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Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Habib al Medina vommuli alemi Villa Marina

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for Subhana Allah hilarie hikmah to who balikatan wiremu who was the one who

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only saw the remarkable when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu in a theory to me when a shadow and nessa Donna Maulana Mohammed Abu who were a pseudo loving her Donna be kitabi Mooney Madonna in the lawn he bill in the river sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi madda metal Kawasaki Buta see.

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Kala la junta Baraka wa Taala filco annual Majeed evil for corneal Hamid la homina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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What if Allah Ibrahim or bidjan? Well by let me know what you knew Benny weapony and nabooda snom sakalava labin honorable scholars respected brothers, elders, esteemed listeners, mothers and sisters and viewers. The verse I recited before you is a verse of the 13th Joseph surah to Ibrahim, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of one of the many supplications of Ibrahim alayhis salam, we take a cue and direction and navigation not only from the utterances or the actions of an abbey, but even the supplications of a newbie in his door, we get a great amount of direction. So one of the prayers and supplications of Ibrahim alayhis salam was why is the tala a Bara him or a

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baby Abidjan has al Bella Amina and remember the time when so you denied Ibrahim supplicated Allah and he said, Oh my Lord make this land a blessed land a safe land. Now, without going into grammar at one point it is a big ol balada and 1.8 is a hada boliden. So at one point it is a definite noun. And in one context, it's an indefinite noun. Those into Arabic grammar will appreciate the reason for this if time allows, let's see how we further develop on it. Remember, he had left his spouse and children in a barren land which he himself said Urbana in as can domains are going to be wired in series or in the biological mohar our law have established my children in a land in which there

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is no vegetation. I have a flash of one of the great reflections in biannual Quran under this ayah hakima Rama Rama Hola, right? Is that della bajo la volatile matassa weva Allah and who used to live in sunny and yet Raka weleda who Allah who some people deduce from this ayah the permissibility or the suppose that permissibility of leaving your spouse and children in a place where there's no water, there's no vegetation, there's no communication, and relying on the fact it takes a while and Allahu taala that trust in Allah and rely in a line there's much debate on the balance between the adoption of means and reliance on Allah currently as we continue to move through this pandemic. So

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he writes very beautifully. He says, while Java boo Anwar be washing laying cycle water eppela Joaquin,

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while Java bow,

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in laser can work very beloved in that you simply cannot equate something which was authenticated by divine revelation to something which doesn't have any divine basis. So as a rule, we've been told we are responsible for our wife and our children. In fact,

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in the fourth Jo's on the first page in Surah, Allah Emraan, the third chapter of the Quran, where Allah speaks about hygiene while in Lahaina Island, Nancy, Hi, my name is Taka II Sabina and for Allah, Allah nos. It's obligatory upon the people, one in La Jolla Bay to make the tawaf a circuit around the Kaaba, many stata la his babila the one who has the ability to do so that portion of the ayah many Stata has been expounded on in the Hadith as Azad wa ala zadan

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Meaning provision or rafina, meaning conveyance, and if a person has dependence, then he has to provide for his dependence. So if a man has adequate funds to go to Makkah to perform the Hajj, but then he doesn't have funds to leave behind for his minor children and his and his spouse, then he is hide you will not become obligatory upon him. Sometimes a woman says, You know, I don't have a Muharram. So, now, how will I perform my hedge? Well, simple sister has will not be obligated to be upon you. It will not be you have not defaulted in any way. Yes, if if it presents and then the means are there and there is a Muharram then of course, the Shara it and the conditions will be

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found. So say either not you bruh Imani salatu salam made this da what was his law? Or? What you know, Binney were baniya Wow, no, no, no, I beg for your undivided attention. So remember, the environment at that time is dominant with idolatry. The father of Abraham alayhis salam was just not an idol worship, but was an idle merchant. It's difficult for a person to detach from a vise when that's the source of his income.

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Because that's that's your apparent livelihood, you. So you don't just have an addiction, you just don't have an inclination. But that's where you generate in your revenue from you generating your revenue from a person unfortunately, has the bad habit of You know what? substance abuse or taking drugs, and he himself is selling this he's becoming an agent, and May Allah guide and protect those who unfortunately, have caused so much pain and discomfort to hundreds of youth and their parents because of trying to generate money out of this evil source.

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the environment around is idolatry. People are worshipping idols. That's the order of the day. And we can try and touch on this briefly as well. Say that your bra Imani Salam says What do you know Benny? We're Benny oh my lord Save Me and my son and nabooda snom from worshipping idols, does Allah Allah and Allah

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lumea Manu Allah and fusi him for K for the men who love Kula and in Benin FC worship on Fela

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Tara be highly he will become a D.

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So what does he write della it's explicit it's categoric, an MBR, the galaxy of prophets, the choices of Allah creation lamea manohara and forcing him they did not sign with relief. And Romani Allah Allah Lucy Baghdadi says, Why didn't say that you brought him asked Allah protection when he was a prophet, and it is our arcada. And our believe that there is Smith is longing for an Abbe, divine protection is lousy for a Navy. So he lives in there it is.

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placement and protection is a definite article for a newbie, but that is by the world and the tofield cavalla. Not that a newbie by his instinct does not have the ability.

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So in a B is protected, exempted is assume because Allah has given him that level and that station of protection. So if a newbie is asking a lot of protection for himself and his son, for K for women, yeah, takala Bukola. And then, then what about that person who's gripped between the clutches of the devil, and between the temptations of his ego at every moment?

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In time people are feeling there is an incident mentioned, where Satan is a Salatu was Salam had met shavonne and in that he had a dialogue with Siobhan and he asked shaytan How do you mislead people? So then shanto satana yahia one is, you know what swinfen one category is like yourself masamune divinely protected, and then there is sinful another category. We have total control over them. As Hakeem onomah says, For k for the manyata Lab couldn't have seen one in K four k for the manyatta Lab, and in vain enough single shape on the one who is in the clutch and the grip of the devil at any time. So the devil said to Yala, his salon de is one category, we have such control over them.

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Because karate fee adcb an econ Cal karate fee, a DC bionic arm, like a ball in the hands of a child. You know what he heads the ball, he kicks the ball, he flips the ball. He has control over it. There are certain people we have total control over them. Good Eva la anago Manta LA for en la jolla De La Hoya de la de la

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Anyway, that's my first message that

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we are living in very turbulent times. Needless for me to mention this year. And you know what?

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The truth be told, challenges were found from the beginning of time, but back in the days compared to today, previously, they were selfless people and today they are selfish people. Back in the days, they were people who erudite, the elucidation, they were they had Rousseau that firmness in knowledge. And today by enlarge, unfortunately, there is a vacuum in that there was an incident and I shared this in a broad, neutral context.

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If you read about the great work of EOS being more Aria, Rahim Allah, he was a Tabby, he was at arbury. And during his period, right, there was a person who was a fraudster.

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So now you say today you know what we riddled with challenges. They are bogus people. Well, this was in the era of ESPN, what are we are, but look at how they resolve the issues. Look at how they resolved it. And that's why I'm saying many of the challenges we face today are not unique to our situation. It's just that we lack that type of individuals who can resolve it with maturity and integrity. Do you know what hora Janice, Tammy Sunil de la

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hora Jana so yummy sooner Lila

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people came out to cite the class and

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what I see him as a hobby usually.

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And part of the delegation was Anasazi alone 1040 in a summer. So they glanced up to the horizons Federal Bureau say they see nothing. But under super nomadic radi Allahu anhu says that I am seeing a crescent.

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And so the nomadic Ravi Allahu anhu says, I am seeing the crescent. This is the testimony of one Sahabi a Sahaba to Luma dual elementary aspects of Hadith. You do not and Jara on those that follow after as a hobby as a hobby is above knock then Jara because the Navy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam approved him he is blessed with the Sahaba of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam now there is confusion. There's uncertainty. Everybody says they cannot see anything. And as of nomadic and this is mentioned in Surah manhyia Tita the rain and the he has been more Avia for those who would want to, you know, run their minds where I found this narration or where I found this HCA and

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this narrative, I share it with you so you can read it amazing incidents.

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Allah blessed us with that type of people who can

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you know, Okay, I'm coming back to this year. Right.

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I can just see the anxiety and the excitement in the atmosphere and probably through the airwaves. Our aim is just to bring marhaba and unity and understanding to the oma, what did allama cabal say?

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Mr. LaMacchia heartfelt a producer a co coffee, a coffee he had just Nahum sobre como Santa Monica Hall. masala maka her favorite a kudos Reiko coffee Rika Ha. A coffee he hedges Nahum sakumo Sal maka, it is sad and tragic and most unfortunate, that one category one sect one group from amongst us, tarnishes, blemishes, soils, and uses unpleasant words and derogatory inflammatory condescending words against others. Probably it's only the disbeliever who says we all are Muslims. Probably it's only that has been ever all you Muslims. Well, for many, may Allah guide us Viola make it easy. I'm saying we're living through very, very challenging times. And I said the reason for this is that

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honestly, there is there is an almost, almost remote if you have depth in knowledge, if you have depth in knowledge, then Subhan Allah Allah will give you the strength to apologize to retract, to admit, to acknowledge, to compliment to congratulate all these things. No, Mashallah. I mean, if you look at the photo ha, they have called a khadeem College at the elite track, notwithstanding their caliber, they retract in their opinions. So, you know, when, when the companions complained to Anasazi, nomadic radi Allahu anhu and they said

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To him that we are facing great challenges and atrocities at the hands of Hijaz, he said his bureau persevere. For every error that is to come, will be more intense than the one he preceded. Had tidal power become until you finally meet your lead your Lord Samia to whom he never eucom sallallahu wasallam now the scholars of Hadith say there is a bit of a challenge in reconciling this statement of Anasazi nomadic or the Allahu anhu that the era of hijab was followed by the era of Omar Abdulaziz. And honorable Abdul Aziz was the second Omar he was a fresh breath of air he was a man of a different caliber

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qilta D what's the the the poet said regarding the praises of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah

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Shema Luca Jai Romania me missing worker

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shaman Luka Romania meanie co worker your left hand is more productive than the right hand of others. Well, well these were people generally your right hand is synonymous to stay in. Tune Anna Anna Lee Ameen yummy means to suffer in the 23rd juice. You know, it's synonymous to good excellence excetera so and and the left hand, you know doesn't have that same Omen attached to it. Can a yo yo ma hooray? What can you do you slightly holla Eva McCallum in other sama bin Abdulaziz Omar bin Abdulaziz was was the man who he was.

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Oh, so the period of Omar bin Abdulaziz was followed by the period of Hajaj. And the statement of Satan is that every error that is to come will be worse. But the error of Omar bin Abdulaziz was greater than that of her judgment use of so look at how the scholars unpack and explain everything they say that indeed the reign of Omar Abdul Aziz was a rule of justice, honor, respect and dignity. But the period of hijab still remains a better period because it was rich with the presence of more Sahaba.

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And that's what I'm saying. If you look in the spirit in which we go in through, well, I every day, a giant is falling and a fitna is rising.

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Every day, a giant is falling, another scholar, another learn that man has fallen. And another fifth and AI has risen. This is the pattern. This is not a prediction. This is not a forecast. You and I are witnessing this as we go through it.

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So fitness happened, but there were people in the period of Hijaz, you could run and fall in the lap of a companion or the love or animal.

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The thing is, things are narrowing up now, the the place to take amnesty and shelter has become very, very limited and restricted to who do I go and cry my heart out to where do I find direction and navigation? They came to ESPN while we have a comeback to the incident of the moon and the sighting. And another incident. So there was a fraudster. I'm saying they were challenges, but they were selfless learned individuals who resolved it and restored normality.

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So a person came to

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an Arab nomadic person came to ESPN Mojave, and he said, You know what? I've given my money to so and so to keep it. And now when I'm claiming it back from it, he denies it and he's usurped it, and he wouldn't return my funds. So it has been one way or the other Rahim. Allah said no problem. Did you tell the brother you coming to me? He said, No, I didn't mention your name. Okay, give me two days of grace. He has been more our context this man and he says, Listen, I believe you're a very trustworthy man and you're very reliable people are, you know what? raving about your honesty and your integrity. I've got some handsome treasures here and I've got some wealthier of the uttama and

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the orphans. And it's just too much for me. Can I keep it with you in your K in your custody? I've heard a lot about you. So this man is of course he has popped out because this is a potential prospect customer for me to usurp and embezzle the funds. Right? I'm saying you find bogus this. There's so many fit. And as I'm just touching on to three, but back in the days there were people with vision and integrity and was selfless, who could rescue the situation?

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And this is where the crisis is. So because you know what, there are kids at home, and probably

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the water was running. Or you know what, there was some light

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That was left on a fire and there wasn't an adult a small problem becomes a major issue.

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A small thing becomes a major thing Why? Because there was no adult or senior or guardian. And I promise you the oma is kind of moving into that phase of just looking like orphans everywhere. It's it's just not knowing where to turn and find that sense of direction, comfort and solace. So, he told the person today in today's time, please You must come here and come with him maylene with people who can carry because I got a lot of money. So this man is excited you can read this also if they in

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today's time, this man is excited. You know what I got a good customer a lot of money coming my way I can use this in whatever I want to the next day he called that person and he said, Listen, now you go to that man, and you ask him for your money. And if he refuses, tell him I will report the method to ESP muawiya

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Allahu Akbar. I will report the method to he has been more aware. He didn't tell him anything behind the scenes What has happened? selfless, selfless to represent the oma.

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So this man goes the next day and he says listen, you owe me money. He says no. For encara who was Yahoo. I don't have a dime. I don't have any of your money. None of your assets. He said I will report you to ESPN Mahalia.

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So he apologized or rather in a Malibu who was a Yamaha Tierra who he said, Here's your money, please. My apologies. Sit down. Join us for meals. How can I entertain you? Because he knew if I go in the bad books of ESPN maraya today's time the money that I'm anticipating will all go into hold and properly the entire deal will go pear shaped where I've been told to supposedly keep it in trust, but he had a sinister agenda. This man collected his money went back to ERC muawiya JazakAllah. Heron, may Allah reward you. I don't know what spell you cast on demand, or what magic but he returned it. Two days later, the man comes through he has been Mahalia and he comes with all

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and taraj he has been Mahalia says big soccer Yeah, I do Allah how evil are you? Oh enemy of Allah go from your you have made Deen a source of of misleading people and corrupting people. Subhan Allah. People are out.

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Searching for the crescent. Can you imagine everybody says I cannot see. And Anna Savino. Malika Yolanda says I can see.

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So you had Deepu he's looking. So he has more Alia approaches? These are the words he comes with other than respect. And what are the karabell Mia. That's the narration. And so no Malik was close to the century mark

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who was close to 100 years of age. So he was in very, very advanced age. And he is

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claiming that he has spotted the crescent and the moon and everybody else presidencies. They have not seen it. So

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he has been where are we I came close. And he looked for either charlatan ba ba for either shabbaton Bay bar. There is a wide thread of hair or white thread of cotton that had obscured the view of Santa Ana, super nomadic Claudia love Andrew. What other than respect, he approached and he gently removed it. And then he asked authority hilarya Sahaba rasulillah uttara de la la Sahaba rasulillah a companion of Allah's Messenger sallallahu wasallam Do you still see the crescent? He said la Allah I do not see the crescent and something which could become so contentious was nipped in the bud with so much respect and dignity and alfia That's why I'm saying that today when I already been taught

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not you see now

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right? You guys are getting me started and it's a winter's night and we got to talk on

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I can cry

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lol we love the lower period are we going through my Allah

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when Abdullayev numbers road said the thing that makes me cry is that I see the sun rising and the sun setting and my good deeds have not increased your a day doesn't go by without my gossip not increasing.

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Man at him too harsh a nag me Allah Yeoman palette fee Hisham Soho la tree Sham so Natasha Natasa fi Willa music v Amelie, I didn't I see the sunrise I see the sunset in one day gone from my life, what they say in order to walk Katara

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Cut off what capers be eaten I walked in a taco dobara walk their

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walk the other girl walked past be eaten I walked in a value time even time hasn't got more time to give you time again.

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Even time hasn't given you God time to give you time again.

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When the incident happened at Gaza Bonilla musta left

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between two companions

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and sunan bin Weber are the Allahu anhu one Bina Mahajan, one Pina answer, and it kind of created some slogans. Yeah. Maha de yarnall answer. Come my Mahajan income my answer. Oba Dara Delano heard about this year, he went to the Sahabi, who was on the receiving end, who had the right of retaliation. And he said, forgive your brother. forgive your brother. And he nailed it. He nailed it.

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He nailed it. He nipped it in the bud. Yeah, a day doesn't go by without my gossip not increasing my slander not increasing

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your law. What time what a time, my love.

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We are sadly living in an era where many people prior to acid acid law protection from such an era.

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Okay, let's speak and make progress on the discussion of cedra Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. So amongst the amazing qualities of say di Brahim alayhi salatu. Salam was he is diplomacy, euphemism and wisdom.

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Right. So when he gets into a debate and also when he advises his nation, in the seven Joe's in Surah, Al anon, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about it. The more we read Quran the more we will realize that how far we are off the mark.

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We are off the mark

00:27:08 --> 00:27:27

in the ninth juice, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the disbelievers farmer can only mean Obamacare. The bohemian farmer can only mean Obamacare the boo boo him in that they are not willing to embrace something they have previously denied.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:44

fee the mon lilla gg, one line ID well Sri Waka cateura Phil moteurs de la la la yarujie una Masada Allah Allah Allah.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:51

Indeed, it is not healthy, to be obstinate.

00:27:53 --> 00:28:02

To be firm, on something that is correct is called is determined. And to be firm on something that is wrong is called stubbornness

00:28:04 --> 00:28:20

a person that is firm on a wrong thing you can say God is the comet I smoke every day. What is the comet? no no that's it you know I never miss it. That's my practice. I my mind is the comet. I must This is my habit. You know you never miss it out. That's not the comet is the comet is in good.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:26

What did the disbeliever say regarding the Vla Salatu was Salam

00:28:28 --> 00:28:55

Baraka Nola amuro Wanaka Otto Allah Parineeti Latina materasso Flm Miyako neurona Bella cannula yo Joon anusara la la Vina cafaro una caja de la la la de barra de la hora Sula in Casa de la you will know Na Na Tina Lola and sobre la la ha

00:28:57 --> 00:29:24

when they would say No Is this the man who's the Prophet? Oh lucky we firm on our idolatry man he nearly take us away from it sugar we got firmness on it. firmness. That stubbornness. In Gada in Maha phenomenal moussaka in Casa de la luna, Luna they refer into guidance as deviation from the norm festa Haku llama la Buddha.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:28

We gave them sight they said we want to be blind.

00:29:30 --> 00:29:57

So then that'd be passed is could the corpses of his nation he said for K for us. arleigh Coleman Catherine. How can I lament the fate of a nation who chooses to deny How can I cry? I'm telling my child don't run that are telling a kid don't go there. You know what? It's live. There's this power that you'll burn yourself. Then he runs No, no, don't. Hey, be careful. Now when he burns and say, Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

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For k for ourselves.

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Okay for us

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in coffee my brothers say a kind word or be silent. My brother add value to your whatsapp group or come out of that group.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:21

My brother my nappy said man, Ghana you know biLlahi luminosity failure only yes more.

00:30:25 --> 00:31:15

If you believe in Allah in the last day, say a kind word or then observed silence me to put an end to any form of bickering and feuds and altercations. I often say, if a person has only one source of income, he needs to be very particular about generating revenue adequately, because he doesn't have any other forms of income to supplement it. A man's got shops in three malls. One mall has been looted the revenue from others will get him through to through through the you know, to balance out the deficiency or the deficit from the other shop. But if you only have one table and you're Hawking and it starts raining for that man, his own Empire collapses. My brother, we don't have much reward,

00:31:15 --> 00:31:19

we cannot allow to lose the suppose that little we have.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:25

We cannot and let me tell you something. This is in alpha for more eight.

00:31:28 --> 00:32:16

What did Allah say Mangia Abolhassan at a fella Allahumma salli wa Mangia be say, Allah preserve and reward the scholars of Tafseer. In those that are experts in the exigences they say Allah did not mentioned in the Quran, the one who performs a good deed Allah will give him 10 rewards. Allah said the one who performs it preserves it and brings it with him when he comes. Man, da, ba, da, ba da be bring it worth. How many times you can get to the shop. You have 10 cards with you. But your wallet is not what your your purse is not with you. So you I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry. I don't know. But you know, whoever you are for now, please, I need a god. I need a card. You need to swipe it. So you

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could be wealthy but for the moment you cannot buy anything because you don't have it with you. If you have performed an action, but you have invalidated that action by certain vices and destroyed it. Someone said I notice Abu hanifa never makes Riba so another person said he's too wise to give his good deeds away to others. He's too wise.

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Bishop Mahaffey Murray fella who's a Muslim in his own life, he never backbite that anyone can have equally shot karate. Meanwhile, it was like every strand of hair of his watch was intelligence. loco Sima aku Allah Ali Baba Alibaba sobre la. If you had to distribute his intelligence to the people of Baghdad, everyone would become intellectual without diminishing his intelligence in any way.

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My brother, man can mean open law he will

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say a kind word or then be silent. Robinho same, probably been Jose Him, who was Robbie

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Abdullah bin Masaru told him La ilaha illAllah Abdullah bin Massoud testimony when Sarah who a young

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man Come on as a failure.

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If you want to read Koran as it was revealed to me in the Vla, salaam said, then you must read like how I've done like no McCune is reading.

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Okay, that's up to live demos over the olana like oblateness Road

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00:34:02 --> 00:34:24

A lot of a person came to say now Amara, the alano and he said, you know what I heard so and so he's reading the Quran different to how I heard you with a slight variation in a particular pronounciation Samira delana got angry. The number of Yolanda asked he said Who was it? It says Abdullah Massoud, he said oh why? Why are you getting me excited for nothing is more learned.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:34

He understands the Quran properly. Amara, Allah is traveling. And then there's another group of people it's at night.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:37

So Amara jolanda says, Let's ask them who they are.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:51

So as the main Anton it's duck screaming out, addressing the rock up in the top line the caravan from where someone from there says, manufacturing me

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

from a distant place. Samarra Yolanda says a natori dude, where are you heading? So someone from there

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

Lies, lie tell it, the ancient house the Kaaba. So I'm very upset that two replies Tell me already there's a learned person there. That two replies tell me there's a learned person there. Amara Yolanda said Nottingham, Ronnie album asked them which verse of the Quran is the most profound and prominent? A person replies Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Allah Hi You

00:35:23 --> 00:35:28

know him, you can which verse of the Quran is most clear?

00:35:29 --> 00:36:02

Or your Quran? is the most comprehensive in Allah Hi, Yamato Bella, deliver. Excellent. I'm not going to go into the details. Neither him or your Karani. Which verse of the Quran instills the greatest amount of fear. So person from the replies may also a huge debate. Whoever commits any wrong they will be retribution. And you will qurani our job which was of the Quran gives the greatest hope a person replies, julio de la de nos asafo. Allah and fusi him. So Amara de Allah says you've given it away of dilemna Massoud is from among zeal,

00:36:03 --> 00:36:06

you've given the answer to reply like this isn't the lightning Maestro de Monza

00:36:08 --> 00:36:11

Allahu Akbar, what are we talking about? La la la.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:24

So we do have an audience for those of us that are viewing here, but the audience is also On a winter's night and you know what? They are but active, they fairly active here.

00:36:26 --> 00:36:26


00:36:27 --> 00:36:41

let's let's go back to the tale of say that Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam and whatever develops from there. So I was saying to you say that ah, Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, he is diplomacy, his wisdom is wisdom. Right.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:54

So yeah, he comes out with his people one night as the Quran says, and the star appears philomath Janna La La Dora co caba.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:16

Now look at Hickman and wisdom, Hekmat and wisdom. So he says the Hazara be a bizarre amicon as Romani explicitly mentioned this year. So I was blown away by this profound reflection of the scholars of the field. So to make them understand the feebleness

00:37:17 --> 00:37:26

and the baseless nature of what they were worshipping, he gradually developed he gradually developed gradually developed.

00:37:29 --> 00:37:35

Now I recall what we were talking about a barrel. Mohit Mangia Abolhassan. Okay, we come back inshallah.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:39

Let's see what the night holds for us. La Ilaha Illa. Allah.

00:37:41 --> 00:37:45

How long are we on? Like 10 minutes? No.

00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

But to fail.

00:37:49 --> 00:37:57

Is the night young, like really young? of failure? fairly young. Okay. Okay, so that's an indication don't stretch us too long.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:03

So he sees the star.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:51

So he says, probably this is my Lord. Probably I'm giving the incorporating the translation of zom as Rahmani Lama Lucy Baghdadi mentioned this probably this one, because this is how they write anything that gave of any form of brightness. If halogens magic charisma then they use this as a source of diversity. And in Buhari the call of abou Raja Ruta de de ahora. de, de de is there is that good Nana da da da da Hassan Hello Meanwhile, pina colada, that our condition was such that we would worship a stone and if one day while walking, I seen a glitter or glamour on a different stone. I'm like, I think I can part with God number one and embrace number two.

00:38:52 --> 00:39:01

Right? And that is why the Quran tells us that when we are addressing people who are worshipping other deities, don't be abusive. Imagine this my brother

00:39:03 --> 00:39:55

the Quran says when you are engaging people who are worshipping other dieties don't use vulgar or abusive obscene language, leave the retort in a like manner. Why not so boy Latina de una momento de la, la la, la la la, but under the silence of serious man it is written, that you can expose the deficiencies of that object which they worship in an intellectual manner. So not in a condescending manner. Don't say a scoffing thing about the object of worship don't love because then you that is counterproductive. If you're going to mock at someone it's counterproductive, but if you ask them you lay it in and you intellectually engaging that people can listen. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said,

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

Taka Matheny, bieneusi coffin Filardi, which are nibin in Nigeria.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

Had the film Gemma for in the news happen in a nurse you know a minute ago Ba ba ba ba ma my brother if you want to advise me Take me nicely one side and talk to me. I will listen to you from the morning till the night. But if you publicly rebuke me I won't listen to one word.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:28

Tamara, I don't want to listen to you. I don't want to listen to you. Tom Matheny be no stick of inserra they take me one side and set me down I'm all yours.

00:40:30 --> 00:40:43

Right our Dean is too beautiful. I always say we don't have to add a shine to this deal. The Dean has its own attraction. We have to undo the dust we put on it

00:40:45 --> 00:40:54

does Dean has its own shine my brother it doesn't need me and you to polish it. We've we've we've done estate. We've tarnished it.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:00

Take that out show it in its pristine form. Then you will see

00:41:01 --> 00:41:43

in the chaos oh mama in ductal ductal them in we're in turn I'm done I'm Allah Shaka MA in the chaos oh mama, mama What's up? many ways through is this have been interpreted in touch with Dr. Deming. If you claim my life, then it will be advantaged. You're killing a man with blood meaning my family and my my tribe will will will rebel and revolt and take revenge or internal internal vimala Shakeel, but if you favor me, I'm a person who will appreciate it. Less than three days in the courtyard of Masuda. nabawi Salatu was salam, The Man Who said I despise Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the most in less than 72 hours. He said there isn't a human on the face of this earth who I love

00:41:43 --> 00:41:44

more than Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

00:41:47 --> 00:41:54

so then he seen the staff maybe this year, now look at how the scholars did use La ilaha illAllah

00:41:55 --> 00:42:22

then when the star disappeared, he said la will have a feeling I'm not comfortable with this appearance and disappearance come and go back and forth. erratic now you're then gone. Oh, no, that's don't work. You know, sometimes available sometimes not available. Sometimes it's there sometimes invisible. Look at look at look at now look at the diplomacy. So the pattern of rejection is moving from mild to strong.

00:42:24 --> 00:42:29

Affiliate law whatever is not in need. very minimal. mimma it's the law.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:41

Law. No, I'm not comfortable. Okay. fella Mara Kamara, Byron tala, Hazara Bay, then came the moon. It's bright. It's great. It's amazing.

00:42:43 --> 00:42:57

So you said maybe this one. This is particularly typically I think that's what you would say because this is where they were attributing it to. So whether it be according to you, I think maybe who knows this is it for them if and when it disappeared?

00:42:58 --> 00:43:32

bardella in lamea, hidemi rabina akuna nominal coma Valley. If my lord doesn't guide me in La mia teeny, Robbie. Then the one MSA he didn't say I will be from amongst you people. lacuna nominal Tomi Valley. I will be amongst those who are straight. The implication is you explicit would be too brutal and crude for them to digest. So he came across with what we say at 33 insinuation and not explicit, implicit and not explicit.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:40

comme la la houden ofii Villa de Mogi.

00:43:42 --> 00:43:42

We're in

00:43:44 --> 00:43:59

La La houden Oh, Viva la de moving in biannual Quran the same thing is that a 10 year in the 22nd chosen surah to Sabah in which the adab of Managua have been taught. Our Dean has so much respect. Our Dean has so much of

00:44:01 --> 00:44:03

our Dean has so much etickets

00:44:05 --> 00:44:12

Musa alayhis salam with the consensus of all Rama is more senior than

00:44:13 --> 00:44:16

ever, everybody agrees. There's no two opinions on this. Yeah.

00:44:17 --> 00:44:43

As mentioned in biannual Quran, when musala sam comes to Heather cardella, who Moosa Kaberuka Allah Antoine limani mimma Ron Lim de Roche de la, Allah, Allah who at dinner can be a salib li li kelemen urawa Moosa siver Allah louima, Tommy Minerva, Tito Dori

00:44:44 --> 00:44:56

it's a parent for anybody who can understand the choice of words that saved in our Moosa adopted notwithstanding his lofty rank when speaking to Heather which was brimming with respect and humility.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:03

You know, I always say

00:45:04 --> 00:45:11

it's not difficult to deal with a difficult person. The most difficult thing of a difficult person is they claim that they are easy natured.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:15

Oh man, I don't know if somebody knows what I'm talking Yeah.

00:45:17 --> 00:45:30

You know people some people are very narcissistic, NPD, narcissistic personality disorder self centered around themselves. That's fine if you like that we all are wired different. But your claim that you're not that that's the difficulty for me.

00:45:32 --> 00:45:33

That's the difficulty for me.

00:45:36 --> 00:46:10

Dealing with a difficult person is fine. And one of the most common words I dealing with this a lot nowadays, emails Narcissus, it's D word. It's the word now. narcissistic habits, narcissistic traits, narcissistic inclinations, very self centered. You know that ego completely right? It's fine to be a difficult that's not a problem. I can deal with anyone who's difficult. But the claim of a difficult person that I'm easy in nature, that's the most difficult to do things that are wrong, we all earn, but then to claim that this is part of being this is what blows me away.

00:46:12 --> 00:46:13

This is what blows me away.

00:46:15 --> 00:47:00

I am the most fallible person you can think of my mom made draft for me today and I said you know, my mind is so crowded and clouded and she says declare you will sit there inshallah and you will see my dawesville flow. And precisely it's like I've always mentioned this year, so that has veiled me and insulated me. the prayers of my parents and my mom has insulated me and buffered me otherwise I'm in no position to speak. But the thing that what I'm saying hurts me and pains me and agonizes me is that you are difficult nature and you claim you easy you're doing we all are we all we all have our own mistakes but then to claim that it is under the banner of Dean this is you know, when

00:47:00 --> 00:47:08

we when we look at the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. So akuna nominal comb is Pauline, what did he say? Then I will be from amongst the deviant people.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:25

For namara shumsa bazi Ratan Kala Hazara Akbar, when you sit in the sun and it's bright, astronomers tell you in the diameter of the sun, not in the ball of the sun in the diameter of the Sun from one side to the other side 109 Earths can fit into it.

00:47:27 --> 00:47:30

Right? What What is this galaxy and what are this

00:47:31 --> 00:47:33

space that Allah has created?

00:47:34 --> 00:48:10

So probably this is my lord, this is the greatest right for them. If I let Kalia comb anybody on mimma to Shri guru of my nation, I disassociate from the things with which you ascribe partners to Allah in a word journey to what he Allah the Torah sama, yT valade. So the third one was strong, was more assertive, right? gradually, he became an order my sentences in Romani. At the first point when the star disappeared, he didn't say you are deviant, and I'm away from you, because that could abruptly end dialogue at that point.

00:48:12 --> 00:48:52

So you took them through a host of different experiences. Let's look at the star. Let's look at the sun. Let's look at the moon. Ah, you know what he's exposing to us. And that's precisely what he did. That's precisely what he did when it came to the idols. Right. As a Monet, Brian sub expounded on it, I touched on it briefly, of course, he mentioned it very eloquently, but just to share a slight different dimension to it, that when he came, and they observed this year, and who did this to our gods, and this is an evil person, etc, etc. And of course, while alpha saffiano telecabine, and the X was hanging around the neck of the big idol, and I'm not going into the academics of toja,

00:48:52 --> 00:49:01

and it's not a majority. And and that whole explanation because that's again, academic language and you're looking at a healthy arm where you're, you know,

00:49:03 --> 00:49:51

but suffice to say that in Islam speaking a lie is repugnant. But totally out there is permissibility. Toria means where you give off a word which has dual meaning or dual interpretation, the onlooker interprets it in one way, and you have a different interpretation to it, but it falls within the linguistic meaning you can use a say window and say now in my mind, I was referring to it as a door No, no, no, no, no, that that's that's not totally a that's a lie. That's a lie. Right. Oh, can I share one academic point quickly and then we come in inshallah. So I was saying to the students in in Sahih, Muslim the other day, and this has mentioned in Tukwila formulae him that in

00:49:51 --> 00:49:55

the famous incident of in the previous times where the king had

00:49:56 --> 00:50:00

a magician, right? And in Tukwila, it's mentioned that the lightning

00:50:00 --> 00:50:12

Is this incident happened in the period of fatra between riesa alayhis salam and Nabi sallallahu wasallam. And he says, we really didn't read the sonnet but listen to the academics man. Wow, these two beautiful man, his Deen is just too beautiful.

00:50:14 --> 00:50:21

So the result Some said in the previous time kind of human kind of kubla Khan Malik there was a king and then he had

00:50:23 --> 00:50:30

you know what? A magician. And then when the magician had aged, he told to the key he told the king if I think in a

00:50:31 --> 00:50:37

sense to me, I need to teach him magic because I'm moving on. And you know what I need to train someone.

00:50:39 --> 00:50:51

Sadly, today, forces of evil have succession plans, but the causes of good unfortunately, we are holding on to our own place and we're not preparing the next generation.

00:50:54 --> 00:51:46

We're not preparing the next generation. And now again, mind bronzier but just let me say this inshallah, from Quran Satan as a carrier Allah His salat wa salam wa he may to Allah, Allah be heavily Milan khazaria tanto de ba O Allah bless me with a pious child. We're in a student my Wailea. Muara, I'm afraid of the relatives who's going to take the cause of Dean right so from this it's mentioned in Romani, that the NBR desired for their legacy to continue they desired for their legacy to continue. And then what do I be k de Paiva de la Allah is love min shadow t Ha ha ha. That Wednesday you dinner Zakaria, make dua to Allah Allah bless me with a child who can take the legacy

00:51:46 --> 00:52:02

he said bless me with a child who is Thai, which means the prerequisite for succeed in your father or a purse previous person is nobility Lama Hakone him in Korea, Tina Serbia,

00:52:03 --> 00:52:08

not purely because you carry the same surname are born in the same home, you can read the whole academics there.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:21

So, and Natalia Bell wallet la unifi at taqwa la cama de Cana, Li Harvin de nition.

00:52:22 --> 00:52:28

Allah give me a child, and more. So when you're asking Allah for someone who can take it forward for me, that's great, that's Noble.

00:52:30 --> 00:52:40

So I'm saying, Look at the wisdom of sadhana, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was salam, right? When he came back, and he left the x on the idol, the big idol there. And then

00:52:42 --> 00:53:21

they asked who did this year, so it's not the majority. And that's where we were talking about that narration. We're talking about the narration where the king asked for boy, so the boy came, and the king started teaching him the art of magic. But now while he was going to the king, what kind of authority Rahim there was a monk. And then he started going to the monk and you know what? He got impressed. This looks great. This looks amazing. And then he was you know, back and forth. So officially, he was going home and officially was going to the magician, but he incorporated the visit to the raha between the two. So that wasn't officially accounting for it wasn't officially

00:53:21 --> 00:53:33

accounting for officially you at work and from work you at home. But now you know what, you're not at work and you know, I'm in traffic. Okay, can we just video call, you know what the signal is a barrier. Okay. All right. All right. Okay.

00:53:34 --> 00:53:38

So But the worst part is when somebody calls you on your landline at your office and ask you where you

00:53:40 --> 00:53:50

put your call on my landline, I said the person so I've just been neutral and impartial. And you know, gender neutral. I'm not saying spouse, partner, husband, wife, or any I'm just saying if somebody calls you, right.

00:53:55 --> 00:54:37

So one day this person and he started learning magic and he started learning also the teachings from Robin this monk. And one day while he was passing the baton of Lima there was a beast that had blocked the path. And in the narration of the Remi, the some of the robots say, cannot ascend said it was a lion. There's also mentioned in Tukwila. Right. So he said, Allahumma encana, amaura hubba hubba electrique to la dee da, our la if the matter of this monkey is more beloved to you then end this Bs and let people park their nose, and he holds the stone and it proved to be fatal. And the animal moved away and people pass and he realized that this is correct. So anyway, he then

00:54:37 --> 00:54:44

complained to the raw heap. He said, You know what? My family at home is telling me where were you?

00:54:46 --> 00:54:52

And then the magician is telling me where were you? So how do I explain that look at the academics man.

00:54:54 --> 00:54:59

So the law he told him either harshita sahale for cool habits any athlete

00:55:01 --> 00:55:06

When you feel the magician and the magician say why you took so long, you must just say my family kept me back.

00:55:07 --> 00:55:36

What is luck and when you feel your family and they say why so long what time you left you came here so late, you say how person is sir here that the magician kept me back. Now the allama say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is making mention of this it is in Sahih Muslim it is in Quetta was solid and he is mentioned in this femur or the Sunnah he in the context of praise in this. So that's a subtle endorsement to the state when which apparently is inconsistent and it's a lie. I don't know if somebody knows what I'm saying.

00:55:38 --> 00:55:43

But it can can somebody say they know what I'm saying? Yeah, the question. Just raise our hands. Nobody can see you.

00:55:45 --> 00:56:17

No, no serious like, okay, so there are lemme say, Wow, this was tolia what historia toda WHAT ARE YOU VERY Toria to conceal. So I said you have a particular meaning, and the unlock has a particular meaning and the word addresses both whenever your Instagram was once a troublemaker in the journey of a draw. people heard about nimbyism, they didn't know who he was. They knew Abu Bakar the alano. They asked the boubakeur who's this year? He said, Whoa, ha Dee Dee. This is my guy and he's guiding me. So people thought he is the guide of the road. abubaker man he is guiding me to Jenna. So there was no light. This is Talia

00:56:18 --> 00:56:24

maluma and he appears It has different meanings. Right. So the other might say

00:56:25 --> 00:56:36

that the DA he told him either harshita HELOC for pool is a sheet a side when you fear the magician. Then say have a sunny alley.

00:56:38 --> 00:56:50

Say your family kept you back. Why? We're Anna b e. r Rahim. Leanna. hormonal, Merci de una LSR sada

00:56:54 --> 00:57:31

when the magician as you say I was by my family, and references made to the monk, because in reality your family is the people who guide you towards virtue and nobility. So it satisfies that and immediately Allah put the thought in my mind I was saying to the students in the verse of the Quran, in the hula is Amina halleck in the hula is Amina Holly cannon, who's the biological son of new alayhis salam. But Allah said he is not your son. For that this is the Malay Celica being born in Romani under the city's Latin Mala. You said a Korean woman who Sahaba over urasawa been

00:57:33 --> 00:57:52

for your corner now you worry then famous Stovall Hall, where you have a man who had omalu mill facade with Lola would be here only mahalo at the end. Masha is a man in a una de Colima Utila, minumum halal and haram and minahasa Mati well, Manasa

00:57:56 --> 00:57:59

Okay, let's start descending,

00:58:00 --> 00:58:12

toda toda Toria. So, to speak a lie is really out. But tolia is is permissible, it is permissible when it has a dual meaning a dual interpretation, etc.

00:58:13 --> 00:58:45

When the reseller Larissa went for the book, he didn't do Toria he said it spelled it out clearly nominated de la Salatu was Salam in petaloo Toria. He would ask about the West and then travel in the east, so that if there were any spies that were intercepting information, they would have no clue. But when it came to the book, he spelt it out. Because the journey was long the heat was intense. So he didn't make DoDEA he said it as it is that's in the Novation. So when say no primary Serato Sam came and they said to him, I'm saying what's the Hikmah hikmah hikmah I you know, we all need to learn.

00:58:49 --> 00:58:56

I mean, I just gave you one two examples of he has been Mojave Rahim Allah What? What vision what what was them?

00:58:58 --> 00:58:59

What understanding?

00:59:00 --> 00:59:19

And one would think that that that follows naturally with knowledge. You know, that that that that? My Jimmy I say interchain accent mean Raman Illa Hellman. There isn't a combination, a greater combination of two qualities than knowledge and forbearance.

00:59:20 --> 00:59:34

And today we have focused on of both we don't have knowledge, no, not tolerance. I don't have I don't have. I only ask Allah. Allah make me a means of a key to good analog to evil.

00:59:35 --> 00:59:49

I always say Allah, if I cannot move an obstacle from the path save me from becoming an obstacle, your life I cannot be an ambassador of good Allah that may not become a blockage to good over law, your life I cannot take someone to your door Allah that will not drive him away from your door LA.

00:59:53 --> 00:59:59

Mini the Navy said I do not change the believers. Sometimes we might not physically change someone but Allah forbid

01:00:00 --> 01:00:04

Our actions our utterances might result in thorough meaning.

01:00:06 --> 01:00:25

May Allah guide us May Allah guide us we asked we begged BBC to employ allies, only Allah, anything can happen to anyone at any time. No person can talk loud or anchored, that you know what i got it right and I understood it. I marveled at this year. Look at the incident of the magician's in the time of musala. His Salatu was Salam.

01:00:26 --> 01:00:36

In the morning, they were disbelievers, they were adversities to the Prophet they were opponents, and on the evening of that same morning, they were believers Sahaba and martyrs

01:00:38 --> 01:00:40

fee carbonless Samir

01:00:41 --> 01:00:54

min Althoff in LA he tala fee nocturnally Manisha Amina arriba de minha till ko Free Will in la de la Neha Neha Imani was a daddy,

01:00:56 --> 01:01:27

that Allah can take you from the pit of deviation to the pinnacle of guidance. When zuleikha the minister's wife and this is mentioned in use of Allah Allah when said the use of La salatu salam was sitting on the throne. She said Subhana Mangia Allah be the mu Lu can be thought it was mu Luca B then B ma sia T. Or praise belongs to Allah who made a slave a king because of his compliance and made a king a slave because of her disobedience referencing herself.

01:01:29 --> 01:01:32

Oh, so look at the wisdom of Satan Abraham.

01:01:34 --> 01:02:15

He came and he left the axiom. And that we spoke of is not even the US who did it. So he said, Ben father who Kabira whom has that is different ways of interpreting it one balfa Allah, whoever did it did it by alfalah. Whoever did he did it. Kabira Wim Hof a saloon as this one Yes, Mr. Big Mr. Big Shot, or belfor Allah who kabiru mhada this big idol they did. Meaning because you honor and revere and saluted the most of this prompted me to take that measure because of your over reverence of this year. So sometimes a child does a certain action which results in his expulsion. And then he says, but you expelled me and I didn't expect you you expel yourself.

01:02:16 --> 01:02:37

You expelled yourself, I didn't expect him to expel you. We want students who come to expel you, you deliberately violated the Constitution of the school or the enrollment conditions. So you then forfeited your right of enrollment. So effectively It is you who actually asked for expulsion, we just took the action which you provoked and you know what you did?

01:02:39 --> 01:03:08

So then, if I'm a Serato, some said first album, first ask them ask them you want to find out I mean, the logic he asked is one inquiry and the tone. Now this was the wisdom the heck man, he drove them into a corner. He drove them into a corner as them so they dropped their heads done. So man Okay, so Allah Oh see him? la de la Tama Ola en tiempo Ibrahim. But you know, men are gods, they still don't manage to speak.

01:03:09 --> 01:03:11

So like like now you're rubbing it in now.

01:03:12 --> 01:03:22

Our Gods can talk. I mean, I know you say we should ask them. But for the moment they can talk at the moment they can talk. So if Rahmani Salam said, that's it.

01:03:23 --> 01:03:33

Or Phil echo. What one tongue you say your God can't talk. And with that same tongue you praise that same God that can reply

01:03:35 --> 01:03:47

Wow, look at the Hikmah and the wisdom. He you know what what wisdom cornered them FLIR Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and

01:03:49 --> 01:03:57

then of course, the incident of Neruda actually wanted to speak about the hospitality of the brahmanism but obviously, it's not gonna happen, because it's just not going to happen.

01:04:01 --> 01:04:18

When a primary salatu salam, I'm saying May Allah make us you know, what the beef de la, my brother become a source of good become a source of good. One person came to Montana Muhammad Rahmatullah Allah. And he said, I wasted my whole life.

01:04:19 --> 01:04:31

And I'm so old now. And you say I must invite people towards Allah. At this age advanced age, I'm weak and frail. I'm senile. I don't have much knowledge. How can I guide people? What can I tell people?

01:04:32 --> 01:04:41

monona told him, Rahim, Allah hora, go to people and just tell them I wasted my life. You don't waste yours like minds.

01:04:42 --> 01:04:52

Just That's it? Nothing else. See, I wasted my life. I'd made a mistake. You don't do what I did. They say more than 15,000 people make Giovani sense.

01:04:53 --> 01:05:00

More than 15,000 people. That that's what we say. Allah make us a means of people coming closer to you.

01:05:01 --> 01:05:07

America as a means of people coming closer to you loving you loving the deen loving to study the deen

01:05:11 --> 01:05:21

when say the night Abraham a salatu salam mentioned this one incident inshallah we wrap up. When said my primary salat wa salam spoke to numb Ruth alum Tara Illa de

01:05:23 --> 01:05:27

Ibrahim a fear of being an

01:05:29 --> 01:06:07

animal. Have you seen the man who argued with the Prime Minister I'm an amazing what's mentioned in Romani and tavola will be because Allah blessed him with the kingdom and an empire. So he thought he could argue against Allah. No father buys his son aka so he said, No, because I bought your castle. Now you think you don't have to listen to me. Meaning is working against I bought it for you to become grateful, but you becoming arrogant. Allah speaks about when he'd been Moreira in the 29 Jews that and Canada Malinois Benin and Ghana dama because he had wealth and children, so he thought he can be arrogant.

01:06:08 --> 01:06:25

And Ghana so Allah said, you don't have a nose. You have a snout. Allah says in the Quran, Allah otomo Tomita refers to the trunk of an elephant or the snout of a pig. In a condescending way Allah made reference to his nose like this senesi Moo who was sama sama will brand his snout.

01:06:26 --> 01:06:42

and Canada Malinois Benny. That's how it is you seen in the gathering, they had the function here he was talking, because he drives the best car. and Canada Malinois. bonnin there's too much of that. and Canada Malinois burnin, because he's got this he can color in alien sanella yet.

01:06:44 --> 01:06:51

in ages Allah says, Allah Oh, Maya, la, la, la La, la, la, la Fu, Rama,

01:06:53 --> 01:07:00

Rama, my word my word. Allah says I'm the most independent and self sufficient, yet I'm the most kind.

01:07:01 --> 01:07:07

self sufficiency. averagely breeds arrogance. I don't need to apologize.

01:07:08 --> 01:07:11

Your son works for me. Yeah.

01:07:12 --> 01:07:33

So what must I apologize to you? I'm independent, I'm self sufficient, and man is never self sufficient. But you know what one is little less than little more than the other one. I don't need you. As a child. I always tell my beloved parents that I need their hours and their presence and the guidance more now than I needed them feeding me and clothe me as a child.

01:07:35 --> 01:07:43

What law I need them more in the crisis in which there is you can go and fall in the lap of a person who you know has wisdom and is your well wishes.

01:07:44 --> 01:07:59

You need those two things. person must be your well wishes and must have wisdom. It can be a wealth of wisdom. He will try to help you and harm you. And he can be very smart, very wise, very calculated. But if he has evil motives for you, then he'll poison you more than help you.

01:08:01 --> 01:08:20

So Anita, Allahu Allah because Allah gave him Kingdom so he was arrogant. So a blind man is Salam said it's Carla Ibrahim or obey Allah de where you meet. My Allah is one who gives life and causes death. Allah says whatever call Allah hi Allah, Allah mood.

01:08:22 --> 01:08:55

Rely on the living been who never dies relying on me. I am a high energy, low mood, under your mood. You rely on anyone we are all high energy, your mood, we are living now and we're going to die. And we are high by the will of Allah. Allah is a you he gives life to everyone and is high by himself. Kadeem, Allah is studying his knowledge is Kadeem, right? So we are alive but we are all a high mood, I will die You will die We all will die that's the reality but Allah is Allah Allah de la your mood, right?

01:08:57 --> 01:09:39

manga comeon FIDE Omar Abdullah haba whatever you have will end to the extended medical plan under this it is written and the yen for your friendship will end your relationships will end your your your your your communication, everything will end they will end on Mandela he bought what Allah has will never end permanent. So a prime minister said my Allah gives life causes death. So number one said I know he will omit I can give life and cause death for the arrow jolin pataka, who would Allah Hakata Allah who then he called an innocent person and killed him. Like I can kill. And then the person who had a death sentence, he freed him. And he said I gave him life. Now any person with half

01:09:39 --> 01:09:59

a brain knows there's not a definition of life and death. You don't need to be any educated intellectual. This is not life and death, life and death is to give life literal and that's what Allah says in the Quran. That if you unite all your resources, you are unable to create a fly. Right? I was in Canada this year and I was doing the fear of surah

01:10:00 --> 01:10:29

Ha ha and Mashallah was a great setting was an amazing atmosphere. And then the day before there was an American sister that came to me and these were her words, Chef, will you speak about the verse in the Quran where Allah speaks of the mosquito and the fly? So I'm like, Okay, I'll do that. And the next day I speak about it. And it was the day I was flying out, and I speak about it in my final discourse. And as I'm walking out, a local Canadian white sister comes to me who had taken the Shahada. She says, You made me cry in your dog like Jazakallah hair. She says, that's the verse that made me a Muslim.

01:10:30 --> 01:10:47

That's the verse that made me lay loku Baba, Lei. loco Zoo Baba. Wow. Allah says, tell them to pull all their resources. I'm not asking them for anything big. They cannot give life to one fly.

01:10:49 --> 01:11:05

One fly land, land, land land. So everybody knows life is not this year where you are you know what? A friend of a person who had a death sentence. Right? metaphorically you've given him life again. You've given him a new leaf you know, but literally, and death is not that year.

01:11:06 --> 01:11:42

But Subhana Allah Allah say that Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam realized that this person's got no praise what kind of medical belly then jaida right, that's shockable. Hassan Ali nadwi writes, you know, he had no logic. So he didn't engage. Look, look, this was the token of Allah. Allah has got enough powers and everything belongs to Allah just that divert the focus. Okay, okay. Okay. No, it didn't such an argue No, no, no, no, wait, let's go. Let's check the dictionary meaning of life and death here. Well, there's difference Oh, no, no, no, no, nothing. He said for in the La Jolla TV, Sham seminal mushroom, TV homina Muslim. Verily, Allah causes the sun to rise from the east and set in

01:11:42 --> 01:11:44

the West. You just want to reverse the role

01:11:45 --> 01:11:56

for bowhead. He was dumbfounded and Romani it is written. Why is it that the king didn't challenge the prime minister and say Oh, can you tell your Allah to make it rise from the west?

01:11:59 --> 01:12:17

Why is it so naive Ryan challenge him and he was dumbstruck, he had no answer. Why was it not that the king challenge said a primary Salaam because in his heart of hearts, he knew that he brought him and his son is the Prophet of Allah. And of course Allah has the absolute power and authority, it will lead to nothing more than his added embarrassments.

01:12:19 --> 01:12:45

It will lead to nothing other than more than his added embarrassment. So we learned from this year that we need to teach and convey the deed with hikmah don't paint everyone with one brush, one or two JD Lu Ll kitabi. illegibility oxen a Latina Bala momento that separate one or two J Dilla. Don't argue with the lender, the inland Nettie acid but in the correct in the dignified way. The second message and just one point and we wrap up

01:12:46 --> 01:12:48

from the life of Satan I primarily Salam

01:12:51 --> 01:13:41

is that his commitment to deal I mean, he was the Prophet of Allah so of course, he was divinely protected and aided and supported. Today what happens is that we are, we are very flimsy. So, there are two commands I always mentioned. One is a zombie tabula one is to hold on to the book of Allah and one is to hold firm many of us are trying to hold but we're not holding firm. We hold in but you know what, we just like touching it. And and allama Othmani says under the water see movie Hubli la habla la the rope of Allah. It says alakija see truth sectie here to nissaki the rope of Allah you can lose the grub but it will never break the rope on London fearsome Allah Allah, Allah Ha. That

01:13:41 --> 01:14:10

rope is solid you hold on to it, you will you will be through you will be through Allah did not say in the Quran by virtue of Iman he won't test you. He said by virtue of a man who will get you through the tests. He didn't say because of a believer you won't be tested you say but I'm a Muslim. No, no, Allah told you that you in fact Allah told you before so that you can prepare yourself that to Bella wanna feed Mr. likoma and forsake him while at the smartron Amina Latina Muto kita, Dominica, Polycom wamena Latina Shaku as an kathira

01:14:12 --> 01:14:32

so in in Metallica Tenzin lm NSF he says the reason why Allah tala told the believers in advanced liyu what he knew and forsaken Allah t Malema Sal Khan Amina shuddha hattah either la cuchara mystery dude la yaku Morocco man to see * the tuba

01:14:34 --> 01:14:55

Allah told the believers this is going to happen for warn them so they prepare in advance so when they gripped by the difficulty they went above and they prepared in advance Allah you told me Allah you told me so Eman doesn't mean you won't be tested. Eman means Allah will take you through the tests. Look at your counterpart without a man with a less challenge. He becomes suicidal.

01:14:58 --> 01:14:59

It's only faith in him on it.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:10

often say Allah puts the test Allah gives the server Allah gives the reward. It's everything from Allah it's a everything from Allah.

01:15:11 --> 01:15:26

So say tonight Brian Monterey salatu salam gives Dawa to his nation and he was telling them worship Allah in alladhina darboe Dona mundo de la la yummly ko licona Allah cumbrous ca fabretto in de la helistop I'm coming to an end to my audience you

01:15:28 --> 01:15:28


01:15:34 --> 01:15:47

in a Latina tab una Min De La verily those who you worship besides Allah, right in the lead in the taboo de la yummly Khun Ella Kumar is power, they don't have any control of any sustenance. In fact ramen,

01:15:49 --> 01:15:54

ramen FC read an amazing day nakara risco Valencia Morocco

01:15:55 --> 01:16:44

academic language. So brahmanism told his nation in the Latina taboo whoever you worship into the lab besides Allah lahmacun Allah Kumar is a larger study Runa a year zoku come Shake, shake Nikita Nikita indefinite meaning nothing, nothing nothing. So when it's a proper, you know noun, then it's specific, it's modified. And when it's not Kira in in Arabic language doesn't have an it's not more right then it has much wider meaning. So whoever you supplicate besides Allah cannot sustain you in any way for the war in the law here visit kawazu escuela but search for sustenance by Allah because Allah alone is the Sustainer. Now listen to this. And I'm going to share with you two three tips

01:16:44 --> 01:16:47

together to just elucidate my point.

01:16:48 --> 01:17:09

So the Prime Minister engages the nation they don't listen they don't listen. Mr. Khurana Java batoh me in loco todo tipo de la homina not sama con and Java Bocconi. He is in the 20th juice of the Quran in sudo Lanka boot the 29th chapter.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:40

The answer was nothing more than enough for Makana Java Camila and Call of Cthulhu kill Satan a primary salam o Hydra coup or burn him for Angela homina not and then they obviously catapult him and hold him into the fire. And Allah says in the finale, Elijah, I remember when years ago we were in Damascus and we visited the grave of Abu Muslim hanani Ibrahim ohana the hill. The Ibrahim of this oma because he was also burned and Allah saved him.

01:17:41 --> 01:17:57

I still have a vivid memory after acid we stood at the grave of Muslim aulani in the mid 90s. In Damascus, Abu Muslim hola Annie Rahim Allah Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim of the sama because he had a similar experience where people tried to burn him and Allah saved him

01:17:59 --> 01:18:41

from Jehovah homina Now Allah rescued him in a fanatical IRA in this there are many signs, signs of the conviction of Satan a primary salam, the protection of the Almighty etc, etc. The you know, the the evil nature of schilke etc likoma minion for people who believe this is not mentioned etc. There are many what I'm going to say. I'm saying firmness on your belief, firmness on your aqidah firmness on a man. I really I don't know how to say this year. Allies my witness, I said it recently in one talk. May Allah make it easy for one and all. We are hearing in our own country, in our own neighborhood, in our own prisons in our own environment. Our own youth are openly saying I don't

01:18:41 --> 01:19:11

believe in Allah. I dealt with someone very recently I cry out and I begged Allah to bring our brother and our sister back on to the man and May Allah protect our Eman. I'm done with Islam. Listen, there's nothing to negotiate with me. Don't waste your time. It's a few times discussion. Okay, okay, sorry, my brother. Sorry, sorry. Sorry, my sister. Sorry, my sister. But if anytime you would like to find out anything or to dispel any confusion, please feel free to contact me my sister, my brother, this is my contact number.

01:19:15 --> 01:19:21

unheard of unheard of. It's happening. Not intellectual apostasy literally irritated.

01:19:27 --> 01:19:37

Remember, Allah told the Sahaba even when the Vla Salaam passed away, you got to continue after a moto Patil in calibre tamala tobiko

01:19:39 --> 01:19:45

A Malka, Anima budan Fatah de Rue de la lane rights, you're going to continue. We live in tough times.

01:19:48 --> 01:19:56

I always say there can be no greater favor of Allah on a disbeliever than to acknowledge his good by blessing him with a man

01:19:57 --> 01:19:59

and there can be no greater punishment for a belief

01:20:00 --> 01:20:04

Then to invalidate his virtue by depriving him of human

01:20:05 --> 01:20:23

they can be no greater punishment, nothing, nothing, nothing nothing. And for that my brother I was saying to my kids, and I was saying, He's not study more beg Allah more. That's it. No, no, you need to be more educated. No, no, no, no, no No nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. bellami blah, blah, blah, how much education here?

01:20:24 --> 01:20:32

Allah says Athena, Athena fun Salah inshallah, now we talk of animals, Salah means to skin the animal, he sneaked out of it, he came out

01:20:35 --> 01:20:48

and he inclined towards the earth and the scholars say out here refers to material and transitory things. We gave him the high knowledge and the sacred knowledge, but he opted out of it and he went down to inferior things.

01:20:49 --> 01:20:53

For economy NaVi for economy nawawi then he was deviant.

01:20:55 --> 01:20:58

So to save myself, we have to beg Allah we have to beseech Allah.

01:21:00 --> 01:21:19

Not like the more educated the more academic you are, the better you are. No, no, no. The other day his brother phoned me crying, crying, crying. I thought my child was innocent on his iPad doing homework, lo and behold, lo and behold, when we got on to eight, I was livid. I was livid.

01:21:22 --> 01:21:35

Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam was catapulted into the fire. Allah rescued him. He came out of Syria earthman in the footnotes. As soon as he came out, he went back to them. You know what you worshipping idols is wrong.

01:21:36 --> 01:21:37

What you're doing is wrong.

01:21:38 --> 01:21:40

Can you imagine that a man and your team

01:21:43 --> 01:22:21

that you given down to someone, he denies your doubt. he opposes your doubt heals you into the fire. You say I come out of you're done with this nation. I'm over with them. He comes out and he says to me immediately there's mentioned some serious money that happened immediately. What did you say wirkkala in America has done Mindo nilai osanna ma what database in a cornfield dunya wa Taala he said in nama verily it the whole time you made meantone in LA besides Allah, oh Santa God, my word data by Unicom because of your mutual love, because you love him. He loves you. You're part of a common group and a click so you know what you do the same thing. You you associate with someone. Now

01:22:21 --> 01:22:56

suddenly, you play the same sport, you have the same hobby, you have the same social get togethers and under the seat is written that your your your union, your click, your group kind of stimulates and shapes and fashions your inclinations. What Carla he said, in nama, my point of reflection is that they oppose them, they put him into the fire, he came out and immediately started his dog with again, La Ilaha Illa. This is conviction. One of the lead members already Ilana said, Who's the first one, the sub who will be the first one to go in the Haram and read the Quran. He said, I'll do it. Then he went right in front and he recited the Quran, and then they fell upon him and they

01:22:56 --> 01:23:05

started attacking him. And then finally the Sahaba rescued him. And then people said, This is why we told you don't do it is said by a library to go back and do it again.

01:23:07 --> 01:23:18

Well, Carla, inomata hatami, Daniela, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with that conviction of the truth, but that conviction of the truth

01:23:20 --> 01:23:39

You know, you need to take the first step, and then Allah will give you strength. Every person who was the friend of Allah took the step and then Allah gave the strength so that they use in the time of of the Seven Sleepers, Allah tala said that

01:23:40 --> 01:24:03

warra batana Allah kulu be him is mouffetard Laura Bona, they stood in front of the tyrant ruler, we strengthen their heart. Musa Sam's mother is putting her baby in the basket and put in the basket in the river Nile. Allah says in God that Allah Toba DB lo La La putana Allah we strengthened it and then she put it

01:24:05 --> 01:24:09

was the de la la Vina Tato Buddha was

01:24:11 --> 01:24:15

a mom and a BA what Tata whatever good you do, Allah will give you the strength.

01:24:17 --> 01:24:54

What is the the student of the Prime Minister um, it's a life of submission. That is the the essence of the whole life is the whole academic discussion you are going to be in this year on this note you quickly in two minutes in sha Allah when the Sahaba asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam What is this about? Hey, the Kobani and as mentioned by Hackman oma in his mobile. So now we saw some said it's the practice of your ancestor Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. So the academics that are alive, right soon is mahabhava Allah He nebby what the Navy did continuously. So now nobody's saying it Prime Minister didn't slaughter his son continuously, nor did he slaughter the ram computer

01:24:54 --> 01:24:58

continuously. So how does the word Suna fit the scenario?

01:25:00 --> 01:25:39

Look at their allume when you look at their knowledge like like, you know, you don't even think of this question and this is like you know what sonar sonar means what the Navy did continuously but now nobody saw some refer to this. There's no inconsistency indeed. There is no, the everything of them is logical and above my logic nothing contradicts logic. There's a big difference. It's logical and it's above my logic. A child telling his father No, no, no, you don't make sense. No, no, no is his threshold of comprehension has been exhausted, a child can comprehend beyond so beyond his comprehension with his naive mind, he interprets it as contrary through logic. Everything is

01:25:39 --> 01:26:12

perfectly correct and perfectly balanced. One person came to a great mentor and setting his company and after spending time he said, Did you learn anything? I said when I came here my heart and mind was full of a lot of doubts and inconsistency in the text. I look at this hadith I look at this if I see inconsistency, contradiction, but after sitting with you and hamdulillah I can see the old Dean is perfectly synchronized. I don't see a contradiction in any if any, if any other everything is perfect. The issue was your last cleans it out. Now I can see the perfect one. Okay, I mean angles, I really do feel the love and kathira

01:26:13 --> 01:26:33

Corona, Corona, Malibu, Minato. Fallujah, why don't they ponder over the Quran? Why is it locked in mantic they talk of mineral Hulu, mineral Hulu, where it cannot be free from both. So it's either or either or both. But it can be free from both. So either you're not pondering or your hearts are locked.

01:26:34 --> 01:26:39

But it has to be either of the two or both. But it can be nothing at the dean. somebody knows what I'm saying.

01:26:40 --> 01:26:40


01:26:42 --> 01:26:50

So what's the tsunami Rahim? Allah has salatu salam, the Sunnah of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And the other man say he slaughtered his son.

01:26:51 --> 01:26:54

Why? Because the definition of slaughter is immoral seeking

01:26:56 --> 01:27:01

to pass the knife on the neck. Now to get slaughtered, that's the effect of the slaughter.

01:27:04 --> 01:27:05

immoral seeking

01:27:07 --> 01:27:48

to pass the night. That's the definition he did that. Now for the knife to cut. That's the effect that's separate. That's separate. So if I'm on Instagram, slotted, right, so the other might say the tsunami Prime Minister is not the slaughtering of his son, no, the lamb or the RAM. But the Sunnah of Ibrahim alayhis salam is submission to the will of Allah. And the pinnacle manifestation of this submission happened at the supreme sacrifice of his son. Hence, the prophet SAW some Setsuna to a beacon. May Allah bless you all, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability in this lesson days to increase in good. Allah told the * don't do three things. Don't be intimate with your spouse

01:27:48 --> 01:28:23

while you're in appalam. Don't commit sin and don't fight. Obviously, there is no meaning to abstain from intimacy with your spouse because we're not in a state of Arab for da da da da, da da da. So that's perfectly fine that the person can can have relationship with your spouse. But we urge and implore you in these 10 days more than ever abstain from Judah. infosoc abstain from jail and for soccer. My brother, no fights, no discussions, no arguments, no bickering, no feuds, no altercations and for so close and I always say humans cannot be sent less, but we can send less May Allah bless you

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