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The speakers stress the importance of truthfulness and honesty in achieving healthy society. They also discuss the use of lies and dishonesty in various industries, including media. The speakers emphasize the need for honesty and avoiding inaccurate statements. They end with a mention of a man named Omar who gave a guarantee to a woman, but the woman refuses to give it.

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And Hamdulillah you want them to

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be about them and Ramadan maybe about a month

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one actually are the others

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among you follow me now you're gonna shape on

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your Walkman Rafi. Here

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tabula. We're going to master the the setup Allah with Isaiah,

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my dear respected elders and brothers. In the verse which I recited Allah Tala is spoken about setup.

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And Allah Allah says, Allah be truthful, and be with the people who are truffle,

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the word that is used here the speaker, and normally we translate the word ceded to me truthfulness and honesty.

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Although this particular word of sin, sin city, is much more vast than only truthfulness and honesty in speech.

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A person who is a surrogate in a city is someone who is not only truthful in his speech, but his entire character is based on truthfulness and righteousness. He is truthful in his speech, he is truthful in his conduct in his character in his armor, there is no dichotomy between his speech and his conduct. He is a startup and acidic is the epitome of righteousness. And this aspect of Siddiqui is such an important and great attribute that it is only beneath the moon, even higher in the realm of Ushahidi

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for my YouTube Allah rasool Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah him, meaning that he was seated in worship,

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for yes sick amarista yet mr. Chai purport so the RBI satiety therapy or dude for what a sick Joe I'm the bank Bianca as I admit to letter formatting upset childcare crew or section LucasArts

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or your city or your city, they bring

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you a number word kebab.

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That is one they say I will welcome Siddiq. He was the greatest manifestation of this quality of sick, he is the greatest quality. So, so this is the whole aspects of one aspect of Sitka, not saying the only aspect, one of the aspects of cities to be truthful in our speech, not to be deceptive, deceitful, not to lie, and to speak the truth. And these are such important qualities, my dear respect to others.

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There are three dimensions with regard to three dimensions of truthfulness and one is to be truthful to Allah subhanaw taala and one is to be truthful to yourself and one is to be truthful to others three will Amanda nicaya Amana daddy are such

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a fellow to hear Kim Allah Tala. Such a filter that we are truthful to Allah Tala what is the meaning of being truthful to Allah in our dental

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work you will. Well Jeevan Fabiana Yasmin was spoken Amina how Hamada is

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alleged to be Rob deck of card houbara Shall

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we have given a commitment to Allah that we will follow under commands? So when we have given a commitment to Allah, we have to be truthful to Allah with regards to that commitment by obeying the commands of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah

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to hear Allah Tala Kitab era and that cannot be such a China. The truthfulness is that we obey Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the meaning of truthfulness with Allah subhanahu wa taala This is a very important aspect of being truthful with Allah subhanaw taala the DA Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after Wuhan.

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Mousavi whomever He Allah Who, who was martyred. This was who was such a great son was in Makkah used to wear two pairs of clothes in one day.

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As you know, such Triana will sap

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in such great luxury he brought up and then at the time of

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had when he passed away the his coffin was such when they covered the head is late became uncovered they covered the lake the head became uncovered the baker himself who said cover his head leave the cover his head keep the lid and put intermarried with leaves and then when the vehicle is to Austin a buried in the vehicle install some recycle just hired me in early John set up for ma huduma Ali set up cool again the one sick amongst the believers there are those who have fulfilled the commitment and he'll be truthful to allow

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the second type of

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honesty to be honest with yourself up play sad sunshine. Now what is the meaning of being truthful to yourself as a minister saying evaluate yourself before nine Who

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am I unlike some preset panic type to aplenty.

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So that is a meaning be truthful to yourself for Rosa minneota. In Rosa, you are truthful to yourself. There is no way that we have hours or 30 hours or 14 hours, always someone who is going to be with you. Whether you are eating or drinking, you are truthful to yourself. I will not eat because I bought Rosa. This is one example of being truthful to yourself. But the greatest manifestation of truth and the need for truth is when we interact with people. keto substance, yes everyone satiety we're here to unload cassava bread Baker logo Cassatt Bochy, now this is such an important part, honesty what people honesty is an extremely important and desirable quality. No

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attribute can guarantee social stability and confidence amongst people like Amnesty. It is therefore considered one of the most important attribute in which healthy societies are built through it right is established through it, the People's conduct and dealings become correct. And people have confidence in one another idea I can't over emphasize this aspect of truth, when we have truth people have confidence in one another. When these truth people when they do business, they do business with confidence and they do business with honesty, it stabilizes the entire community no other quality stabilizes and brings confidence amongst people like this is such a such a such a such

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a wash out here

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at Mr. Demand, Demand or yep Jackie keep on yard. I'm down

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for slip here to look at the remian or Luca Domian. Here. DeMarco is such an audit to the least of honesty to bring confidence amongst people. It is a tragedy My dear respected brothers to be able to people can get people's affairs become confused. So therefore it is such an important part. It is the basis of goodness the quirky she

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has such as the quirky assassin, reoccurring salsa Metallica, or they could be suited for in the city of Casa de la or in the diva, healer Jana, I'm telling you to be truthful. fucose truth truthful leads to goodness and righteousness righteousness needs to

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be truthful not only is it good, it leads you to do righteous deeds in other spheres of life and that leads towards Jana or they can be seated by in a silica yo for

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a silica Yoongi will get by your head. So the first point is truthfulness leads you towards goodness in other spheres which in turn leads you towards Jana and maybe uttering Solomon said we read many times we read in the football or a competitive industry Tyrone gee what gift do

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we tell you to be truthful? Because truthfulness will save you

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and rise was destroying your

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sunshine Jake says I'd be better said Jason admitted he fasted for time

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as the caffeine Monica Jenna welcome in it's an intention of the parliament and my auntie was to put a shadow on the Insert of caffeine numeric with the alarm that I know that I related this incident and he said he said after the Battle of taboo maybe Academy starts to indicate that it is because he was compulsory it was like a sign of demand from

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OpenTable so cabin Malik said I had no excuse. He said I'm gonna fix game and they gave me different excuses. They lied. He said I went to them yesterday sauces, they are a student. I can lie in front of you. I can make an excuse. But I'm not going to lie. I'm going to tell you the truth. Yes. I'm going to tell you the truth. Yeah rasool Allah because of the truth for 40 or 50 days there was a social boycott upon him. But afterwards Allah Allah revealed and hired for him from Medallia hippier to Allah Tala forgave him as a gap in Malad. Many years after that used to say, I am understood that truthfulness saves you and this is my experience minute the tempo here is such a huge

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puzzle. I could have spoken right in front of me.

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But I spoke the truth and Allah has saved me

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for me to metabo to so my dear aesthetic brothers, this is very important. Now just as truthfulness is is emphasized line is one of the greatest evils. And Maria Kareem saw Selim and Islam has greatly wounded us with regard.

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Libya crimsafe Padilha colocar, Nomura set Bucha here walk through how he could speak the truth even if it is butter. And with regard to Kiana and with regard to lies and dishonesty and deceit, what can I say one of the greatest harms one of the greatest, you know, goona incense you can ever get. It is like maybe I can install some set in a personalize because of the odor that comes out of his mouth. Even the angels going one mile. It means

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he can run away from me one mile away from him because he's spoken like we can see.

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We can only someone doesn't brush his teeth, you can see lupus is because we don't know how to make it out. But the angels are very, very sensitive. They are perceptive, when you lie they go away from you. So this is the reality man and lie. It only is not only wrong in itself, it leads to other matters with regard to give you two arms of lies. One it confuses the affairs of people

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to say what you are going to look into straight up.

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When you lie in line becomes common in the marketplace. Lucchesi prospecting,

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how will you be able to really relate with one another? How are they going to do dealings? How are they going to trust one another? One of the greatest tragedies and that is why today people don't trust one another. brothers don't trust one another. Children don't touch the parents because lying has become common. And the other thing is lying is not only dead in itself, it leads to other definitely saw some said you have to find a

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way to

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stay away from lying it leads to evil and evil is to Jana Palama have written that when other other other attributes only impact upon one aspect of your character.

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But this honesty impacts on your entire character.

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Jude said do stray Brian said in some key a sharp CFTA

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he can do and say put a guitar in Santa mama Georgia. His entire character becomes tainted when he lies. When he lies. He can do anything with his own. They're forced upon him forever you allow them to one day

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and I rated as many times as a porno movie no Japan yada yada Sulochana movement be a coward that

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is not a good quality but of course mean is a human being sometimes you can be a coward. If

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you understood that in a moment Riviera Maya can you be stingy? Yes, you can be stingy. I have found that diamond can be a liar it can be a joke neighbors do strength booster cheesy type comes only KY which comes with a cape if you can donate more meaning to me Jude navels. Now there are many aspects with regard to lies and dishonesty.

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The greatest dishonesty is to lie to Allah subhanaw taala and that Allah kita Jun Mansukh Karna subset, subsequent, subsequent blu ray, the greatest form of dishonesty in that arena you have the word Allah will tell you if they would lie you're the one who falsely attribute something to Allah. He will never ever be successful. Man can

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fill your cup of work.

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You falsely attribute something whenever you record himself. He must prepare his abode in the fire of Janda

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to set the greatest range to like all my makeup you

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switched on ticker symbol a person speaks and he's speaking amongst his friends Nemea Kareem salsa Nikka

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hubco Cassiopeia cannabis lawsuit Mecca. Do you have any truth? Do you have any proof any evidence base as a carrier?

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Who's killed here? To have to have evidence? I'm not saying you can't see how our brothers interpret they make mention of many hobbies and they made mention of and what they say, um, they have no bras. So now, we have heard from our elders, that this is what might be a cream sauce and say they really, sometimes correctly also. So you might say, but you have to be careful that you know what you are saying. Don't just refer something to a corrupt sorcerer when you don't know, because it's the greatest part and there are many other assets cannot or don't demand but

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it's the sharpness For behold where it's

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Jude, Bray, Amanda Conway, Amal, Johanna, Laker Giada and Amanda Luca kid that the subsidiary

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food connoisseur. Now there are many aspects with regard to lies. I'm not going to go much into details, just one or two aspects. One of the aspects that Olivia cream sauce Lim has told us that don't even lie to children. In fact, we don't have children, we have to be very careful. Children grow up with what they see. If you do not lie to children, they are going to grow up with it for the quality. So believe me I'm here with the ultimate says my mother when maybe a cream sauce, the Messina our house called me to give me something. And she he did like this. He said, Come I'm giving you something. So Nivea cream sounds to them as the mother Do you really have something to give him

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or you are just enticing him.

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So he said, she said no, I got something to give maybe a cream sauce I said fortunate Otherwise Allah would have written a line for you.

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But joking aside, so bad karma can have coordinates.

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That is also a lie. And that is a such a big lie because you are making it to children that they can it's acceptable. This is not acceptable.

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Maybe I saw some on one occasion said Capoeira piano, I just this is so amazing, Gomorrah, and one of the greatest forms of dishonesty is you tell someone alive and he touched you. You take advantage of his stress in you and you tell him what happened.

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We'll have to come up with a demand kill, find out and

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maybe I can himself do a subset, subset to anyone.

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And one of the greatest aspects with regard to honesty comes into play where it comes into play in our business dealings. And that is why we are Kareem is also is to greatly emphasize honesty in our business dealings. Maybe a crimson fit three people Allah will speak to on the day of gamma.

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Don't have the time one of the least a person who sells his merchandise with lice.

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Jude says apne Malkovich and that Gala was kicked out of deca, deca, DECA dicking. Me Kiama kid you won't even speak to him only one team. And

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this call me was Tanaka. Then I will just give you one two very interesting incidents that hasn't while in general really Allah Who says Carla Rasulullah is to Allah when he was set up in your inner Caspi kospet Puja. Oh come upon Allah, the NIDA Hatter through Lebanon laminate.

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The best, the best sustenance is the sustenance of the business net. But which which businessman, when he speaks he don't speak slide. When either to me know, let me know, when he makes a promise don't go against his promise. And when he makes a trust, that he fulfilled his trap, when he makes a promise, he don't go against his promise. Well either

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way either. So lambda, when he buys somebody for something, you don't take out false in that person's merchandise

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is a flowing statement. Give me a discount.

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When he when he buys you don't take out for false. When he sells, he doesn't overpraise his merchandise. When, when he demands from us when he gives people and people are hurrying him. He is lenient.

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When people are winging it, he is linear. And when he is owing people, he is on

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the vehicle himself himself that person, this is the best of risk.

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We will try and do that by all those who are business people. You must try and bring this. What beautiful qualities maybe a cream sauce just to her instead of her Acuras maybe a cream sauce, wrote a letter to her retinas. Oh smell

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So you guys want to know so encoder gustavian So he said who is this person Tagu fiancee Pooja maybe a cream sauce when Kiki asked us to propose to fiance or can be a piano Niigata dude.

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That never you have never never speaks lies and he never deceives people to read turistic yada, yada What did he say? A person who does not lie with refer reference to people? How will he lie about and go

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to sleep? Today Will Allah to another Allah? Allah Allah kickin up Casey whoo to TuneCore Jana what Mr. Khurana

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and one at work Yes, I just heard it this morning. It will take one to two minutes extra.

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Tomorrow the ultimate is a monument.

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No John ko Casita, Leia look to me as

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the board wants more young stay in front of humara the amalgam they said Omar bring justice he killed our father. When an Amana babcox

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tomorrow. Did you do it? He said yes, they can help this. This person this father, he wounded my camel upon which my risk was dependent upon and I out of out of anger took a stone and threw it to him. It hit him on his head and he died. So Murano said he asked the two youngsters do you make him math? Because in Islam, retribution and cattle and disaster is not the right of the government is the right of the family who is lost at the end here, one of Mankato Tanaka named Marcus. He says Jericho.

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Jericho, though they said, Okay, he said, so he asked me if

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I got a smarter brother

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couldn't kick Amara Amara, while he didn't get enough say that I got a trust. I got to give him because my parents gave me something he doesn't know where it is. I got to go and give it to him. Then I got to come back. Indeed came on. Give me three days time. Omar said three days to an hour, we'll give you three days to

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give a guarantee. Who best testimony that you will come back in three days to look to the gallery. He couldn't find anyone he didn't know anyone. So in that gathering, I

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gotta be honest. I can't guarantee I can guarantee you will come back in three days. You know what the meaning of the guarantee. If he doesn't come back in three days, I will sir is going to be killed.

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Two in three days time, the 30 the whole Medina is talking about

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give guarantee what is going to happen. And they came to my boozer come in the presence of woman, we are angry, our father got killed, you are going to be killed in retaliation, because you gave guarantee. So whosoever be allowed to who said wait till

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three days doesn't finish the Muslim time.

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After the whole community setting, one what's going to happen?

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And this person comes in and comes

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and he comes on time.

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Omar asked him, Why did you come?

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You could have gone away no one would have asked you would have been killed in your place. Because the money he gave the guarantee to say no. If I wouldn't have come people would have said Muslim talks lies.

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How could i How could I go against my word of the promoter? I was really clear. If he was money, he said Japan budget to hell Muslim Kochalka the Muslim man hookah to do poor things you don't the small children, honestly was such an important part of our attribute to look at today, most of

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you are Muslim and you talk lies to them. Look at how communities become your luck and we're ashamed of ourselves. So this person said no, I have to come. So he asked him How did you give guarantee when you don't know the person?

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He said I saw a Muslim in difficulty. I saw no one was there to help him so I helped him as to guarantee for him. Those two youngsters they said if that is the quality of the Sahaba we have also forgiven the blood of our our parents to hear what you learned to be honest honesty and truth may Allah give us a token.

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