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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the " moderation," meaning that people have adopted the " moderation," but not the " moderation." They share two examples of Islam's approach to the world, including people not believing in Allah's and those who have a different stance. The speakers emphasize the importance of moderation and social distancing, as well as the use of dearms and dearms for social security and the need for everyone to be on the same path. They also touch on the use of deans as a means to avoid being too extreme and the importance of adoptive path and everyone being on the same path.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah May Allah be Avada anomala de la Mata Mata Mata,

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mata kitabi will actually at Avada Shariati Ababa Villa him in a shade on Mr. Jimmy Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem waka Danica Jana como Mata was at sakalava Nazim. My dear respected elders and brothers in the verse that I have recited

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it is in the beginning of the second Jews of the Holy Quran where Allah tala says we have made this oma omata wasa and oma, which is justly balanced and oma that adopts moderation. The middle path between two extremes and this is a very important characteristic and quality at a cursory glance, UI with regard and say moderation is not a very important quality and attribute. Yet the Quran says it is the distinctive characteristic of the oma our salvation depends upon it. nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam it said Sara Marie Hyrule omorosa to have the best of all affairs is that in which you adopt moderation, and this is one of the characteristics of the oma. He slammed a doll or myanna

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Rebecca madaba or Hulu or Ephrata fritze Parkin, kurama Allah tala nice moto moto masataka autofs smooth cylinder leka is Camilla ba t dal karastan str cartel or miana Ravi is maka She is omaka she RM r

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k better in mu two Yeah, kaloga at Del Costa

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del casa. Now what is the meaning of the moderate path? Very important because the moderate path is the middle path between two extremes. Let me give you the example of this member we are sitting on this is one extreme This is one extreme, the two extremes are on the metal part that is here. That's the right path that is a part of Islam. And I will show you and give you examples of how people have adopted extremes and how Islam has taken the middle path. So this is the aspect with regard to Islam that adopt and adopt the middle path between the two extremes. He didn't commit cabaret hockey for the free cater Mian Jorah. Cusco is

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now very important today we also find political sense people have used the word moderate Islam. No, they say moderate Islam. Now we are not talking of that moderate Islam, that moderate Islam is to dilute Islam. We don't talk about moderate Islam. We talk about moderation as part of the distinctive characteristic of Islam and Muslims, not the moderate Islam, that the West and sometimes those particular people who are against Islam and the Muslims, they talk about Salman Rushdie many years back, he had written a, you know, article and he said that the Islamic reformation has to begin here, with an acceptance of the concept that all ideas even sacred and religious ones have to

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adapt to alternate realities. We don't change our Islam. Our Islam teaches us moderation, not your moderate political Islam, the moderation which Islam has taught us. Now let us give you examples with regard to how Islam has given us take the middle path between two extremes with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We have two extremes. What are the two extremes? Remember my example one extreme the other extreme. The one extreme is people don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala Allah, Allah, how can you not believe in Allah but there is one extreme. The other extreme is those who have more loads than one, they adopt more Allah, Amara apne Allah, AB, AB Amara Pooja, the one who is in

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charge of risk he is a separate Allah, the One who is in charge of respect and honor he's a separate Allah. They believe in many alors and dieties. Besides a lot, so you see the two extremes. One extreme people who say that we don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala up to Anna Misaki torpor data, a Misaki torpor ki Jo hum at dal Carrasco, str Tata.

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Up Misaki torpor Allah Cabernet, good, pasty or ill Harker Damiani Rasta Islam. What helps people who don't believe in Allah

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How can you not believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala? Sometimes it you know, it amazes the intellect that people can believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala he then No, no Almighty Allah made billions of stars. No Almighty Allah made all of these billions of stars they made themselves, Allah made the heavens and earth made himself. No power keeps the star on the steady costs from falling towards the sun, infants, small children who taught them to cry when they're hungry, unless you've taught them the human heart will beat for 70 or 80 years without faltering. How does it get rest in between? How does it get rest in between for 78 years continuously? It will, it will be without even stopping

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once immediate to stop once we will die. How does it How does it continue beating for 78 years without any particular stopping? Who gave flexibility to the tongue to form words and the brain to be able to understand those words? Who did all of us who showed the womb of the mother to take the love of two people keep splitting it into a tiny ovum until in time a baby would grow with a proper number of fingers with a proper eyes, ears and the hair in the right places hear these hair there is no hate the cheeks who made all of that. And yet people say there is no Allah subhanaw taala

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to be

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on one hand, that's one extreme. So we are so sensitive that we had said no unlike this one. On the other extreme, they said what they said there are many Allah subhanaw taala recall what has it Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, when he was in the prison, and the people who were with him in the present they were not believers. And they came to relate the dream to Yusuf Ali salat wa salam, Yusuf alayhi salatu was Sarah founded an ideal opportunity to give them Dawa and one of his words of his Dawa was so amazing. Allah has captured it in the Quran. Yes, he says our Babu tougher repoed our Babu tougher record sarona Mila Taha oh my oh my companions of the present is many allows better or one

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powerful a lot better? Huh? Call constitutes better hair boards Ella, a Zumba the sport while Allah catches a better. So look at the beauty of Islam, you see down the middle path between the two extremes. Now we give you another example. The other examples is with regard to our belief in the prophethood in the belief in the salad in a brief of Allah subhanho wa Taala messengers. And here we see the example of how extremism have led people upon the wrong path. On one hand, what do you have? We have those who said for Carlton, NASA almasi of new law. What did the nomina nosara say? They said Maria Maria is the son of Allah He is part of Allah subhana wa tada and let us say, Catherine

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Medina Cabo in Nevada. They have committed Cooper, who said that he Salli salat wa salam is one of the one of the Trinity. So one one extreme, they made the prophets, sons of Allah, they made the prophets Allah subhana wa Taala. On the other extreme, what do they do? Allah says in the Quran, we have Kunal ambia theory how they kill the prophets. They disregarded the prophets. They didn't show any respect to the prophets to hear to enter the snom the Nanaimo cafe, and La Tanaka Bara Magna Carta concert castlemania mocha

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or Islam str Amir,

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Amir kiasma or Oulu yet or could i kissa ancova pasta Karna dono Johanna Ephrata free to join him if Musalia all year Franco, Africa damiana Islam Carrasco Islam camo. He hates his own madness namiki sad, sad, sad,

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sad, Tonka

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liquor hamesha his madness cubby navico. An attorney mana. We never ever attributed divinity to nebia creme de la lucilla. But yet we showed that proud that respect that no other method ever show respect to his prophet that we This must show respect to his prophet or woman must know. It was Robin masataka, Farah Viola who later on became a Muslim. He was the chief negotiator and one of the negotiated the Treaty of Arabia. So when he was sent by that parish to when, you know, speak to the Muslims to try and reach a peace treaty, he went and he saw how the Muslims were respecting the occurrence of loudness. He saw how they were expecting the via Kareem sallallahu wasallam and he

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came back to the total Quraysh you better bring peace and make peace with the Muslims said why he said it

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been to the, to the embassies of the world. I been to the rulers of the world. I have been as an envoy of the parish to the Roman Empire to the Persian Empire. I have never seen anyone show that respect to the Prophet, the way the Sahaba show to the Prophet. No one has ever showed such prophet. such respect. I made mention for Monica Mulally, one day he was giving a D, and he was wincing with pain. Students asked him, Mr. Malik, why are you wondering what pain after that is? And he lifted up his foot I said, to see what is behind my quota. When they saw behind the scooter they saw a scorpion had stun him level or 17 times to start Posada Mata. Mata Cooney. Bichon applicata Why

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don't you tell you the scorpion has given you the cliff and yet Stan you? I feel a shame for the sake of the hadith of nebia. Karim saw Selim to stop the netezza the Hadith, even from our own pain.

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This is the respect So you saw on the other hand, maybe acronym SOS limnic, ec rayko, Rp codecasa, bahco dwama grata Masha Allah Masha Mohammed what Allah wishes and what Allah what maybe salsola wishes to be ecorise also known for and Raka nebia cream salsman stop that stopped him attach Allah He Nita, are you equating me with Allah? We don't say Masha Allah, what do we say? Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah Yoku? We don't say Masha Allah wa suka what Allah wishes and what what Allah wishes not what may be occurring so solemn wishes. So look at that whole particulars of Masha Allah Masha Allah La quwata illa Billah don't equip me with Allah, this Houma had showed respect to the

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vehicle himself. cillum It's Qatar. Look at the better himself swim is one of love, allegiance obedience, but never it is regard the nibio of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is equal to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala or attributed the qualities of Allah tala to our beloved.

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Now we saw some towards the end of his life made a major appeal and gave one of his farewell sermons and he said, Oh people don't make make my cover a place of Sita. Don't make my cover a place of Sita, mira cover pasta kumbhakarna banana. So you see the beautiful balance. On the other hand, the other external situation is with regard to our world and America to Skipper mm.

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I'm Jana Romo Codelco look at the whole situation of humanity to extremes. one extreme to Yala, everything is only dunya suppose Konya sub Cusco Chaka, apna, cannon Morocco, Tierra de cultura malkia was, on one extreme is we made dunya everything we were prepared to sacrifice our team prepared to sacrifice our family prepared to sacrifice relationship to take this material world and to gain wealth. On the other hand, there are other people who feel that the only way to get piety is to reject and forsake matters with regard to this deep. Islam has taught us the middle path, Islam it said in Canada, Boko Haram now was Raja Kumar Shira tokuma monitor of tomorrow. All of those

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things with regard to this material world

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your family hamasaki neuter Dona the beautiful homes you live in with the gelatin Shona cassava, the businesses that you feel lost in a happy local minima you are assuming what you had in visibility, is it more beloved to you than align is received and thriving in the path of Allah then wait for the punishment of Allah tala to come upon you. So on one hand, we didn't make this dunya everything that we saw So Mr. Magoo, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah don't make this material was the be all and end all of our desires, our objectives, and the reason why we gain you know, we the reason why we gain wealth, or the reason why we gain knowledge, you know, on the other hand, we are cream sauce Silliman Islam has taught us Don't forsake the legitimate pleasures of this world. Lima two hari muma Anima yanaka hokianga shadie nickering we will not we will not we will not enjoy the legitimate pleasures of this world that to have the motiva what is permissible don't make it Haram. So in everything Allah subhana wa Taala has taught us, you know, to me, Anna was taught taught us moderation between the

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two extremes. Now, just one day once yesterday, someone told me one joke that thoughts on sharing is also in a way it's a human, but it also the aspect of having the right the right balance in everything that you do. He said a person was in the he was sitting in the queue in the supermarket. Nowadays, social distancing and mass you can't go without social distancing. You can't go without mask. So then he he passed when I won't use other words is not appropriate for the members to say what he did. He passed when so when he passed when the person in the back you got very angry because it made a noise. So he made a noise. He got angry and he started waving his hand in front of his

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nose that you're smelling. So the person in front of him see if you heard my voice.

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Passing of when that means you are not social distancing

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and if you smelled it That means you are wearing a mask

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and the fact that you can spend it you protect the almighty that means you don't have Kuroda.

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So anyway, this was this by the way, in everything Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us in every thought anything Allah tala dunya, Kibera, maybe Marty dunya Kibera may take care of the entire mohabbat take care of Rania whiskey. Damion Carrasco

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her cheese Marita, Islam at Raja Sabha hirschorn na da to spend also Allah Allah has told us that you must spend in a way that is with motivation, when levina either and the focal lamb use 3410. When people who spend the bad man when they spend, they are not extreme. They are not excessive. They are not extravagant, they are not wasteful, and they are not miserly. Also. He Baba Rahman Cassie fatmus a year keyworkers karna natto fuzu Hershey kata are nothing because there is so much so that Islam has taught us even in the way you walk. And even in the way you speak, adopt foundation works it fi machig walls would mean so take when you walk don't walk too fast or too

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slow. And when you speak, don't speak too loud. Don't speak too soft. Savonarola. What's it feel mushy? Yata apne raftaar Oh, ours maidin

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Jelena challenge a.

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Challenge maybe, or hours maybe.

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So when you walk you don't walk too fast. You don't to walk too slow. This is a puranic is

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another amazing thing. Islam is thought even to the extent that you must also have a doll and moderation indeed, people will say what is a minimum of moderation indeed. Now look at this two particular examples, I gave you the two extremes. The One is we have to be on the middle path. On one extreme is people who don't regard Dean who falls short of applying the dean in the lives. On the other hand, you go to such an extreme that you go beyond the limit that also has his hands. Now sahaabah, Vikram, if you were to take this example, in our example, if this is a middle path, and if this is the extreme of deficiency, then we are here, we are not applying the deal in terms of what

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is supposed to be. So how Vikram went to the other extreme. And to this, we are saying the moderate path moderate path doesn't mean that you must fall short of the limit.

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Yeah, we can never compromise on those things in which Islam has given us clear cut guidance. Many times people who don't have enough 14, or whose association with them is minimal. They would regard clear cut injunctions of the Holy Quran as something that is, you know, not is too extreme. But there is no quote there is no compromise and five times daily Salah there is no compromise on a burqa and hijab. There is no compromise on morality and morality with a good Islamic day you can say, moderation, therefore, I'm going to be you know, I'm going to be moderate to make it, you know, palatable to the world powers. Oh, what Islam is said we don't compromise that is part of the end

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because if you do compromise, you affording on this particular side, you are deficient. And Islam has told us that we must not be deficient. There is no compromise with regard to the clear cut injunctions of the Holy Quran and this is sometimes the mistake that we make when we say moderate Islam we feel that no, we can compromise model Islam Camilla via camino mas para que La Perla kista cocky

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he took kapitel karastan a year to Hudson, come come there, john. So this is one aspect that we have to keep in mind that Islam that the yata qoocam jacadi may be a child who don't make caminata billet cool hey tahu to set the JavaScript reducer here to go beyond the limit that is also not correct. So that this is the right path. As I said, we we are on this particular path we are deficient we have to come more to come on the on the middle path. I'll give you an example of how the sahaabah as a manufacturer be allowed to move into the house of Abu Dhabi.

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He sold the house was the chevron. He saw me Delta was not dressed properly she was the chevron? What is this about? What is this? Is this the way you look after your house? Is this the way your house is not appealing? not attractive? Nothing is here there is absolutely nothing in this house. And look at how you made that is so as my delta What is the situation said about your brother doesn't have any need to this dunya doesn't have any need for this dunya so about a sermon said no today you are going to eat with me, made him eat although he didn't want to eat. He wanted to start a budget right after he said no. You're gonna sleep with me. You're gonna start your budget right

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towards the end towards future time.

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closer towards Project 10. The next day they went to be occurring South Salem, Abu Dhabi put forward his view salmaan Farsi put forward his view nebia Karim solemn said salmony Farsi to the Altenew is right. Oh, Abu Delta, ineligibility colleague, koulamallah colleague zoji colleague or Abu Abu Delta, your wealth here's an item for you. Your family has a right upon you. Your neighborhood has a right upon you. Your wealth is right upon you. If you go to go to that extreme that you don't look after your family, you don't look after your wealth. You don't look after your home. That is extreme. The other extreme, the other extreme ceremonial support Osaka one day interview occurring

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Solomon I will just conclude with this. Maybe a Kareem Salah Salem was in Mena. So then when in Mena maybe I can tell the people to bring to bring the stones. So one person brought the stones or smallest stone that we are supposed to use in Rami so maybe a Kareem salsa and said this is a type of stones you are supposed to bring for me. Yakumo de stay away from Hulu and obsessiveness in religion of lagana walkerton. I will put it on our guests tokujin our delta with me man, they take the guest open they throw it also. Nowadays you see people say the the coverage of the Kerala auto index takodana and they went through the Remi stay away from extremism indeed, because the people of

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the past they were destroyed by extremism. Indeed. shabu Cather Jelani Rahmatullah Li a Talib Mila monkeypox, patata, the sulky bad Shatta Wale clinica has asked me to hand over Krishna siet for my make give me after it, just give me part of giving this year. There are many harms with regard to being extremely religion. One of it is bigotry and intolerance. So chef de cada Jelani, his student team, he said give me advice before I go, he said, part of the advice I'm giving you is that do not claim do not claim that you are Allah and do not claim that you are never salatu salam wa Hara has it meant to just sum up the Sigma busara Casey was a titan

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or resort

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in a sector, how is it possible that I can lay claim to be an ally and lay claim to be a prophet? So chef, a broker that

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only allows decision is final

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that Brooks no intolerance or Brooks no particular type of challenge? Only one that is that whose decision is final? No one can challenge it. Whoever says my decision is final. Wherever says my decision is final and no decision and I will not accept any other decision. My decision is the only one he's laying claim to be Allah.

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And only the only amongst human being only one person's only one person statements is always truth, or my empty Cornell ha ha ha that is occurring sosna whoever says only my his decision, and my statement is always the truth. never wrong. He's claiming the board. He is claiming number one. Now do you realize what actually extremism indeed does? It creates bigotry and intolerance, therefore may be occurring. So I asked him I said he did. Stay away from Hulu and excessiveness in religion because people of the past were destroyed by that. So in conclusion, let us always adopt the model of path. So the middle path between two extremes in that lies our salvation in that is a distinctive

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characteristic of the believer washroom.

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