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The transcript discusses the history and current events in Pakistan, including the disturbing death of young people and the media's portrayal of Pakistan as "oppressed" and "oppressed." The media's actions and their impact on Pakistan's image and reputation, as well as their actions and their impact on Pakistan's image and reputation. The segment also touches on the media's actions and their impact on Pakistan's image and reputation, as well as the negative impact of extremist's actions on society, including the use of deadly tools and the lack of trust in leaders. The segment emphasizes the need for individuals to be transparent and not become bigots, as well as the importance of moderation and avoiding excessiveness in religion. The segment ends with a call to action for individuals to address issues related to extremism.

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namaha didn't even know who he was.

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When I know who Abdullah who

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set up Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers we are at that time of the year. We normally in South Africa, it is known as the silly season the holiday season. In the past week, I believe one of our Halima, who was here address the issue about how we are supposed to behave as Muslims in all circumstances, irrespective of the environment that you and I are in,

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won't go much into it. I just want to give one example of this, and then go on to speak about the bombings in the shower, which have taken the lives of many small children and have taken the lives of young people. And I would like to address that particular aspect also. Firstly, with regard to the aspect of a Muslim being on guard, irrespective of the environment. This morning, someone sent me a very beautiful message, which was related by Mufti raffia, osmani. But the Zulu rally, and I thought, I will share that and then move on to the next topic. He said a Muslim traveler, one day while traveling in the upper classes of an airplane, in the airline, you know, the air hostess came

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repeatedly and said, in this particular class of travel, you have alcohol and Champagne freely available free for you, how much you want. And the Muslim traveler turned out and said that no, we are Muslims, we cannot have alcohol. And when they came back again, two, three times repeatedly and said, Please take it, it's free. And you know, the champagne is so expensive. Take it. So the Muslim traveler replied and said, Why don't you go and give it to the pilot. So he replied, The pilot cannot take alcohol while he's flying the plane because he is on duty. So the Muslim replied and said, we Muslims are also on duty. We Muslims are also on duty 24 hours a day. So please keep this

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in mind. Whenever people go for holidays, we are on duty 24 seven. Not that because you are on holiday, take care. No, we can go and do whatever we want. The end of the day, we are also on duty. And I felt that I would just like to share this one beautiful episode. Before we move on. Then, of course, during the course of this week, we had the very troubled situation and news of over 140 young people who had been killed in the shower in attack, which has been claimed to be by the Taliban of Pakistan, I have to be very careful with regard to my words, in this particular regard. It has horrified people throughout the world now, and while many people would give arguments, and

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some of these arguments might be valid, I'm not saying that these arguments are valid. Many people had come and said that while there were 140 people who had been killed the media had splashed it throughout the world. At the same time, in Central African Republic, over 280 Muslim women were raped just in this particular week. The media didn't make mention of it, because they're Muslims were victims. And of course, there was no Islamophobia or Islamic angle attached to it, that Islam had been all Muslims had been. So why are you highlighting Pakistan and don't highlight Central African Republic a point. But at the end of the day, we have to deal with perceptions. This is

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somewhere everywhere in the news. So people want to know what's happening. People want to understand what is happening and we don't take away from the fact that these are also part and parcel what the media picks up. What it highlights what it doesn't highlight many a times is part of a plan. It's part of brainwashing. You know, the very famous American Muslim, Malcolm X had very beautifully said beware of the media. The media would make you think that those people who as early as they are Muslim, and those who are Muslim, they are sorry. So be careful of the media, the media would make you feel that the oppressed persons are oppressors. And the people who are the oppressors. They are

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oppressed. That is also the aspect. But at the end of the day, we deal with perceptions. I'm also aware that many people will say that in Pakistan, we don't know what's happening. There are so many killings that have happened. There's so many killings that have happened in broad daylight. And because I have studied in Pakistan, it hurts me. people whom I have met. My will start who taught me Mischka through masabi was mercilessly killed in front of the madrasa. He was murdered.

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Buying ak 47, who taught me Mischka? masabi Martinez, Appleton Shamsi, who taught Buhari in the madressa, which I was, I was studying. While coming for Buhari, Doris, you asked what terrorism is this? Is this a terrorist who comes to teach Buhari Sharif and he welcoming for perisher if there's one skill and what I used to do January, one of the most great respectable scholars in Pakistan, who had nothing to do with politics, whose whole life was only Islam, whose whole life was only reformation, only Sufi ism, can read his books, it motivates you to become a better human being. He was killed while buying fruit. Now, this is a situation in Pakistan, you can take away the situation

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of the third force, that there is a third force that is killing people, whether it be the agency itself, yeah, Bahar Quito agencja dish manana Islam, to Pakistan Copa de la chata Jojo sucked it up scripture, but whatever it is, it is very, very sad with regard to what is happening. And we can take away this particular aspect that there is the third force that is behind the killing of these people to not allow Pakistan to become strong and not allow it to be stable. Now one of the very tragic aspects with regard to this whole aspect of Pakistan is that why was Pakistan former Pakistan combat Club de la ilaha illAllah many people gave the lives on that particular slogan.

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Many people gave their lives on this particular slogan Pakistan, Karnataka, Lyla Halima many people while saying that slogan were killed and the people who had given the lives May Allah reward them. Allah He loves him, the people this over 1000s of people in one, one nation, I read to a couple of 100 1000s of people who had died. One very famous orator in Pakistan, monometallic, Jamil says, he heard from his own uncle, who, while migrating from Pakistan, to India, from India to Pakistan, had to cross a river. And when they had to cross the river, they found hordes of six and other people, at the back of them with machetes and knives, hoping to kill them, and in front of them with a

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river, what do they do? So he said, he jumped into the river with the intention of and that's a better option than to be killed by the enemies. And he said, as he was being pushed down by the current, when he went down, he only saw what is in what is of Muslims. These are the people who sacrifice for what do they sacrifice, they sacrifice for an ideal Pakistan is perhaps in latter years in contemporary times, the only country that was set up independently by Muslims with the intention of bringing Quran and Hadith in that particular country. The only other countries were set up and

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all the Arab states, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya was set up by whom they were attacked by the site speaker agreement. They were set up by Sykes Pico, and they were made in two states by enemies by enemies, or by the western superpowers. Pakistan was carved out with the sole intention of Islamic law coming into Pakistan. And someone has beautifully said I can go on making mention of it because the very its idea, and it's something very close to my heart. But, you know, someone has very beautifully said Pakistan was a big idea that came into the hands of small people.

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Let me repeat that. Pakistan Tora Bora Marietta, Mr. Lockhart Nagar. So support this idea that it was such a great idea and vision that came into the hands of small minded people who could not see beyond their own interest. That was the only reason for parama, Surya

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Nagar, whatever the situation, we see this whole situation happening from time to time. Now, what do we do with regard to this whole situation? Firstly, we know that people have been condemning extremism into half person we say many of the times they say, into half percent on a campea extremists, whether it be the militants, whether it be Taliban, whatever you want to call them. They have been doing some such and such a thing. Now before we address into her personally, which is their

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Islam has condemned extremism. Let me be very clear with regard to Islam has condemned extremism. Islam has condemned the killing of civilians. Islam doesn't allow no matter what the situation is to kill non competence that is our situation. But when you want to

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So something, you have to look at the causes. Today we look, I mean, I read quite a bit so you feel when a young person in America or somewhere else in the world goes and kill people in his own school, the Columbine massacre, where a young person a student went to went to so many people.

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All you will find times and Newsweek will devote pages upon pages yukia Why did he do so? What was his mindset when he did? So?

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What was the reason?

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It was to have

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some luck to Hannah, Bruce Richie. So Miss Danielle,

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Nick and his mom laquan cuisinier kinetica. No one says why these extremism? No one's saying to her personally que no one looks at that. Now you ask yourself a situation the question. Young people and Muslim young people throughout the world are becoming radicalized. They are becoming extremists. Maybe not to a great extent, but to some extent, many of them are becoming extremist radicalized. Why? Firstly, because our community have not been able to use young people constructively. So they energies are not used. So when the energies are not used, wherever they feel the energies can be of benefit. They go that way. So when they are not part of a process, they become radicalized, when

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they are not part of a political process, not part of a community process. What is our community done to get young people involved in things?

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whenever some young person even has to speak a recruiter, he has to be here anytime you're gonna sit down or something, when young people value them, then you have made Osama bin Zayed, the leader of an army when he was 17 years of age. So when young people do not find any expression with regard to the talents and to the strength, sometimes they move into radicalism. Another aspect with regard to why people move towards radicalism and incapacity and extremism is because of frustration. Now in Pakistan to see in certain areas wazirabad, for example, people have been killed, innocent people have been killed Muslim youth throughout the world. They see situations of Gaza being bombarded.

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They see Muslim people being killed by the hundreds and 1000s. No one is dare to speak to them. The leaders don't take up the situation of speaking on behalf of Islam and Muslims. So young people become radicalized. They don't have any trust in the leaders, they feel yet.

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They got no situation of feeling that the leaders will speak on our behalf. They feel that the leaders have betrayed them. There is a sense of hopelessness, there is a sense of helplessness. And when there is a sense of hopelessness and helplessness a person can do anything. You know, you take 50 people, you take 50 people and you surround one kit, you see what is the odds kit, how can it survive against 50 people, but if 50 people surround that kit, you will find that cape will fight for his life, because he feels hopeless. Let me do something if you want to win killer kit. So there is a sense of hopelessness and helplessness that has come into many people, which leads them towards

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radicalism and extremism. We cannot divorce that situation if you want an overall solution with regard to extremism. However, at the same time, we have to condemn extremism. Now there's many people who will say, What do you mean you see as a matter of definition, I know it is the matter of definition. What is extremist in some people's definition might not be extremists another person Islam calls upon us to be moderate.

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The West might feel moderate moderate Islam is you not so committed to your religion, therefore you moderate to a person who's not committed to his religion moderate. Islam doesn't say that a person who is not committed to his religion is a moderate. Islam says you must be committed to your religion, but there is boundaries, you must not fall short of the limit. You must not go beyond the limit. How many people would know about this hadith avea Crenshaw said he

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didn't. I warn you for being excessive in religion.

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Napa hoverkart. Katana dnk abominable NASA. No. Don't be excessive in religion. helical moderate to the people who are excessive in religion, who are tested who are go over the limit. They are destroyed by Allah. helical monitor to people who are extreme in religion have been destroyed themselves. Stay away from excessiveness in religion, because it has destroyed people of the past. Now, there's many reasons I don't have the time and maybe lesson topic on its own. Because extremism is short lived. extremism cannot be sustained. extremism leads

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You're not fulfilling other rights. All of that is a hands on experience but one of the great harms of extremism, let me tell you, one of the great harms of extremism in religion if you don't adopt the motoric path in religion

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these are not what I'm saying. This is not what a liberal Muslim is saying. This is what Allah said. The pastor corner phase is that you adopt moderation. You don't fall short. You don't go beyond the number. One of the harms of going beyond the limit is you become intolerant and you become a bigot.

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Along with your neighbors ni CE o ut hypocenter kilometer campus mi see your sub coffee sub sub Kumara

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shefa Takata Gilani Rahmatullah la capacidad. My bazzano see when

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a person came into treatment of chef, Jelani Dr. Allen is taken many many years as he was when she asked Jeff Carter Jelani, give me advice. Do you know what advice you gave him? Suhana? I told him don't claim and don't say you are a law. And don't claim you are a profit would run up run up me up.

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Talk me alone. Yeah, man. How can I think about it? So what is your total cost? analysis?

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paralysis, only Allah is correct.

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Only Allah is correct. When a person feels only I am correct. Then he sees Allah

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don't say you are alone. So he tells me, how can I say said only Allah is correct. When a person say only I am correct, that he is claiming that he is Allah. And then another aspect is that don't claim you as a newbie. Only the Navy of Allah only speaks the truth. Only the Navy open land can never can never say anything which is against the truth. You know, Mr. Mallika McNally when he was in Medina, Sharif, and he said each and every human being can sometimes speak right sometimes can speak wrong, except Sahaja, except the person of this color. And he pointed to the via cream sauce of all of us, we are prone to mistakes, and a person feels that I am always speaking correct. And he is claiming,

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in other words is he's a prophet. And this is with regard to the harms of extremism. And this is what we are seeing that is happening in many parts of the world, including Pakistan. I've studied, I know people, I know how they think. And then people start having that, then you start people killing one another on the basis of sectarian differences by appname. Muslim maturana to strecke Masako cherone, if you feel that is a way you don't have to kill someone with regard to that.

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But that is what happens with extremism. This is what happened with him to personally, the people start becoming that particular bigoted intolerant. So this is an aspect that we have to be very careful and understand this aspect. Another aspect with regard to it is we have to be we have our own values. Many people will say who is there to condemn what is happening in the shower, when the whole report of the Senate in the United States have now shown that CIA has committed such aspects of torture. Those people who used to talk about human rights so much look at today it has been clearly revealed that they have committed torture. People say that they are transparent at least

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they have brought up the aspect of toto they are transparent but they are not accountable. Owner This gives him now Johanna zamindari hongqi Queenie, so they have committed toto the worst game yet they have been speaking so much about human rights. So while that is aspect, we don't have to go and say they are doing it therefore we must also do it. Am I required to hand Kamata? hammarby kutani Martin, look at the number of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you look at the number of Allah subhana wa Taala I can understand how Muslims can take this one should know

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how many times people who are clear, out and out hypocrites known by ye to be hypocrites, Hamza katika, Yamanaka

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Hama, Karnataka Hito. Nikita Yamuna.

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How many times when Abdullah bin obey, accused as an Ayesha of immorality has an

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jasola allow me to kill him, but it never serves them said Omar. People will say Mohammed kills his own.

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People will say Mohammed kills his own companions mama killer kill his own companions have to learn to love and obey when they came to the Prophet upon mature mindset.

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jasola My father is causing you so much inconvenience allow me to kill him and he stood outside Medina when his father was coming and said today I'm going to kill my father, someone who's going

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to kill his father. Abdullah was a sincere Muslim. Attila come here. Don't kill your father. Why? He reads a lot with us. Although the nebula knew he was a hypocrite from Allah tala told him is a poker

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app today. Our our suits are killing our own. Our suits are killing our own. Our own children have been killed, not by our enemies, they are killed by Muslims. When

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there is no among these no a man in the Quran and Hadith we allow for the Amal has promised janam forever but killing a Muslim deliberately.

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However say that no Amal takes you out of the corner of Islam or takes you in Jannah forever. No Allah. Allah tala can can forgive you if he wants. There is no upper except one Amanda has made mentioned omiya

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we have deliberately killed a Muslim for him his janam forever and forever.

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This is a situation with regard to children. Islam doesn't allow the killing of children in warfare,

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nevermind killing of children in peaceful situations.

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So yes of China we can carry on making mentioned with regard to these particular aspects, it is something that is just so so sad. When we see these type of things happening. At the end of the day. We need to turn towards Almighty Allah Allah make us through representatives of this beautiful teachings. Well as him we have not been to representatives of this beautiful values and that Allah Allah has left us We believe that we still have this belief and May Allah because of this belief, inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will maybe treat us individually equal, you know correctly over the hump and with compassion, we believe are meant to be like

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he was if it was possible to Jamia Kami Allah we have accepted all of your commands. Scheid hamara. Comes ricotta somos Copa America Silicon

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Valley School cognetti with karma among cognitive Jessie. Attorney Amara pass Amalia Licken is

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gonna walk up to Jamie aka me is Kenyatta Hooper inshallah

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and make dua for the people of Pakistan and for other parts of the world we are looking to bring about peace and harmony. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a topic of understanding