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AI: Summary © The importance of adherence to Islam laws and avoiding "monster" in trading is emphasized in the face of inflationary pressures, as well as the negative impact of travel and the need for clarity in financial matters. Consent on the importance of honesty and proper respect for personal information is also emphasized. The need for clarity in financial matters and honesty in business is emphasized, along with the importance of showing proper respect when speaking about it. The speaker also emphasizes the need for caution in dealing with wealth and the importance of showing proper respect when speaking about it.
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And Hamdulillah you want them for Sudan who was salam ala Medan to be abandoned, and Avila Yamato whatever whatever you want I think that will not intervene. When I shall hear about as

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a mother of four before I finish I told you what you need to spend money on walkie.

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Also for a minute like the Matthew armour who saw the set up alone,

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but they are respected or whatever and disadvantages.

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We are walking away and that Allah has given us and then the data is restless with the D that is comprehensive because every aspect of our life together with covering and emphasizing Ibadah salon sickle hice fasting from Allah Mala.

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One important aspect of the that I would like to concentrate on in today's football is the importance of adherence of the commands of Allah, Allah Allah in financial matters in monetary matters. Many times you and I repeat the dichotomy, we made the distinction that while we are in the merging is part of the when we are in our businesses, it's got nothing to do with the but that is not the case. Islam gives us very specific guidelines on financial matters of monetary matters on trade, and everything to do with financial matters. It might come as a surprise to many that the longest versus the Holy Quran is to do with financial matters. Yeah, you have to live in an

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era that is to Medellin in Villa January massaman. From two old people when you give someone a loan, then have two witnesses to it and write it down. Can you imagine such a practical commander for Ghana, and million times we don't do it. And of course, we see the types of disputes that come about because of this particular matter, not being adhered to. In while we studied the in our modalities, there is a very important book of jurisprudence known as a diet. Now today is 12 volumes.

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So the Malema will be able to understand this, only the first volume is to do with invalid only the first volume is to do with the valid. The three volumes is to do with our social and as an interaction with human beings. The third volume, which is perhaps the most important, or the most difficult, one is only dealing with business transactions. The entire volume one volume is was all our imbalance. And I said God has entrusted the entire volume deals with him. The third volume only deals with financial transactions. But yet for US financial transaction, we don't even regard it as part of the image.

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As much as you say why don't you write a book on Zod on piety? So when Mohammed Abdullah Ali, he replies he said I wrote a book on incorrect financial transactions. Whoever adheres to it, you will become bias.

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This easy to become piously in the masjid with a video of humanity and I'm sitting nicely like a Sufi show with the idea of Allah's command in your business. When they septation to be just honest, and earn a great amount of profit. Show your idea instead. That is the test of a person's character that test of a person's deep understanding the Holy Quran has made mention of an entire tribe

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that Allah destroy because of this honesty in business dealings

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with Medina Rafael

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Correa or me hula man in Ely in a video why not learn to swim media and what it means to the recipient money and essentially money set up to Sam. He told them first thing to him then he told them don't deal with one another this honestly in your classes

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do you know what reply they gave? The reply they gave is a reply that many times you and I might not be articulating it on our tongue but we have it in our minds Yahshua a salad to cut down hookah and not to kumbaya Yahoo.

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I wanna philosophy I'm wanting to show the second point is germane to the topic. He says all surely

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As your deed teaches us what we must do with our money

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does your life tell us what we must do with our money?

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Today, you and I will see the same thing. By business, we do it according to way we make more profit. According to the trends don't tell us about business, there are now three numbers we'll accept. That is the view of a destroyed nation.

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That is a view of a destroyed nation, we will do with our wealth, how we feel

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around the state of wellness we are, we have a command of Allah how to learn how to spend, what is permitted, what is not permitted, you and I have to also understand that Islam, we all know that the material world that we and I are living in is something that we are always people and what am I sometimes emphasizing the negative aspects. And the Quran is wonders. Don't get so involved in this material world that you forget enough. They will hire people

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that know that this material one is a person and play it is not your objective of life. And they're gonna tell us you haven't read the manual gladwyne equal Manoir,

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romantic thriller. All believers don't let your wealth divert you from remembering Allah. We know that that the hands but we don't we don't look at the benefits.

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Allah didn't tell us that we must stay away from this material. Well, you see, therefore you find that in the Quran that Allah tells us from an agnostic dunya has an order give us good in this won't give us we didn't. We weren't good in this world. There were those people that they stayed away completely from this material world because of the piety otherwise, the majority of us will you and I we want goodness will anyone put in a after what our camera put it in here to see me there's written attack will come to everything will revolve around wealth. And then he makes the appeal. Don't ask him that data to see when they ask and then if you want the good and adhere to the

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commands of Allah Jana with regards to financial matters, so you earn also correctly and you get kanaka and you're deep in your niche also many the fact that our wealth is a means of fulfilling our needs. Allah has mentioned in the Quran, in Surah decided first rule, one one a commodity, jihad, Allah Allah, the Yama Allah has made the wealth, the meat of your Pm, the meat of your existence. So we want we want, we want the material world but we want to correct him in Hayato Sahaba has every one of you along one day mentioned his name, someone made dua, and in fact of who I am, what do I make? or what not save me from the world or what has saved me from the world? So maravilla don't ask

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me what do I'm making? He said out Allama said he said you don't want children said when he said 100 Please say what she said Why do you make you understand it from from with

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me to our not give us a pullover sweater, give us a round of this word. Don't ask them I do want to we want them, but we want it in the correct manner. We want Baraka in it and we want it in the correct manner. So this is important point that we know we want it then we know that the importance of entities fine. I made mention of a nation that was destroyed because of this honesty. And I mentioned that the longest verse in the Quran is about financial matters. Now out of financial matters, one of the most important thing is trade. Now, trade is one of the most important aspect that governs financial matters and unseen everything is to do with trade. But many people won't be

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working. Many people won't be employees. Just few weeks back I spoke about the rights of employers and employees, what is the right of the employers by the employee and vice versa? I gave a whole to Joomla men so there is also an aspect of financial matters to do with employment. But there's also no doubt that according to one narration 90% of sustenance and lack of country

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90% of sustenance and La Cantera kept in three therefore the businessman and a Muslim Mr. Sun has a very important role to play. Allah Tala therefore Demeter himself signature and tell us a reminder the university leave the monastery is what made the company of

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you and I we don't believe in the dichotomy. We don't believe that. You know we are the only one Islamic

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Emerson and outside we note the entire life of our city,

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as a city or hockey have defeated me and I knew we had an array, that this whole particular you know, human being is not an angel, neither is your complete historical amalgamation of material and spiritual needs, he needs punctuality any material needs. So you and I, we have to fulfill both those and out of that era is an important point 90% of risk is in 90% of recent history. And I will come to that also Furthermore, that there is a what is the trend that people our community was always known to meet people who are traders, people are moving away from trading, and you are moving away from that, which is that majority of systems

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are in one in the Quran that Allah has made mention of people who travel for trade together with those who travel in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Well as those who have read the afternoon and refer to those who travel to seek and less risk

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and those who travel for the sake of Allah, Allah, Allah makes mention of them together. Now, we all know that together one

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tray, endless wealth comes a very great responsibility. For this, this is an important point to remember that when cannot keep certain people wealth,

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I have certain degree of influence they carry, whether we like it or not sometimes is correct sometimes is not correct. Sometimes they use the influence more than what they're supposed to watch on its face. But there is a certain influence that can was well and therefore like the Quran is troubling. Israel has been mentioned of this.

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Or know the gunpowder yet and America transia. When Allah wants to destroy a nation, the first sign of the destruction of the nation is a wealthy people become disobedient.

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When we are the people who cannot gain wealth, they become disobedient and narcissists, I gave you well, and I gave it to you. For me, Marissa and I will not feel constrained from what I did give some time charity from what I gave you is at the height of selfishness, I give you something and then instead of you utilizing it correctly, you use it.

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So atika, since the first sign of the corruption of a nation is the wealthy become disobedience. Allah in the Quran in surah rumus made mention of four qualities which is required of the Muslim businessman. What does the female attack the loan done on half you know, see after that through the means of your wealth

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I wonder if anyone ever thinks that I'm supposed to gain wealth I'm supposed to gain Japan and Africa to my wealth when other people come in and don't forget your share of this world by all means that hey you have a comfortable car have a comfortable No Don't forget your shake.

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Well I said the MaHA Salah really be good to others, they were alive, simple to you. And lucky well for us and welcome other people. Well, that does it for certain. Don't make connection with your wealth for things you will remember Inshallah, see, after that with your wealth, don't forget your shed too good to others, they were alive people to do, don't do corruption to wealth. So this is something that and I always tell people to see your brothers when we do have a certain degree of wealth. You know, there's a certain degree of ease that comes with a certain degree of, you know, a situation where you find is someone who's wealthy, you when it grows, and it grows in travel, you

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wouldn't have a success. Or for example, because he travels frequently, he will travel, he will have frequent, you will have the kind of one of the airlines frequent flyer, frequent miles frequent flyer, God. So because of that, you go into the queue, you don't have a cue that people will economy, they've got a long queue, those business cycles are frequently gonna go you got a super long queue. In the year after the very same thing with the reverse. You got money still in the queue. You got no money go to.

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This isn't the person that they have come this way the missiles were no 500 years before he gender. So urine is not new for you, girl is a bigger deal. This is a reality. So when you have certain privileges, but comes with a greater amount of responsibility. Now brothers, we can talk about financial matters. I just want to make mention a few points. I just use my own discretion to talk about certain important things. Firstly, the important thing

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They must be clarity in your financial matters. I can understand why people don't have even if you are part of a business individually brothers have for example, the father leaves the business the brothers becomes they must be a situation of an individual identity in a collective enterprise. Let me repeat this thing must be an individual identity in a collective enterprise, you are in a business, you are a partner, what is your worth as an individual person?

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Are you a worker? Are you an employee? Because you are a part and you are son? Do you get preferential treatment? Are you a person who is a partner? On what basis? Are you a partner? What is a percentage of your partnership? It has to be clarified. It's an important patch. Our fix says any transaction which leads to confusion, which is not clear that transaction is not permissible in itself. I've given an example if there

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is some difficulty sub rights, my father had a big sitting room

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and index sitting room anyone brought something from the kitchen from our family and left it in that room used to get angry. So the sun's What is it Why are you getting angry? said me and my your mother have got an agreement, whatever is in this room is minus whatever is in the other part of the house is as

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an individual identity even in a thing like marriage. What is in his mind? What is it the other jurisdiction is us? Can you imagine we have no clarity no financial matters. Secondly, I can always emphasize the respect of honesty. Everything in business depends upon trust. Trust only comes in based on

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an equal mission be witnessed by industry.

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Nira Jana honestly leads towards righteousness we reach towards the end see away from line line leads to even even if for Jana, hula why didn't he saw some said, Honestly leads to righteousness in the future. Because if you are honest with me, so many other great ladies, dishonesty leads to great amount of harm, when you are just honest. And when policy becomes prevalent in the community, the matters of the community and trade and business becomes confused. Because business requires trust, when it is don't trust how you do business. So premises be very, very careful with regard to honesty, honesty, maybe for himself. So one day I was having someone I'm sorry, I am moving to Japan

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and jasola cannot be given me a tower. Yes, he can be he's not good to be a coward. But it's possible. A person is a Muslim he's a human being more minutes a human being you can have the straight. I have a woman who cannot get a person to be a miser. Yes, he can be I have a daven Yasuda can a movement be attire

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you he can't be a liar. He can have other witnesses. He can never tell him dishonesty. certainly be very, very honest with regard to him. Then, unlike Elijah, who differences will not approve, or convey the complete basket. Don't devour an ether wealth of someone falsely.

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This is a cornerstone of our iSavi commands about financial matters. You learn to own up to Jonathan Oh and

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you can only take another person's wealth by mutual trade, winning via winning setup seller, all by mutual agreement or happiness and satisfaction. You can take another person's wealth by deceit by usurping it by rice or any other particular method which is not permitted. It is haram don't take your other people's wealth in a call center. And especially if there are vulnerable people in society, ya know, Why did Allah Allah says in the medina yah

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yah, hoo de the wealth of it often you are putting fire into your stomach.

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Easy well, your team often don't want to look after me. I can take advantage.

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Be careful about taking the wealth of people who are vulnerable. Your sisters, you'll notice you don't give them inheritance just because they are shining or they don't make matches of him. Allah will hold you to account. Without that we will not have to pay your moving budget.

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Don't take the wealth of other people, just unjust manner, and especially today we find it that people are taking public money in an unjust manner. Has it been to one day so one of the things that I remember

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at the time of alula When people was wrestling, I listen, we understand that in the afternoon, he said one of the cables have made to man has got lost, I'm going to look for it.

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So much concern for public money, you people are public money and devoted

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here and I was wondering what what is our situation here the benefits, well, one of these are distribution for a certain point, this time is short and I will get a chance I will take a few minutes more have a balance with regard to your your, you know, even while we were I made mention of the importance of we want we want to do this work we want the numbers give us data, so that he was correct or we can use correct, but always bear in mind these

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people or people turn towards Almighty Allah. For mass multiply, what the customer wonder, what is little, what is little but suffices from you is better than more than die virtually from Allah.

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We want wealth, but not in the expense of taking away from remembrance. So these are very important. Our our Sahaba used to use wealth as a means in business as a means of earning illustration, Rahim Allah will have done in about summer we restore our meaning to the word what

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have you ever heard this? Allah's blessings support a businessman who is lenient and kind with the bias when he sells when he demands? I'm not gonna show you how to get a letter. As

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we look at the history, we'll see businessmen were one of the most important ways of propagating Islam. Go and look at the history of Indonesia, quick look at the history of West West Africa, West Africa, Indonesia was not open or was not taken over by Muslim armies. They became Muslim by the conduct on the scene definitely of the Muslim versus the Muslim trader who simply this Allah, Allah forefront in dealing with people of other faiths. If you are going to be honest, and you are upright, you are going to show the beauty of Islamic teaching, which emphasizes honesty and integrity. Let me conclude, for example of money over the long term. Now recently, there was a study

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carried out about the wealth of Rachmaninoff, he lived a certain degree of wealth and glory. They took that gold recently, and they counted and said, How much did he leave behind?

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And they did an estimation of him. It was $606 billion

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and put that money they have left a legacy of $686 billion.

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They think six times more than the wealthiest person today alive.

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But you know what we was Uttarakhand. I'm gonna manage whatever your dreams are of said he was telling speaking about the Sahaba he said in in our regular edition who is on the loyalty bomb in a moment. I know the name of a person. He will come towards Jana and the 10 that will say Come towards me Come towards me. And let me the Sahaba say who is this person? Yes.

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Then the resources Abdurahman I waited for you internet I felt maybe you fake. You keep rolling into China at the mountain welcome to the call in because we can give account and then we just hope good and one more incident. One day there was so much well 200 man that came in and confine was a businessman. So there was cables and cables coming to me to Medina and everyone came to see what is happening that the wealth of a bright man is continuing to modify marijuana and everyone was excited and that excitement reached I shall not be allowed or unhappy. As chips I just said what's happening wherever Brahman is coming into Medina and people are seeing because it's such a long runway because

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as I said, I learned when we saw some sea arthropod will go product into Jana

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became fly shy all your money people you understand many sales from Yes. What is the winning formula to make it easy for me to go Jana? give charity coalition, this whole convoy the entire Medina if you don't excite the level, it will tell you

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I just give him an example of the importance of financial matters, the importance of trade, and this is something that we all need to have and some pointers with regard to financial matters.

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Nothing was a trophy