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The segment discusses the tragic deaths of two individuals, Omar and Gerald, due to a plague outbreak in Yemen. The two individuals were killed by a group of animals, including wild beasts and humans. The segment also touches on the tragic deaths of two other individuals, Omar and Gerald, due to a plague outbreak in Yemen.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam wa ala Milan to be about a mavado photo Villa humanum shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What an Abu one commission in mental health he will do. He went across the middle.

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When Mr. Murat Bashir is already in, sort of colonialism, respected viewers and listeners beginning by praising Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved navia Kareem said Allahu Allah wa sallam continuing with our series on the first plague in Islamic history and the lessons learn from them. In yesterday's program, we spoke about how Aveda ibni Gerardo de la Turan who was infected by this plague and how he achieved martyrdom. During the course of the program, we also spoke about the correspondence between him and Amara Viola Daniel Murphy allowed to narrow to Abu Zubaydah Agni Jarrah to come to Medina and for some work, and perhaps more of the ultimate because of his intense

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love for Abu Zubaydah wanted to call him to Medina, Abu Zubaydah said, Oh, I mean, I know why you are calling me to Medina. You are trying to preserve the life of a person who wants to go and meet his creator. But during the course of that correspondence when Omar raviolo Donna received his letter O'Meara the Alo clan, who started crying Sahaba said has Aveda image era passed on whom I said no but it seems imminent. Then Maria Latino wrote him a letter who made up take towards the higher ground go towards the mountaintops, because there is cleaner, you will inshallah be able to protect yourself and the people who are there the Muslims who are there from the plague. So when

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Aveda gets a letter, he calls abou Musashi, the Ultron who says see what a mirror marine has written you go and find and procure such a space, which is on higher ground and can inshallah save the Muslims with regard to the spray

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goes towards his house by that time his wife is also infected, she also become shahida and I will read it aloud and also passes away. And then why didn't Gerald it allowed him to become the leader of the Muslims who are stationed in Sham in this area and region, as I said yesterday, 2530 kilometers away from beta McCandless in Jerusalem. When what imageable are they allowed to know comes he also gives the people the same advice and why they may be allowed to know is very special to us. He also succumbs to this plague, has invited me to juggle his two wives, his son, Abdul Rahman, all of them die in the spring. And who is why the Magellan? Martigny Jamal is that's a habit

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that maybe a cream sauce Lim said Allah Muhammad Ali was

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the one who knows most about Halloween Haram in the soma, his mighty Mujibur, the Allahu Allahu via cream sauce from said mas will carry the banner of the aroma on the day of gamut and go to Geneva. And this is why the ninja via Karim southcom, sent him to Yemen to teach the people of Yemen deal. May Allah make it easy for the people of Yemen with regard to the trials that they are going to. Nevertheless, when he sells he sends him, he leads him out and he carries the rain of his conveyance taking them out to Marina. And wild feels very, very ashamed and said Yasuda Don't do this. Let me get down, maybe a cream sauce and refuses and maybe a cream sauce them ask him whom was how are you

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going to decide on matters in Yemen? And he said I will decide on the basis of the Columbia Law, the Quran, and then himself said, What if you don't find it in the Quran? What if you don't find it, it might be there, but you don't find it. And he said, then I will judge on the basis of your sayings, what we will say the Hadith, and then to be a cream sauce and said what if we don't find it in my sayings. And while the ultimate said, I will deduce principles from there, and I will apply it to the given situation. Maybe Kareem saw some smiles and maybe a cream Some said Praise be to Allah who has given the messenger of the Messenger of Allah the ability to see the right vehicle himself some

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gives him many many great advisors. The vehicle himself Aslam tells him that he aka wattana, Omaha stay away from a luxurious luxurious way of living. The servants of Allah are not given to a very ostentatious and a luxurious, luxurious way of living. Omar do things for the pleasure of Allah was useless. Then if you do things with the class and sincerity

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He even little bit of good deeds will be sufficient for you. And then they'll be a cream sauce he tells him amazing thing. Omaha's la la casa de Muro B machete acaba de haga omaze. Next time you come to a fire in my Masjid and you will find

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what find me. So Ferber calm was started crying

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because of the separation from the via creme de la wa sallam, and then maybe a cream sauce lamb consoled him say in the Ola na CPL moutoku

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we're in the American gun. Don't worry. The people who are closest to me are those who fear Allah.

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Even if they are far away from me in time and distance, they are closest to me. Why did mutual passes away in this plague and while it is amongst those who may be occurring saw silhouette said in knee or hip bouquet Amaz Oh my god, I love you. Oh my god, I love you. And just because at a time when he was when the plague used to come, the first signs of it they used to be like a boil on your, on your

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on your hand. So when we saw this boil, instead of becoming concern, he kissed a boy. And he said I will not. I will not substitute you with for anything in this world. Because maybe acronyms or some said those who pass away in this plague, they will become shade.

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This is my karate to Jenna.

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And why are we allowed to know passes away He is buried in one of the hills in Jordan and those people who has been there I was on my way once there to go and see it and it was very late and went to the cover of Aveda Abuja, Rosh Hashanah and going to the cover of Martini Jebel. It was nice to hear to return. And someone was there said written on his cover was Jamar in the book, Omaha's I love you.

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He was amongst those or Shaheed in the plague of Hamas inshallah we will continue with us tomorrow after that Juana