Ebrahim Bham – Lessons From The Life Of Ibrahim AS

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of dedication to the Almighty is highlighted in various ways, including individual and community groups, the negative impact of fasting, and the importance of showing dedication to the almighty. The speakers emphasize the need for trusting the story of the almighty and learning from it, as well as showing weakness and weakness in the face of the story. The history of the story of the almighty is also discussed, including the use of animals as carriers and the historical examples of submission to the Authority of the Bible.
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Alhamdulillah he Allah hilmi bother me, Allah if we bother. It was that was Salam O Allah Cyril ambia. Even more serene, WA he was happy. For Salah Mata Sleeman, Catherine Catherine Amadou for the villa

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Ibrahim Hakuna Matata carnita Lillahi hanifa wollemi, a communal machine mushrikeen Shakira Leon ami, editable, who else erotic Mr.

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Sara colloquialism respected elders and brothers. We are on the threshold

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of in our Islamic terms a very blessed month. This evening we'll see the beginning of the blessed month of hula hedger. Our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated, there is no other days in the Islamic calendar, in which good deeds are so appreciated by Allah, then on the first 10 days of Zul hijjah, it is a very blessed days in which we are told to turn towards the Almighty, too fast in the day in the on the ninth of this month, which is the day of arafa it serves as an atonement for the minor Sins of the previous and the coming year. Too fast in any one of the first nine days is equivalent to fasting for a year and to make devotion and ibaadat in any one of

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the nights is equivalent to devotion and he bought it in the night of power the little kata or am I have given various reasons why his good deeds so appreciated in these days. One of them is that in these days, you find an amalgamation of all good deeds. So you find prayer in Finn spine Salah, you find charity, you find this be and glorifying the Almighty, you also find Hajj, which you don't find in any other days of the year. So it is an amalgamation of all good deeds that comes into effect during the first 10 days of hija which makes it most blended together with it. According to the very celebrated scholar sha Allah Rahmatullah Lee, who has written that on these days we commemorate and

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we take lessons from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. Before we go there, let me just say, hey, Jackie does Dino says Yaga ko ordinay dismay. Amal Allah tala kaha zyada McCool or zyada person Dida yet bought T Mobile was may say

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18 carrozza panatuss Dino wor x alpha Bravo noden destined to eat, eat matovu rosanell accepted or rocky parrot Laila through chemo Kim, Laila through cutter kid business books available to me. So together with that one of the aspects is we learn and take lessons from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, there are many lessons. I'm going to enumerate some of the lessons that we can take from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam. One is dedication towards Almighty Allah, the life of Ibrahim if ever it can be described as one who is completely dedicated and submissive to the Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Anytime the Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded Ibrahim

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alayhi salatu salam to do anything he was more than willing to submit and be devoted to the Almighty and Ibrahim alayhis salam is not only revered in Islam, all religions, they call Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam Indira via Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam it is known as the patriarch Ibrahim because every prophet, every messenger of the Almighty that came after Ibrahim was from the progeny of Ibrahim and therefore he is known as

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the father of all the prophets. Emilie Salatu was Salam life was one of dedication and obedience to the Almighty Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran, in Ibrahim Akana, oma Subhanallah Ibrahim was an individual. But in terms of the consequences of his deeds, it was he was like an entire community and individual who did so much that a community and an entire group and community of people could not do what one individual did

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bindery Brahim aka oma carnita Lila, dedicated and obedient to Almighty Allah hanifa hanifa means Matt will start my teacher used to tell me honey means one who leaves everything aside in terms of his dedication to the Almighty. Everything is only Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, this is something that we have to keep in mind dedication to the Almighty, Allah for who has more he who dedicates and relies upon the almighty Almighty becomes sufficient to him. Recall, you know, when we were completed our Buhari, my mouth start gave me my teacher gave us one beautiful advice. And what did he say? He gave us an advice he said, everyone here in this world who rely upon someone many

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times in this world. So a small child relies upon the parents that the parent will look after me. The aging parent rely upon his growing son, when I grow old, my son will look after me. The wife relies upon the husband the husband is there, he will care for me. Many times it doesn't work that way. He says such a relationship sometimes. And attalla takes the young son away before the aging father. Sometimes when a child is young and natella takes away the parents Allah knows why he does so sometimes Allah tala takes away the husband before the wife will make dua that Allah Allah never test us with these type of things, but it happens. He say all these relationships are not

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guaranteed. All this relationship with this world is not guaranteed. There is only one relationship which is guaranteed and it is your relationship with Allah. Allah Allah Allah will be coughing up there is Allah not sufficient for you? And in this, we can see no matter how difficult that us Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was there? When Allah Allah commanded me leave your homeland he did so when Allah Allah told him and commanded, leave your wife and your small son in a barren desert nearby what is today mocha mocha Rama, the holy city and the Baitullah Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam did so and when Allah tala told him sacrifice your son, Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam was also

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prepared to do so. So yeah, this is a very bribery Salatu was Salam kindergym Allah tala kelia mukamal Super Toki or carbonic a benessere mithali him just champion qoocam dia toluna forum was kita miliki he immediately obey

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Allah Ibrahim Ibrahima boo boo Kalima in Fatah Mona. When Allah tala tested Ibrahim on many occasions, and La had to say every time he he came through the tests with flying colors, Allah had to testify. Whenever Allah tala tested me primal Islam came through the test with flying colors. The second last lesson we learned with regard to me by Melissa was Sam's life, trust in a law. trust in Allah always rely upon Almighty Allah, how many occasions he always relied upon Almighty Allah when he was

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insulin is a long one don't have time, limited time when it was decided by the authorities to throw him into the fire. Throw him into the fire. And guess when he was about to be thrown into the fire. The angels came to the Almighty and said, Oh Allah, your holiday your beloved is going to be thrown your friend is going to be thrown in the fire and hours to go into his assistance. Almighty said angels go and ask him

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and if he asked you and he tells you to assist him go and then assist him, but only do so upon his insistence and upon his instruction. They came to him and said Ibrahim, the Almighty had sent us to help you and assist you from the spire. What did he say? A ma la Casa La or angels from you I need your assistance. If I need assistance the Almighty will assist the Buddha Buhari makes mention when Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was being thrown into the fire repeatedly he was repeating husband Allah who would kill Nirmal Mola mana Sierra. Allah subhanho wa Taala is sufficient for me. Allah is sufficient for me. He is the best Disposer of my affairs trabuco ogma dada dada. Emilie Salatu was

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Salam como por el first as buena la one ml Maki, a la Medallia coffee and La Maria coffee, trust in the Almighty. When Almighty word told him leave her job. Leave your son is marine in the barren desert near what is today the carbine Bakelite Mecca, he left without telling anyone when his wife saw him leaving, she couldn't understand and she asked him

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Are you leaving because of the commander of the Almighty? He said yes, I'm leaving by the commander of the Almighty. He just nodded his head when he was away from his wife and his small, innocent child.

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He made this to our rapana in the scan to minzu reality bhiwadi z these are in pinda a tickle muharrem rapana up masala, Allah I'm leaving my wife and my small innocent child in a barren desert because of your command had to establish the prayers. So today every prayer every Muslim does, he does it in the direction of that place where Ibrahim made the sacrifice. What an amazing thing. Trust in the Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant you tremendous benefits with regard to the via cream sauce limited. If you rely upon the Almighty, the Almighty will take care of your needs. The way that Allah tala and the way the almighty take care of the needs of a bird. It leaves its

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nest in the morning hungry, it comes back in the evening. It is saturated, it is fulfilled with regard to its needs. The second thing that we learned from Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is life is trust and relying upon the Almighty. The third thing we learned from the life of Ibrahim is to be kind to strangers. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was known with regard to being kind to strangers. Allah tala meets many mentioned in the Quran Wanaka Raja rasuna Ibrahim Abu Shara

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welaka, Raja rasuna Ibrahima bill Bushra calu, Salama Kala Salah, from Allah messenger, Avi ithilien honeys, the angels came in the form of human beings to Ibrahim, just before they came, they made Salam. He presented a roasted calf in front of them. He was known for his hospitality. He did not like to eat without, without guests. One day for three days, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam did not have a guest on his table. So Ibrahim in Islam could not bear it. No one beating at my place. I cannot be a host to anyone, I cannot feed anyone. So the Prime Minister went to search for someone. So an old person said Come and have meals with me. He came in have meals can just before as we are Muslims,

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before we start our meals, we do it in the name of the Almighty Allah Bismillah in the name of the Almighty. Abraham said, say in the name of the Almighty, let us eat in the name of the Almighty. He said I don't believe in the Almighty.

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And I will not take the name of the Almighty. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salam out of love for the almighty because he was the Beloved of the Almighty said you don't take the name of the Almighty. You can sit on my table. Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam, you know told him to leave the house. And when he left Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to Ibrahim

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this man did not believe in me. Yet I have been feeding him for 7080 years. You couldn't feed him once.

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I have been I am the Allah is the one who gives people all the needs. I have been feeding him despite the fact that he doesn't believe in me for 7080 years. You couldn't feed him once bramalea salatu salam became regretful, were to search for him and said, Come and eat on my table, irrespective of your background. Irrespective of your religious background. show kindness to strangers, show kindness to people who are not from your faith. This is a lesson of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. The fourth lesson that we learned from the Prime Minister that was Ron's life, I'm just in numerating some because there are many more. One is humility. Subhan Allah, the humility

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that Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam displayed we cannot imagine it is beyond our imagination. Sometimes I think, you know, look at what he went through. And Allah Allah told him and Allah commanded a slim Oh, Ibrahim submit to me.

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And I wonder if they had to be anyone in this world other than our profit if they had to be anyone in this world, from the time of Adam alayhis salam, the beginning of humanity till the Day of Judgment. If anyone could have replied to this by saying, Oh Allah, what do you want me to submit?

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You told me to leave my home lead. I did. So you told me to leave my wife and child in a barren desert. I did. So you told me to sacrifice my one and only Son I did. So if anyone could have said Oh, well now What more do you want in submission? But when Allah Allah told him as slim people or him submit, what did you say? a slum? Pilla hollaby

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I submit to the Lord of the worlds

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I submit to the Lord of the worlds if this is the humanity when he had completed the construction of the Baitullah, he completed the the house of the Almighty Mecca which we all face. Our salad in that direction was

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To rdt make what Preeti mate robina Taka Ballymena Allah accept from me, you are all hearing you are all knowing what to Ballina during the course of doing all the submission. If there is any shortcomings you will not forgive me for it. Here now we do two rockets and we feel that we have done a favor to the almighty

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Prime Minister did all of that which I've made mentioned, and he is pleading our lie except for me, and he ALLAH forgive my shortcomings. I don't know because of my shortcomings you might not accept what we learn is humanity. And then another aspect which sometimes we don't mention is how he Brian I always tell people sometimes you can learn from juniors. Sometimes parents can learn from the children. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam told his father, where he the caller, Ibrahim Alia be as attractive as Naaman. Alia

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and Joby. Bramley salat wa salam kicks about except Allah tala Cooper barossa eight to tawassul as a barista barista was it never it will never come querque Banneker k Giovanna de la manga Tokyo manga cabul firma para pinata Kapil Mina, and one one lesson we learned is listen sometimes to juniors we can learn many things from our children. So Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam told unto his father as a don't make the idols your Lord

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and look at and when when juniors advise seniors when children want to advise the parents who are wrong, how do they do so? how he's a father Leah be here in Nicaragua.

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yava de la gudi shaytaan abati in the alfalfa Yama Sokka Oh my father I got revelation from Almighty only turned to Almighty don't turn to anyone besides the Almighty. Oh my father, don't worship Satan. don't worship the devil. Oh my father, I fear that Almighty will punish you if you do something wrong.

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Sometimes learn from juniors sometimes the children can give you lessons. Children can give you advice, what we learn from the life of a primary salatu salam, how to give advice to the seniors. If you happen to see your father doing something that is not correct. do so with utmost dignity. Don't go and be in such a way that you disrespect your father do so with dignity that way but I humulene salatu salam, Walid in or choti look Allah, validate or very low or Nazi or a play choto City Saba castle sector as a primary Salatu was Salam Napa Valley. Other por una CFT lacunae mana, he did not accept it. But what we learned is sometimes you can learn from juniors sometimes you can learn from

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your from your children, if you do so how do we do so? Another the most important lesson from the life of Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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is submission to the Almighty.

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And this is something you know a true believer will submit and is willing to go through anything for the sake of the commander of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala so Allah mix mentioned in the Holy Quran yagoona in the era of Illumina, oh my son I am seeing in a dream that I am slaughtering you from Sumatra Give me your opinion is smilie salat wa salam was also a was also this time to become a messenger the Almighty and he said, Oh my father do what we have been commanded to do. You will find me also to be amongst those who persevere upon the commands of Allah. So when other coup What is interesting is now Ibrahim Alayhi. salat wa salam long incident don't have the time, just briefly to

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make them to touch on it. A primary salatu salam went out now to go and carry out the supreme sacrifice to slaughter his son. How could How could shaytan in the devil witness such a thing? So he tried to create an obstacle and he Bramley salat, wa salam threw a stone in his direction, and remove that obstacle. And during the course of these next few weeks, we will see the * pelting the devil out of commemoration of that act of Ibrahim, oh devil don't come in my path, in obeying a law. They will do it commemorating that great deed of so and then afterwards Allah said Father was super prepared. knife in hand.

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son was prepared knife ready on his neck, or allowing the father to put the knife on his neck. I think sometimes the entire heavens and earth must have stood still.

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has ever has there ever has there ever been such

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Example of submission in the history of the annals of humankind has ever been such an example. And how Allah puts his pajama llama when they both submitted. They can only be one way only submission can make you do something like that. Think about it logically, how can a father slaughter his son? Think of it any other way. Only submission to the will of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah does not demand that from us. In fact today to go and say I'm gonna for the sake of Allah tala going to slaughter my son.

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You won't get so you won't get reward. You see on the day of eat, I'm going to start to my son is haram for you to do so. He brought him in a sinner to Islam was commanded by Allah for him to do so. And then he did it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala you know when he did it, gradually salatu salam came down with Bremen January Serato. Sam came down with her M with a sheep. And what what did you say? La ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah is the Greatest allies the greatest Ibrahim you have fulfilled your dream. So when when he said that concept that Korea, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam then replied, La ilaha illallah wa la, there is no one with your worship. All praise is only due to the Almighty. And when he smiled he said that was Salam saw that. He said a low but what happened? All praise is due to Almighty Allah. That is why 454 from the ninth to the 13th we repeat this after every prayer. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah. Allahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allah hum repeat after me my Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Sahaba used to repeat this while walking on this days

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of Zul hijjah. While walking they used to repeat this Allah but Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah and that is the origins of the biretta Shrek, we will conclude by saying, you know, just lastly, I will say it is a result of such sincerity. It is a result of such devotion, that every year we slaughter a sheep on the day of Eden. And when we did we did to give charities very great reward.

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But essentially, both here and the Kobani is not charity.

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You can use it to feed you can use it to give to the poor renovator himself, someone said Marvin aka jasola, why do we slaughter sheep? He did not say go and feed the poor to feed the poor. There are many benefits many rewards. He said you slaughter a sheep, because you commemorate the supreme sacrifice of

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it, you can use it to feed the poor but essentially it is not charity. We have turned it into a charity. give charity in other occasions and give lot but this when you start a sheep, you remind them of the supreme sacrifice. And when that sacrifice and devotion happens, do you know what happened up till now from that time Muslims will slaughter sheep to commemorate? And from that time because of his sincerity and devotion. He called people to come to Makkah in financeable Hajj, people will flock to go to Makkah in responding to the call of Ibrahim when he built a cup I said what Sybil has called and let him call the people to come to the house of Almighty Allah. He said he

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Allah is no one here. Let LSAT Brahim you give the call. I will see tweet that the one whom I want to go to Makkah he will respond to your call. It is because of that sincerity and devotion. After every unit of prayer. You and I, we will commemorate and we will remember and we will say

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come on Sunday.

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We will send salutations upon our Prophet, but in doing so we will send cetaceans of open Ibrahim because of such sincerity and devotion. May Allah give us a topic of living from the lessons of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam wa

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