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AI: Summary © The holy Bible is a source of guidance for those who want to achieve spirituality. The title of the book is the holy Bible, which is the holy holy text used by Jesus to encourage everyone to live according to his spirituality. The holy Bible is viewed as a source of guidance for those who want to achieve spirituality, and its use in various cultural and political settings is discussed. The holy Bible is viewed as a "imaged" text, and its use in various religious and cultural settings is emphasized. The importance of understanding the Bible and submitting oneself to the teachings of the Bible is emphasized, and the holy Bible is viewed as a source of contentment.
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wa Salatu was salam wa Rahmatullahi wa

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Rahmatullahi wa Kitab Avada kitabi wa Cherie at Avada Shariati

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Amano in law Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Chavo Ramadan la de de la Cora, poodle in

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Manila Hooda

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sakalava Ozzy,

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mighty dear respected elders and brothers.

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We are aware that inshallah next week we will be in the month of Ramadan and the month of Ramadan has different virtue and it has different aspects. One of the aspects has been indicated in the verse that I have recited in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, it is in the month of Ramadan, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed the Holy Quran and there is no doubt whatsoever that there is a great link between the month of Ramadan and the Holy Quran. And that is the reason why our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite Quran so frequently and in abundance in the month of Ramadan. And this has always been the way of the pious and right Yes, all ama and Sudha,

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who have always looked at the month of Ramadan, is something in which they use to increase the tan look, and the relationship with the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is unsurpassable in every one of its aspects, not only in its rhythmic

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manner in which we can recite it, but also in its moral precepts. And every aspect it is unsurpassable it is not a book of history, despite the fact that it throws light on the civilizations of the past. It is not poetry, despite its most beautiful rhythm. Allah tala says Mama, whoever

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it is not the word of a poet. It is not a book of science, despite telling us many aspects with regard to science. It is something that is much more beyond this. In many ways the Quran defines itself. It tells us what is its purpose, how it has come into this world. When it came in this world. The Quran is related. As of the Holy Quran, in which month it came, the Quran will say, Shadow Ramadan and Lady Rafi Hill Koran. It is a month in Ramadan in which the Quran was recited it was revealed which night in

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La Isla de la jolla. It is the night of power in which the Quran was revealed. Ask of the Holy Quran. Where were you before you came into this world? Baal who

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didn't feel oh he moku I was in the protected tablets in the heavens before I came into this world. From there who sent you know salami hero who Tansy lumen Hakeem in Hamid I have been revealed from Allah, the One who is full of praise the one who is full of wisdom. Yeah, Steven Quran Al Hakim in the colombina, mousseline I have been sent from Allah subhana wa Donna, how did you come into this world? Naturally the hero hola me. I have come through hermina Elisa wasallam Who did you come to in this world? Newsela Allah Muhammad wa who will help. I have come upon nebia Karim Allahu Allah. He was Solomon I am the truth. And it was the heart of Nivea cream sauce that could bear the message of

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Allah Allah Allah says

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Allah Quran Allah juggle Jebel

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Ohashi, I'm matassa Dr. hedges Quran being revealed upon a mountain the mountain would have been razed to the ground, out of the Oh of the word of Allah. It is no ordinary thing. This is the word and the speech of Allah that only the heart of nebia curry sauce,

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what is the purpose kita Hoon Angela, la currituck Regional Salinas umatilla nor the Kitab, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed to take you out of darkness into light, the darkness of this belief into the light of human, the darkness of superstition into the light of conviction, the darkness of transgression into the light of obedience, the light of the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala is obedience.

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And what is it? In hodel hora de la de aqui the Quran. It gives Hidayat in the most most beautiful main hill that he Aqua in the most straight path in the huddle Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says the Quran speaks about justice and atomics mentioned our cell no

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one's gonna Mambo kita Well, meezan Leah Kuma nurse Whoopi Lucas. We have revealed the Holy Quran to establish people upon justice we can go on making mentioned but the Quran tells us about itself. What is the purpose how it has come from who it has come? The Quran is remarkable in every way. The great Glorious Quran serves as inspiration to millions of Muslims who regard it as a boundless reservoir of hope and guidance. The Quran shapes and it shapes our thinking, and it determines our values. The Quran gives hope to those people who are despondent courage to those people who are faint hearted faith to the despairing and direction to the confused. The Glorious Quran serves as

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the fountain of wisdom, which nourishes the rule of the believer and the heart of the believer. It is the healing power broken spirit, a mercy for the believers, no forgiveness for those people who are we would cut Giacomo Iza to mirror up decom what she felt with Lima is sudo Allah has given you a mo is a reminder and advice with Shiva and it is a cure cure for what not a physical cure, not a cure for physical ailments she felt with Lima is pseudo. It is a cure for your heart. It is a cure and balm for your heart, colon

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colon two year

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now how do you look at the beauty of the Holy Quran various ways we can look at the beauty of the Holy Quran. One way we look at the beauty of the Holy Quran many times we want to today look at it in terms of science. Now I related this previously, he I found it very very interesting, a personal incident. Many years ago when I just started off here in Newtown budget was maybe 1983 84. There was a program here in the Johannesburg City Hall, in which more Houma Madeira, and Gary Miller addressed the audience with regard to the Quran being the word of Almighty Allah. And what was amazing is as Gary Miller although he represented Christianity at that time, spoke glowingly of the Quran. One

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Christian woman also got up and said, I thought that you are going to represent Christianity, but you are speaking aspects of greatness of the Quran. So he said, Well, I have to be honest, there are certain things that I have been taken aback by the Holy Quran. And I always felt that was in 1983 84. Almost three, four years back I saw a book, the amazing Quran, by the very same person who has now become a Muslim, and his name is Abdul Ahad and it's worth a worth a worthwhile reading the amazing Quran and then he speaks about the various aspects of the beauty of the Quran, and what aspects he speaks about the Quran how it explains embryology. embryology means the phases a human

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being goes through in the womb of the mother. So Allah has made mention of it in the 17, super 18 superato report so far, amongst other places. So he says that they the allama of Saudi Arabia one day gathered all those ideas of embryology and they call the expert in this particular regard. He was a professor Kenneth work, and he came from Canada to look at all these ideas. So when he saw these ideas, he was so taken aback that he said that these aspects the Quran made mention about embryology was only known to medical science from 30 years back. And the Quran made mention of it that time. So one aspect was very, very amazing. We under the law speaks about Allah. That during

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the phase of human beings transferal into life in the womb of the mother is one phase where it looks like a leech, like clot. Leach is like a woman. So this professor Kenneth Lewis, I went back to Canada, and I took a leech and I put it there and I put it into the microscope to see the the womb and the embryology. I found it exactly the way the Quran is made mentioned. It was like a leech. And he said, I added it to my second book. Up to that says, I interviewed the skin as well. And I said what is the reality with regard to this? He said, I don't know. But it is something very amazing. The scary Malhotra had said I spoke about this too many university students blinded by prejudice,

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they said

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Maybe at that time, people were not very, you know, people were ignorant. So maybe on the other pillar, the Muslims of the earlier times had taken

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a womb from the womb of the mother and they chopped it up to be able to see how it looks. So professor had said to her, I said, I told him that this is not something that can be seen by the human eye, it can only be seen through the means of a microscope. So no one could have taken it out and chopped it because it couldn't have been seen. So he said, then they come up with different paths. He said, afterwards, one student asked me that what is the reality? That he said, the reality is, it is beyond human comprehension. It is divine wisdom.

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For others, this is one aspect with regard to the Holy Quran, I can go on making mention of many other various aspects with regard to the scientific aspects, but now beyond the scientific aspects, if you want to judge it, bye, in terms of the Arabic literature, now in the initial stages of the revelation of the Quran, this was foremost because the Arabs was to take pride in the Holy Quran. to such an extent they used to call people that you are actually you don't know how to do you don't know how you are done with how to communicate. I went the Arabs was such that funfilled buddy, just on the spur of the moment, they used to compose 100 poems, a woman used to stand in a house and

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something used to happen to us to see a wreck or something 100 poems upon it. So so good weather in Arabic. And when the Quran was revealed, the Quran made mention with regard to it that bring one is equivalent to the beauty of the Holy Quran. And the Arabs despite the fact that they used to regard themselves as great in Arabic literature, in Arabic language, they used to say that this is something beyond us, it is beyond what we can compose, when it when moguera was the one who was most notable. And he was most knowledgeable about poetry. He used to tell people that you know, you spell the Kurdish live Muhammad, you will never be able to beat him why he said, I know Arabic poetry.

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This is something beyond Arabic poetry. Omega instalift was one of the most famous poets in Arabia, pre Islamic, and afterwards also Nydia Karim sawston I'm used to quote his poetry. And one day he came to me and said, meet me in the harem. We will compare notes we will compare words we will compare poetry. So he came up in his he sang and he composed and he presented his best poetry, maybe a cream sauce lamb recite that one as well a mirror

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look for either a movie in don't you look at insan Allah Allah created him from a despicable drop of fluid, and then he objects against Allah.

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Allah Mira in San Juan de la pena, who may not who may have been cut off from the harem and said this is beyond human poetry. He immediately said I can't I can't win. This is something beyond human poetry. This is the beauty of the Holy Quran many examples we can quote, Maria Latinos change one day came, look at our Latina works tomorrow and one day came to the harem. So let me start reciting Salah. So he hid behind and he was hearing Aslam reciting Surah Al hatha, he was so impacted by it, he was so impacted by it. So, he said in his heart Kumar says that this is for three Alliance Rahl haka recited Polish era, this is not the work of any poet. So, I said How did you sort of know what

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is it my hat

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must be a petition. The next is a is what

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it is not the work of any magician, whom are stated the first time Islam came into my heart. So this is the Holy Quran mighty respected brothers, moral precepts I can go on making mention I just want to read one aspect of moral precepts you know, I always find this very very amazing because today we don't understand the aspects of of good and bad. We don't understand the aspects of good and bad that comes upon us as a trial. But look at how the way the Quran is put it for a million sir. Rama,

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Rama who wanna

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be a common human being when Allah tests him by giving him good human being says, Allah is very happy with me. nice very nice giving me wealth because everything is going my way. But what is what is only a test? It doesn't mean nothing.

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But Allah

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when Allah tests you by taking away your risk, what do you mean says failure cool or up Dr. Han? My Allah has disgraced me man is forsaking Miss forsaken me. Look at how the Quran coochie Kola been no no no no. By up in everything when your way doesn't mean Allah is happy with you. Things not going your way. Definitely

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mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala is supposed to forsaken you. When Allah who takes you, by Allah to criminality, you don't honor the orphans. When are the heart when Allah will miskeen you don't encourage the feeding of the poor then is when you have been forsaken by Allah can anyone put it more beautiful?

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This is the Quran in much more mature respected brothers and what is our is no use we can I mean I won't say no use as many benefits but beyond it what do we now do towards the Holy Quran? When we come now to Ramadan What do we do? First thing My dear respect for others gelato the Holy Quran Don't let anyone deceive you that to say that tilawat without understanding is not beneficial. No it is beneficial. Therefore natella in the Holy Quran has made mention of tilawat of the Holy Quran separately from understanding

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lotman Allahu Allah Mina is basa fee Mara Suleiman unfussy him yet Lu la him It will use a key him when you are

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first yet Lou Reed tilawat then you will get up then understanding doesn't mean you mustn't understand but the first thing is make the lower if you don't have the means of understanding try to try to get the means I will come to that. But the first thing is make the allowance to our brothers for every letter. Not even every word every letter Allah tala gives you 10 rewards definitely occurring saw some said

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every word get 10 rewards. And then we saw some said I don't care if Lam Meem you get only 10 rewards in Alif laam Meem Elif is a letter lamb is a letter name is a letter you get 30 rewards only reading Alif laam Meem normally we take shaytans name we don't like to think shaytans name right we don't like to take Satan's name in our normal conversation. But look at our law is you read about Satan in the Holy Quran you get property rewards.

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You say you take Schiavone Adam Allah

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chatons named outside Quran no reward. In Quran you get 50 reward by staying only reading shaytan Subhana Allah tala to the Holy Quran understanding the meaning of the Holy Quran brothers. Many times people feel that Allah mercy we must not understand the meaning of the Holy Quran. Harsha with Allah, how can Allah mercy we must understand the meaning of the Holy Quran. Allah say understand the Quran. But understand the Quran in the prism of what Allah is telling you. Don't understand the Quran to justify your wrongs

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don't understand the Quran Did you know I want to do something now let me find something from the Holy Quran. No, no no I understand the Quran what Allah is trying to tell you. Now we want to understand the Quran you want to give it to us. The moment the first person comes you want to understand the Quran he wants to know understand the Quran for your own benefit. And there are so many is brothers that you don't need a rocket scientist to make you understand. The precepts are very clear when Quran lives victory Allah is made the Quran easy for it for reminder so whenever you are going to see a strange woman who many of whom in our sorry him open he was put your gaze down

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even if it's on the phone put your gaze down don't look at it. Who Lil mininova zoom in our sorry him every time you want to buy and take out money to buy cigarettes in the mobile arena can only afford a shotgun. Those who waste the money that the brothers of shaytan what benefit you will get from them. Now the Quran immediately that's how the Quran must be every time you finding it difficult to read after Salah is Wada Salatu was Salam ala stop, preserve the answer, sir. So what I'm saying is that those particular aspects you don't need to become a Mufti to ever understand moral precepts.

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So the second aspect, understand the Quran, not to give fatwa but to to bring it into your life. The third thing is submit to the Holy Quran. What the Quran tells you submit tweet, follower of Allah you are you hakima Hata you help ki muka FEMA shadowbane Oh, you cannot be a believer until you subject your desires to the teachings of the Quran.

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Do you understand what is the meaning of submission? One day someone came and he was from the village. So he knew one of his relatives was very close to Homer. So he told his person you cruise to Homer get me an audience with Homer.

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So he got him an audience. But when he got him in audiences villager didn't know the etiquettes so he started abusing Homer.

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And you started telling whoever you are like this, you are unjust. You are like this. So Omar and Omar was when shaytan is frightened coma Can you imagine what what type of

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Robin oh here, Homer cutter and was moving towards him. When this person we introduced, started feeling very, very, you know, geeky and said what's going to happen? So you read said that an iron ore will have one or more appeal or fewer Aveda analogia Helene take to forgiveness for the love and to protect towards kindness and do not pay attention to what the ignorant says. The Sahaba say. Although humor was in his journal, he was moving to this person. And when he heard this ayah he said down in the worst the Sahaba said

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Omar can walk off an indicator when he submitted himself to the cooktop of Allah when you are angry you moving and someone says the Quran tells you be forgiving Be kind. Progress then the time to say I'm submit, although I'm angry, that was gonna walk off on indicata Villa Subhan Allah The fourth thing I will

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say that maybe sauce lamb was about

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as Russia says his conduct was the Quran. That means the idea of Ramadan mercy was expectations of Libya, Kareem said aloud Islam, the ayah to the greatness of Allah was what Allah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the is in which Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about his punishment. That was a few of

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the IoT which Allah tala commanded do this. It was an action of

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the IRS in which the resources This is prohibited. That is what Luis Aslam stayed away from. So the fourth thing is, interact with the Holy Quran. find solace in the Holy Quran brothers. Don't find solace in everything. Allah decree law.

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In the remembrance of Allah our hearts find contentment. Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah and the 16th all the time learn the Quran all the time, learn and teach how eurocom untolerable Khurana Wallah, the best amongst you are those who learn in the Holy Quran. Six duties towards the Holy Quran which I've made mention to our understand, understand for your own good not for to give it to us. Third thing submit to the Lord the Holy Quran, forcing interact with the Holy Quran fulfilling find solace in the Holy Quran 16 I made mentioned is that we then learn and teach the Holy Quran. At the end of the day, my dear husband, we conclude with two very beautiful things.

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Maybe a criminal law while he was telling us told us to keep the Holy Quran

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to say he whose hearts he whose heart

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is clean, he will never ever be satiated with the Quran. He was hot is clean, will never find enough with regard to the Quran. Even every 10 Super as you say, you must read more. So the first that was

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someone very beautifully except that every verse of the Quran is like a date. The more you choose a date the more the juice comes out. The more you take every verse of the Quran and recite the more you will enjoy. And let me conclude was one of the statements of give me a time that is contrary to logic. One of our great scholars you say if you want to know

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let me conclude and everyone takes this brothers if you want to know your macam with Allah, if you want to know your relationship with Allah, then look at your relationship with the speech of Allah.

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If you want to know your tan look with Allah if you want to know your relationship with Allah and see your relationship with the speech of Allah, then you will realize your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala we are lucky our topic of understanding in the coming month inshallah Allah tala make us among those who will come closer to the Holy Quran, because Verily, it is the month of Ramadan that Allah tala revealed the Quran was through the awana