Ramadhaan is a month of Patience

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The speakers discuss various topics such as basketball, the meaning of today's language, and conditions in the ocean. They also talk about belief in bravery and the use of words like "untimely death" and "untimely death" to describe difficult situations. The conversation also touches on various ways of expressing frustration and anger towards others, including using negative language and using negative actions.

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Hamdulillah he was done was salat wa salam ala Mala be about

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a MOBA do follow me last minute shade or the Raji maybe Smilla Nani Rafi, in the value of wasabi Runa Angela whoo be writing his

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accordion meu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who eyeshadow summer

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was several Ruth Bucha Jana. Oh come after them. Maybe you sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah will Azim

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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Ramadan is coming close.

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And Ramadan has various benefits objectives.

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And one of the objectives is be specifically mentioned by our beloved NBA Kareem server while he was selling Libya Kareem said that while he was selling I said in a hadith that was shallow sub for sub roots of Abu Jana this awesome said the month of Ramadan is the month of patience. It is a matter of patience. For some rules the love

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and the reward of patience is Jana Ramzan keeper hawks fly or as Raza mahasiddha on miss a bazooka hood nivia Kareem Salah while he was telling me by atheroma can Amir cream sauce them nevermind who are Shah who's southern Is someone coming in? Now you and I normally when we translate server we translate server by meaning patients we have to adopt patience make somebody and we mean if there is any difficulty comes upon you. You must adopt patience or someone tells you something somebody hits you. It gives you you know if you are watching you go and give the other cheek for him to slap you. That itself is a different method is not an Islamic concept. But that is our understanding of Saba

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okay, if there is any difficulty you mix up our opponent someone tells you something you make up our opponent in Islam

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somebody is much more dynamic somebody has got a much more wider understanding and reference a Maria has ever come of home yet what my dude must kill man server Correct. kissin apsca haha is Drupal seven Correct? Likud Islam may someone come up who supports the other will see

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and this is such an enriching quality. It is a quality that gives you emotional strength, it gives you mental strength, it gives you physical strength, it gives you a purpose in life. Someone Catriona Islam

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who swear to me it will tear it up Creo to Anatole is Manitoba southern Samak we at Miltiades. So, in this particular regard, let me give you the example with regard to sub summaries derived from the word sub bar. Sub bar means the aloe vera plant

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aloe vera plant grows in the desert Sahara, genuine nickel dime subcostal Max that's about it does St John's Harami now the aloe vera plant is a plant that God healing properties. Today you find you go into chemistry find aloe vera ointment, aloe vera templates, Errol Vera capsules, aloe vera is a plant that grows in the desert. The desert has harsh climate. The desert has a very difficult situation for a plant or tree to grow. But in that harsh climate of the desert, the aloe vera plant not only grows not only survives, it thrives. It still gives healing properties Despite the harsh terrain of the desert. Cheyenne was looking here if

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you orient the rough Sahara

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or year 200 Local fight up and push that up Concetta they can bow Judy skin care will say ramen, Dhaka on a boat Masekela now this is the meaning of Saba Sobotka a Muslim ban. Shahid Jobim was stiletto, whatever difficulty you're having. Despite the circumstances the site the challenges are more common and a believer finds he survives. He continues despite the difficulty. Can you imagine the word the word summer comes from subpar aloe vera. Aloe vera grows up in the desert. The desert is very difficult harsh terrain drought.

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And there is no rain, it is hot, but the aloe vera plant still grows, and it still gives healing properties. It still benefits. This is the meaning of Sabah Chai Dooby that income Joby had at home.

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They were musalman is dicovered, como Zahara. Correct, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the challenges are Mohammed remains steadfast, he remains resolute. And he keeps going. That is the meaning of Sabah. And therefore, when you look at our understanding, we give them several commands, we made a translation of several patients, but if you look at the various dimension of seven, seven would mean patience. It would mean persistence is too common. It would mean courage. Him but it would mean control of your desires apne aapko, kaboom Americana, it would mean to be resolute and it would mean to be courageous. This is a meaning of server. What am I have given three

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meanings of Salah and I will read a fourth meaning. Inshallah, in the limited time we have some of the one meaning of Summon, the arm mini arm telecasts a year to create muscle muscular Agile to superserver Karna. The one common meaning the common perception, we have whenever difficulty comes, we have we have patients upon it. Now we all know that there are two types of conditions that come upon human being one is good conditions, and one is difficult and circumstances that are not according to your liking. When things happen according to your liking, you make some reservoir human sugar, which is Amara maamoul. Or hamari Nevski. Metabolism turbo Tommy's to super scooper sugar

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Correct. Can we cover SAP Jota Johanna Joe hamari oppa J.

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Joe hamara, Neff, Stephanie. Laughing sometimes things happen against our nerves, against our desires, against our wanting, we want things to go this way. It goes against our way. In that way. What do we do in that way? A person and a believer. He does not become despondent. He does not show impatient bear somebody come Messiah naked. Mr. Raja, he doesn't show impatience. He has patience. He never becomes despondent. He never becomes responder. He never loses control over himself. He feels it Allah Tala has brought us and maybe there is some good in it, which I cannot understand. Miss McCoy hamari Fido Johanna dechaine earring, Likud America's Fido. Now in this particular

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regard, we must keep in mind certain things. One is and see everyone has difficulty hunting for a massage. But the difference between a believer and a disbeliever a disbelieving unfortunately this has become even common amongst us going whiskey Nicaragua.

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He Musa monka Shivani he read was to mocha Shaohua Shiva joy just keep us in mind

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when a person has any difficulty when he complains that is a quality of a disbeliever does believer never a believer never shows despondency This is a minimum Dieter Latina either a surfer to masiva when any perceiver comes upon a person is it comes from Almighty Allah from Allah Tala are we into Allah Tala is

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the difference between the two and being a disbeliever does not show patience. He does not control himself. He says inappropriate words he complains. A believer doesn't complain. A believer doesn't become despondent a believer says the appropriate words.

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So first thing in this particular regard few points. Firstly, we never show bravery in front of Allah Tala Allah ganache is something I've never harboring eco como Zara.

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The first thing we always ask Allah for ease. We don't ask Allah Tala for difficulty. I'm coming I'm not gonna say Bushkill name aunty hamesha. Lafayette, Montaigne

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lumbus his uncle, OMA uncle always ask Allah for wellbeing. Always ask for his jump be up mango to Allah Tala

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Yamato km wat bobblehead

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we never show bravery in front of Allah Tala a bazooka waqia. Not a scholarly person went to another person, right went to another guru while he was sick, and in his sickness, this other scholar is say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah to this color way to visit him said as long as you want to show this particular attitude, how is going to give you a cure

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of demonic evil Alhamdulillah to Allah Tanaka, Shiva kiss it again.

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You don't shave you what knee I have been lucky Nikki up to no RTC Technica Mahkota nice for you to show helplessness in front of Allah, Allah we are with you and now we have become difficult upon us, Allah Ya Allah bring is upon us where he you were heading nada Rambo and knee muscley I want to hammer Rahimi a Ubering strap was Rob Rocco. Remember he who believes that was salam. When he became sick? What did he say? And Naima Surya Oh ALLAH difficulty has come upon me. sicknesses come upon me. Well, I'm Tara humble Rokeby, you are the Most Merciful of people who show mercy. So we never showed bahagi as it motivated to celebrate makes mention of an incident. He said a person asked

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Jana, whatever you want to give me give me, I'm prepared to accept it. Then the next day a very difficult calamity came upon him. He went to NASA and had him Alec said what are you made? He said, I made this do I say how can you make it what I get? How can you make it? Well again, ask Allah for Africa. But when it comes, there's a different matter. Then of course we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to deal with it. Now in this there are two things low carb is the monster hair care, some car is hard. Karna or Rona. Yes, sir.

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Sometimes people feel to express your grief and to express your sorrow and to cry at a time of difficulty is impatient. It is not impatient, it is promoted. That is humanity. If you're not going to cry at the time, when or what are you going to do?

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What is not permitted is to say inappropriate words bsava Lobstah SML Karna muscial Yamuna? Wrona My name is hard to come here to show our express our sadness is not against Sabbath is not against patience.

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Allah wa salam cried when his son was passing away yeah, Ibrahim in Iraq in Kalamazoo Ron O'Brien Ibrahim we are saddened by your departure in an A that our eyes are tearing, we are crying. Our heart is saying welcome to Yahoo soon, but with our tongue we will never say anything showing displeasure with Allah subhanaw taala as commands

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you didn't hear the sometimes that people use these words, which is a very very dangerous word to use. What do they say? They say sometimes a person's untimely death Bear WHAT ca morth

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This is one of the statements which is against Southern we never ever use the word untimely death sometimes it happens a person dies when a person is all he dies okay, we saw that he was

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in our Gujarati we say

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sometimes it happens a person is very old he's finding it very difficult is very sick but sometimes when a person dies when he's a little protect us a little protect our children and I never let her see the difficulty of our children. I mean tobuy

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may walk around can never not never let me see the difficulty of your children are

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such a beautiful work see I mean I see the difficulty of our children but this to say untimely is not good. This goes against that particular words which shows that we are not happy with a letter as decision so this is a first meaning I it's a different subject on his own cyber kill one so I just made mention of it. Understanding server I made mention of it. The second meaning of server is server Anil Massiah

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to help server to stay away from guna

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can we come up gunakan tariff NanHu can be cover gonna kick

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up Nan Neff spoke taboo America he has somebody Marcia you are inclined to do something that is wrong you ever temptation and you going into the process you see something you're not supposed to see you see a beautiful woman and you are supposed to stay cool woman in your fulfillment upside if you start staring at her with lust and you start staring at her that particular time you need someone to stay away from gonna answer

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today in today's time we don't even have to see people we see this in the series all these things we don't even have to see like we see virtually

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the Villa de you need most of us

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yeah happy to summon it yet ready somebody's even order it okay you don't sit in front of someone when they come out to see the thing you're already

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looking at was made to handle coil

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yeah happy seven piece overtime. Several Marcia. Save yourself from Marcia Nadia current

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So a lot while he was sending a check the second meaning of salaries at the time of guna to control yourself several Demacia that will give you an example of it in a hadith, the via Karim sauce limb and said how can that Allah wants us to act? Mon

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Nebia cream sauce from said whoever has the ability to express his anger. Well who are young young kids who do the hula hula hoops will

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tell you hey, you're alone in a hurry, Marcia

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said whoever has the ability to express his anger and he can implement his anger. He is getting angry upon His servants upon his workers and he can fire them and then he controls his anger.

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He doesn't do something that is gives implement his anchor. The vehicle himself said Allah will call him in front of the entire creation. And Allah Allah will tell him on the day of Tiamat choose whichever route you want in Jana Joby who was caught up Johanna more

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you can choose it

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up who is

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to hear his sermon, Marcia to stay away from guna insulin, Subodh Kumar mclubbe Yes, the meaning of seven year is to control your desire to control your attention, temptation.

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And the third meaning of summer is Subhadra Allah Akela to have server and persevere upon the commands of Allah. Allah subhana wa Tada Anna kisi cheese Carmen Kia

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who scared with Arabic is Dima is the common Cassatt who Scopa among Karna chahiye I can assure you, even if there is difficulty for you to have the discipline, perseverance to comply with a command even if it is difficult, even if it is difficult, this is a medium of the ayat to Allah subhanho wa Taala says was the dream come up myth? Was the timing cover myth.

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Be steadfast support what we have commanded you? Yes, sir. Good.

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To be a crimson allow yourself one day there was white hair on the beard of Minnesota Salem. Saba Sathyaraj sunnah of Jana you becoming old

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to be a crimson Macaca shaky but you would see the goodness

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Surah would meet me to the Lama when people sort of good all according to the Allamah they say this is made maybe a cream sauce and this is the letter himself and it was to instead of Isha rakia kit Joby Halakhot Allah Tala kiya come to call is the common Cassatt Jamal no matter what the circumstances you remain steadfast upon the commands of Allah. Now you see when we are sitting in this Masjid Majid membaca subjected

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me to Asana, it's easy for us to comply with the commands of Allah in a conducive environment. But the difficulty comes, the difficulty comes that when you have to comply with the commands of Allah 365 days a year, every day, we have to build a routine. And that particular routine once I have to make my five times daily, sir, I have to add my Nuffield, I have to do this. I have to see that I have to be good to my parents. I have to fulfill my relationship with my children, I have to have holidays. Now that routine requires effort. It requires patience, it requires stirs perseverance and steadfastness that is a third quantity of this summer. The third reason and the third method of

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survival and that is remain steadfast upon the commands of Allah Subhan Allah, Allah and give me one one more meaning very briefly. One of the aspects with regard to somebody is to have tolerance for others. You and I are living in an age where we have no tolerance. We have no tolerance whatsoever because we don't have tolerance our relationships are breaking down somewhat correct McCullough Pia came to Hana upper skid and look at Mr.

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Kissinger which can

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be with a postcard.

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You can get 200 rudia going for a summer crew make make mention with regard to it make some money today because we don't have summer in our relationship. today. We are seeing the relationships breaking down. We are seeing divorces why there is no salon and one of the reason is we are living in an instant society. Instant gratification. We want things immediately. Instant coffee, instant everything. Instant everything we want so so everything is become instant. We want instant gratification. We can't have sudden, if something becomes late we can have somebody I don't even know what five minutes delayed.

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Walking away bringing food or sometimes the wife has certain types of difficulty that she wants something and the husband says budget is a little bit difficult. Give me a little bit time

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because we don't have no tolerance in that particular regard. Once we don't have that tolerance, our relationships are breaking down. So we are living in an instant society where everything is disposable, disposable nappies. First of all, we used to have grody nappies now we don't even have bloated and so we have disposable nappies, disposable raises everything is disposable. So because we have disposable razor razors in disposable things, which wants instant gratification, we want that in our relationship also. So we want instant gratification, if there is no instant gratification, our relationships also have disposable.

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So for things with regard to summarize made mention the meaning of server. One is server upon difficulty I gave you the meaning of that. Thirdly is server in staying away from some seven and an utter Atilla in complying with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then sub in our relationship. So that is in the the reward was sub route.

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The reward of somebody's Jana in about your facade your own agenda,

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and that Allah gives the reward of Salah, such an attack such a reward that we can not imagine. To one of the things that we must bring in Ramadan is to inculcate Subhan Corinthia Inshallah,