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shavonne imagenes de la Mani Rahim yeah Johan la de la mano de la worku Colin de de de

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la come Armando como la ku con. el mejor de la hora Sula, who are the fans the foes and alima so the cola hola Lim wakad corner corner Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amulek la casa de Santa Maria asaka betook workI Allah Katia t. o kumbhakarna sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and hamdulillah the Fazal carminic son of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. We find ourselves on this Mubarak day of Juma in the house of a lot of bullies that are making some moussaka out some aspect of our Deen

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nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has shared many, many hobbies with the oma and we are indebted and also grateful to the Sahaba the Allahu taala and whom they preserved these hobbies, and they passed it on in pristine form. And up to today, we have the hardiest of Navy aquariums and Allahu alayhi wa sallam with us, for us to make Amal for us to practice upon these wonderful words of nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The benefit of this is that by practicing on the Sunnah, and practicing on the words of Nubia, Kareem on a long holiday, he was suddenly we will attract the love of Allah Donna we will attract the pleasure of Allah tada the mercy of Allah Donna and we will be blessed.

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If we look at ourselves, we in ourselves we have been created from soil

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and we have come into the dunya through the medium of a drop of impure blood.

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At present, as we stand we are a container of impurities

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and our end will be a decomposing corpse that is us. So there is nothing really in us. That can make us attractive to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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but Allah subhanahu wa tada has sent nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the dunya

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to be jewel us to give us those things, those lessons, those things that we have to practically implement into our lives, what we call the Sunnah this vigils us. We are then jeweled in the garb of the Sunnah of nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this then makes us attractive to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if we want to attract the love of Allah tada we want to be close to Allah tada then we have to make amends upon the Sunnah of nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we will try and discuss a very short Hadees of nebia Karim son Allahu alayhi wa sallam, which has many lessons, we will not be able to cover everything in the short time that we have. But we will try and

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at least touch on it.

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A Sahabi with the name of Hazzard poco bobbin Amir radi Allahu Donen.

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He says that I met the BIA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I asked nebbia Kareem son along what he was telling them that what is success? How can I be a successful person?

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In today's times, every university, every school, every institution, is promising success for those learners who attend that particular Institute.

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People who have business prepositions

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a land owner or a person who has developed some building, he will promise prospective tenants that you will be successful if you open a business here.

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businessmen think that in their businesses there is success. All these things we will have to engage in we will have to do for our Marsh for our life here in the dunya but this hobby is asking nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda laughs have allowed you to send them what is success? How can I attain salvation? How can I be a successful person knowing that there is none more knowledgeable than nebia Karim Sana La Jolla Salaam there is none who understands Deen better than Libya Koreans are allowed to certain them there is none that is closer to Allah tala Ren nebia Koreans are allowed to serve them. So this hobby is cool.

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His question to the right person, if ever, an answer could be given pertaining to what a person must do to attain salvation, then this is the answer which maybe akademischen Allah what he was Adam gave to this

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via Karim sarala. What he was telling him firstly tells the savvy, it says amulek alayka lizama.

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Control your tongue,

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control your tongue, be the master over your tongue.

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And if we have to analyze this first statement of nebbia, Kareem said aloud you send them, we will find that for a person to become a believer, yes, to utilize the tongue is to decide the kenema.

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And for a person to leave Islam, many times it is because of the thumb.

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Many times it is statements that are made, which take a person out of the pail of Islam.

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And if we have to analyze our day to day lives, and think back on the times where we landed ourselves in hot water, where we bought problems for ourselves for nothing, we will find that it was because we didn't look after the 10. We spoke when it was unnecessary to speak, we made a statement where it was totally uncalled for, we didn't have to see.

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So when a person doesn't take control of the tongue, then this has a disastrous effect.

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So many times, a husband who is not careful having an argument with his wife.

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And in the heat of the moment he utters the words of divorce.

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When he thinks about it, five minutes later, he's already regretting this action.

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Now he's looking for fatawa. Now he's looking for different different views to salvage his marriage. But he has already issued three talents to his wife, and there is no way that this can be patched up. Why did this happen? Because he couldn't take control of his tongue. He landed himself in this problem.

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Some may say the same when they were getting married. We won't go into that

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this evening.

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So here this is the first part.

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Those who never understood what I said just now as those who are smiling after Juma maybe they're explaining

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so unlike article Asana, this was the first part then maybe aquariums and alarm what he was seldom told this hobby. Well, yes, sir. To be to

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let your home suffice for you. It's your home suffice for you. In other words,

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you must be so comfortable in your house, that there's no need for you to go outside.

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We only leave our homes for necessity. We need to go to work we'd have to leave home. We need to go and purchase something we'd have to leave home. We need to come for Salah we leave home but to leave home would no reason

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to leave a home with no reason.

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So many times, we as youngsters ourselves when we were teenagers, etc.

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You just drive around town,

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drive around the thing to do pick up a few friends and drive

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and how many times in depth we get involved in Guna you get involved in sin because we got no we got no object. There's no reason why we came out. We just wiling away time

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driving around with no purpose.

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Inevitably we're going to get caught up in something

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within our homes, we are in a sanctuary within our homes. We are in a sanctuary. We are safe coming out of the house for no reason. We'll get a person into trouble. So it'll be a very instant allowed Instagram is giving this advice while your soccer bait to let your home be sufficient for you to remain indoors remain at home.

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The mercy but today is that we have turned that place of sanctuary also into a place of sin.

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Every Guna almost gunas that available outside. We have brought it into the home. This is our fault. There is nothing wrong with the advice of Navy aquariums that allowed US Navy aquariums are allowed Islam was giving advice to a believer and it was home

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He's supposed to be a believer Islam is not supposed to be fit and fitness gunas etc, in the home of a believer. So if our home is like the home of a believer, then this will work for us. But if we have brought all the gunas into our home, then definitely will have a problem even in those.

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So while the asaka Bay took

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on this, we as parents

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should see to it, that within our homes

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to the best of our ability, in accordance with our financial capacity, we must try and make our homes as comfortable as possible not extravagant, but comfortable. And we must try and have activities in the home for our children permissible activities, permissible things that they can do have it for them in the home, so that they don't have to go outside too much and get involved in different different fitness different different gunas that are taking place.

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And the third thing that nobody aquarium sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned in this howdy Sharif is what to

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cry over your sons.

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Each and every one of us. We have our own gunas we are all sinful people, there is no person who can claim that he is not a sinner. Only the MBR animus Salatu was Salam winmar soon they were sinless didn't commit any buenas but everybody else besides the Sahaba the Allahu tanan, whom we have our sins we have our gunas

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but this is no reason. This is no reason for us to become very, very despondent. Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept a way out for us. What we need to do is make Toba and still far on a continuous basis. There is a person who sent me an email the other day, and he says that mana I'm really really feeling depressed, because there is a certain Muna that I have committed. I made Toba from this Guna but again, I got caught up in this Guna I made Toba again, and now is going strong for so many months and again now got caught up in the same sin. So I'm feeling very, very lousy and very, very depressed in bed about everything. So I responded to him that this depressed feeling this is from

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because Allah Allah is telling us in the Quran, Sharif Lata Nakamura Mattila in a la jolla guru Lumumba Jamia, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins. And

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a person who has made Toba provided at the time when he was making Toba, he was sincere. At the time when he was making Toba. He had no intention to go back to the center

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of Malaysia is much better. sobre como la de installed is mentioned this. At some time a person is sitting in a program there's a big night or something and the Imam, the hottie whoever's conducting the program is then making dua and in the law, we are all asking for forgiveness. The Imam is asking Allah Allah to forgive us. Everyone is saying amin

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but the person who is sitting they may be shedding tears also is making amin and everything.

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But in his pocket, he got a cell phone in that cell phone, he got the number of his illicit Beloved.

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But he's not thinking of deleting that number and getting rid of that illicit from his life.

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So then this is not a tobacco. This is a mockery of tobacco.

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When a person is making Toba

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then he is sincerely asking for forgiveness from the sun. And he is making a pledge with Allah Donna, the Allah, I'm going to try my utmost best not to get involved in this sin again. And then he takes steps. He takes steps to ensure that he saves himself. He put some measures in place to protect himself and save himself from that sin again.

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But then, if he commits the sin, if we commit to this and

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not one time, more and 10 times more, even 100 times more, if you commit to the same sin, there is no problem. All he needs to do is make Toba and is the fire again.

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provided at the time when he is making Toba and is still far he is sincere and he doesn't want to go back to that person. He gets rid of all the effects of that person. Then in a moment of weakness if he accidentally commits the sin again

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All he needs to do is make Toba and Lacan is there to forgive shaytan is the one who makes the person feel despondent that now you will lose there's no hope for you you're gonna you

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know use you're asking for Murphy how many times you're gonna ask for Murphy has to learn he used to decide this one couplet

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you yakushi tohave omura birkey gubbi two w w wo w.

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This tug of war between us and * on us and our knifes. This will carry on our whole lives.

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Sometimes we will win. Sometimes shaitaan will win sometimes Knox will win in other words, we will fall into some type of sin sometime we will save ourselves from the sin. We are human this will happen we will

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but yeah rishta mohabbat goclimb hiraki Joe so Bara to tear to sabara jury this connection that we have with a lotta our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala This was remained time. This must remain steadfast that now man I slipped up I made a mistake. A person has an argument with his wife. The first argument he has, he doesn't say right now no more food to be asmin she's no more food to be my wife. They are in love. We had an argument no problem. Now we need to kiss and makeup and carry on as for MFI, and you are one chocolate one rose make a happy, carry on with life. These arguments carry on life No. In fact, sometimes. Those are all the argument, the argument over the

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argument also and it becomes like entertainment for all the sons and the son in laws and gotten the old men who live you know, having a go at one another. But they don't really mean anything. After one hour, two hours. She's 40 pouring his tea for him. And he is finding her false teeth for her. They have been carrying on life carries on is normal.

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So our restore with alopecia is a restore of love. We will falter we will make mistakes along the way. But that doesn't mean we struck off the roll. All we need to do is make doba MC is too far. A lava is there to listen to us. Allah is there to accept our Toba. Allah is there to give us another chance.

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And there is no such a thing that we will run out of chances.

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But yes, we don't intentionally go out there and say we're going to go and comment this Ghanaian Cranston's and all that that is not the shadow of evil. So simple instructions nebbia Karim shall allow us to Adam has given in this Huggy Sharif one is protect our tongues. Watch what we speak. It was not necessary to talk rather keep quiet. Why make a statement? Why see something that we'd have to apologize later and we'll get into some problem etc. rather keep quiet. So I'm like,

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Well, yes, sir. To be to rather remain at home.

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If there's no need to go out, stay at home. If you're going out for a reason, well and good. If there's no real reason to go out, remain at home. And the third thing, cry over our sins in the sky over our sins. And we must not only cry when we ready, you know

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omitted some major,

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major winners we have to cry extra. But this should be a daily feature in our lives. That we take out some time to make Voila. And we cry over our weaknesses daily. Allahu Allah loves this action. Allah tala loves when his bandages are remorseful over their weaknesses. There are so many minor minor stones that we commit on a daily basis which we don't even realize we committed. We don't even realize we committed so we should take our time DD and cry over our sense of loss of hunter give me trophy. give you two three grand anti oma trophy to make Amel Barcelona.