Ebrahim Bham – Social interaction and the Harms of Hatred

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The social tendencies of Islam include the belief that individuals should interact with others and create a atmosphere of love, good deeds, and social interaction, including smile as a means of communication and expressing one's thoughts and feelings. Vis smile can be used to establish a connection and avoid hatred, and words and actions can build relationships and create a sense of connection. Visities and words can be used to establish a connection and avoid hatred, and punishment for drinking alcohol is a punishment for breaking rules. Visities and words can establish a connection and avoid hatred, and the use of alcohol as a means of weakness and evil can lead to dangerous behavior.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada.

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Amara, you follow me on your Lagina Bismillah your Walkman your walkie

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when I get to the medina Commissioner Coleman alerta Do you know who

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said hello

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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Allah subhanahu wa taala is great created as human beings as sociable creatures.

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Allah has created us with a social tendency, we are supposed to interact with one another. We are supposed to live with one another what will happen, love, kindness and tolerance and we have to create an atmosphere of love amongst us. And this aspect of social tendency interacting with one another has been beautifully explained in one Hadith in Sahih Muslim it is such a deep Hadith and Muslim lady you had it on us. For yes guru Allah. Allah.

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Pharaoh middle Muslim Isla de la Johan openness whether you're

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a believer who interacts with people, and he makes somebody upon the difficulty when you are going to interact with someone, you are going to have to make supper when you interact with them. That believer is better than the one who doesn't interact and the one who doesn't have to make Sabha many times we have this people say by Why must I interact with people I don't have the time in that tolerance to bear the people's nonsense.

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We say this many times in the Hadith let me saw some said to eat the egg even if you have to make some is better than not too in depth to include three thoughts per Allah. In Samco his Cepeda ti kaon kissa mill naked,

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long Cassatt Milla or hum AppNeta humble man will happen or cushy karma whole banana Jaya and Hadith Parker snack and me sourced from Nikka Jolo, long kasap multihead or Ankit. As yet said Subotica

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Artemisia better hair your long Cassatt, Mila, Bandra, or long kissaten himedia

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And one of the greatest aspects that Maria Kareem Solomon said, one of the best deeds

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is to bring happiness to people. One Amazing Thing is we never ever regard this to be a good deed. Or whatever your photography Allahu Taala says sooner or Soon Allah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a you are merely observing

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or whatever you said maybe sauce to them was as yellow Sula, what is the best of deeds

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for those who never perhaps ever heard this reply to what is a good deed? Maybe a cream sauce themselves, get harder casserole, halal movement, to give a Muslim happiness is the best deed. subset better. Amalia, que, lo unko, kisi. Moment, kitchen Haripur mascara Hardrada are genuine care.

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That's the best of all deeds, to give a happiness to a believer to give happiness to another person. It's a best of all deeds. Now we regard good deeds to be divided, there is no doubt that these good deeds, who has ever regarded this to be a good deed to give someone happiness to become the means of his happiness. Maybe he was in need of food, you gave him food, maybe he was in need of clothes, you gave him clothes, and he became happy. So the best of all deeds is to become the needs of the happiness of someone. Now, when we're talking about our society, there is a social tendency, there are two points that are very, in the positive sense and one in the negative sense, that are

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extremely important with regard to a social construct, to be able to have a good social interaction, two positive points. And one negative point that we're going to make mention of introduced by one is that and that Allah has created people with an inclination to love those people who are friendly. Those people who smile those people who are good to people love Allah Allah.

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There is no good enough person who's willing to loan Kesari purchaser

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or loan save up

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to Haney they

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is no good enough person who does not love people, and people do not love him, he's not good enough. And that comes about by a person smiling with people a good smile, drives people away, takes away the anxiety and trouble and spreads tranquility and comfort. Just imagine this tension between you and someone and you come to him and you start smiling, what is going to do? Normally they say whenever you see a person who is in trouble, and he's smiling, he found a person to blame for his trouble. That's why he's smiling. But no, we don't look at it that way. We look at smiling as a means of transport and quality as a means of comfort. As soon that of our beloved Nivea cream sauce.

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Abdullah in a hurry he has he says, I never saw a person who used to smile more than the vehicle himself. One person who was not a Muslim became a Muslim. You say from that time I interacted with Maria cream sauce. Never ever did I see a situation that the results did not mean meet me with a friendly face where he did not smile with me.

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Whenever I let me be encouraged Allah Allah was set up under Canada in Sanko. SF better care at Santa Barbara Santa Bucktown

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or Lobos a moose character. Natalia, nada Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam is submitted after Allah while he was still on chemo bada Jennifer Hamish Amisha hope Surah mascara gratuity.

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This used to be the the aspect of our beloved media Kareem Salah when he was selling. So one aspect that helps him good social interaction is the way you deal with people deal with people in a friendly manner. Deal with people by smiling with them. They say it causes less muscle to smile than to frown. But yet people they seem to like frowning more than smile. Smiling is better, because it's less muscles to use. And it brings more happiness and love in the community and the society. Another very important aspect with regard to a social interaction is words, maybe respect to others words, this is such an important thing. Allah has gifted people with the power of speech that sets him

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apart from the rest of creation, conducted in San unnamable beyond words are not only the tools of communication, but also the means of expressing our innermost thoughts and our feelings. We use words not only to speak to one another, but it conveys our thoughts and our feelings. And let me tell you something very important, and I will repeat it. People not only hear what we say they feel what we say. People don't only hear what we say they feel what we say how we say that is what they feel perceived from our fascination hamari SAS colossal dead. I'm Nikki Stronsay back here, que se back here. How do we speak to them. So people don't only hear what we say, they feel what we say.

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Therefore, when you speak you speak in the right manner, in the right tone. They say arguments are not caused many times by what you say but by the tone of what you say. That is such an important part. And you know, we through the use of our words, we can build and lasting relationships or we can destroy relationships. Sometimes, one word can inspire and motivate a naked person's day. And one word can break the relationship and spoil a person's day. One small sometimes a person is having a difficult day to just say to him something nicely. And Allah hears him he just changes his whole day and you speak to His person and you tell him something that praise his self esteem and its

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points is invaluable. This is something that we have to keep in mind. That is important and fast, but keep a MRP or setAi or Nefertiti by Amber was a time no extra Canberra loves, he received a solid deal but also time or his post lifecycle satire. So therefore, it's important that we keep this in mind, the via Kareem so a lot while he was salam used to emphasize this so greatly the Quran emphasizes we're cool everybody, your oral Lottie, he asked him that I'll do the people they must speak to people with a good tone, speak in a manner that does not erode people's self esteem, or the human worth of individuals humiliate people or look down upon them. But consider the feelings the

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opinions of other people when communicating with them. I think it is made mentioned about Harun Rashid. One day someone came in tell him and spoke to him very harshly while advising him. So Haruna Rishi

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subject to correction. I think it is, I don't know actually. But one of the elephants someone spoke to me very harshly. So he said, Allah sent a person better than you to a person worse than me.

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Allah sent a person better than you to a person worse than me. He said Musa Ali salat wa salam to fill out. But he told him for Kula who Polina speak to him in a softer

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so what he said you come in to speak to me Ashley, Allah Mussolini salat wa salam to upset that or histopathology of your own capacity to bootstrap butterhead they can we set it up hula will call a Lena.

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Speak to him in a soft tone. So to positive expects make up for a good social construct our smiling the way we deal with people, our Mohabbat our love and our words. Now the negative aspect and that is hatred boss or

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my dear respected brothers, books and add our hatred is one of the most detestable attributes in Islam.

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Islam teaches us to beware of hatred, malice, at the intention of harming others. There are three stages in our interaction with people, three stages. The greatest stages is where you Tirana, Allah and Kusumoto cannot be in Kasasa give preference to others even if difficulty comes along. Locate when a blind girl taki Chai up to open observe

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that the best. The second is lie you may no

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longer sight we're here to Agnes our objective. Do good to others the way you love people to do good to you love for others what you love for yourself. And the last stage you can't go less than them. You can't go less than that don't harm another person. And these are spiritual diseases of the heart. Which consequences are destructive to you individually to the community to the society. Therefore to be a cream sauce, lemon said laughed about while other has to do with

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don't hate one another. Don't be jealous of one another and do not turn against one another be brothers and one. According to the Bible, Allah one lawmaker said Hassan Nakuru, Bo's Nakuru or a too slick Assad, Calif, Nevada are more men, or by Chandika Mamula caralluma. That's the first thing the harms of hatred. The second thing is, and this is something that he's made mention of, you know, if the Arab Iran Talalay, the famous caller had said and I'm gonna read the Arabic learn your call roll call Musa Lehmann era Karna ha Odin has sued and more more more German with a copy run. A heart is not clean. If it holds malice, envy, pride and arrogance that heart can never ever be cleaned up

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it has these qualities. So the first thing is the harms of hatred as Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of in the Holy Quran. The second thing and it was mentioned evening toolani has been mentioned. Let him Mutharika elaborate Oracle has well available.

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A person's demand is not complete until he abandons jealousy, rancor, malice and hatred. His demand is not complete. The second half of hatred.

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The other half of hatred is so Islam in a fracture cover Dara Kia nefesh Africa jennasmith Dhaka bunker Thea the second arm of hatred, it prevents her entry into gender career Mr. Allah while he was telling me it said in a hadith very famous Hadith we have heard to

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me is Allah Tala opens up the doors of Jana on Monday and Thursday. And Allah Allah says forgive everyone who does not associate partners to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala it Allah read to them cannon pain painter who have been a fee Shut up, except the person that there is hatred between him and his brother. And I'm not gonna say you have any hotter yesterday. don't announce the forgiveness they can be forgiven until they reconciled with one another. So the second half of April is, it prevents you to be forgiven. It prevents your entry into Jannah.

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The third harm of haters firstly, the warning. Secondly, it prevents your entry into gender. The third thing is it is the means of taking a taking us and shaving off our iman and our religion. So bear with me. I wonder the Ultron was the devil

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Thumbs up those three to enter warm Adalat Digenova Sibella Yetta Islam Amanda presa darker. Luciana to Janet Madonna pan Katya or Teesri. Yet Eman are the inky comes during comes Orica by batea it becomes a means of the weakness of our leads in our image. So it's very near one of the Ultima seven episodes themselves, the diseases of the past will come in to you

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and especially to diseases and hazards we will Bava today you see how now we saw some forecasts, he predicted it prophesizing your pitch a madman who can be

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or do duties and associate or

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hustle or boss. And as a result some said he'll Holika it shaves off. I don't say it shaved off your hair. It shaves off your dean

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D Cooper Kopparberg. It finishes up UD to the third harm of a trapeze. it shaves off your game. It takes away your imarc it takes away your Tindari the fourth arm of hitters. When I enter the manga Commissioner Han will call me Allah Allah.

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It never allows you to be on justice.

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When you hate someone you will never be able to get the truth. You will never be able to gain justice. Allah Allah says do not allow a threat to swerve you away from Justice Abecassis a box so cubby other insert makers because your eighth grade will consume you when hatred consumes you will not be able to deal with another person with justice. So law therefore says do not allow the hatred to take you away from justice that means that hatred will take you away from Justice fourth hump and the last one I will make mention of what am I made mentioned that we must always hate the evil not hate the person. But I said the front corrector napkin Brian kenny wallace. We are always taught to

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hate the sin not the sinner.

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So Allah in the Holy Quran says what Cara?

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Dislike Kufa fosu Christian that is part of Eman but do not hate the sinner. And even the wretched and humbly Rahmatullah said Colorado Salina, Minnesota, Minnesota, NASA Ruben Beulah, we're under for

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the people of of spirituality. They used to see what the Lord of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala they used to have mercy upon the person who has committed guna they never used to hate him they used to hate his deeds. Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion

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a person was drinking alcohol so when he was drinking Alcohol Alcohol is a capital punishment is a punishment is not our capital punishment that is a fun punishment in Islam for drinking alcohol is not something that is done only between individually to answer society. So there is a punishment to drink alcohol so they were beating him up. So one day one person while beating this person up was drinking alcohol. He said May Allah disgrace you?

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Allah Tala Kurosawa curry going to be a cream sauce don't say Don't say that. He loves a nice

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T K among call to Hana. Oh, so that data on que tu no Shut up Finiti what acid we are giving him punishment because he breaks a chord, but don't hate him. Don't let Shakedown get the better of him. Don't let she doesn't get the better of him. If you're going to tell him another three shoe autos or zyada you will go more into evil. Don't help Shakedown against Oprah. I was reading an integral model for curriculum planning what an amazing incident. So mario fricassee Rama Pillai, the famous very famous Sufi was walking on the river ticketless in in Baghdad. So there were some people were youngsters were listening to music.

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So someone one of his worried said that make but your audience can catch up but work is here. No matter what it is. He lifted up his hands and

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he said yeah, I love the way these people are happy. This will make them happy.

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To say you're happy we'll push it because I had one accident maybe one cushy day.

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So sitting there going to be happy the year after that means Allah will make them make Toba de Paula will give them happiness. So I make it do our Nikita and happiness in this world and give them happiness.

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Maybe a cream sauce will help with people who are smart, but it changed people become an individual.

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We know he was the enemy of Nebia Kareem sorcerer. When we saw slim went to Makkah he ran away from MCI couldn't even see him and he saw Selim, his wife came to the bakery in South Salem asked for protection that is also given protection. You

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Have a school I give protection to the son of a Mujahideen, who was the arch enemy of nebbia Kareem sorcerer, maybe a kid himself himself go and given protection. She goes and look for him. He had taken a ship to go to Yemen. And something happened to the ship. He came back to Gita. The wife met him and said, Come and see him he saw slim. Come and see a fella. Come and see Muhammad, stay away from from the friend. He came the one right this candle, right when he came in the presence of Nabisco slim net we saw Selim got up in so much of excitement that he is coming to accept Islam that Islam had to lift up is lucky because the donkey was falling off. Then we saw some tide the Lumia

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again, the we saw slim embraced him, he became a Muslim. He fought in one of the battles in his Harlequin, whatever the ultra who was a commander, and it all had it allow me to go in right in the midst of the enemy. So hello, accept the crowbar. Take it easy. Take it easy. Look after your life.

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You didn't see my copper.

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I've never I prefer Canadia just leave me alone that you can fight against enemy even to fight against the enemy and he was 90 wounds on his body when he passed away in the front of his body. How did you become a Muslim?

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So my dear respected brothers, this is the way we create a society. May Allah Tala give us the topic of understanding workload. Our

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