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AI: Summary © The importance of correct financial dealings and personal circumstances are emphasized in this segment. gifts are also discussed, including ones given to children and family members. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to consider their worth and not just for personal gain. Other topics discussed include debt repayments, wealth repayments, and the importance of staying true to one's beliefs. The transcript describes various scenarios where a man named Jesus talks about giving money to his wife, and the video game is a mess.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada.

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name is Mila Eros maniwaki.

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You see kumala Wolfie, I will add a column set up Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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And that data in our deal

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is given great emphasis upon correct financial dealings, that our dealings must be correct. And our financial methods must be correct

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to questions on the day of the AMA, amongst the five questions that will be posed to human beings would be with regard to how did you accumulate

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and how did you spend your wealth?

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One such discharging of our wealth is we'll see at an inheritance. Many people might have noticed on social media that this was the national wills week. And there was great emphasis upon this in various social media posts and in the media. It's alumna Molly Linden, kapa. haka, Amir de qiyamah kiddin. Pan Savannah Mr. Doe Yang gang. Up Kamal Casa Maya or Casa

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malca. Cora. scarnecchia masari. Passaic El Cap near, we are asked that, or overseer Karna there is one aspect of our discharging of our wealth. How do we make we see it and what happens to our wealth after we have passed on? just a very brief understanding, I'm going to make it brief. Our personal circumstances we have to ask Allah. This is just a general understanding of what happens to our wealth, and how we are supposed to govern our wealth with regard to associate and after our passing away. I'm Dr. maakt. Associate Escobar was he had given me or mirowski by

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law, Lobo, casati. Mamata? What am I supposed to come up with a Daiquiri? When we are alive? Allah has given us the opportunity to use our wealth according to our option and discretion. Of course, we know that there is a moral responsibility for you to use your wealth correctly. Don't get involved in Ghana, don't use your wealth in sin. And in the libertarian can we have one or shatin those who are extravagant other brothers of Satan. So we are not supposed to use our wealth in things that are wrong and utilize our wealth in things that are good in giving charity in helping the poor in giving for Dini causes and also in giving gifts to one another. Livia, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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he give gifts to one another. It increases mohabbat it increases love it takes away bitterness. So give gifts to one another especially giving gifts to family is something that is highly recommended because it increases love from time to time going give you a well you know your wife rate rose or blue rose Good going to it. We'll see inshallah Tara will give a lot of property in the family. So give me a cream sauce and take the harder with the humble, give gifts. It increases Muhammad Yeah. So in this particular he will Zindagi me up the dollar co has connected me trm is near. Forget about Allah Kuru said dlqi cateura hasta Mati ahead, or mahabad Bertie and in giving gifts to our

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children, very important. We all know that we sometimes give gifts to our children. Sometimes you want to give, for example, part of our estate we want to give it out to our children. We got property, we got wealth, we want to give it to our children as far as possible. We must be just in giving to our children. Normally we bashira Viola says a hadith one savvy came to know himself Solomon said he understood Allah. I want you to be

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a witness. I have given one of my children a slave as a gift. So maybe I Kareem salsman said I could no one can help me. Did you give every one of your children he said no. No via cream sauce him said for Takuma Watanabe.

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Fear Allah and be just amongst your children. Fear Allah envy just amongst your children. Don't favor one over the other

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necessarily, you can give one more than the other if you got a reason. Now you got children for five children up to one minneota.

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Anyway, you go you got children for five. Nowadays you know that you don't even have so many children but Allah knows best. But if you got four or five children, and one of them is not well off, others are well off. So he said, let me give the other one more. It's permissible is nothing wrong, but Tacoma

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is a recommendation. It is not an obligation right out of your children one makes more hickmott of yours and you want to give him more nothing wrong in doing that. But don't unnecessarily favor one over the other. Because Nivea cream sauce them set for takala

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fear Allah and be just amongst your children but choco data work hard tell him can't insaf committee and as a record, a bad joke but Chico kisi ma cool watch us is Jada dr Jessica Huisman Rihanna, good snowcoach gunja is here or Java's him. Now another important thing with regard to giving someone something giving someone a gift, many people don't realize this. When you give someone a gift, the gift is only complete when you give it to him completely. Otherwise it's not a gift. You can see here by Abnett Yahoo score or article.

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This is not called this is not giving. Many times we find people have the situation after a person passes away. My mother gave me the jewelry, why wasted 200 in the mother's cupboard,

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wasted giving that is the mother's is not yours. If she has given you you must take it and if you want to take it and throw it in the desert you got to write otherwise it's not given to you.

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So this is very important because this has major repercussions with regard to mirror. It has major repercussions with regard to in arrogance inheritance to affect to affect it, see his work mukamal hoagie chop up who ski puri milkier do throw dussehra Kasab DJ, what nahi como Campbell Heba Nia, very important point, and it causes great amount of turmoil in our inheritance, and it causes disputes in our families. If you want to give someone something, have the courage of your conviction to give it to them completely, otherwise, it is not a gift. Now you've got only the right to give as long as you are alive.

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The moment you die, your wealth is no more yours.

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The moment you die, you've got no control over your wealth also. And therefore my dear readers, their respective brothers utilize your wealth correctly. You know, this is such an important lesson. After you die. No one calls you Dr. Sam will kill Sam Manasa No one calls you that everyone will see me yet. When is the mayor going from the house? What time is the May at what time is the janazah no one is going to call you You are very big, wealthy industrialist, or you are being doctor or your big Titan. The moment you die, tell us all your titles or finish. Remember this My dear respected brothers? No one will see when these doctors are going to the cabinet. Stan, what time is Maria

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going through the cover this time. So the moment a person passes away, he's no more his wealth. Therefore, no one can utilize his wealth without the permission of all the heirs. Let me give one an amazing example. As a teacher

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used to get very angry with his children moved into surprises that used to get very angry with his children. He had one big sitting room, right? And he used to get very angry when people used to bring other items from the house into his sitting room. And he said the moment you finish with it, take it back in the other rooms, the children, you see what difference does it make it's one house to say it's not one house, me and your mother we have reached an agreement, whatever is in this room is minds, whatever is in the other part of the house is hers. So that after we pass away there is a clear cut demarcation, what belongs to me and what belongs to her.

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So there is no there is no particular type of dispute. Now we afterwards we have a dispute that says belong to whom and who does it belong to? We don't know who what who belongs to what this causes. And Islam has given us this is Islam, that you clearly demarcate what belongs to you what belongs to others, that it leaves no room for dispute after you have passed away have the problems come about because we don't run our financial methods correctly. So the first thing that happens after you have passed away is no more years. So this is something we have to keep in mind. I pick up new market axiom guys Dr. Burnett aka Monica

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aka Matata fear Allah tala hokum chemotactic Omar, Taksim, Ki je

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Marinetti about sub sybella who scared man may say that he is a taxi in case Raja Nicola Jenga, who smear Carnaval aka, her cha cha Mini. Now after you pass to me what happens with your wealth, the first thing that happens is that you can take from the, from the mayor's wealth from the person who has passed away, you can take from his wealth, the burial expenses, because that is a necessary expense. So you can take from his wealth, the burial expenses, but only necessary burial expense. So that means he's covered the aspect with regard to the the grave how much a grave cost, I don't know how different organizations got the front of a tree if they got different particular type of

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amounts. But anyway, there afterwards you have to keep that particular aspect in mind that you have to give to the necessary burial expenses in this food is not included. This whole particular aspect, that from the mayor's house for one week is going to be put step cannot be taken from the mayor's wealth. It is not something that is permissible. People must take this into consideration and the ramifications of the feeling after me yet. We don't take into account we just go and say, Where does it wealth come if someone gives it, it is easy responsibility, but it can not be taken out from the mayor's wealth. It cannot be taken from the disease wealth, because it's not a necessity. If anyone

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wants to give, he must be able to give it from his own pocket, he must be able to give it from his own wealth. So the first thing that happens

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is the necessary burial expenses. What happens after that? The second thing that is taken away from his wealth is any cause any debt that he has left behind, skip everything, all his wealth goes into chorus goes into the fulfillment of his debt class, no one gets anything. No one gets anything after that. The first thing that will be done after his burial will be the repayment of his death by the respective brothers. We don't regard this as serious as what Islam is looked upon it to take deaths unnecessarily is a very severe type of situation upon us. It is a very great responsibility. Maybe a cream sauces in one day was sitting amongst the Saba any court is hidden. And he said Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah, what a great warning from Allah. Salah said yellow Sula, what are you saying? The vehicle himself said Allah has revealed. If a person goes out in the path of Allah, he goes in a jar and he's shahidi and he gets up again and he's made Shaheed again. And he gets up again, and he's made Shaheed again, and now won't forgive him. He's just got deaths. He

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come off in a Klingon, a girl who's kissing makers.

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He will not be forgiven, but Allah one day, said janessa came in front of Nivea cream sauce, and maybe a cream sauce and said and maybe salsa might have perceived something. Does he have debt over him? Yes, era Sula. Has he got enough wealth to repay the debts? No, he understood Allah nebia cream sauce and walked away from them. nebia Kareem salsa I'm so Rahim. So, so much full of shafqat and compassion, didn't read that janessa of that person. Abu Qatada

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Allah, I will look after his wealth, I will pay for his debt. Let me sell some debt only performance.

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So this is very important. Islam makers, x sanjida mama hen nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Lima, Cusco janaza Puranas in Kolkata. So, the first thing that will happen will repay the debts if after death is something that is left behind, now it will be distributed, if after that nothing is distributed, nothing is left colors, no one gets anything nothing to fight about.

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Now, after that, then after what if he has made was he it if he has made a bequest he has made was in this particular regard first before in the initial stages of Islam. The only way of discharging of your wealth after your passed away was through the means of equity but

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then afterwards Allah tala had given the people's proper shape. Now it was what is important for us to understand there are a few things with regard to a cm one is that we cannot make we're CFR which is

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what is so Kellyanne was yet naked

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or at ISIS yada homemaker sector two important things, one you cannot make was here with regard to your your as your SD portion has been determined by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. And the second the second thing is you cannot make more than 1/3

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You can only make up to one set. As a sub interviewer Casa de la luna was sick in MCI McCallum anemia cream sauce limited when visiting. So when he became in visiting, he started crying or sad. Why are you crying? You're a pseudo Allah. I left maca. I don't want to die in my jeep. Sahaba Sahaba Jeep. I don't want to die in the place that I left for the sake of Allah. The Vicar himself said, made dua for his health. Also, Allah will take care of work from you. He conquered Persian Empire, but he was worried that his will die. So then he said well he said the only God daughters Can I give away my wealth Can I give all my wealth? That is awesome said No Don't give me that he

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said the other two thirds let me sell some said two thirds is too much. One half jasola can I give one half no one half is too much. 1/3 Let me sell said you can give 1/3 was pulusu kathira. But 1/3 is also too much. And then he said an amazing thing. Remember this brothers to leave your family independent financially is better than to leave them dependent upon someone else.

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To leave your family independent financially is better than to leave them dependent upon someone else. yet maybe a cream sauce knows how much full of vision maybe a cream sauce from the salsa at iccr

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or a pepper choco say hey Tara Salim kasatkina Molly sex,

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Hey, he's sick,

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he will do strikethrough anymore.

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So, this was what our beloved to me a cream sauce and said once we got to see it. So this is the the aspect with regard to the associate 1/3 and you cannot give us and there are different types of words here. Sometimes it is compulsory, we haven't made a hatch for us which is compulsory for you to make what

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you have made what debts you have not recorded this debt is compulsory for you to make was here, me idea say your spouse that you have left somewhere, it's compulsory for you to make mentioned with regard to how you got married to someone secretly, we have to make mention with regard to what's going to happen to her. I'm just giving an example. I read it there was one German poet he made was here and he made a request that I give my money to my my wife, but on one condition. So the condition is very uneasy, amazing, she must get married again. And then he right. So at least there will be someone who will think about me and will ever regret someone will think about me because

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when she gets married to someone, she will realize what type of woman I could marry.

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So, that was the reason it is made mentioned in the media. Nevertheless, what I'm trying to say is that the different types of OCN sometimes to make was here with regard to Mr hub, where you give to the poor people or you give to a good charitable cause. So there are different types of was here sometimes it is compulsory and sometimes it is nice to have sometimes it can be undesirable who give was here to someone and they committed the act of sending Buddha. So anyway, this is with regard to one can receive one's will one can change one's work in his one in his lifetime. We'll see okay, but

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was here.

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In the game, you can change your world from time to time, the last thing

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After you have completed this, now after that comes the distribution to the s

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now come the distribution to the s and in that yeah hamari passkey back me Yeah, Mr. strnad. Allah has determined what Allah says Allah.

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naka de Luna, you akula kunafa for Eva minella What a beautiful person, your children and your parents, you don't know who is more worthy lot that Runa au aku is more beneficial for either terminal Allah has allotted, you can see one child will get more? or Why must why why my wife only get 111 12 or one eight, or 12% over opposite Why does she get I want to give a more Allah has determined when Allah has determined you go by that particular determination.

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Allah, this is that this is a limit of Allah to God lot of love for your wife given in your life to show how much love you got you for what type of love is this you want to give after you have passed away. So if you want love given while you are alive, so you can say that because I've got more love for my wife, she must get more than that says we determined that Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in this particular regard, we've got no particular you don't have the right to change that Allah has determined that. So in that particular regard, this is important point let me just say two or three things before I complete my step is after we see it bad, as you can see a keyboard war, what I

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submitted to get married when a woman whose May Allah or Ischia, Sarita slim hunker down

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Do Alana McConnell who schemata Globo gym?

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Ba ilam or cabela workio common?

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See tweet that you get a good executer in Islam The executer can change a world that is against Sharia, from a coffee machine gentlemen with fast libido, to choose a good executer and executive must be someone who is good. Thirdly, don't delay people delay in giving people they, Huck. It is it is not permissible. Why must you delay in giving people that

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this is the thing that people take out unnecessary excuses to give people the whereafter kitec sleep tuxemon they're not getting

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jealous, jealous. And very important in our indo Pak subcontinent culture, either even other cultures. People don't give women the rights. People don't give woman their rights or a woman came to know via cream sauce. And she had two daughters, Yara Sula, the uncles have taken everything that her uncle's have taken everything these two daughters of mines the Father has passed away in the Battle of who has what is going to happen to them. Let me a cream sauce and I'm fell so hard maybe a cream sauce in the made work and data revealed if you see come along

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maybe a cream saw some color and said you are going to get two thirds two thirds your daughter will get

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so this particular aspect that you know we we deprive the women with regard to it, it is haram and yet it is something that has become so you know prevalent and it is something that we have to keep in mind but it's a real Hindu parka mousse Mashallah aura Taco

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Bell coolcat Islamia that we conclude with one Hadith brothers listen to this hadith very very carefully, very carefully. The via cream sauce them said in regular the yamalube Walmart Attila Justina Santa sumaiya Dora humann mode for you there Ronnie Phil was here. A person leads a life of 60 years of obedience,

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sad South Aquila

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or multivac.

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And then at the time of was he it, he goes and deprive someone who is his rightful heir. And he goes makes a wrong was here and he makes a wrong one. He becomes worth your agenda.

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60 years of divided goes down the drain. 60 years of divided goes down the drain because he didn't do his was here correctly. He didn't do his estate correctly. He didn't do his work correctly. Brothers these are repercussions that each and every one of us must be aware of we are Latella give us a trophy of fulfilling the commands of Allah tala