The Harms Of Riba

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva Viva La Mata de la vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata

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a Mama.

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failed to follow follow an OB Harvey minella he was holy Sarah follow him. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Dean has commanded us to earn halaal risk. And Allah subhanahu wa taala has commanded us to stay away from haram risk and that Allah in the Holy Quran says kulu minocqua eat from the halal and pure things we have provided you with maybe a cream sauce Allah said tabula halali for either to model for either the acquiring of Allah risk is a religious obligation upon humanity. Then together with it.

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Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Deen has told us to stay away from haram stay away from that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has prohibited and therefore nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that stay away from haram because every flesh on your body which is the growth which is because of haram kulula admin never tamina so for now olavi that flesh which has grown in your body because of haram risk, then Jana Miss worth he upon the flesh and the via Karim saw Salaam has also warned us that the time will come for Yachty Allah nurses Amano la ubal Mara Masada Amina lalala amin el Haram, a time will come when a person won't worry where he's getting his response. He won't care

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with regard to a is getting from risk whether it is coming from Allah, whether it is coming from haram he won't worry just as long as it is coming on a tow antidote Lawson Is it coming? I don't care where it is coming from. And this is something that we have to stay away from because every flesh that grows on our body because of haram for narrow olavi then jahannam is more worthy of that. Allah tala niihama gasby halaal kita hippie hair was Miss A sub

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k haram camisa ham itched in

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and out of this particular aspect of

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the one that we have to stay away from perhaps the most is what I'm going to spend my today's talk on. And that is Reba Sood an interest something that has become common but something the way Islam is spoken against it. The warning against it. That is makes us fight and that we should be staying away and staying far away from soda and from Haram. Haram is a subsidiary of Napa cinda Napa in Napa sanjida Amal Masuda. Now, what is what is sued? What is Riba? What is interest, there are two definitions one comes in a hadith and one which our allameh have written one is called Luciana Tila fabuleux her it was her hers era t tisca quiet, he was named just a sad coin he was tiempo kabaneri

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puts near every increase every profit which is not in lieu of something that is interest. If you are selling an item you have bought it for 10 grand you are selling it for 12 grand, that person who is paying you 12 grand he is paying it against the item you are selling it. So, there is something against where you getting the 12 grand interest is where you are selling Are you getting something in which there is nothing in return called Luciana Tila.

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That is one definition. naturally occurring saucer has given another different definition colocar is in Java

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every loan, every loan that you give that you benefit from it any benefit that you get is Riba and it is haram. Every so yes. sukiya additional partner, k Walker is Jasmine nefa was Sudha job it tears up the sequel day. This may have nothing to do yes Sudha era and suit makers para Manasa monofin

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Now many times people will say, well, what's wrong in making profit? What's wrong in making profit? Now, this is very important for us to understand. There is nothing wrong in making profit. But loan is not the vehicle for you to make profit. If you want to make profit, then get into get into a transaction with someone and have a transaction with regard to profit and loss sharing. Don't go and give him a loan and then go and take profit from it. Allah did not make loan in our Sharia. Allah has not made loan the vehicle of profit loan in Islam, Allah has looked upon it as a means of gaining some

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money Karnataka todos Cocina de casa Jana buscopan Nevada C'mon, Mama ko honey hanifah Rahmatullah Lee. Whenever he used to give someone a loan, when he used to give someone a loan, he never used to walk in the shade of that person's house. So every time he passes by the house of a person who gave us he gave a loan to he shouldn't even walk in the shade of a person's lower house in this house. Someone said, Why are you so why are you so precautionary? He said, I don't want people to say that I have taken advantage of that person, because I've given him a loan. Islam is never looked upon. Loan as a means of of profit, as loans is a means of taking advantage of people. And therefore this

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is now the aspect with regard to I'm just giving you a definition of interest. And this institution, this aspect of Riba and interest is painted in disgrace in the annals of history only now recently, this becomes a means of profit, and people look upon bankers, and people look upon people who give loan with interest with respect. Otherwise, throughout history, we all know about Sherlock. And all of those instances that we used to read of Shakespeare, all of that it is this grace in the annals of history. Aristotle used to say that you compare money to a bear in hand, which could not be get more money. In Deuteronomy in the Bible, it is said do not charge your brother interest, whether on

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money or food or anything else that may earn interest in the Bible, in the previous scriptures, in the Quran, every way it is made haram and no more so than in our Sharia. In Islam. money should be used to facilitate exchange of commodities and service, not as a means of profit. Anyway, this is another aspect with regard to one of the main aspects of money and the main aspects of wealth.

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Now why is Islam taken such a strong stance against reviving interest? We don't have the time to go into a long discussion. People who are in the Islamic finance have written books with regard to it, but for our sake for our understanding, why does Islam tell us to stay away from from Riba Why is Islam us such strong words? Am I am perhaps right in saying that there is very few cents in Islam bought comme si una just May Allah tala ne SS Aqua is a sushi bar in a very few very few cents. One of the things is we must bear in mind that Allah tala when you make something Haram, Haram, then there is wisdom, you Hilah homotopy but when you have a Mala Mala hobbies, anything that is pure

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Allah is made it Allah, anything which is hobbies, even ladies made it Haram. So when Allah has made Sudha Rahman interest haram and Reba haram reasons with regard to it. It is not necessarily that it comes into our hamari academia but it is in a series with nutana hecke Allah subhanaw taala dosco haram to haram Carnegie which

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is near to Latin America. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it

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therefore in the Holy Quran, when Allah made Riba haram then the Quran of Makkah said we are following

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Wanda has made it haram they in trade is just like interests it's similar. There are some some aspects of similarity to smack you Why did Allah make it haram baby baby to say, Reba Katara sutra del camino Carlo animal Bay. Now our alumni have written that they are many differences between interests, Riba and trade Allah have written but Allah in the Quran, when he replied to these people who said trade is like interest What did he say? Hello law will be haram or Riba. I am your Creator. I know what is good for you. I know what is bad for you as your Creator. I have made trade halaal I have made interest haram except what I'm saying

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And submit what I'm saying. So, this is an aspect we have to keep in mind. The second thing you see in in the conventional finance in interest, all the risk is borne by the borrower borrower, the one who takes the loan instead of profit and loss sharing between both parties, that has become a burden on the borrower. Right. And this debt increases due to that the person who gives the loan takes no risk whatsoever. He only wants his pound of flesh in the G 20. summit by the Nigerian president some time back made mention of this up till 1985 or 1986. We took loans of 25 billion, right. We know we took loans not 525 5 billion we have paid on that float 16 billion and we are still told we are

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still only 28 billion.

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We took 5 billion we paid 16 billion and we are told that we are still owing 28 billion. This is what what interest is this is what Sood is. This is the aspect with regard to the hands of Riba and interest why Allah has made it haram

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or Suki mamanuca metalliferous bobbin

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Atlanta haram

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tariqa Tama masa Hitman suit, suit common akia suit a mirror Sharif chaetomium, fastly Cooper Hata suit manikya bizarre pessac camonica. So, look at this aspect, you know there was there is a movement in India, which is known as the green movement, trying to take away the farmers from the difficulty that they are facing the owner. And the leader of that particular movement saying is slumming tanking, which propagates zero interest lending could hold the key to solving the great amount of suicide of Indian farmers. Because they take loan, they cannot pay the loan. The more they pay, the loan goes on increasing they go and commit suicide. He said Islamic way of giving a loan

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without interest could solve the problem of the aspect of solving the suicide problem amongst Indian farmers. Another aspect with regard to it, Riba is a case of injustice and exploitation, right amongst the harms is that encourages people to embark on risky ventures, the result of which they cannot possibly anticipate, instead of investing his trade, the trader especially he was got a lot of money. He simply borrows money to widen the streets is the value of goods drop down, right, it brings in his weak disastrous results and bankruptcy as we are seeing today. In our country, we have the example of Stein off just took more and more loans. And of course, the situation came that it

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became and it led to the disastrous results and consequences upon so many people who are invested and upon the on the on the economy. Rizal Riba I'm just giving you some examples, rebar results in idleness and promotes an earned income.

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And one of the aspects of trade, it kills the spirit of enterpreneurship because instead of undertaking business, which will be beneficial to the community to society, which will bring down unemployment, the people who are rich, they just sort of give money on interest and they earn without, without any entrepreneurial skills, without encouraging growth without making aspects of business that comes in which is beneficial for the poor, beneficial for the community beneficial for the country, beneficial for the economy. So what such earning without risk, but a regular they get the reward, it creates a set a set of very

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life in which we just have to set without taking any risk without making any manner without many taking any effort with regard to it. So this is another aspect. Then another aspect with regard to Riba is it widens the gap between the rich and the poor. Now Islam hasn't

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while Islam doesn't force, you know, bring about a force situation of creating, you know, equality between people in terms of the income that a communist in his heyday used to do. But Islam one of the objectives of Islam is that as far as possible, and of jihad that Mountain Home, rape or Amir misciagna Faslane, Leona Chai, or Sood may say,

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you know, Sood actually and Reba actually creates a greater aspect between the gulf between the rich and the poor. The gap gap between the rich and the poor, is supposed to be narrowed for the betterment in any economy, where there is a lesser gulf between the rich and the

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There could be a better economy there will be a better harmony in the community and society. Kayla Puna. doula Tom Baker iminco says ally in the Holy Quran, that wealth must distribute faithfully amongst people as widely as possible amongst people. Now the situation of Riba is such that the rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. I'll just give you a stats that is mentioned by stat South Africa, that 90% of the wealth in South Africa is controlled by 10% of the wealthy.

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No way, if they said you have to mark up Africa, yet this is a local partner. Now away from the antics of the E FF and our political scenario, they make a noise with regard to it, but if they had been more responsible, they could have brought it to the attention of people, that this is a result of what's happening into cause of interest, that 90% of the wealth is controlled by 10% of the people. Then another aspect with regard to it is the spiritual harms, and that it makes a person hard.

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You know, and and you can see the result with regard to it. Because of suit becoming prevalent because of rebar becoming prevalent because of interest becoming prevalent. People today can't spend on other people, they can spend on the poor, they will spend on themselves 100 200 million on anything on massive, lavish things they will spend, but they don't have the heart to be able to spend upon the poor. And you wonder why is it? Let's look at the whole aspect with regard to interest, sacrifice and generosity and feeling pity for the dispossessed and the poor is amongst the great qualities of a human being, giving comfort to others, at the cost of given personal discomfort

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is such a great reward. Rather than being merciful upon the distress rather than being merciful upon a person who is in difficulty he comes to you for a loan, he comes to me for assistance instead of helping him what you do, let me see how I can take benefit from him. Let me see how I can take profit from him. Therefore natella says because of this greed, a person who takes interest rate this is in the Holy Quran, and the nyako una Riba la comunidad de la cama de como la de yet The Hobbit O'Shea de minimus the person who takes interest and gets involved in interest, he will get up on the day of kiama and he will be walking around like a mad person

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when am I have written the reason why he will get walk around a committed person is because he was made he was insane in getting more and more money created made him insane, he will get up like an insane person on the day of Allah tala one just with regard to it, how many times people will say, but what is wrong with it, it is between me and one person, I have given him a loan, he has agreed upon giving me more. So what is what is wrong is between two people, you cannot look at something only between the benefit of two people, you got to look at the greater aspect with regard to the community, you got to look at the greater aspect of what is beneficial and harmful to the community

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and society. Just say two people have benefited, then what if you start using that particular scenario, then adultery and fornication becomes also permissible because it's a consenting to adults doing something, it doesn't become right. So because two people feel that they are benefiting. So benefit cannot be only looked upon in the interest of two people. You got to look at the benefit of the entire community and society. And then there's people who say that I'm earning bad, you know, profit, it's a profit, but what at what cost? It is like a malignant tumor tumor. You see in your in your body, you also get a tumor, and you get a growth. Every time there is a growth in our body. We

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all get worried.

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We all get worried. It must not be malignant, it must not be cancerous. Voila, he said growth that comes in your wealth because of interest is like a malignant tumor. It's a growth but it's like a malignant tumor. Therefore Latella cesium hakala

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I destroy interests, I destroyed interests and I increase charity. So therefore interest is such a thing that it never ever brings. Baraka he gets finished. And therefore in a hadith navia Karim Sal Solomon said, Mahajan, aksar Amina Reba Ileana Atiba who Mr. de la Attila T, no matter how much interest becomes plentiful, the end result of it is poverty, poverty upon the per person, poverty upon the community and the society and poverty upon on the country. And others in conclusion, I would like to say that many times you and I because this has become so prevalent we find it very difficult to stay away from and to be a cream sauce limited. Latina alumnus is Amano, la casa minha

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Mahajan, Illa Allah Reba for Milan yaku asaba woman who bought a time will come that no one will be able to stay away from interest. And even if a person stays away from interest, then he will still get the dust of it.

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The end result was so come upon in some aspects was to come up with, given the warnings I don't want to I don't have time to make mention in a reoccurring source Luma said it was worse than Xena. It is worse than multiple types of Xena. And in the Quran Allah Allah says yeah, you will need hamanako la documentary by enquanto momineen failed to follow the movie Harvey minella he was fully Let's stay away from Reba if you don't stay away from it, then you are declaring war against

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Georgia Batman or Superman or Superman or Narita go to war Allah, Allah Rasool Allah

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or Laura suka full of junk karma

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Can anyone can How can you achieve success by you know, having a war against Allah is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam today we find it is important for us to stay away from it, keep a distance I know of Rama, who have written for two hours on this particular basis. Even if you have to do banking only keep it to the extent of necessity to the banking has become an important part of our economy. Sometimes you have to do it Allah has given us permissibility because it is become part and parcel of our community. And there are benefits, but that also just keep it to the point of necessity. I know Allah who have given to us they will not even take a paper clip from a bank.

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They will not take a paper clip free from a bank. And we say we have a certain degree in this particular community. There's a certain degree of respectability with regard to it. So we don't we find it a little bit of we don't find it, you know, bad in terms of negativity, in terms of our profile in dealing with interests. But remember that in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not so whenever you want to think about it always think it Taka La MaMa tamina Reba, stay away from Riba failed to follow if you don't stay away from it, then be prepared for war against

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the consequences the harm upon the community and society is too tragic for us to get involved in it. And every time we get involved in it, we are becoming part and parcel of increasing the harms. With regard to it as a line is a source of a lot Hollywood Selim has made mention was from day one.