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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah mala NaVi Avada

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I'm about to fold the villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem was terkemuka Sutra colloquialism.

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My dear respected elders and brothers after Ramadan

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they are few very important points for our consideration and inshallah I will enumerate them as we go along. The first thing that we have to do is, is to commit and that is consistency in our Amal and in our deeds and consistency has been emphasized in our Quran and in our Sharia. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Holy Quran, in a larina call or a boon Allah also muster camo, those who say Allah is my Lord, so muster camo and then they remain steadfast upon that commitment. So the first thing we have to do is consistency. And consistency means doing something on a regular basis and not doing something occasionally. And consistency and comes from faith. discipline, courage and

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sincerity. Ramadan keypad Chan looked ok ko Medina is a

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subset there is a comment, or is the cover come up? Yeah. Okay Joe cheesy. Hum. Nia Ramzan mesh Rukia who's come back here again, or reschedule Hannah bought facilita Quran or Hadith men? In one Hadith Maria Kareem Salah Wali wasallam Wanda Sahabi came in said the other sort of love Tell me something very short that I don't need to go and ask anyone for advice they after. Just give me a short advice. I don't need to go and ask anyone for advice they after. So now via cream sauce lamb told him cool man to Billa from muster him, say I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and then remain steadfast upon that commitment of the day of kiama exam innovia cream sauce Lim que pasa Anika

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jasola mata sassiness yet ki Ji zyada limani de novia Karim salsa Macaca Eman Lau, Allah or Sq per camera. It's a very amazing statement of Nivea cream sauce, it is something that has far reaching consequences, it tells us once you say I believe in Allah, once you have faith, then you remain steadfast upon that no matter what comes up even if you are very busy and you are living a hectic lifestyle, stay firm and read your Salah on time. Stay calm at remain consistent on that even if for example the entire business world in which you are doing business in all of them are doing interest based transaction and business you say no it is haram. Allah had said Whoever takes interest it is

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waging war against align his resort I will remain with Mr. Comet, I will remain with consistency, I will remain with constancy on on staying away from interest. And for example the young people they can take this example of consistency that even if the entire amongst their own friends and peer they are having relationship between male and female before marriage, I will remain consistent I will not have a relationship with someone from the opposite gender even if it becomes widespread spread amongst my feet amongst my peers and my friends. So your your I realize what when the via cream sauce himself called Harmon to Billa from muster Tim say I believe in Allah and remain committed to

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that till the day you die. And when he did not be a cream sauce limit said no I have family in Allah He had

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a happy family in Allah. The best of days is that which although little it is done consistently Hadeeth me has subsea malware, traumas tactile torpor cage I gotcha Welcome home. It is better to do something on a daily basis. It is better to do something on a daily basis than to do something occasionally serums and mockery or scuba touring to hear Yes, Geist is yet to come at me. I mean, how many times I speak to people when you ask them you said when do you make of the Holy Quran and the Quran in Ramadan to save Quran?

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Only if you only make the Quran Ramadan. What about the other times of the year do you make of the Holy Quran? Very few people will say no, I have to make her time of the Quran outside Ramadan also

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Via Kareem salsa was asked what is the best way of tilawat What is the best way of tilawat Tila watts SF or better in

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case so, in our case a subsea battery three cup cream sauce and said

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what the hell means you start off one and the moment you finish one you start another one that is why after Surah tonners what do we do? We read from Surah Allah flambeau muffler Hoon q Why do we read for muffler hood was 38 an easy to read muffler horn on the 29th day of Ramadan and you started off the next Ramadan

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How is that possible and hollowell Porter Hill means the moment you finish one you continue another one and you continue you finish the next one you start another one that is the best method of the MA that is the best method with regard to to our so this this is something a happy family in Allah had

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the best of the best although little it is done on a consistent basis. Let us keep this in mind. Sometimes it is better to read two records on a daily basis than to read 50 Records once a month. Or to read two records every day to make one an hour read yassine every day after fudger on I will be two records every day extra whether it be after fudger whether before you go to work, whether it be after Muslim, then to make once a month you tether Mozilla Mozilla

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main America whatever you consider here consider the deal is to do something on a daily basis consistently as an alum of the alto Nokia

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facility nearby and why is someone asked that he'll be allowed to run home and it is written by chef Mohammed a salary. He said someone asked earlier on he allowed to run once. He said nebia Kareem Sal slim told you and your wife has said Fatima the ultra to read this be fit me? Did we ever leave it

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he said even in a battle I didn't leave it. Even Japan he had met I was coming in a Chara even when I was in jihad, even when I was fighting a battle I did not read lift as we fit me the night I used to read it every night. Now that is that is how you do you know something on a consistent basis. And remember, what we do once in a while does not shape our spiritual character. What we do once in a while does not shape your temperament does not shape your character does not shape your deen what you do consistently on a regular basis. It molds your Islamic identity what you do on a regular basis not once a year or once in a while. So the first point that we have to keep in mind after

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Ramadan is Easter comet the first point second point what is very important that after after our Ramadan where we did try and do some good deeds, then we have to preserve our good deeds and how do we preserve our good deeds I will make mention with regard to it. Now the second most important thing that appear Amalia Sally hockey he finds it cabinet or orchestra do throw key help tell fish a batch Kulkarni Chaya nebia Kareem saw slim said in a hadith Malmo fluss who is a pauper who is a poor person Sahaba said yes to Allah, you tell us who is a poor person according to us. A poor person is He who doesn't have any wealth, mufflers, khornate escapers Queen, Molly woman, Felicia

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maybe a cream sauce and a warm fleece. No, he is not amorphous. He is not a pauper. Do you know who is a Papa nebia Kareem saw some said he is a pauper who has got lots of deeds, and he goes with a lot of deeds on the day of kiama and on the day of gamma t comes in front of Almighty Allah He did someone wronged kisi ki Huckle fakie kisi ki, Ki and he did someone who saved someone's wealth. He's talked about someone, he made a judgment about someone and he did someone wrong. Allah will say in the in the year after there is no currency, you can go and pay a person cash. So he said, Take, take your good deeds and give it to him.

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And if that is not, it doesn't fulfill their roles and is still not robbery, there is still no equality, you are still not fulfilled. He is the wrong that we have done to him, his sins will be given to you. Now how do you preserve the rewards of what you have done in Ramadan? How do you preserve it by stop abusing backbiting and doing other people wrong? And if my attack Etosha goose rocky had terrific her time, was sub says roughly say sorry achaia who said she's per war just

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or his birthday cake will now be up next, Sarah? Lolita

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is sleep apnea Nick mal Koba. chana Kalia is a bus stop making he but of other people stop traveling people stop hurting people stop wronging people because if you run

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People, all the good deeds that we have done all the tilawat all the rows up everything that we have done in Ramadan falls away all the reward is taken away. I did one very amazing incident in the book of mosquitos money under the name of Russia. He said one day, you know, a person was very pious, so he told his son to read the hydro choice and read the hodgen so after reading the hatchet when he got up for tahajjud Then he told you know, he made a comment. What amazing comment he said he said, I'm reading tahajjud everyone is sleeping Mehta hydro para sub Jana was already to his father told him Oh, my son, and a bita. Nariman wha was vahana demon, if you would have slept and not read

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tahajjud and you would have got up with a regretted with an embryo is better than to read the Hadoop and showing people that we have read the agile and looking down upon people is better that you had not read the Hadoop then to read the hatred and showing people that you are more pious than people. Second thing after Ramadan preserve your good deeds by stop abusing people stop ringing people stop making back by otherwise all what we have done in Ramadan would be wiped away by you doing wrong to other people. That's the third thing. Second thing. The third thing which is most important also that in Islam, there is no difference between Deen and dunya

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there is absolutely no dichotomy between Deen and dunya in our religion essanay can Majid Medina bardini this is a this is a very very wrong attitude with regard to us. This is with regard to maybe perhaps other deals. The beauty of our deal is that this inverse GTS did in cinemassacre tilawat is deep but there is deep even in our business in our relationship with our wives with our neighbors with our business associates with a non Muslim neighbors we have to keep dealing in every aspect of our life. Or it Islamic dean of dunya my freak or coach if I would name Islam Ramadan may be bothered kebab happening up nice saris Zindagi button banana key cautious cabinet. Now we have done

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it in Ramadan, now make our entire to Nui life, all aspects of our worldly life make it into a budget. That is now the challenge. And let me give you one beautiful example. In fact, two is of the Holy Quran which gives this example how we are supposed to have a seamless relationship between the masjid and our outside life.

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In surah Juma is an iron, rugby Malik Ravi Allahu taala and who is a Sahabi of nbia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he used to come out of the Majid Juma time, he used to read this drop this listen to this dwama the respective letters allow me to do what was selected for either Taka, Allah I have performed Juma as we have commanded me to do so in Surah Juma in anodea, this anatomy yo mille Giamatti, first out illa decorilla. You told us our law, after we have done when the namaaz of Juma and as an of Juma is hasten towards a seeker of Almighty Allah. We have performed your Salah we have made Juma now who Allah want a shirt to come out Mr. Tony for his book name in fartlek one to

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Pharaoh rockin and our lie you told us after Juma for either

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fantasy roofing walk the woman after Juma going on 100 risk or up near his kohala

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Juma Safari Walker Walker came in a Jamaica for us or

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our risk

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after two man going make risk that is also Dean is Allah has commanded us make to modify the deity Salah to fantasy rufina so that is one aspect. Look at the beauty of Islam. No difference no dichotomy. After after to mark you're going on holiday list which is also Dean and then another highlight of the Holy Quran. Allah says pueda ferrata fansub we're in Arabic affirm, you have completed two other responsibility apne cemetery

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after you have finished all your other responsibilities, whether it be your TV responsibility, whether it be your when the responsibility go in, tire yourself in the budget in remembering Allah. Just look at the beauty after too much going on. After you have this is Rob Baker first turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that is our Deen, no dichotomy, a seamless connection between our Masjid and our dunya between dunya and our Masjid. So after Ramadan, one thing is now take the advantage of Ramadan make our entire dunya into a burden, make our our our business into a bad make our interpersonal relationship into anybody. How do you do it by doing all of those according to the

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commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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The fourth thing that I would like to spend some time on, we know that what is happening in Palestine has been something that has been painful for all Muslims throughout the world. It has pained us, what has happened, clears will clear oppression, clear injustice, and yet the world had been silent and ever there has been voices it has been muted voices, especially from the governments of the world. Wherever there has been some voices, it has been the voices of the common people of the Muslims throughout the world, Muslims throughout the world and hamdulillah despite all our weakness, we are weak. There is no doubt that we are weak and having this weakness is also part of a

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lateral explain what we'll call a yamano w Harbin and as Allah tala brings about different situations upon people, sometimes you are high, sometimes you are low, sometimes you are powerful, sometimes you are weak, what they will tell

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us. But what is reassuring in this particular regard, there are two points of reassurance. I've never seen such a unity amongst Muslims, the way we have seen in today's time, throughout the world, wherever you have Muslims, whether it be in Pakistan, when they've been India, whether it been in the not the government's, but the common people in the Arab world, everyone's heart has been together and the emotions have been with the people of Palestine. We have seen people crying, we have seen people who are not, we have make certain post showing them they emotion with the people of Palestine, amazing, amazing type of unity. And it is perhaps that type of unity throughout the

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world, which has resulted that today this morning, there has been a ceasefire, that ceasefire didn't come because they wanted it It came because of the power of the Muslims, it became a because the unity of the Muslims Alhamdulillah we can see if there is unity, what what more we can achieve. It is so sad that we have not been able to harness the unity of the Muslims. But at least it has been that some aspect that is seen today. I mean, look at the streets of Gaza, after losing so many people. Today they are celebrating, celebrating why that because of the Unity because of the resistance they have brought about a ceasefire. We think Allah subhanho wa Taala for that, we say

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well Allah make this go even further, make it even go further in progress. And then I thought I will just relate to you what happened after the Battle of who had just bear with me. I don't have no watch today. So I'm gonna carry on by

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karenia say So anyway, whatever it is, after the Battle of who had, you know, now of course we know the Muslim suffered a setback in her heart. So Abu sufian, the leader of the Quraysh was very, very happy. So he got up on the amount of 400 and he said, A fecal Muhammad is Muhammad amongst you. Right? He didn't know what has happened. He thought nobody saw Selim was martyred. So nobody saw some say don't reply to him. Coco job Nadeau those a few come in Happy kochava I woke ha ha ha ha ha Abubakar Chi. Let me saw some said don't give him any reply. Then he said a few of whom

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is amongst you.

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Imagine even a non Muslim knew that the best people after Novi saw silom the most prominent people after Nagisa Salinas Abu Bakar in Oman.

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So Han Allah, He said a few come Abu Bakar a few come over. So when he said maybe they have passed on when you have said that now I

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told him don't reply, Omar said I'm not gonna keep quiet. He said oh I do Allahu enemy of Allah. Allah has kept us all alive, we are all alive. Then he said, in no then he made mention he said, Allah

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who will be praised we have won this battle. So where Saba quiet Serbia Karim Salalah Sam said, Allah to de Bono, who are you not going to reply upon him? So he said, what was the reply? So nebia cream sauce them say the reply, Allah who Allah wa jal say ruble is not Allah wa jal. Allah is agile. Allah is Allah. Allah is great. He is prominent, he is majestic.

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Then he said

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we have you don't have Rosa. Abu sufian said you have Rosa. We have Musa you don't have Rosa, and I

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said, Will you not reply to him? Yara Sula. What must we What must we reply? Allahu molana Allah. Allah is our protector and guide we have no protector. Go allies our protector you have no protector? Then he said yo yo Bo me butter. Well, Harpo cjl this day is equivalent. And now there is bribery. And there is equality with regard to what happened in whether you want in whether we have going gained the ascendancy in our head. So then maybe a cream sauce them say the reply to him premise I want you to listen to this reply. I want you to listen to this reply. He said cut Lana, Phil, Jana Cutler, convener things are not equal. The people who have died by our side. What are

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Shaheed here they are in general, the people who have died but who are injured

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We tell the people who are there the same thing, the people who have passed away in Gaza, they are in Jannah. The people who are oppressors we have died there in Jannah. So things are not equal.

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So we take, we take refuge from what our beloved Libya cream sauce from this most beautiful conversation that happened after one and brothers. Lastly, I think I would just like to make mention, time is also up. But there's there is a third wave that is here. And I we don't make any mention underline our magic, we've got a particular method and we will continue that method. But people need to take precaution. People need to take the archaea, whoever has got any particular type of symptoms, whoever has got any type of you know, fever, coughing, by cover yourself will stay at home. A prominent doctor this morning after fudger told me he knows of people who have got fever,

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who have got symptoms and He even told me another thing he said he knows of people who have tested positive and are still coming to the masjid. How irresponsible and reckless is that? Are we going to become the means of spreading it to someone at the end of the day we are living in a world of means this is a one of means if you do something if you cut yourself you're gonna get cut. You can go and say I believe in a leg or cut myself I'm not gonna get cut. I mean at least debt amount of responsibility, we must be able to show we can be so reckless if anyone has got any particular type of symptoms by taking unnecessary precaution and even when we come take precaution. We all seem to

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these these arise in our in our cases and many times arises within our communities. We don't want to do something if you feel that you feel you got our call. And if you feel I'm strong, okay, you are strong. But what happens if you give it to someone who is not strong?

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Whatever happens if you give it to someone who is not strong? Are you prepared to bear the consequences of that? So brothers take precaution. That is the right thing to do according to our Sharia. May Allah give us a trophy?

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aloha aloha