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AI: Summary © The material world is a temporary foundation for everyone to live in, where they can change their life to be successful and not be just valued on based on deeds and productivity. Dams can benefit from productivity and productivity, but not personal attributes. The discussion touches on the topic of death and the realism of it, with some speakers discussing the idea of a death certificate. The use of plants in people's minds can benefit them, but protecting one's health is important.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah May Allah Allah be

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a mother do follow me la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem woman who may have pura atina dunya Asana for Filipinos he has another working.

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Sara Kala will azeem My dear respected elders and brothers

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and that Allah has given us life in this material world.

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And this material world, in this world in which you and I are living in, there are two aspects of it.

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There is no doubt from the Quran and Hadith it is negative aspects with regard to this dunya it leads us to many evils align the Quran causes dounia Hey Alamo animal hyah to dunya LA. Verily this material world is amusement and play. People get deceptor falada ramna como la jolla to dunya says Allah in the Holy Quran, do not let this material world deceive you. And then in other other places in the Holy Quran, Allah Allah tells us that remember that this world is an elf. Allah tala makes mentioned it is an is a fitna. It is a trial. It is an examination. Allah tala refers to it as a fitna. In a hurry Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said that and he has warned us with regard to

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it. And it is made mentioned that the proper dunya circolo hottie that this level of this material world is the root cause of many many evils. In one ad Maria Karim sawston said to hungry wolves let alone on a flock of sheep will not do that much harm to the sheep they will love for dunya and love for fame will do to your deen

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and therefore this dunya more often than not, it leads us towards many many negative things led to

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Allah to command decorilla therefore Allah tala wants us to not let this material world and this world and your children take you away from remembering Allah which is your objective. He started lutein as I say is Mati. Dunya, Kido peluang f mu snake look stand up No, always call Nana Lahore kill huzzah Tabby archaea, Quran, Allah as mash or fitna hai was called dunya chemo hopper for Maya cane Tamam shadow key Jehan. So this is one aspect with regard to this dunya another aspect with regard to dunya, which sometimes you and I, we don't value and we don't realize and that is all benefit that we can get.

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Whether it be benefit of this world, or benefit of the year after that particular benefit, we can get it back through dunya through this life, therefore, this life, this Zindagi it becomes very valuable. Because until you don't love dunya correctly, I know you don't use your Zindagi in your life correctly. You can get dunia you can get accurate.

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We can get channel after dying.

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We can get jealous after we die. Where are we going to get to Jenna, we're gonna get chilled, while we are alive dunya is a place to make effort accurate is a place of damages are where you are going to get the consequences of your deeds. So, where are you going to make Where are you going to make effort Where are you going to get generated from you are going to get generated while you are alive. Then all of a sudden, this particular type of dunya this life becomes very very important. Curry tapes of Rama Talalay used to say that channel where you will get gender from gender you are going to get from this dunya adonia Missouri to haftarah. Right. What am I have said some of them I have

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said is a hottie Samara says not a Hadith, but this particular principle is derived from the Quran and Hadith that dunya is a sowing ground for the year after what you sow in this world you are going to get in the year after now all of a sudden, you look at this dunya not as something just as a passing by phase. No it's not a passing by phase. It is a foundation for you to lay to do something

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It is good in this world to do something that is good in the after. How are you going to look after your children? If you don't value life? How are you going to look after your wife? If you don't value life? How are you going to do good things? If you don't value life? How are you going to value I'm going to do a bit for the accurate if you don't value life, you only can do positive things while you are alive. After you alive there is no more chance for you to good to do good deeds. Therefore, all of a sudden you have to now value this life. Do select raffia dunya have a better in Morocco for I'm cartea jR akurate kita mambilla Yeah, I'm self destruct. mahasi callcenter hair,

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Chobham xinda or apne Zindagi. casa, he taught for HTML Korea, or dunya architetti. Katie here, Mustafa thumb Karna Kalia Zindagi ki kerkyra. value your life to be able to do something. Some people have made this very beautiful statement. You can change the length and how much you're going to live. You can't change it. It's a part of our belief who can be who can deny that either.

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mode is going to come up on everyone who can even a disbeliever doesn't deny death. How can a believer deny death. When the time comes, it is not brought forward a moment it is not delayed. It is not taken forward a moment it will come upon his proper time. You can't change that. But you can change the depth and the width of your life. You can't change the duration of your life. But you can make your life valuable by doing good in that life. The toys, the dunya all of a sudden becomes very very valuable. There's a Hadith, which is a very amazing Hadith that we have Kareem said Allahu Allah He was so limited either at that aha comosa failure for Silva sila,

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aka maka, if any one of you is planting a seed, he's planting a plant and while planting the plan, he hears the trumpet of of

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Tiamat there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim Ahmed and was looking at the

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you know this transmission of it he said Allah Shirky Muslim he says authentic on the on the shark of Sahih Muslim that when you are planting a plant and kiama comes don't say what is the use of me planting this plant kiama is here the via cream sauce and said plant plant that plant What am I have said there are many benefits we learned from this. One is one lesson is to be productive to something good till the day you die.

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And the other may have you know meaning is that as long as you are alive, do good deeds. As long as you are alive, do good deeds. Don't say hey chiamata here what I'm going to do by planting a cream sauce and when you plant a plant, as long as people benefit from the plant to get the reward of charity

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as long as people benefit from that plant and everything is so many ways of you know achieving good deeds now we saw some said remove thoughts from the past which people are using one hand if a person was doing that, Allah Allah forgive him because he removed forms from the past that people were using. So he is in the keyboard came to me when I was bachpan case Amanda was synthetic. He had dunya EMF field kisi kaam ki nahi kar ke

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is the guy

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so this is a situation that we have to you know value this life and only let can be valued if you've got good health men with

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money. chummy with me this Hadith, what a beautiful Hadith as Abu Bakar Viola ranu one year after nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed on one year after our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam passed on. He stood on the member of novia. Kareem saw cillum karma as a member. And then he said, Oh people, one year before nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam was on this member one year before this time. nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on this member and he started crying. Albuquerque Latino was telling people he was making mentioned he said one year before nebia Kareem Salah Salem was alive. And on this member he made mention of this particular

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Hadith. And what does Hadith as Allah

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Oh people ask Allah for f1 afia ask Allah for safety and health,

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our Salah for safety and health, for in

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favor middle alfia after your teeth and after kalama and after a man there is nothing better that you can ask Allah than to ask Allah for health and safety. We Is it the people we are going to ask for death.

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Death will come when it comes we have to be ready whether you like it or not. musala salatu salam O Allah tala sent him to fill out. He said go to Iran and go with a message of your own. So what did Mousavi said? That was

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I'm sitting

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in the Patel tumino nafsa halfway up to rune Allah I killed a person from burning Israel I'm afraid of being killed.

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He knows that he fear death

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death is a reality but he said I'm afraid of it killed

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so while you are alive value the hell that you got value the life that you got. Because if you don't have life you can do good deeds if you have a death life you can help people if you don't have life you can do anything beneficial after you die is finished one one revise

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that when you go to the restaurant you make salame some summary why I'd say that you they listen to you a salon but they can't reply to your salon. Some say they can reply to your salon because after there there is no there is no way they can do good deeds therefore they can't reply to your salon.

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So by while you are alive value this particular life as long as you are alive You can do it after live there is no value your health because nobody came saw some said if the name comes and Kabbalah comes in value five things before five things amongst the five things that you were alive before death overtakes you. Why did he say value your life before death overtakes you? Why did you save your health before sickness overtakes you because when you're sick you can do things that you can normally do when you are healthy. These are things that come from the Hadith

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and these are things that come from our Sharia. So brothers let us tell you this and of course we all know that we are in a situation where we are Allah tala make things easy for everyone no matter what we say it's a challenging time. Those who have lost near and dear ones, we make dua Allah tala grant those near and dear ones who have passed on everyday we are seeing people who are passing on in different parts of our communities. Whoever has passed on Allah tala, you know grant them grant them the rank of Shaheed those who have passed on from this illness and pandemic, a lateral elevate the status ALLAH forgive their sins, Allah make the cover a place of nor those who are the near and

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dear ones, Allah give them those who are ill Allah subhanho wa Taala grant and cure and those who Allah has protected thus far, Allah, Allah Allah continue protecting them. ask Allah for half year let me conclude with one very beautiful hadith of novia, Karim salsa also in Jammu tirmidhi the vehicle himself while he was the limit said if anyone after fudger and after Margaret, read three times three equals kouvola had

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been asked three times to pull up

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to inshallah Allah tala will protect you from all calamities. So will you do this my brother's two year 20 year

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a fantasy league licky joytokey Hey, look it up a place in the key Costa Rica sgml kurta Hua who say kar Ahmed or naffaa bash been acetone that's that's the message that I've got for you today that we have got this life value the life value your health because while you got health while you got life, you can do things after that is very difficult. And as long as we got it, we got an opportunity to do good. We've got the opportunity to do things that are beneficial near Latella give us a trophy for understanding why through our

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.