Acts of Forgiveness in Ramadhaan

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Sit up this achaea The month of forgiveness Ramadan is upon us. And Allah has recommended us to be forgiving of one another during this month. Can you explain more about that? This is the month of forgiveness. And since we ask for forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala Allah has also recommended that we human beings, we should forgive others. And there are several verses in the Quran which have explained this in detail. If fleetville on demand, chapter number three was the 134 last month Allah says that we should forgive. Allah likes those who do good deeds that we do to forgive, unless mother likes them. Allah says in Surah chapter number seven was the 199 that hold forgiveness and

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enjoin what is right, and go away from those who are ignorant. Furthermore, Allah says insert a new chapter number 24 was number 22. Allah says that and you should forgive, wouldn't you want that Allah should forgive you. Allah is Forgiving and most merciful. Allah says in Surah, Taka boon chapter number 64, Muslim 14, that amongst your wives and children, they had asked some who are your enemies. But it would be better if you forgive them, you all default and you cover up default, allies are forgiving and most merciful. So Allah subhanaw taala is encouraging the Muslims and the believers, that it is better that you forgive as many people as possible, and Allah will forgive

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you. And we have the best examples in the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. We have the example in the life of Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam,

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where we know properties of peace be upon him, that step brothers, that plan against him, and they want to kill him. But Allah subhanaw taala saves him and later on, he's made the governor of Egypt and when finally all the brothers at his mercy, Allah says that he said, it's mentioned in the Quran in surah Yusuf chapter number 12. Most commonly too, he says that, let's not put the trust on you. And Allah is the one to forgive. He's merciful. That means usually Salaam He forgives all his brothers and his allies merciful. We have the best example of forgiveness in the last and final messenger Prophet Musa al Salaam Salaam, during for the Mecca. When the music's when the beginnings

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of Makkah. They killed many of relatives that killed his uncle, that kill many of the Sabbath. But when Finally, he had victory over them, he forgave all of them. And Allah says in the Quran, in Surah, Chapter 33, verse number 21, that Verily, in the Prophet, you have the most beautiful pattern of conduct, and Allah says, In Surah facilite, chapter number 41, Muslim 34 Allah says that repel evil with good and you may never know the person in whose heart is hated against you, you will find that he will become an intimate friend of yours. That means repel evil with what is good. That is the best. And I'll repeat the message in Surah Shara chapter number 42 verse number 37. He speaks

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about those people. That means the people of paradise. Those are the people who avoid shameful deeds and avoid major sins. And when they get angry,

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they forgive. So there are various verse in the Quran which Allah subhanaw taala gives us guidance to human beings that we should forgive the other people Jazakallah hair Dr. zakia for that reminder regarding forgiving