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The conversation covers the lack of knowledge of the deen and its impact on the generation of people. It also touches on the importance of good friendships and humility in bringing forward the deen. The speakers stress the need for personal knowledge and resources to make learning successful, and provide advice on teaching children to be more aware of the natural and organic aspects of learning. They also discuss various topics related to the knowledge and knowledge of various people, including the loss of loved ones, the impact of the pandemic on people's behavior, and the importance of trusting oneself.

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Karma Moosa hottie Banfi benissa at the prophets are seldom said more Sally's Salam stood up and gave a sermon, a speech to the children of Israel to the crowd in front of him right there. After the speech was very moving talk, something very powerful. So the people asked Moosa Sophia who a Moosa Are you a NASA alum who knows the most about Allah? Who is the most educated person about the deen then Allah Anna so more surnames Allison said I am the most educated person about in a lot the deen the things like that. And you can you can see how he came to that conclusion. Right we just mentioned introduction. He spoke to Allah subhana wa Taala he is a prophet of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala so we have a lot of reasons why he can come to the conclusion that I am the most knowledgeable educated person about the deen about Allah.

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For I tap Allahu Allah, Allah soprano attended not like Moosa Eileen salons answer for I tap Allahu Allah He rebuked him for that is lemmya would delay in the LA because musasa did not say aloha item Allah knows best he didn't do that. He said I I am so Allah didn't like that. Well Han la so Allah revealed to mu Sadie Salama, what did he reveal? Bella? Yes, there is someone who knows more than you Mussa a lot, but someone who has knowledge about a law which most that does not have now i'm i've been doing min a baddie, be imaginary behind who was underwhelming. I have a slave one of my servants. He is at the junction of two seas. He knows more than you. What was most alayhis salaam,

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his reaction, this is very important. Musa alayhis salam made a mistake. Allah corrected the mistake. Moosa saw that he was on the wrong How would he react? I pray to Allah Jin ledger lado for to allow you and I to accept then I'll see how the way you move Sally seller accepted it. May Allah allow us to be humble though a mu Sally's Salaam is about to show you humbleness and all of us. He says a K for subito LA is your Allah? How can I reach him and get knowledge from him? How can I go to him and study under him a lot. Well, this is the epitome of humbleness. Musashi Salaam humbly accepted the advice and corrected the situation. So I asked you by a lot I asked you by a lot. If

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you ever make a mistake.

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And you are corrected and you realize you were wrong. Please say I'm sorry. Apologize. Admit the mistake. Well lie Allah insha Allah will increase you in za increase your indignity apologize and then correct the mistake. Moo Sally Salaam listened to the advice and he wants to correct it and beyond he says yeah a lot Tell me where he is. So I can study under him and hear you and I will know where is this man? Where is he at all Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us on set who who attend fee McTell who tzemach total fee they sell get a fish put it in a bucket okay get a fish or right put it in a bucket then for Hey former for Patel Hoot for tibbett who and mechanically brew has Semak Minh

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know who will McCandless ever tagit had a shot or shot so I'll hover around the lower end of and he said. He said, when the fish which is dead, a dead fish leaves the basket follow its path and there you will find the slave of a lot who is known as a hugger. So the fishes that are like and bring it back to life. Alright Bismillah will Moosa travel by himself la Moosa le salon for holla j Mustafa ma who Fateh who assistant and companion, you shall be known while my human hood. So most Elisa Lam got with him You shall be known who later on will become a prophet in sha Allah, and he went with them as a companion and this is another very quick note here, the importance of good companionship.

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Mousavi said I'm didn't just like have anyone carpool with him. Yo lane. What saved gas money? Just come with me and whoever comes along. No. companionship is a serious thing. What do our family teach us? It's thought of as jar public down right. Choose the

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neighbor before you choose the house so here you want to take this trip with you. You got to be conscious who comes and helps you and who's with you in this journey. So here I go out into the Quran what I said that Hadith is from Sohail Bihari and the other other authentic references ready for the ayah Allah says I wouldn't be letting the shift on rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Where is all Moosa Li Fattah hula abora Musa alayhis salam tells you shall be known. I will not settle No, no, no, no, no. I will not feel comfortable until I meet that man had to abbulu Hama Jamal behind Oh, I'm Leah Huckleberry or no matter how long it takes me years years, I will take the years so I

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can meet that man and learn more about him which as a result, get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And here Mousavi salon embodies to us another example of humbleness The first one is what accepting the mistake apologizing making up for it and the other side of humbleness is tolerable N mu Sally said I'm no wiser his knowledge is unbelievably vast yet he was not content in what sense? I want more if there is a way I can get closer to a lot I want it he was hungry. I want to get closer to a loss Have you already talked to a lot what most of you can do a lot I want to get closer to a loss of Hannah what's the honor? So the minute that we do it well why many of us do it if not all of us

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could do me tandem but skiff pty limited Dean May Allah bless you all who's watching me Allah increase you and beneficial knowledge Amira Bella alameen Alomar is open Amen, Nadia, you know, I just met the real estate agent. Okay, for my friends who are real estate agent, perhaps watching. Don't worry, I'm just a regular discussion with another real estate agent. All right. So he's saying how he just finished a training class in regards to real estate and selling stuff like that. How old is this real estate agent? He's about 60 years old. It just did he just get his license. No, he had that for years. And he has training after training. Why? Because life changes. There's a lot of

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knowledge out there. So he wants to grow and grow because of that job. myself as an engineer. Every year we got several trainings we have to take doctors nurses was watching you take trainings to continuously grow we're not ready to satisfied just like that. We have to continue to grow. Similarly, we do with our children, right? Our children he lives in LA do your math homework do your English homework and we stress don't say there's no time a live it fee come Don't say Matthew walk the walk in Sharla our children they go to school what five days a week right with the Coronavirus thing changes with hours and they do their homework and they study math science. Alhamdulillah

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colloid cold okay. Right and we push them It's okay. And even at night time they do their homework, right? Even college university, things like that. Teachers right teachers, they work day and night. We need to also have a time in our day and night time in our weekly life. What do we get to learn about Allah subhana wa tada for suele some Allahu alayhi wa said kudos Allah Allahu Salone alayhi wa sallam. He said, min Salah caparica whoever takes a path, what passages Mother 33 Can you tell me Sufi here in the one who seeks not the path of knowledge. And this knowledge, as some said it can be for the sake of a loss, hunt and other avenues. But for sure, it's in regards to religious

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knowledge, Islamic education, you know, if we take that path, what happens? What happens? A lot of things, but here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says salla Allahu levou farrakhan when he lagenda Allah says if you want to put the time and effort to register to watch a talk to attend to the masjid list, read the book that brings you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah alone will make your path to gender easier a lot, but who doesn't want that? So I'm gonna let increasing the knowledge amenable element and the resources are a lot out there. But one quick advice here, Moosa went to meet alhadeff right face to face a teacher, nothing against books, books are great. But if

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we are not well equipped, the books may cause more damage than benefit. So be aware of that the importance of gaining knowledge from the people who understand you know, their topic, stay within their lane, able to deliver May Allah make you a student of knowledge and make me and our families admirable alameen. Some of the people like you focus a little bit on the children. What about the parents, I mentioned about the parents, but another one

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Hear it is very difficult for our sons and daughters to be able to be encouraged to learn the deen when they do not see mom and dad learning the deen. I got you guys. All right? Not really that's a fact, the best way to teach us through action so May Allah allow us to walk in the footsteps of Musa alayhis salam. So they traveled moose that is revenue share. They traveled and traveled and traveled hattah entire era Sahara, Venezuela in Doha, until Musa

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Musa and new shabti noon sorry, they arrived to a rock like a rest area and they relaxed and then move Sally salame put his head and he went and took a nap. Fantastic.

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All of a sudden, pajetta harmonica Samak, the fish start to move. Now Moosa is sleeping. And part of this event you should have known as seeing us as job is to watch over the basket and give the update. So what happened? The fish was dead. How about descemet Allahu Akbar Ah, don't be shocked. Don't be shocked list Don't be shocked. Every night you and I we die. Call your mood every late, late every night. You and I die. And Allah brings us back to life and hamdulillah the edge. ohana bad Amma Amma Tina we thank Allah, the One who brought us to life after we were dead. So here Allah subhanho wa Taala brings that fish back to life. How do I could stomach when salamina lichten and

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the fish slipped out of the basket for the hotel and then it entered the sea. Where is Moosa moose I Sam is taking a nap sleeping brothers and sisters, moose is and wakes up. Allah says Phelim Bella majima they nema nesea Hotel Houma use apne known for God to tell moose about the fish. He forgot, but definitely sebelah who felt bad about the fish took the path into the water. So they continue traveling how long brother how long 10 minutes not more later, when the harm and your whole night and also the whole day? hours. Then what happened? for them john was as they continue to travel. Quarterly Fateh who Moosa tell told his assistant Auntie Nevada Anna get us some food we're very

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hungry left hard left in min Seth arena had and also by new tab, give us some food let's prepare a meal. I'm really exhausted. Let's eat something so we can get that energy to continue traveling hours. You shad noon goes to the lunchbox

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and he remembers the fish. Oh my god, I forgot to tell you what happened.

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On the hour. It is knowing that it is Sahara Moosa. Remember when we were resting by the rock, okay, what happened to Indian se to the food I forgot to tell you the fish got off the basket. Well Matt, and send you in Alicia Paulo and of course it was the same one who played the role in making me forget the devil played the role, but below full battery algebra and the way the fish moves or the way the fish jumped off the basket and went through the water was miraculous. You notice what he said a quick lesson here. Some people may say what does it mean mama in a nutshell fun and sad when the chef find them forget how does he do that?

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I learned that they teach us is the way the shaitaan intervenes when you have something good to do you have something great to do. How does the son share fun calm he doesn't delete your memory emsa has that letter he makes you busy with something else you will switch to a more raw he makes you think of oh you know your mom told you ain't make sure you throw the garbage outside this is higher. So the devil may come and tell you hey did you did you call your friend back? Did you do your homework right? She tries to make you busy now please guys don't use this against your family well the mama shaitan right maybe said fine well I Alo item so what's the response? Was the quarter

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Rebecca either in the seat a lot is another area which one of its meanings. If you happen to forget something then mention Allah subhana wa tada why because the mentioning of Allah pushes the chiffon away All right, so not only Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. So what will most alley Salaam do your only job was to watch the fish you shot right that's what some people may think that most alley Salah at the whole other level. Honestly, I can't comment too much on this because too much of an elite

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not to be upset not to be angry marveled at

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Ah Malik intermission man,

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Carla Danica makkonen. Natalie, that's exactly what we wanted to know. That's what I was looking for that when the fish left and he was humble, but the one that did that, can there be some along and he was selling like the prophets, I send them and they said mnemonic, he says, I served the Prophet sallallaahu I didn't send him for years I actually sent in and he never rebuked me for something for what I did or what I did not do a whole nother level. Now my greatest strength I may not have been I mean, so for Ted dalla Asad eema Casa Sokka Sora running running quickly back to the place where they rested and they were trying to be very exact. Where did we rest what's the exact location and

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they found me finally found not the fish. They found the path which the fish took for what Dad Dad Phil Barry. Paul is a in the in mama will shoot. You know how Allah subhanho wa Taala last pantalla when he made the ocean split for moose Assalam right I was pata la casa Malabar, Gallic persimmon madness Semak collective Michigan Hi Jim Hi there. So a loss of Hannah with data, he splits the water for the fish the same way he split it for moose back in the day when for our own. So point being here, obviously not as big. So Moosa kept walking on that path so he can find that man for what I didn't mean a bad day now and they found the guy but not any guy.

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I believe he's a prophet of a loss of panels I have different opinion. Some say is a prophet Some say is righteous, but inshallah you will clearly see he's a prophet of Allah Subhana. Allah knows best. We respect both opinions. This great man and he Salam. Allah says abdomen a bad dinner. This man is one of ours a lot about tea now or met him in andina Allah bless him was so much Rama. Allah inserted so much Rama into the human being uncovered. What I love now who Milla do not alien man and we insert it and we gave him so much knowledge from our knowledge. So then when Moosa came, he found that great man who said JB felt 100 was covered and Moosa was standing nearby with you shall be

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known and Allah knows best. Then when he uncovered himself facetted Lemma la hemos assalamu alikum 100 was surprised what kind of what I know the out of the castellum he was shocked. How do you know a Salam while a concave at a Salaam Alaikum honey in the Salah. Because there's a lot of poofer apparently around and things like that. *a anamosa so Prophet Musa says I am Moosa so I'll have that said Moosa. Then he saw in Moosa from the children children of Sri Krishna Nam, then mu Sally Salah look at the look at the respect on a level Moosa How can I can I follow you? I learned to eliminate him or limb tajrish that provided that you teach me some of the good stuff which a lot

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taught you you know some guiding great stuff I can learn from you please.

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Other look what he said. He said yamasa in NACA Allah agent min min a Mila Hey, Allah como la Hola, Alamo. Moosa Allah gave you a knowledge, which I do not have. What I know I mean, they didn't mean law he I lemony, he loved lotta Alamo and Allah gave me knowledge which you do not know. Right? That's how it works. So then I'll cover told them they'll be very honest and frank with you What is it in Necker Island does the AMA and your sobra you definitely do not have the patience out and you're not equipped to be able to be patient with me in a type of knowledge a light gave me is not something that I can easily forward to you and teach you it's not it's not that simple. Well, it

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gave us a little island man to have been Oberon karate and because of this lm This knowledge is a whole different level and how can you be patient of something beyond your realm of knowledge? No, it's like most alley salon applying to the University have a harder and harder set. You know, you've got great grades, your grades are great, but the subject we need you don't have you can't really get enrolled. But most I want this University have 100 right which other got the knowledge from Allah subhana wa Tada. He insisted, please, please make me get enrolled in your school. So he said was Ali Salaam said did you donate insha Allah

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sabella insha Allah you will find me patient and I will try to handle whether I'll see like a Umbra and I will not disobey you whatsoever I promise I'll be a good student

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God other said okay for any Tibetan if you insist to follow Fela this L ne and Shay in detail let me know who the crowd then don't ask me any questions. I'm about to do some unique things strange things in your eyes. Don't ask me why did you do it? And do not ask me why did you not do it? Just don't ask me until I I promise I promise. I will explain to you why I do my things all right deal deal from palapa other hospital and I'm going to go to the head if not the Koran right now. He's authentic. It's beautiful. It complements beautifully from Tanaka, m shiana. Allah Sahel so Moosa and who and how they were walking on the seashore on the beach famara bvms afina and there's a boat

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that passed by

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for Ken Lomu home and yeah me Lou man so alhadeff spoke spoke to the crew on the ship to have them give them a ride so I'll have the one on the right to fulfill a task loses following for all the other so people like oh 100 sure we'll give you a ride other career How did you know introducing this my friend Melissa and so on. So then they both come into the boat biela a journey they did not pay him by that shiny man by the firewall right? So they respect the cupboard apparently is known for lucky best Safina while they were sitting on the boat check this out beautiful beautiful it tried to listen I want to Standard Oil has to be proven Harsha well then in salvia with a very very

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humbling heart and open ears inshallah ready beautiful stuff. Well why is it so relaxing? Reading a bird or sporty it? I have filled Safina a bird comes and lands on the edge of the boat. Okay, sounds good. For her Mr. Min. Rahul Baja. So the bird beak went into the ocean and got some water drink some water said about the man. For Carlos how the Rolly Moosa other told Moosa they look at the bird and he looked at motion. He says, Man at MOCA Moosa ready, your knowledge, the knowledge of Moosa, unbelievable Allahu Akbar, knowledge upon knowledge upon knowledge, man a mocha. Were in me your knowledge plus my knowledge. Wow, that's a lot of alien. How many books have deaf see if they can

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put together? How many books have their own Hadith, the narrations, how much they know about a lot about the unseen animal life? How much do they know a lot? He said, your knowledge plus my knowledge ready? Why is mortal holla and the knowledge of everything in the world, all the libraries of the books, the millions of essays and research papers, all of the knowledge in the world in chemistry, in math, in biology, in mechanics into the details and everything economics, accounting, yellow, all the degrees you can think of, and the books and the curriculums and the bookstores and the libraries around the world. All of that fear in mila mokara tambien Mila in comparison to the knowledge ally

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Has she the books and the millions.

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Elana daru Mazza mess I had the nurse for whom in car who, that acknowledged the whole world has including you and I Moosa in comparison to the knowledge Allah has is like that water on the beak of the bird in comparison to the ocean and how much water is in there alone. When you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala will know how to enter in your lives. You know, Allah knows what he's doing.

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Wait, aloha Ditto that makes a person humble. You know, you have your PhD respect Alaska, we respect you. But don't show off because you're only a drop of water if not less in the ocean. Right? You know, that kind of art and I know tenri citations and I know this I know that had it. I relax a drop of water into the ocean powered by the lens of Hannah with Allah. So then, mu Sadie Serrano Raja moussaka shocked. It's not Yes, jack Moosa is Ahmed and how the rue Isla Kaduna is a shark, Jacques Cousteau. Allah Allah had that he got something on hover there is like an X for her aka Safina. So he went and he

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drilled like a hole into the boat? What? Yes, he drilled a hole in the boat and the water is kind of creeping inside the boat. So Moses says aha rock

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nakaji cache and Emre Are you serious? What's What are you doing? Are you trying to make the people drown? Look he's concerned about the people most Isola are you letting the people drown Hannah Luna the lady note and Bella adger they did not even charge you and I to be on the ship and that's how you treat them. What do we what are you doing? This is this is horrible.

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I have to set an aqua inoculant to study and I have Sabra what's the deal? Did I not tell you that you will not be patient enough? So most I said I said oh yes yes I forgotten See that's it now to kidney B madness eat that. That's one time I actually forgot I actually forgotten whether to hit Neiman Emery also take it easy on me. oily

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also up for my son Moosa. Well cada Hara Jimena Safina they left the boat both most of the other as you can imagine the people in the boat seeing the leak what happened their job they got a pay cut right Coronavirus type of situation they got some people got probably laid off For how many days on Long Island will share with you I happen to Sharla

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for a number of whom I am Shania let's say they're walking on the seashore on the beach What happened? Either will Amman yell Abu mandrill man they saw a boy playing with other children so have their goes to that boy for khattala he went to that boy young boy didn't reach the age of puberty young boy didn't do anything wrong. Other came for catella and that's what Moses seeing like what's going on? When I'll have killed them most of them no no this too much. Most actually did not even forget about the deal. My nasty hand model looking after Delta Nelson Zeki yet and delayed enough. You're killing an innocent soul who did not do anything wrong? legit Shay and nohcra. No, this time

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it is horrendous. What you did is just outrageous. Now this is you're pushing out harder, right? This is too much. So Heather gets a little bit upset. He says pawna lm awkward leca in NACA so there's an emphasis in the language that I not tell you that you will not be patient enough. lenta Sati Anya sobre

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su musante salaam, he says this, you know what incentive to cache in Banda if I interrupt you once again for the third time. If I not patient enough the next time philatelists are happening then you know what we can separate at this point. But Bella Amelia do nee Audra. You have been patient with me. And you have taken too many excuses from me. So I'll be understanding I promised one last shot last strike last strike. Okay. All right. Sounds good. Fun. palaka. So they proceeded had either at a Korea is Tama so they were traveling along trip most other walking and walking in that the heat of the sun, they're struggling, they became hungry, they became thirsty. The culture and the norms of

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the area and even around the world. When travelers they come there's a rest area. There's a sense of hospitality. We offer things for the travelers for the guests. That's the norm but this village had to cut him off 25 different for about a minute he flew home forma they refuse to give Mu 700 anything nothing not even like the you said brother the customs and norms to have some food drink rest nothing. Not even snacks not even as Ziploc bag was something something in it nothing absolutely stingy if you wish to say right for ABA when you let your former for why did that fee Hadji dhara other saw a wall jr? That was on the verge of falling?

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For a comma. She had worked in such a way to rebuild and fix the wall.

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So moose moose fan, moose has no understanding like what just happened. So Carla homos either had it in the hangar Have you held Korean you and I we came to this village now moose has extra prized fell on you by he funa while I'm up Muna they did not show any hospitality and not even given us any even little food. Low *

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Dally Angela if you want it you could have said okay I'll fix the wall but pay me for my service this amount of money you could have got money out of this not for free to these people get money and you can buy food and stuff like that

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How does that How does that feel Albania Albania that's it you know what, here is where we break up that's it it's done three stories three strikes strikes it's over a mother said listen set will not be okay between the man and the starter Eileen Sabra. Now let me explain to you each and every one of these three and what was the wisdom understanding the knowledge Allah gave me let me share that with you and Miss Safina tufa Cana tema sakeena yeah and I knew nothing about it know that both that we wrote on that ship okay this belonged to a relatively poor not wealthy not well off company to a poor group of people who work in the fissures right. So my second okay for our two and a half so I

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went I went to drill that hole in it to cause that minor damage that minor damage why what can i wha Malik Yeah, hello Kula safetynet and also by law Dr. Malik, I'm one who will angle Patel home camera. He said I let this damage take place. Because if they proceeded there was a tyrant pay attention May Allah bless you all. There's a tyrant who is located in such a way that he steals with his soldiers with his army he takes over people's boats so that's why I drilled that hole. So now all so this ship when it comes and the tyrant of the violence and he sees that damage both he would let go of it he doesn't want it. I don't want no damaged boats and he will take other boats he will

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take that boat and this boat and that boat. But for these Misaki in he will not take it because it's damaged. I don't want to go repair stuff. I don't know how bad is the foundation of this boat. So then they survive a law about do you appreciate brothers and sisters? Now it sounds like a good deal. Even more Sally seller agrees that's a really good deal. A little bit of pain for a lot of gain. that's a that's a really good deal. That happens to you in it you and I it's it's common. It happens very frequently. Let me give an example. You're going to a job interview. And you end up getting a flat tire just like that boat. You never know why did that happen? Allahu Allah. But Allah

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is giving you an example in the Koran to show you all believer as in what many know and what may not Misha colinas la the Kalam the MENA well may not forgot Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us this is for the believers. How was that? So la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I Japan the Umbrella Movement in Morocco kilo higher. While he said that he had an inlet in movement. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says everything that happens to the believer is good. Are you a believer? Laila Han Allah lendahand Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah Wa La Casa de la ilaha illa Allah insha Allah estimator for de la Wesker fish sobre como Hi, if you are patient in hardship if you are grateful in ease I

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swear by the one who made you an AI whatever you face is good for you. Well I can look at it for you might not see it the people in that boat when they saw the boat sinking it kind of was devastating without a doubt. We are we are already poor we barely make a living and now we have this but guess what, then they saw the wisdom behind it and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah for the damage and that's how we ended up growing you know, I'll give you a simple example. And when you want to jump Okay, let's say I can't see myself but if you want to jump what do you do? You go down and then jump. You go down you went through a big jump sometimes in life a lot gets us to go down so we can do that big

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jump a lot of work about so me I'm like great this summer for the Messiah. I mean it'll be alanine with Norma Desmond and Manila Misaki and a lot and I lay home the head Matty him Lou Moosa will have a lotta Allah Allah a lot honor them for the service they provided. They have moose and other come over. We respect you. We honor you though they don't have much money, but they honor them and look up a lot. 100 back. Brothers and sisters will lay wonders happen I'm sure I'm sure almost every single one of you watching has a story can tell you my story. If you had the mic and solo, outspoken and we had the time in the lobby, Allah bless you all. I had minimum minimum it's good to be

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conservative and a number at least 10 trips.

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booked in this year only from March to like Ramadan that's it not even beyond that

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I love my trips got canceled all of them why Coronavirus hello we had trips and our to give and do these things and stuff like that all all not even all of them got canceled I'm sure many of you like them many of us got pay cuts I got to pick up for a little bit right so Panama This is like maybe the hole in that ship you never know maybe you're trying to do everything you possibly can I know some people some people are like yeah bro I do see the wisdom now. Why? Because you know I got the unemployment that has more money than my actual income alone. Me I love less you and grant you sustenance from wage you've never imagined me Allah grant us all support and health and anatomy, but

00:35:50--> 00:36:44

really in that funnel the Hickman you might see it in your life and you may never see it and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best lo edgecliff so then we continue that's where the second story what a Mullah Willem okay what about him the boy that he killed well I'm bamboo lamb for can about well who is me name of Casa min enormously Nene. People are believers that all three believers all three true people submit to God alone all three well, Amanda lamb The boy was belonging to parents, Mom and Dad, very many of righteous not just above average Allahu Akbar. type for hoshina and your HCA home out Oh, yeah. And then welcome for this boy. Okay was gonna be a means of cause of fitna of a trial

00:36:44--> 00:37:13

a serious trial to his mom and dad, as he was going to test not their patient, they're going to just test their old Dean. That's how difficult he was going to be. He wasn't he someone who is a corruptor he would corrupt even the people around he was been an ridiculous damage. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing. Yes, without a doubt the loss of a child is painful, no doubt. But Allah is showing us something

00:37:14--> 00:37:22

cassata tiffin motley man, well I can lm would you to fill out Madame murgia bar Catherine Muslim,

00:37:23--> 00:38:11

Allah showing us having a child would die this painful, no doubt. But having a child in our lifetime existing who is arrogant, a tyrant and oppressor driving the world nuts in a corruptor is far worse than having a little boy died. May Allah grant us wisdom and strength and your herbal alanine. Well, we have things like that brothers and sisters. In terms of someone being diagnosed with a terminal illness you don't understand why what why did that happen? I was healthy gluten man. Well, Andy Murat, Shahid, Allahu Allah, you never know. Well, you never know. A lot. Not just that I'm not done. That deal is fair. I look and do whatever he wants. Mistake thought I did not the NEMA for our

00:38:11--> 00:38:16

dinner at UB de la humara boo Mahi on Mendoza cat and

00:38:18--> 00:39:07

so Allah took that young boy and he gave them instead someone who is better you see that? See that gap? Again? A little bit of pain for a lot of gain. So then Allah says I gave him a child who is far better and merciful for him May Allah Mika So hamato are parents you're up what up bro banner, or ham Houma, Kamara bonus Ivana. Oh, love ramen or parents, the way they raised us when we were just little kids helpless. This is what happens brothers and sisters are like getting instead a righteous boy. It is difficult no doubt that you know what's great as well. That boy, though he was known to a lot, that he would have been a corrupter, a tyrant and so on. That boy insha Allah will meet his

00:39:07--> 00:39:53

parents in gender, because the boys and the girls would die under the age of puberty. Insha Allah will be heading to agenda, not just that they will be holding their parents now insha Allah, they will be told go to gender but they say we want to go to Jenna not just by ourselves, but we want to go to dinner with our parents with our mom and dad. So they go these little boys little girls have passed away before the age of puberty. They'll have that reunion with mom and dad insha Allah and together as a family, the Enter agenda. And we're lucky you never know. Maybe the reason mom and dad will go to Jenna because of that trial yesterday. No line was the best. Allahu Allah, Allah Allah.

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

Maybe someone that had this sickness that the LM or admitted will lie, maybe that model that you

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

Have what life might have saved you from an accident had meat mostly but I'll have you look at the basic been the aliqua Manik well when I did mostly but in Cobra Allah, Allah Allah, but what I can guarantee and I don't know maybe this maybe that that ultimately matters I live in a coma. Well I can add them and headed for hire, but the goal is good. The goal is good, we promise you it's good. That's the promise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but please, if you notice something that parents were me name, so a lot of sunette la fille cone away me name, yet to be a lad silanes insha Allah Banfi Marathi MSA snotted hyah mom and dad are righteous to the most part a lot rewards

00:40:47--> 00:41:32

them with good children. So May Allah allow parents to work so hard one of the fruits rights is children and if one of us was tested with otherwise May Allah grant us patience I mean little bit Island in here let's go to the third one and last one last one well mlj dot okay what's the story about the wall now? Well I'm gonna do that again and you will emini Yeti meanie fin Medina that well okay part of a house belonged to two orphans so the father passed away. The mom and the kids are there and what can I do who can zone lahoma under that wall there were treasures, there was money there was gold, there was the good stuff a lot of wealth. What can a boomer chauffeur Jana and his

00:41:32--> 00:42:24

father the Father, the two orphans, they he was what saw early high was a righteous father, the one who passed away for darbuka he blew her I should the Homer as a result a lot wanted the two boys the orphans to go grow older become strong. Why yes definitely. JACK and Zelman then they find the treasure are met and magrabi can you imagine if these orphans that wall fell and the stingy crowd in the area found that money do you think that city the residents will say we will be trustworthy will be will take care of you guys? It doesn't look like it doesn't look like it looks like they might take all the money so a lot delayed the risk and a lot of grew the risk right? The money and that

00:42:24--> 00:42:33

they have and shall will be a lot of benefit for them by the will of last pantalla fita here for risk but school Ohio perhaps the mom was making that

00:42:34--> 00:43:23

alarm. The others have come and she makes dry Oh Allah provide for my kids Yella orphans yada yada push it to light Allah heard alesse me Allah see Allah saw but Allah Allah Hakeem a lot him a lot doesn't want the boys to grow at that age around such people with so much money, not now struggle and then be patient a risk j the risk was coming. We go through that yes or no? We go through that. How many people very common a delay in marriage. Peter Schiff is the watch when the risk when it's decided when it's they'll just sign it. Or Allah subhanho wa Taala? was, was it a good idea to remain in Medina land no risk to fit with it. embed an answer, maybe a loan provided from elsewhere

00:43:23--> 00:44:09

differently maybe it's for our own good things are not happening Allah knows best. Also for people who are married with a gene when it comes to risk of fun at home. Last parent Allah, Elias logomania Sha, Allah gives whoever he wants, however he wants Mukesh in salmon Bab alpha. Maybe Allah knows this nettement that you're asking a lot for your opium is not hired for you what you want, and Allah knows best. But the thing here is to trust a loss of hand what Santa was Billa Look what the other said. The ending, one, two and three. The alligator widow madam duster, Eileen sobre. Moosa Ahmed Mohamed all of you need to know something, everything that happened is not from other is from Allah

00:44:09--> 00:44:54

subhanho wa Taala al Hakim ilani so brothers and sisters surrender to Allah. What's the Mila what are what can Allah be amen while you're paying, be patient and trust a law trust a lot. No one will handle your business better than a lot. No one but just have that gratitude and blessings have that patient and hardships ready for this challenge for the dry and Sharla ready for this? Please remember it may Allah grant you all agenda for you. I mean, this is life. I mean, what's the drop? persona Lai sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on he said, either us baja when a person wakes up, okay? And he says the following what do we say? All D to be like Europa, whoever says I am pleased with Allah

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

as my Lord. Mmm hmm. But it did say it could not be to be loved.

00:45:00--> 00:45:49

Hello, but anyway, number two, well, Bill is lammi Deena and I am pleased with Islam as my religion great. Number three, with Mohammed in Namibia and I'm pleased with Mohammed as my prophet. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says an authentic narration, olevia. Whoever says these three and a zyme, I guarantee you the Prophet is saying, the prophets are selling, I guarantee who then bat he had the Hulu Hulu, Jenna, if you say that, the Prophet says I guarantee I will hold your hand and we will walk together to Jenna. Maha Can you imagine? How beautiful is that moment? When you don't just walk to Jenna? You walk in with a prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam but say from your

00:45:49--> 00:46:32

heart, but all these I am pleased and a month I'm happy with Allah My Lord. Islam as my Deen Mohammed Allah Salatu was Salam as my prophet Allah Kurosawa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters, a lesson for all of us to be able to realize a loss of handle and a plan that best for us and make sure to be righteous kuno on your side hand away gentleness so he knows slightly how to do I mean, the righteousness of the Messiah keen Allah bless them the righteous about one me naini righteous parents of our bless them what kind of woman saw he had a manual Amman to my coworker Allah The put the effort then Allah gave him the blessings so work hard. Brother Brother, one last

00:46:32--> 00:46:36

question. One last question. No, one last question before we end Okay, what is that?

00:46:38--> 00:47:07

Could a lot not just destroy the tyrant who can like some other viable idea who that someone could a lot not to guide that boy that was a lie knew that he was going to be a tyrant could Alan not guide him going to least schatten word but then my yoke that way has a lot in it. Could Alon not make the people in the Kadena in the village generous people hospitable? And then so that kids can grow in a wealthy household?

00:47:09--> 00:47:14

Looks like some of us did not get the lesson by the nurses America would this

00:47:16--> 00:48:02

case possibly Rhode Island, Maryland to have to be hopeful? How can you be patient over something are beyond your realm of knowledge. You may not be patient enough. This is analogy of a loss of panatela gave us a glimpse. So don't be yourself so much with Allah could have done this. A lot could have done that. Don't get into the way a lot does things. A lot asks us why we do not ask Allah Elias nnf relentlessly less apana with Allah The motto and complain about Allah subhanho wa Taala we go with trust in Allah. And we do not want a lot we do not want a lot to tell us then read and Elia kulana had a theoretical benei webinar. We don't have a lot to tell us. This is it between

00:48:02--> 00:48:22

you and I, we're no longer talking. You complain too much about me. We don't want that to happen. So we ask a lot to strengthen our connection with him. And may Allah grant his patience towards any hardships. And may Allah provide us all with halab sustenance in a way that brings us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala does that come Aloha, Salaam Alaikum