective brothers and this is a question of Murphy's Law. You know there is such a beautiful example of zero will Abilene which I will conclude Zagel I believe that was the grandson of our beloved to be a cream sauce, the great grandson.

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So, he was

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the son of us will see nebula so having us very, very famous person in our history. Say I was one day sitting in the hammock when I saw

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someone in the darkness, singing and you know rendering poetry about the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Yama, ug yami Yugi boudoir, photography, salami, Akashi buttery well Belvoir master copy master familia oh the one who listens and responds to the color of the distress person when he is in distress. And the one who removes his difficulty when he's in difficulty in the long pole. So happiness My rationale is if I went to see you Who is singing these praises, who is even beautiful poetry. And what portion of the poem in Tada, do that Tada. You're a dude who surfs through

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suffering? Familiar doo doo anarchists, hello, IRC, Nabil economy, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, if your forgiveness and your generosity does not extend to the citizens.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:40

If the citizens cannot benefit from your mercy, and your generosity, we can understand people who are pious and that Allah will forgive them because of the piety. But who will look after the sinners who will live your generosity and mercy does not extend to the search service for me yet.

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It asked

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me to wash the Senate go to where did they go to?

00:28:50 --> 00:28:50


00:28:53 --> 00:28:55

I wait to see who it is.

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And so,

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the grandson of nibio crimson

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and it says okay.

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You have the February Eclipse and you are making such a great dua. You are You are definitely you know, you are forgiven. And he said Adam, what are you talking? Allah subhanaw taala says Surah Farah answer.

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On the day of the Ahmed, no genealogy will come to existence. The only thing that will come to assistance is good deeds. Preference. This is a shout out for us to turn towards Almighty Allah let us not lose this opportunity. May Allah give us a trophy?

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That is requested in sha Allah, the crowd is quite big. So if we can make

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Come in oh maybe maybe we'll make ourselves one one second so just come a little bit forward each other

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