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The title of Halal Hotels and Hotels in America is a formal deity and associated with Jesus Christ. The importance of writing agreements and verifying debts for a surety command is emphasized. The use of the Holy Quran is emphasized, along with the importance of honesty and trustworthiness in business deals. The negative impact of the media on people's lives and relationships is also discussed, including fraud, bribery, and political parties. The potential consequences of using money in public events and not trusting someone are also discussed.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Anna B abba, abba do photo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Er You will live in Amman, Willa Tao Kuru Anwar the convener Camilla Boulton illa Anta Hakuna to Jonathan Antara the men who will call it Allah you are also Luca Luminati abattoir Madhu Salah has said that Allah will has him,

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respected Allah ma elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved nivia Carencro sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Alhamdulillah we have just emerged fresh, spiritually rejuvenated and revitalized after the Mubarak and blasted month of Ramadan. And I think generally, there is a consensus that this was most beautiful Ramadan people to a great extent, maybe not to the extent that we could have but to a great extent we devoted ourselves and we tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. In Ibaadat, we try to the hour somehow to the best of our ability to perform our salad hours cut in our fasting may Allah subhanahu wa taala accept. Now of

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course, we know that when we talk about divided now about it, we all understand like for example, reading tarawih reading Tilawat making salad we understand it to be Ibaadat. What we don't sometimes get correct is that Ibaadat also extends to our worldly activities, provided it is done in the correct methodology and with the correct intention. Like for example, going out to seek Halal risk is not from the Shery perspective is not a worldly endeavor. It is a religious endeavor to level halali for either to battle for either, maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the acquiring of Halal risk is a religious duty, but it has a priority after the Farida after your five times

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daily Salat after your fasting, it is a religious endeavor, but after your primary religious endeavor, will Am I have gone on to explain that there are two types of deeds one is what we termed as direct Ibaadat and one is what we termed as indirectly by the directly by that everyone understands. When you see someone reading the Quran reading select, you know, it's an Ibaadat and everyone regards it as MP but

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going out to earn Halal risk, opening up your business employment.

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It's an indirect divided and why it is termed as indirectly by that is because it can become a fledged

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it can be done for various reasons, it could be done because you want to compete with the Jonas's you want to be have a very comfortable way of living and you want to have a status in society. And it can also be done because Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to earn a halal risk for myself and my dependents. Now, that is why it is known as indirectly, but it can become an Ibaadat

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if my methodology is correct, and my intention is correct, and that is where the direct deposit that we do in Ramadan comes to our assistance. So all the Ibaadat that we have done in Ramadan, now helps us in our worldly activities and in our indirectly budget to make the methodology correct. And to make the intention correct so that we can make our entire life into any ballot. Now what is very important for us to understand that in in our Sharia, unlike all other, perhaps other religions and other isms and ideologies, there is no dichotomy between Dean and dunya. It's not as if the laws of Allah subhanaw taala applies to you in the masjid and it doesn't apply to you outside the Masjid. It

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equally applies to you both in the masjid and outside the Masjid. Perhaps more so outside the masjid because in the masjid, it is expected that you are going to comply with the commands of Almighty Allah. Now the challenge is that I have to bring about the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala consciousness of Allah

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in the outside place when I go out in the world. This has been very beautifully explained in one of the

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actions of one of our great saddles companions of nebbia cream sauce limit the name of Iraq, Ben Malik, Iraq when Malik after he had complete

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Did his Joomla salad

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and we are now in Joomla. So we can identify with us when he came out of Joomla used to stand on the door of the magic

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and he used to say here Allah in the adapt to that what occurred was so late to forever taka come on Multani Oh ALLAH the way you have commanded me in Surah Juma I have completed my first of performing John Juma. I have responded to your call and I have performed my first prayers. It I know dearly seletti me yo mill Giamatti. First Oh Isla de la weather will be when the magazine gives a call for Juma leave your business and go and perform salat. So Allah I have responded to your call I have performed my father's and now I am going out. Come on a martini. I am Tama a martini, I'm Fonterra I am going out the way you commanded me for that to the salah to fund the shoe filled out after you

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have performed perform your salad go out in the world of the woman Fadlallah and seek Hallas risk our live responded to your call I have made the first prayers now I'm going out to earn Halal risk the way you commanded me. Look at the seamless connection. I have performed my salad I'm going for Halal risk. Now look at another way around. In surah Allah Masha Allah Tala tells us the other way around for you that ferrata fun sub Illa Arabic of Allah, we have completed your worldly task. We have completed your worldly responsibilities. Tyre yourself in remembering Allah. Now that is no dichotomy in our deen. You have performed Juma going on holiday risk. You have completed your

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worldly tasks, fun software in Arabic Africa, come back and remember Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the beauty of our deen premis, an important part of our religion is to do with wealth, our attitude towards it and monetary affairs. Now we all regard monetary affairs to be important. Right? It is so important and if you don't regard it as important, try Mussina payment for two three months. And you will see how important it is. So we all regard is important from the wealthy perspective. But how about regarding it as important from a Dini perspective? So the longest verse in the Holy Quran, the longest verse in the Holy Quran is to do with monetary matters, either today or young, the day in in

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Illa, J Musa Manufaktur. Whoo. When you have done a loan when you have lent someone money, and you have given him a loan, and do so with with witnesses, make a written agreement to a loan agreement. And then the different permutations with regard to it takes one whole page. How do you do this agreement? who regards this as important? who regards it that this is a surety command that I must do my transactions in writing with witnesses because the Quran tells me not because it is good business practice. Because the Quran tells me Imam Muhammad our we as people who have studied Deen in the honorific the most important book of jurisprudence is known as hedaya. Right? The first

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volume deals with all the Ibaadat that we know as Ibaadat, which we regard our whole deemed to be confined to. So it includes our target our salata was a cart, our hedge and our fasting. The next three volumes,

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which is three quarter of the jurisprudence of the book of jurisprudence deal with our conduct and with our financial transactions, and to do what what we today regard is dunya three volumes, deals with that. Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah the student from Oliver Rahmatullah Ali was once asked that

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why don't you write a book on Zawada on piety? He said, I have written a book on wealth, we have a follows that will become a pious person.

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And the reason is obvious. It's easy to be pious in the masjid. Why don't we start becoming pious in our monetary matters?

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And in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala is related to the incident of a tribe, whom Allah destroyed because of dishonesty in business dealings with Allah made Yahushua Heba. Kalia comi Abdullah hum Allah Camila Hinata Euro wallet and possible MC yada well me is in the Arakan behavior, or people of my tribe don't measure and weigh less by dishonesty. Don't be dishonest

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In your business dealings, do you know what was the response? Sometimes I shudder

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when I look at a response. I look at attitudes in our community

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that actually echoes those very same comments and attitudes of a nation that was destroyed but Allah

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God we are shy. A Salah toccata America and net Roca Maya Budo Alba Hoonah our enough Allah fie. dinar Manisha au shape is your deen telling us what we must do with our wealth?

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How many times when you tell people do business dealings correctly follow the Sharia my wealth I will do with it as I please. This attitude. This comment

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is a comment of a nation destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala yet we find it

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sometimes within our community that there's there's a very great

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there's a very great

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relationship between our monetary affairs and devotion and a budget to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and salvation in the year after.

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Allah Allah in the 18 views of the Holy Quran in surah Menon says Illuminata, yerba wok Medusa the hub eat from the halal things we have provided you with an Allah could mean two things your earning which which which you buy your needs must be halal, and the actual food must be halal. Now, we always regard the food to be halal that we understand so we must be sent her approved and all that as well all that is on his place. But what about your earnings? That's also part of Halal

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eat from what is halal, your earnings must be halal, and then do righteous deeds. Why the link?

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Why is Allah brought them together? The Allama tell us if you're earning is not halal, despite great effort, you will find it difficult to do righteous deeds. In all of a sudden you're thinking why am I lazy for taraweeh? Why can I perform my salad with enthusiasm? Why don't you consider how is your earnings?

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Why don't you consider that is the reason why I can't lift myself and I can't motivate myself to do my salad. Could that be one of the reasons I'm not saying 100% But that is one of the reasons which Allah Allah tells us in the Holy Quran, that if you don't do right, if you don't eat halal, you will find it difficult to do righteous deeds. Consider this hadith which comes in mish cattle Masabi to talk about how our monetary affairs and the correctness in it, it impacts upon our salvation even in the year after. So this has Hadith. But sometimes it's such a great warning. Sometimes a person does good and righteous deeds for 60 years.

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For 60 years, he does righteous deeds.

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And then all of a sudden, he makes a wrong world in which he usurps the rights of one of his heirs. And because of that he lands up in Jahannam because of making a wrong world.

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Do you see that the relationship between your monetary affairs and going to Janet and Jana? That near term Salah Salam said 60 years of righteousness gets washed away because of usurping the right of another person.

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If we ever consider this, brothers, this worldly, this world is a very amazing thing. This material world has got many, many benefits. Allah therefore speaks about it in the Holy Quran. Allah Allah tells us the four qualities that is supposed to be with a Muslim tradesman. So Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran, about karoun The great amount of wealth but he was destroyed because of his wealth, and yet the very same wealth of money over the long term who became amongst the ashram oversharer. And when he passed away, the Sahaba who were discovered, they made mention here was a person who had wealth and he fulfilled the rights of wealth,

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and manful Jana despite having more wealth than even the most wealthiest of people. In today's time. There was recently a survey done with regard to the wealth Abdurahman up overhead based on historical facts, and it was said he was seven times more wealthier than even Bill Gates in the most wealthiest people in the world today. But yet he was still Jana. So Allah says work today FEMA attack Allah Who Darrell Astra and seek the year after with your wealth, what does a FEMA seek with what Allah has given you from the wealth? That Astra

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who who takes wealth and earns well that I must earn my Jana

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Walton center Ceiba coming at dunya don't forget your share of this material world. So by your good home and you put good chi in your convenience, don't forget that

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Whereas in karma, arson Allahu La and be good to others the way Allah has been good to you. So Allah has given you well share it with people who are underprivileged. When we Mara Zatanna, who means you can look at the beauty of the Quran whenever it calls upon us to give charity, it always motivates us with this.

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Allah doesn't tell us give from your wealth.

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It always tells us give from what I gave you.

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It never tells us give charity from your wealth. It tells us give from what I gave you, and yet who are miserly to give charity from what I gave you what a typical facade of will other than don't use your wealth, to become proud and arrogant and raise corruption in the earth. For qualities for people who have wealth Allah has made mentioned with regard to it. Now, in this particular regard, I just want to say two or three things very briefly about wealth. One is many times in our wealth, what we see is this lack of clarity in our transactions.

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So people are in or sometimes they are in a business brothers are together, the father is together they owe the father passes away, the brothers are together.

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There is no clear cut decisive agreement with regard to what happens

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in that business. Are the brothers partners are the brothers and the later brother who comes later on is your partner or easy, a person who is

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accommodated in the business with edit privileges because He is the younger brother. Remember one thing in Sharia, we must have an individual identity in a collective enterprise. If you don't have an individual entity in a collective enterprise from Russia point of view, it's that transaction and debt agreement and that whole business partnership is not correct. What is your individual entity in a collective enterprise? It must be clearly defined clearly spelled out, clearly agreed upon. So the doesn't lead to arguments. One of the basic things in our Sharia with regard to all matters pertaining to fit he rulings on partnership is, you will find it written in the books of fic. That

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any transaction which leads to dispute

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or any transaction which leads to confusion, it's not possible.

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So they must be every transaction of yours every agreement must be clearly understood by all the parties. So just a small aspect with regard to monetary I'm always I must make mention of the second thing is honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. If there has to be one important point in a positive sense, and then I will make mention of it in a negative sense is that they can be no proper business dealings without honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. And this is such an important part of our transactions. And such an important part of monetary matters. In Allah Hi yah, Morocco man to Abdullah Malnati, Allah Allah, Allah commands you to give trustech to its rightful owners. Now we

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normally we take a manner to mean that whatever someone gave me something, he's asking it back, I must give it back to him. That's one small aspect of Amanat Amana, it means all rights of the other person you must give it back to him. You must see to it that you don't you serve or act unjustly with regard to any one's rights.

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And as an employer, for example, it also includes the rights of the employee. Sometimes we are not very careful with regard to it. I'll give you an example. In Sahih Bukhari

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and anyone who reads this will come across this beautiful incident. Three people were in a cave, and a boulder came and they were stuck in the cave, there was no way out there was no route, there was no exit. So they decided and said that each and every one ask Allah and make dua to Allah to remove us from the sprite to give us freedom from this, to give us way out of this cave, through the means of a good deed of the three people, the asking Allah interceding to Allah through the means of a good deed.

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And one of them makes mention of this good deed. Allah there was a person who was working for me. He left I was owing him money. There was unpaid salary that I had to give him. I took that particular salary that I was supposed to give it to him. I bought a livestock I bought something and I invested it and it grew any

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grew and it grew. And one day he came back. And he said, You were owing me money, there was unpaid salary, I had to leave because of an emergency, I have come back, I need that particular money, which you are with me. And he pointed out to a great amount that time livestock was a means of investment says, oh, there's your money. So he said, Don't joke with me. He said, I'm not joking with you.

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There was money that I was going you which are invested, that has grown. And that is what it is.

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That is how people fulfill the rights of others. That was one of the deeds that Allah subhanaw taala saw a foot to accept. And they were given safety and the boulder was removed, and they came out of the cave safely. But this is a very important point, fulfill the rights of others. And then the other point with regard to

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business dealings and with regard to money or monetary affairs is what I read the IET in the beginning of my football, yeah, you will not be in harmony, or you will believe don't take some wealth of another person, wrongly and false here, don't you separate. That dark blue umbrella combined, will battle illa Anta Kornati gelatin, unless it is with a business dealing, or with mutual consent, to not take the wealth of another person in an unlawful false manner without his consent, but in another place in the Holy Quran,

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about what to do be idle, who come and I will come back to that towards the end of this point. This verse prohibits us from devouring and taking another person's wealth through means, which are against justice, fairness, good convention, and mutual consent. It is a dialect of the Quran which forms the basis of all prohibitions with regard to our monetary matters. And brothers, we must say that this has come recently in our community, much in the spotlight, that we know of situations where people have taken

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other people's money on false pretenses. Although sometimes you do feel, you know, a fool is born every second. So sometimes you do think about his whole situation, whether it be in the guise of holidays, whether it be in the guise of investments, we've seen it in our community, with people without any shame, we've taken people's money and sort of ran away with it without wondering about paying it back. What about the hormones What about the prohibition? Don't date, the wealth of another person wrongly, unless it is with a mutual consent unless it is with a mutual transaction, unless it is with with business, then certain things

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certain you serpins become more severe.

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Like for example, if you were to usurp the wealth of an orphan, your Allah in the Latina yah yah Thomas woman in the Maya karuna, Phoebe Toony him Naira, whoever takes the wealth of an orphan and there are situations where orphans monies have been invested.

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And it has been whoever is at fault Allah knows but whoever is at fault will have to answer to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to this, they are putting the fire of Jahannam in the bellies.

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They are putting the fire of Janome in the bellies. What about taking the wealth of the common people? What about that particular aspect? Do you know how much of

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sacredness there is to public money?

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Has it really allowed on the one day so tomorrow the Ultron who at the time of alula when people will normally the resting and umara the ultra who is running in the heat in anxiety and you know the Allah who said Omar Where are you running? This time? You are the Khalifa you are the mirror meaning can you get someone else to do it?

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Oh Edie Campbell of the bay to man has got lost and I'm worried who's going to take care of the cable how we're going to ask Allah Tala how we're going to question to Allah, we're going to answer to Allah that a temple of the beetle malice got lost and Omar, you are the Khalifa. I am running to go and find out whether if cable is one cable got lost, and this was his anxiety.

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And yet we have situations where people are taking public money and using it for their own personal interest. And of course, we must keep in mind that sometimes you can get away with things from the legal conventions of the country, limited liability and all those I won't I'm not a legal person, but we hear about these things. So you start off in your end of a company on Thursday and Monday you open it up with another name or laptop

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Hello and welcome Baylor Campbell battling over to Blue behind ill health comm Lita Kulu furrier come in and while in US bill if you don't eat another person's wealth and wrongfully unjustly, and then you go to the authorities

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to justify your usurping

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others, you can get away with it, but how are you going to get away with it? In the after? What What shame? Do you take away the rights

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of your heirs? If you are the executor, taking advantage sometimes of the innocence of the mothers and sisters because they don't understand things. How do you go around taking away the wealth of you know, as a public person, or someone who is running public enterprises, or Amanat and you take away the things of people because you can get away with it legally? How are you going to answer it Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And let me conclude with this two things, is a Hadith which has a reference to a loved one who said Manzella mineralogy, che and the work a woman sabe Ardene. We have a text this one one spend of land or property three, we'll talk about his property of another

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person, this much of land, this much of property of another person, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make him wear the burden of seven Earths on the day of Tiamat. There was a woman who the Khalifa took her property, because it was a very valuable property. So she went to the castle. So the cabinet said, Leave it to me, let me just think about something. So one day when the Khalifa was in the presence of the Tassie, he kept her, you know, something sacred, hell was very, very heavy, very burdensome. So as he was busy with his work, he told the Khalifa just bring me that that particular parcel that is there, just bring it to me. So when he tried to carry it, he deliberately placed

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something very heavy and the Khalifa couldn't pick it up. He said, I can't pick it up. It's too heavy.

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In the cars, he said, How are you going to pay for that woman whose property you took unjust, if you can carry it here in this world, how are you going to carry that particular burden on the day of Tiamat in conclusion by their respective brothers, what we have made mentioned that there are two types of Nevada direct and indirect Nevada. Direct is our what we have done in Ramadan, indirect is our worldly affairs which becomes divided through the means of good intention and right methodology. And one of them is monetary affairs. It has a very great impact with regard to our salvation in the year after, and our righteousness I gave examples with regard to it. And I said that along this

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verse in the Holy Quran has to do with monetary matters. Then I made mention with regard to the positive aspects of this material world, two or three important points with regard to monetary affairs. One is clarity in our business dealings in our transaction. Secondly, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. And thirdly, let us see, it will never ever take the sin of another person or wrongly, because it has tremendous repercussions upon us on the Day of Kiama walk through day one.