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The Holy Spirit is a Christian celebration that is a source of materialism. The speakers discuss the importance of "will" in relation to materialism and the use of "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation to "will" in relation

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada Amala ruffo Villa emunah shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem with a call wave caller is of new millennium II, II, II II Nero sudo la de les come masataka Lima Bay in a minute.

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One more bashira Mira slowly embody smooth mud. So the Colosseum, my dear respected elders and brothers

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today as we are aware is the 25th of December.

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The 24th of December is regarded by Christians worldwide to be the date or the day of the birth of the Salah, he salat wa salam, which is called Jesus in Christianity.

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And of course, even in South Africa, we are also aware that 80% of the people they claim to be Christians, whether they This is correct or not, or whether that claim is based on facts, but it is on the census.

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And also the fact that we are living in such a community in such a society in such a country and the people or 80% of them believe in this. I thought it appropriate that today we will speak about our view on E sallys salatu wa sallam, he saw poches desember cohesity sallys salat wa salam caveated malnati him. Daria for Bible maize Coco Abood name Inca juubi Africa a sci fi said look Pisa decide wanna get our curtain egea is large. Agnes watch akihisa salat wa salam kibarim, a yarmulke. This aspect whether he Salli salat wa salam was really born on the 24th of December is not something that is established from the Bible from historical sources. In fact, we find that even Christian scholars

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are divided on the exact date of the birth of a city Salli salatu wa sallam. He It wasn't until 440 years after the resurrection of rissani salat wa salam has it recently salat wa salam to cha cha so Sal BOD, the sonica haka. He didn't want he will Aditya, after 400 years after his resurrection. They made mention that this is the day of the birth of the Salah Salatu was Salam. In fact, if you look at the historical sequence, and there have been many beautiful articles written with regard to it, that it gives the impression that they were other consideration and other facts that lead them to decide to declare the 25th of December as the birth of as it be Sally Sarah to set up when there

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was no historical evidence, no, is there any biblical evidence or source or authority or quotation with regard to it? What is also interesting that in later years, in later years, Christmas has become commercialized. Right, Krishna Christmas has become commercialized. And George Bernard Shaw, the very famous poet philosopher, has very beautifully put it by saying Christmas has been forced on a reluctant nation by shopkeepers and the press. Christmas has been forced upon donations by shopkeepers and the press and what is also very amazing me so sneaky caovilla is something really worth you're thinking that this entire Christmas has been surrounded by merrymaking festival and

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shopping and going and getting Christmas specials, and that too, on the name of a prophet, who amongst all the invaluable salat wa salam was most known for his renunciation of world and material things. Out of all, the invaluable Sarah to a Salam has recently salat wa salam in Hazzard. Yeah, Lisa that was most known to be those who separated themselves from the world and its attractions and his adornment and the name of that Nabhi. Today you find such a great spectacle of commercialization and aspects with regard to, you know, materialism. It is something an irony and it is really something that goes against the teaching of it. Sorry salat wa salam. Nevertheless, let us go on and

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speak about what do we believe about we sell a salatu salam. It is amazing that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran has got an entire surah not only on the mother

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misalliance salat wa salam Surah Maryam but also in the family office at Miriam. So the entire surah on the family of has it Miriam, Allah Imran Surah Al Imran. He is the family of Isa Salah salat wa salam and a mother has that he his mother has it, Miriam. Allah subhanho wa Taala is spoken highly about this family. That's Allah tala says in this very same surah in our in our last Adam

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II by him I

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mean Allah is chosen Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and Allah is chosen Adam alayhis salam Allah is chosen Mali salat wa salam. O Allah is chosen the family of Prime Minister of Allah has chosen the family of Iran upon the entire world. Allah has given them superiority over the entire world and now has got a surah on the family of the Salih salat wa salam ala.

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Atlanta Salah salat wa salam t holiday mohtarma Oran ke ha donkey metallic, a puri surah Mukhtar Mukhtar skier and Nana for Maya, Allah Allah Allah Imran ko sorry Johanna PR person for PR di Allah has given them superiority. Elias made mention with regard to the mother of the mother of Miriam in ordered in Morocco in Iran. Look at the beauty of the Holy Quran. Recall the time when the wife of the man she had passed, a man passed away. So even though the mother of Miriam is caught up in Morocco, Mr. ropey in the in Hazara Tula Kumasi, Bethany Muharram, Fatah cappellini, she took an oath, she took an Assam that whatever is in my stomach, whatever birth I give to a child, this child

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is dedicated in the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I dedicated to the material access to the beta maka does in that particular time. It was amongst the pious and the scholarly people that they use to dedicate their children for the service of dealing. So this was the, the mother of Maria

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and he was

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her name was Hannah. Allah says Ibrahim, Robbie and Mindy, another tilaka Murphy botany Mahabharata Fatah, cappellini Miriam k Walla, Walla, Donna holida hammelmann other money kamesh is by Chico Baker mocha tester, sigma k was a matsusaka. Job lurky fadeaway. Now when they're when the child was born, it was a girl. So Allah tala sees Palomar wa Kala.

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So when the child was born, she said, Yeah, Allah you gave me a female child. When maharlika Allah knows what she gave birth to when they said

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that the Son or the male child that she was expecting and wishing and desiring was not equivalent to this female child Allah subhanho wa Taala granted, Allah subhana wa tada make mention that when this child was born gibler keep it away to coach of sosua Licken Allah, Allah Allah who said kabukiza Allah had made her and a little eggs accepted. So Allah Subhana Allah says Allah Allah when we need somebody to harmonium and Allah subhanho wa Taala says Naima Maria wainui to her because reata Amina shaytani regime and we will protect her and a progeny from shaytan. Such a great family, Allah tala makes mention with regard to this particular family and hold surah Allah in Milan, a lotta

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lolly writes a very amazing thing. He says, it shows that when the mother of Miriam sheets she took a vow that this child I'm going to dedicate it to the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It shows that the mother has got certain rights with regard to the therapy and education of the child. Therefore she had she had had she took this she took it upon herself to say that I'm going to give this child and dedicated to the service of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now when the time came to dedicate it to the service of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala because imraan husband was the Imam of patron mocha does

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he mana and was a imamo beta mocha does. Everyone wanted to keep Miriam. Everyone wanted to keep Miriam. Allah says Rockefeller has a career. Then it came in the it came into the guardianship of the Quran Allah salat wa salam. Why? Because the Karelia salat wa salam, his wife, the Korean a sinner to Islam's wife was the holla of Miriam.

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So clearly salatu salam Could you be wicked? Whoa, Maria Salah. So therefore, when everyone started saying Allah Allah has made mention how we came under the guardianship of Zakaria Elisa that was Salama long story. There was lots thrown in how that lots was drawn, eventually came to the curling Serato Santa Maria is now growing up in the vicinity of beta mocha does it interval that mean Alia makonnen Cassia. Allah has made mention

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With regard to it, she grows up she grows up in the vicinity of beta blocker this much early access to the material is not in our control. May Allah tala bring it back again into the control of the Muslims. So when Maria is there, as Zachary la salatu salam Monday comes in see her? He she she would well looked up look after work a fella has a Korea coup llamada finale has a Korean Rob wacha hinda is an economic mentioned in the third part of the Quran in surah Halima when he came into his car he found fruit out of season.

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And he said Katya Maria.

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Maria, where did you get this fruit from? It was not the time of deep freezer. You could take the fruit and bring it out after six months. No freeze at that time. Maria Marco Casa Maria. Where did you get this? college here Maria mannakkara Amina in de la. It comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. in La Jolla, Zakouma Yeshua will be evaluated. And

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then data, whomsoever Allah tala wants to give is to Allah subhana wa Tada. So Zachary Ali is salat wa salam when he saw that Allah is giving Maria out of season fruit as it relates to Islam did not have children until old age. Hmm. Then when he saw that Allah tala is granted her fruit out of season. He did not even have the courage to make dua to Almighty Allah at that time, because he was so old in age, but when he saw Allah tala granting Miriam out of season fruit, una Lika de aza cariappa he may do a to Almighty Allah probably will lead him to re attend the IBA

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and that's what he has made mentioned with Malika Dasa cariappa he made dua to Almighty Allah probably mean that whom Korea cantiga O Allah grant me a pious offspring. And Allah tala in Surah. Maria has made mentioned with regard to It's so beautiful

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color of the Hindi wahana as mu Mini, was

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shaybah when I'm accompanied,

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here, what an amazing God, Allah my bones has become brittle. My beard has become white. I have become old, but I am never deprive. I've never despondent of my doors been accepted by you. And you may dwell for a child in old age and Latella granted him as it Yeah, Allah salat wa salam in old age. So where did he get this inspiration from the mother of Sally's that was such a noble and great family Subhan Allah, then has it, Maryam continues, then Allah subhanho wa Taala chose her to make up the means of one of the greatest miracles of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So then, when

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fara, Selma, la Haro, Hannah, Fatima Salalah Harper, Sharon, so we call it in the Uber Rahmani minca in Kolkata, under sin giovanelli salat wa salam one day in the form of a human being, and generally salat wa salam came, and he came in a private quarters. And then what did you say? Carla? Where are you coming here in my private contest? Don't we have the fear of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala for Salah really hard wanna call it in? Then he said, What did you say I have come to give you the glad tidings of a child that will be born to you.

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I have come to give you glad tidings of a child that will be brought upon to you. And she said Anika punto de la William Cessna Bashar wylam aku Bahia. How can a child be born to me when no man has touched me? And I'm not given to you either ways that I'm going to fulfill my desire in a haram way that I must get a child. How are you telling me that you are giving me glad tidings of a child born to me? How is the child going to be born to me when no man has touched me? And I'm not given to evil ways on a karate? He said this is a permission of Almighty Allah. It is a word of Almighty Allah is the commander of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him this Aliki,

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Salah salat wa salam caveator morgiana dorper we just call Quran neighborhood who's who Snoopy say Bianca and then when she she got this ship, he blew into her she became pregnant. She remained in beta look at this one day FC replica has made mention of it what an amazing thing that they used to be a person who used to care for Miriam, because she was around and he was what we know in Christian sources also it is made make use of Naja Joseph the carpenter. So when he saw signs of pregnancy and I said Maria, he said,

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Maria, I want to ask you a question. What is the question? Is it possible for a plant to grow without a seed?

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Is it possible for a plant to grow within a seed without the seed? So use of nutjob Joseph the carpenter hasmonean is it

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possible for a plant to grow without a seat. So Miriam gave a reply and said yes. The first plant that Allah tala put in this world in this earth was born without a seed. It was born with the commander format.

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Then use of Naja realize this is a miracle. I wouldn't say this is a miracle I'm witnessing. Karla de la tele meet Tocopilla. haga Welcome to nasya. Man sia, you know, in this age with the Western world does not have any morality for them to get, you know, to get stay together without marriage for them to give birth without a husband without a proper husband. They must end the state claim Christianity, when we're young saw that this people are not going to understand for me giving a birth without marriage. She said If only I would have been destroyed before this, and no one could have taken my name with Tocopilla Hakuna cmmc If only this could ever happen, then eventually

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Allah has made mention of it in entire Roku, I don't have time, I would have could have given you the entire Roku and the translation of that entire Roku for that vehicle Mahatma Miro eventually she gives birth. Allah subhanho wa Taala told her that you know put her near a place in beta ham Bethlehem, that she must be under the palm tree, eat from the shore and drink from the spring which Allah subhanho wa Taala had provided for her. Eventually she gives birth. When she gives birth. She comes with a child and tells you gave birth now go back to Jerusalem. Go back to beta mocha does. ferrata de cama De Niro. She comes with it small

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to Jerusalem.

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Factor p Acoma. De Niro carlu Jamar Yum, la Carrera GT Shea I'm sorry, Maria mapnik. Yaki. Maria, what have you done?

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Yeah, our own system, our own Makana Abu camera. So your mother was not even your mother was a very pious woman. Your great grandfather's. You had such a great legacy of Amelia musella. To Sarah, what are you bringing a child out of wedlock? today for us to think in a modern world for someone to bring a child out of wedlock is absolutely easy for us. We can't even think anything about it.

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And then they said oh, Maria, what are you bringing a child out of wedlock? How is it possible for Maria matar?

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For ashara la to watch Maryam did she started pointing to the Sally salatu salam Carla Okay, fine oka Lima Mancha Anna filma de Serbia. How would you pointing to a small child just gave birth? He gets a battering engine.

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What is it gonna say? woman can have.

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But this was no one that human being

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was born miraculously. And he was born miraculously. And then he spoke in the in the cradle of his mother. In what did you say? Who people dare you? cast aspersions on my noble mother in the Abdu law. I am the servant of Allah Mehta. Abdullah

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Daniella kita pachala Nina BIA. Allah will give me a GitHub, Allah will make me unhappy with Jalili Mubarak and aina macoun. Allah will make me bless it wherever hire wherever I am. And he spoke and he spoke in the time when he just gave birth. This was a miracle. Born miraculously

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born miraculously spoke right after birth. Miraculously, Chrissy Sally's Allah, Allah made him a great prophet. Allah made him among the great prophets among the five old prophets in our religion. One of them is Salim salat wa salam, who Nora,

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in he gave us many things. On hernia, a lackey who comes in what is that? So the means of Salah salatu salam, such great miracles became into place he was born miraculously, he spoke in a time of, you know, just after he or after he gave birth, or Colima, NASA Phil Marty wirkkala amazing. Allah says he spoke in the cradle and he spoke in middle age. Now to speak in Middle Ages no more is no more desert is no miracle everyone speaks in middle age. Why did Allah Allah says he speak in middle age, because He will speak in middle age after he was resurrected and he will come back as a sign of Tiamat. So he was speaking middle age also is a miracle because he will come back after the sale

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before chiamata the sign of Yama tell us speaking middle age after coming back after so many years. Well, hopefully we'll add mahanagara servo motor with Neela he took a birth bird and he just made a form of a bird he blew into it and Allah gave it life. And he used to be people who are born blind people who are blown lepers. He used to make dua Believe me Believe me. Allah tala is made mention of this two times in the Holy Quran the third chakra in the seventh para

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Every time Allah Allah says all of these miracles happen in one way in one ayat Allah says Allah and in another person says Forgive me for the commands of Allah Allah tala to come soon in a more desert.

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And even those who are who are did, he used to come and say with the permission of Almighty Allah with a command of Allah come back to life. He bought Lazarus back to life, with a command in the permission of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was among the great prophets of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And among the great things he did was he gave us the great tidings of our Nabhi says Allah subhanho wa Taala the Holy Quran in the two nature para cada La Jolla Maria Indira sotto la la ku remember the time it besides numerous people besides me Maria de

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niro surah La La ku. I'ma Rasool to you, moussaka, Colima, a Amina Torah, I confirm what has been given to musala salat wa salam in the Torah. Mousavi salatu salam ala de Mesquita, Speaker wemos Shalom de la Sol or yakushi

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aka Sarah Sol Guevara in a disco Nam Olga mud, whose name will be mud and Allah. He was the one who gave us glad tidings officially, our beloved many occurring

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and natural animate Allah then refutes and let Allah refutes the aspect that he was

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a lord or son of a lord or part of a lord. Allah has refuted all of that work Allah kinosol massive new law and then as Allah said, mercy ebrima realisation of Almighty Allah Allah tala in the Holy Quran has used this word in different themes in different ways. That kufr Allah Deena Carlo in the law, one mercy hope memoriam they have committed Cooper who say mercy Maria is Allah subhanaw taala Africa, Luca kufra Latina Cano in de la Sol if they have committed poofer when they say that he sallallahu wasallam he is one of three vokalia matsuya Bani Israel.

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He Salih salat wa salam did not tell Christians this. He told him to them koko de la hora de bukem worship Allah my Lord and your Lord, even in the Bible, john 1227 he Salli salat wa salam, as is mentioned in the Bible. He said, Lord saved me from this hour. He may do out Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. They have committed Cofer by saying that he sadly salat wa salam is Allah or he's the son of Allah or he is part of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And how beautifully Allah subhanho wa Taala is refuted how beautifully Ally's review Amata

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Allah de banda armistice Rasul Nora Amara namiki Amati patient geekier Hunan Allah to come Simone de la Akita that in this particular way, he was not part of Almighty Allah He was on Allah look at our na has refuted the aspect that he is divine malama ciobanu Maria my in law school cutter for that Min cubberly Rasul mousset de la Karna yaku. Danita se Subhana. Allah

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mercy Ave Maria is a school of Almighty Allah, his mother is very, very truthful and she is the one who is such a possessor of such great attributes Kanhaiya kulani Tom O'Donnell Karna Cotta, they both used to eat food for the survival. How can the one who has to eat food for survival How can that one day Allah ksfo Davos at

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the Connick m attach to a CUDA case it was a time How can they be Allah subhanho wa Taala when they need a food

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anyway, coming to the end for me this cup and then of course, we all know the aspect with regard to the belief which Allah Allah has made mentioned in the Holy Quran for Kohli him in paternal mercy, he said no Maryam, and he said, the enemy said we have killed beside me Maria amata, who were masala boo or Hamada T, Kaimuki Hoff out Wofford. We are now here to Shimano neon Kaka Takia nasally para Chara Chara Bella bulky Allah tala news Coppa Italia, or on call us man para xinda otalia Allah subhana wa tada saved him Allah Allah says they say they have killed him. One. They didn't kill him. They didn't put him in danger and crucify him. Well, I can shoot be home, but they were put in

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doubt. The Sydney kathiria said they were put in doubt in two ways. When 400 people surrounded he Salli salatu salam where he was. So when they wanted to come in, take the Saleen salat wa salam, either one of two things happen. The one of my maid mentioned there's a difference of opinion when they were coming. He Salli salat wa salam to one of his disciples, who is there who will take up my form and he will take up my form and

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They will think that they are taking me and after they think they were taking me that particular way you will be crucified, you will be killed, they will be thinking that they killed or crucified me. But Allah subhanho wa Taala will resurrect me and take me up towards the heavens, and you will know I will give you Jenna but you will take my form and they will kill someone who they think will be me, but will not be me. That's 111 surah one form one option. The other form which seems to be more historically more backed up by evidence. He is the person who came to take his salary salat wa salam from amongst the enemies. When he came, Allah subhanho wa Taala changed his features to that of the

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Salah Sierra Tucson. And unless Salah salatu salam, so when they came, they looked at the person they said, Now, this looks like a salicylic wasabi. This is easily Serato some ways our soldier that we sent to capture he sallallahu wasallam. And if this is his la salatu salam, then what happened to the person whom we sent. So this actually happens when that Allah says wa Matata lumax. Aleppo, they didn't kill him. They didn't put him on the crusade. They didn't put him on the cross, but our kin should be alone they were put in doubt. And lastly, we will make mention with regard to this, that here hamari a be a year the aqeedah capitalism anime to McKinney shanika torpor is gourmet Whopper

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sign gay, he will come back he sallallahu wasallam will come back. He's one of the signs of chiamata What are the signs of geometry Salli salatu salam will come down and he will descend, he will come in the masjid in Damascus. And when he comes, He will come down he will kill the gel. And and Allah will grant him a rule. The rule will be so beautiful that you will not be able to imagine how much blessings they would be. And it comes in a hadith that nebia Crimson Allahu Allah wa sallam said, by the one in whose hands is my soul, the son of Maria will descend among zoo. According to another report. The hour will not begin until the son of Miriam descends amongst you, as a judge ruler as a

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judge, just just ruler, he will break the cross. He will show the Christian that this aspect of them believing in his dying on the cross is false. He will kill the pigs and he will upon his jizya and money it will become so abundant they will be so but much Baraka in the time of Salah salat wa salam rule that there will be no one to take charity, there will be no one to take charity. Lastly, I will make mention of autumn I have said there are six similarities between our Prophet and he sallallahu wasallam six similarities between our Prophet and he sallallahu wasallam one save the oma in the beginning of the oma one save the oma in the end part of the oma one in reoccurring sosna save the

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oma in the beginning part of DOMA II salat wa salam will save the oma at the last stages of the oma. Both were deprived of a father in fear, maybe a cream sauce from Japan. To he had no father, he sadly salat wa salam, when he was born miraculously didn't have a father. Both were given divine scriptures in Kitab, some Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala one was given the Injeel and one was given the Quran both was supported by hepatitis and were held by his by by Giovanni Elisa to Islam is a letter in the Holy Quran says Latina disegno Maria Medina who kudos amazing both the prophets, predominant quality of the teachings was mercy, kindness and compassion. Both Amelia masala to

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Islam's predominant message with regard to the teachings was kindness, mercy and compassion and amazingly both of them would be buried in Madina munawwara both of them are going to be buried in Marina Marina via Kareem Jocelyn is buried in Madina, munawwara he says Maria, according to the wire will be buried in Medina. This is a great prophet three that we had a chance to speaking some aspects there are many aspects that we have left off, may Allah Allah give us a correct Akita he was the correct Akira, there is a Muslim scholar in America who wrote a book on the series of essays. Many scholars say Islamic traditions have got more sayings of the Salish salatu salam than people in

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what is in Christian traditions. So this is to say is with which I will conclude today's ordination you can stay for another five minutes inshallah.

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inshallah shall the damn shower can wait for another five minutes. Biryani kisi kokoshnik Sanatana yoga. So these two beautiful sayings. One day he sadly salat wa salam met the police. So the police told him and said do you believe that everything happens for a commander formati Allah subhanho wa Taala so he said yes, everything happens with the commander for my services and with Allah. So he believes in the form of human being Teresa, if you believe in that, then jump down from this mountain to see that you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala jump down from this mountain to see that if you believe in Almighty Allah subhanaw taala he says salat wa salam gave such a remarkable play.

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He said it is not for the servant to test the master. It is not for the servant to test the master. It is for the master to test

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Seven doesn't take the Master Master sensei. And what amazing amazing say that I was reading this book. You know it was right from the PDF was amazing say you said Allah has given me the ability and through the means of Allah subhanho wa Taala with the permission of Almighty Allah I can bring deck the deck to life. I can bring back those people who are blind I can give them sight. Those who are deaf, I can give them sight. But I can't hear. The full form is foolishness. The fourth form is foolishness. I got no I got no cure with regard to that. May Allah give us the ability to recognize all the Alamo? salatu salam, la neuffer Rico Bella Hadid hadden Rosalie we as Muslims, we don't make

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no difference in terms of our kita towards masala to syrup. These are some of the aspects that we made mention of recently salat wa salam ala give us a trophy. We have to do that one and