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The speakers discuss the importance of celebrating the New Year and the holiday, particularly in Islamic culture. They also mention the celebratory aspect of the New Year, which is the holiday. The transcript describes a group discussion on the incident at Marma, where a member of the police department was fired by police, and a woman named Marma saw success as a result. The conversation then shifts to a woman named Miss Monica Misha who saw success as a result, and talks about the history of the region, including the use of warfare as an asset and the importance of following the values of Islam.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala be about?

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A mother Ruffalo? bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman M Rafi what are the pool in the roof is heavy

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sort of hola hola Azim My dear respected elders and brothers we are in a Moroccan blessed month of Muharram. And of course we know that that signifies the beginning of the new year in our Islamic calendar Muharram is one of the four sacred months, which Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says minha. Home, there are four sacred months, in which one of them is Muharram. And amazingly, our calendar starts off with a Mobarak and a sacred month Muharram and it ends off with a sacred month.

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So these are the

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Mubarak and bless it and sacred months. The first in Muharram are regarded to be the most virtuous in the year, only preceded by the fasting in the month of Ramadan. After the month of Ramadan. Kareem saw Islam it said the most virtuous of all fast is the first of Muharram and out of that, the first of the day of Ashura the 10th of Muharram has greater significance and greater value. Char mocha test may not make Mahara Mala haram Nabil Karim saw serum that was called Aloka Mahina Katya Han Ramadan Mubarak euros okay bad is Ma Mei Rosa ki berry facilite Iam or Amazon Cuba is subsidiary facilite huali Rosa this Muharram Ashura, Carrozza mas Luna or XL ki servera guna math Annika sub

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whoever keeps Rosa on the ninth or the 10th of Muharram nebbia cream sauce limited. It is an expiation of his minor sins for the past the via cream sauce from when he came to know that the Jews also keep fast in that time on this day. Nabil aquariums, Haslam said next year if Allah Tala keeps me alive, I will add one more Rosa tweet. From this we learned a very important lesson. The lesson we learned is that we are supposed to stay away from imitation of other nations and civilization via Karim is awesome said I will oppose they keep fast for one day I will keep fast for two days. So there must be no similarity and there must be no imitation in following them, even if it is to do

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with something like this. Brothers we all know the Hadith that we are cream sauce that said mantis shrimp Bahama,

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for whom in whom he who imitates a nation becomes one of them. This is not only a moral hint, it is not only

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a teaching, it is a reality, it is inevitable.

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The inevitability of you, if you start imitating a nation, you will become one ledger. If you start imitation, imitation and eating imbue some standard, we can start off imitating on something small, but progressively, you will start imitating them in something major. That is why the old ama of the past when they used to place barber shop the chapter on imitating other nations, they used to place it under the chapter of

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apostasy can I get Abner do strokin Natalia with Avinash Rukia. Also tie OPC Choti CI, so perhaps they can use a tie was Kibar to enter Ubuntu. Okay, good. That

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was coming up Nakota. Therefore, it is so important that we bear this in mind. We sometimes take this lightly, we hear the Hadith. And we say hey, it's true, it is something that we have to take into account, but it has serious consequences. That once you start imitating nature in something small, it might be something even it might be something only Lindane tickets, it might be something that had tickets, but progressively you start them imitating them in the thoughts in the way they think, which could even lead to cover. And that is why the orama when they spoke about imitating other nations, they placed this aspect of the shampoo under the broad chapter of the Bible.

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So there's gonna be a cream sauce and I'm said oppose them. If they keeping one, keep two

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either keep the ninth or the 10th which is more facilities more virtuous or the 10th or the 11th. So, this is another aspect with regard to the aspect of 10th of Muharram. Another aspect another facility that Dr. Karim sallahu wa sallam said, be generous to your family on this day, there are many rewired which have been authenticated, the one who is generous to his family on the 10th of Muharram. And by being generous mean, you spend more than what is necessary, more than what you normally do.

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Africa who happen to open zyada

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zyada fresh kurunjang is in assured Arkadi Allah subhanho wa Taala tamam Salman after OPERS Jennifer's caring

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if you spend more on your family on the 10th of Muharram then Allah subhanahu wa taala will be generous to you on the entire year of generosity can mean different things, you can have generosity with regard to the food or with regard to gifts or whatever be generous to them, give them more than what you normally give Allah subhanaw taala will be generous to you for the rest of the year. So this is also another aspect one important point that I would just like to briefly make mentioned.

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We do not celebrate a new year.

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There is no function or celebration in our Islamic teachings with regard to the New Year. Like the other particular isms ideology, they make much of the celebration of a new year. We do not celebrate the new year. But it is possible for us that in the new year when a new year comes, we start reflecting and we try to make our life more meaningful. We make our life more productive, more coming closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala there is nothing wrong with that in having a vision that in this particular year, I want to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala we don't celebrate amazing thing with regard to our new year, our calendar. Our calendar does not start

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with the birth and death of anyone. It does not step on the celebration of a great victory and there was such great victories in our history. But there was such a great victory and let alone the Holy Quran Cozumel for

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the conquest of Makkah is such a great victory that Nebia crimson was expelled from mechanic comes back triumphantly. When the Sahaba got together to start off the Islamic calendar. They could have started off on the birth of Nabisco or they could have started it on the death of Nabil Kareem sursum. They could have started off on the battle of whether the victory of the Battle of Buddha or the conquest of Makkah. When they got together, they started off from the Hijra. Our calendar starts off with sacrifice

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and by sacrifice you will come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to sacrifice your desire to come closer towards Almighty Allah.

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As a leader the ultimate was when they asked how do I come? How do I get Jana said very easy. Put your one step on your desire. The next step is Janna. Sacrifice against your desire. Then you will come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Muharram Islam is Sal Capella amny Sal Khan him and

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his son is Ben Harper. I'm a man take it when I must condition name and

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they can have apni zindagi ka Jaya, later when we say mozzie bamana or monomorphic Vanessa, one of the beautiful statement which is attributed to Amara the Allahu Toronto and I want you to think about this because the humara the Allahu Turon who used to say that prepare for this world as if you are going to live in this world forever

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and prepare for the accurate as if you are going to die tomorrow.

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Prepare for the world as if you are going to live in this whole forever Topness dunya we can't be algebra autoscaler be planning Chrome has been one of the Allahu Turon okay, but it is me yet kills me when I make a haircut. Up net. S apne dunya is in the GK SM BB MK sukma Buxa mon subarea for now just see ya I'm in Charlotte now, or accurate Killian esoterica row, just a consumer now. So prepare for the world as if you're gonna live forever. Make the plan sit with it. I want to I want to prepare for my children. I want to do good in this world and prepare for the year after is you're gonna die tomorrow. One important aspect when we come to Mahara is the 10th of Muharram is the day

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in which I said Hussein that the Allahu Anhu was martyred. We all know that, but very important for us to understand that Muharram Ashura is not blessed because of Hassan Hussein that he alone time was shattered.

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And we are not a nation of mourning, because if we start mourning the death of our heroes, there won't be a day in that calendar.

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There won't be a death of some Euro.

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kitna 200 Amari 100 shahada paid away, kidney Shuhada a better way of Maria, kidney Shahid way. So if you start mourning the death of people, then they will not be a day in our calendar and in which will not mourn the death of someone. So we are not a nation that mourn. But we take lessons to take lessons from the life of the Shahada. We take lessons over the life of the great people. And there is nothing wrong in taking lessons from the life of us it will save your life

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as it will save the Allahu Terrano was very great, someone who was very beloved to our beloved and to be a cream sauce to them, bearing in mind Assura is not desert it was blessed in the from the time of our beloved maybe Eclipse Aslam. Nebia crimson spoke about the fasting on the day of Ashura well before the martyrdom of us will say that the ultra No, so it was blessing before that. And you know, we are not a nation as I said of people who mourn. Just to give you an example, Libya, Karim saw Salam said See you to shahada Hamza the leader of the martyrs is hazard Hamza, but hazard Hamza was martyred in a battle in which Muslims do not gain victory.

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Say you do Shaha Shuhada Nebia Kareem saw some the fiscal Colombia has it a thumbs up. They can Hamza

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sa Monica Misha hit where she smear musalman Ana Fatah sneaky fear be another and Nevis Saint Lucia De Anza. He said potential is say we know from this deck a Shaheed and his success is not based on victory or defeat it is based on his sacrifice. It is not based on in victory. To say you do shahada, Canada is premier smartkarma fatawa that can easily so you ensure that don't get you no Quranic or just because of the sacrifice. And you know many times sometimes we find that in opposing some people, opposing groups, they can be a tendency that we undermine the family of our beloved and to be a cream sauce. We have to be very careful with regard to this is the family that every salad

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we send the hood upon Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa

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these are very great people.

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And we must always bear this in mind. And sometimes it is something that we have to keep in mind that we know more often Hussein that the Allahu Turan who because of his tragic death, that is Mubarak and blessed life. Then his than his service, his great service and his great qualities. He is his death was tragic, but what about his life? What about emulating the characteristic of his and beautiful examples he left one of the things is that maybe aquariums are seldom loved his grandchildren especially hazard Hassan and Hussein. The vehicle himself swim said Al Hassan Al Hussein seguridad Shalabi, Chanda, Hassan, Hassan and Hussein, they are the leaders of the youth on

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the day of geometry, and this is something that we have to keep in mind. He slid his bad parasaur data at Ashura. T facilite. Has it who said that he Allahu Taranaki shahada, it was as a million when kiss shahada it's a fairly Ashura berkata, Alberta Anca vicar he seen what B Karna biases hook you up ready Allahu Allah bathe me say Hey, Jim dimple, hum Harinama asna.

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Nabil Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam once said there has

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to be a cream so slim, you still have to say that the Latina was on his tech savvy came to us and said Yara Sue who said You are so fortunate. You got such a beautiful mount. You and you are mounting

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the Nebby of Allah Libya cream sauce and said look at what a beautiful ride I got on my back. You get on a beautiful right here I got on my bed. The reoccurring sauce to them was one day sitting on the on the member when as I was saying that he allowed and allowed them were small. They came into the budget and they were stumbling. And they were falling and they were coming in getting up let me occur himself system could not bury maybe a cream sauce. They've got off the women went to go and catch them and have them brought them and set them down near that member next to him. And he said he'd never

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how Allah Tala has correctly said get up get over check.

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Him cochinita

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we are Kareem saucer. He worked here Lika Hamid Ali sabe has written a book in this he's written that incident that in the time of Marma, Marwan Marwan was the governor of Medina. So Marwan one day came to Abu Huraira the very famous a hurry, and he said,

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I will whatever Why don't you I'm the I'm the governor, you don't pay me any attention you only pay attention to as an asset and Hussein

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Desert borella better with a little Waiter So he caught up

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so he said Marwan Do you know why I love

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you know why I love

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I'll give you an example one day we went in a better has it ascertain who said what crime maybe I can even saw slim went into the tent of Fatima Marie Bucha curio why are they crying as a party which data center will pass to which I said there is no water they are trying I can give them these no water maybe a cream sauce slip call them

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put their bodies

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to coat it's done. And he told his grandchildren set by done it may be because of that your tears will be extinguished Marwan

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my wife gets the reason why I love them. This was this the Sahaba or loved one will say one day as I was saying that the Ultron was coming back and he was tired and he sat down abora went to Mallesh and went to rub his leg was saying said

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You are my elder. What are you doing? He said let me do so because there is no one in the world today who is more aggressive than you is no one in the world that is

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currently Allahu Terrano one day there was an alien as it Hussein that the ultra moon

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came out of Assam and the Hazara Google Columbia Latino saw them and he said, you know that your son resembles the Prophet of Allah while he was selling more than he resembles you. He looks more like his grandfather than what he looks like you allowed him to smile. As a woman It allowed us to give us an extra stipends used to give them so much. That was equivalent to the people of Puerto AppleID. The Omar came one day to his father and said he is my age. I also sacrifice an hour to two part in the battle. In fact, I have two more part in other battles. And because, you know, then him, he said, Oh my son.

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Careful what you say.

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The grandfather was a newbie of Allah, to grandfather was not the levy of Allah.

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The father, the mother is Fatima. Father is the Allahu Terrano. Look at the look at the lineage. Don't you compare yourself as if

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he gave him stipends in the time of was one of your router? No, they were also saying he didn't sit on the laurels yet we are the sons of Nabisco with a grain of sand. I said who said and I said part of the battle of North Africa, much of North Africa that was conquered in those metals as an asset and we'll say that the allopathic as an asset we will say that he allowed them to took part in the battles which content matter of Central Asia, as it has said and we'll say that you allow them in there and I can go on making mentioned once I had he said I saw who said that the Allah will travel he was giving the people in terms of water

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and giving people a sense of water and he continued given people some some water and giving them some some water in the church until the time came for Amazon and he said people go and read sell out.

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Once a Have you said as it will say interview Allah to make 25 times higher on foot 25 times he said his generosity you couldn't believe it. You could not turn close to the generosity of will sentry allow Tarot such what his generosity

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as I said, these were some aspects with regard to his life. But of course, we all know that when we speak about the Ultron, who will also make mentioned with regard to his tragic martyrdom. In this limited time, we can speak about the aspects with regard to his martyrdom, but to say a few things. Maybe a Kareem saw slim predicted his martyrdom maybe a cream sauce Allah made mention as part *ing matter the ultimate team one day to be a cream sauce an amazing incident. Is it Fatima Laker I update Beto has it has an OC Rico era Sula.

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Up do

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they do for my children to be a grim saucer and said her son has been given my leadership and authority. And Hussein has been given my generosity and my courage.

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Her son has been given my leadership and authority. Therefore we are Kareem salsa when he spoke about ASEAN, he has been given my leadership and authority. Therefore every acronym saucer minister to Lesson One day, you are leader because of your two great groups of Muslims will achieve peace and reconciliation.

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And who said you are generous and your courage is courage came through with regard to the tragic martyrdom of his in Karbala. But can we see? We don't have the time. But what can you imagine a person who went with because of our school because of a principal? as it matures I would accept Madison would you write that one?

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The reasons why he took the stance of his was that he didn't want to see a situation of leadership being based on the aspect of monarchy being from one, one from the Father to the Son, son to the next time next to the son. He felt it was against the way of the Nebia Kareem saw Selim in the way of the the proper justice of Islam, we don't Allah Knows Best with regard to who were behind him. Whoever was behind it, when Kabira Allah subhanho wa Taala will deal with them appropriately, there is no doubt with regard to it. And let Allah dealt with them collectively in this world. After us it will seem that the ultimate shahada after several saying that the Allahu trimas shahada you know,

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though there was a person by the name of matar McAfee, he went on to the bench, avenge the death of Hussein and everyone who was responsible, he went to and killed him. So that happened. But one of the great respects in this In conclusion, we have to say, look at this great person, what he achieved when he passed away 72 people against several 1000. With him were descendants of his N, his father's two of his sons, six of his brothers, three of his nephews, three sons of Jaffa, Ben Abi Talib, and three sons and three grandsons of RT, Livni Italian, were martyred with him. A whole family martyred. And yet he told his sister, oh, my sister, do not ever wait to not mourn. Do not

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wait and mourn when he was when he was in his last stages of his life. And arrow came in as a small child. It was on the left. That particular time, as it was said that he allowed to be lifted up his head towards he lifted up his head towards the heavens. And he said, Oh Allah, you become happy. If you are happy, I don't mind all this difficulty that is coming.

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I don't mind the difficulty. We are We are convinced that the shahada has given him a greater in far more than we can imagine. Maybe a Kareem Salah while he was still in prison, for Mr. Murthy allowed him to send one day maybe a cream sauce to them at a time of arugula was sleeping and all of a sudden he caught up in a shop who Mr. Mercedes

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Livia cream sauce

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my grandson Lucia will be martyred by my old people. And he said Allah Tala showed me the same way he was going to be martyred it was dead in color. In conclusion that we say whenever we feel weak,

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in abiding by the commands of Allah Tala, whenever we feel a little bit of doubt, and we feel weak in abiding by the commands of formality Allah example will still be allowed to run almost Cuba strip.

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It we will overcome the obstacles in abiding by the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. That is perhaps one of the great lessons it can take in the short and this is only a few things that I've said. But let us keep in mind the greatness of the grandsons of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Let us take up in our minds that inshallah we will follow the examples. You will have love for them, and we will follow the Mubarak life and the lessons from the tragic death while through that one