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AI: Summary © The group discusses the "has been said that there is no one person in this whole gathering that can guarantee a death." They also mention the "has been said that there is no one person in this whole gathering that can guarantee a death." They discuss the "has been said that there is no one person in this whole gathering that can guarantee a death." They also mention the "has been said that there is no one person in this whole gathering that can guarantee a death." They end with a quote from the Holy Bible where a man named Jesus died in a river, and they discuss the importance of preparing for death and preparing for life.], [The segment discusses the importance of preparing for death and preparing for life. It is noted that death is a personal decision and that one can determine how far out the process will be. The segment also touches on the Holy Bible and the importance of preparing for death. The segment ends with a quote from the Holy Bible where a man named
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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi Well, Ashley at Avada Shariati Amadou favela Humana shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Kowloon of sin

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to Marina Toro Joan Sara kala, hula Zim. My dear respected elders and brothers. Allah tala has made this world very beautiful and very alluring. In Neptunia hula Mahavira said our beloved nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This world is very fresh and green and beautiful. But within this beauty lies, certain butter truths. Egg dounia egg ajeeb Oh yeah. Zindagi Allah tala Kenya Mata Licken is Nima Cassatt Chan TELUS hottie kata Smith chupi, who Yeah, there are certain truths that are within this beautiful name of allah tala. And one of the bitter truths in this world is from the inception of time, billions of people have come and gone.

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One thing everyone shared, delivered from the womb of the mother. And one day, each and every one of us will have to depart from this world, whether we like it or whether we don't like it. Because this dunya is so beautiful. Many times you and I, we don't like to confront the realities. We don't like to confront the bitter truths, but by not confronting it, it does not take it away. It is the most certain of all aspects in this world is death. It is such a certainty that there is difference of opinion in each and everything. Before dying, there is a difference of opinion. After you die, what's going to happen to it is a difference of opinion. But on that particular matter, that you are

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going to die there is no difference of opinion. And what is amazing that while it is a certainty,

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it is the most unpredictable of all things. It is a certainty, yet it is the most unpredictable of all things. The fact of the matter is,

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there is not one person in this whole gathering that can give a guarantee that you will walk out with as much debt alive at the end of the Juma

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that is a reality with regard to our life. Sometimes we tend to forget it, but it is a reality. It is something that makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, the king and the subjects the ruler and the ruled.

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And Latin is so beautifully put it or Mr. john oliver shall remain covered COVID legal hold alpha emitter for whom aloha did warn, no one is going to live in this world forever. Koi hamesha * Ronnie. Oh proper of Almighty Allah if you die who's going to live forever? agar Koi Hadar hota hai Misha Raina, Kalia Tama and Nevada quedado Tata hamara nebuta chacun come afford Mata to Amara Amara katakana what is our reality? We people die for a variety of reasons. We don't know the reasons Sometimes a person might die of sickness, illness accident. That is why when molecule mod was given the task of taking the life of people he said well now people are going to hate me. I took away the

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life of people the near and dear ones will say I took away the near and dear ones. Allah said molecule mo Don't worry. No one will refer it to you. People will say your heart attacks and Maria your kidney failure Samaria excellent Samaria people won't say molecule more took your life. And this is the reality with regard to in Qatar was Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Rasul Allah makes mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he told the angels about life in this world, so he told the angels human being will die after a particular period of time. So angel said, What entertainment and happiness in that when people know they're going to die. So Allah told the angels How will create

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hopes and ambitions in them. They will forget this.

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Agha apne mazzucco Bashar nahi Saman Subarus couple Cabernet. He said I will create ambitions in them. And while they know it's a reality that hopes and ambitions will keep them going loving this world. And that is a reality that moat is everywhere around us. But yet it remains concealed to us all the time. And that is one of the parodies of our time.

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This particular aspect is that many people's death will make headlines. majority of the people will die silently. Bad luck Okay, more more Johanna mush horchata horchata fula Maria, King Abdullah Maria Likud axert chemo Johanna, were say but our short kilakila data. The fact of the matter is, science cannot predict in science cannot prevent with all its instruments of progress. Why is this all and let's hear colonna in the carpool mode each and every one will have to taste death aina mata kuno wherever you are you three cool mode you don't have to go and find this test will find you one open to Fiorucci macheda, even if you are in protected forts, and this analysis polytonal Motorola

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Rita furon, the more that you flee away from Final monatti calm that more will come and meet you. You don't have to go and meet it. But despite all this, we see it on a daily basis, we see our near and dear ones dying, we see friends dying, somehow or the other. It seems to escape us that one day we are also going to leave this world. It's sometimes it seems that it will happen to everyone else besides Yes, it's a it's a thought that defies common sense and logic. But yet it is something that we find on a step on a mass scale. Therefore it is important that you and I always be prepared for death. Now via creme de la jolla wa sallam it said al Qaeda Suman done enough, sir, well, Amina Lima

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battle mode. The intelligent person is He Who restrains his desire, and does deeds that will be beneficial to him after death. At el mundo, we're here to market a arikara. Room, we saw some of us who are the intelligent person people that we saw Solomon said that the people who prepare and who get prepared and remember death often, in remembering death, there are many benefits. One of the benefits is we will prepare for accurate job more difficult to Africa to America. If we don't believe in death, and we don't prepare for it, where are you going to prepare for accurate? When you know you're going to leave this world then you will see the need to prepare for accurate and by our

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preparation facilities what our preparation for accurate is to do good deeds, to put something in the bank of Allah subhanho wa Taala which can benefit us after we leave this world. When a person remembers death often, he detaches himself from the extravagance of this world, never occurred himself many times was to tell the Sahaba once when he saw the Sahaba giggling and laughing so let me occur himself, Sam said, whose core has a mill that remember the Terminator of your worldly pleasures and moat. Always keep that in the back of your mind. Never lose yourself in entertainment to such an extent that you forget that you're going to leave this world and account for your deeds

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in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. It also induces a person to make true Toba because without that realization, I'm going to stay in front of Allah tala. It's so easy to forget that you are going to have to account for your deeds before last month. In a way, many of us, we do believe in death, we will believe and we make some preparations. But there's a major difference in the preparation of the believe and that is believer.

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disbelievers make preparation for death is the end of life. Just remember what I'm saying very important point.

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A person who doesn't believe in Allah homotopy theory is rasika takimoto. Hannah was in the geeky into high. It's the end of life.

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Believe believers Don't make such preparation. I will say what are you talking one? Death is the end of life.

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You see, when you folk believer, we make preparations for more. Not only as the end of this life, but the beginning of another phase of life. A very big difference. That is why you hear this believers when they die. I've seen it a lot in newspapers I read and you will find a person who lost any recall someone you know when it was a woman, a mother of a child went to K to two and climb the cape to and she died when the news came to the husband. That what is what is it at least she died doing what she liked. I understand that it is yes, we will not die but we are dying is in at least she died doing at the end what she liked in this world. But our theory is not like that. hamara

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theory has any Amanita yes

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Yeah, in what capacity is in the gear? And that Zindagi depends what we have done in this world. There's a very big difference in the two. And you will find this particular difference in the way we react to death rate react to life. If you say that this world is going to come to an end, and I'm going to die one day sylphy dunya. What are you going to do there? But who Massaro Katana? heck did

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you get Jana? Jana masala. Enjoy yourself because you got to leave this world. And another way is, I'm going to leave but I'm going to go to another room I'm going to go another existence, then you will look upon death not as a place to entertain, but to prepare yourself what you're going to do in the next existence. And that's a very varied and that is why it's so important that we keep in mind this particular aspect we don't prepare for death is a very famous incident of balloon. And balloon was a court jester. People used to look down upon him. He shouldn't be regarded to be an intelligent person haruru Rashid used to call petrol sometimes to entertain him to talk about things that were

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not although he was pious in his own right, but people choose to look down upon balloon. And then, you know, when baronova she became ill, so he called borrowed a little balloon. You know, one day in that particular entertainment was balloon because he was regarded to be the opposite end of intelligence. Harun Rashid one day gave him a stick is a balloon You are the most foolish person on this earth. The day you get someone more foolish you must give him this particular stick at the moment you are worthy of this, the most foolish person who I've come across, so Harold Rasheed became ill when it became known that his illness is unlikely to be cured. So baru went to visit him.

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So Rahul asked him how Harun What have you prepared for the asset you bring? Now you say you are sick? The doctors have given up hope. What have you prepared? So Harun Rashid said, I have not made much preparations. So pallulah took out that stick and gave it to her, don't rush it.

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You are worth your lipstick, you call me foolish one day and said give it to someone more foolish than myself. You when you used to go from one place to the other what elaborate preparation used to go to to make his own you know, Russia, each and every one of us. If you want to go to any particular country, we see our passport is right, our visa is right. The flights are on schedule, the flights are confirmed. Each and every one does that if we ever made preparations for the visa of the year after, and we ever made preparations with regard to our flight for the year after we can make preparations for a small journey from here to another country. But what preparations have we

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made for the eternal journey? So the aspect with regard to Palouse telling Harun Rashid, it applies to each and every one of us. Brothers, we have to keep this in mind we have to be prepared. Many years ago, there was a scholar who took up a research and this particular research, he made this particular research and he said, I'm going to ask scholars, I want to ask pious people, what will they do if they know that today is the last day of their life?

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Right? Just remember this. Can you imagine if I were to ask everyone even ask myself that Allah tala Somoza tell you tomorrow you live in this world? How are you going to spend this day?

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What will be our situation will we be spending it the normal day the way you and I spend it when we all of a sudden start reprioritizing our our life saying what is important what is not important? The most remarkable reply came from a poor man in

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a muhaddith, who has compiled a pseudonym that is known by that particular name.

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And he said, I will not make one iota of difference in my schedule. If I know I'm going to die tomorrow, because I've been living every day of my life for the past several years is if this is the last day of my life,

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that I won't make one iota of difference in my daily schedule. I've been living every day for the past so many years. Is this is the last day of my life. Maybe a cream sauce will one day ask

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how prepared are you for death? So avocado sathyaraj Sula, when I read Missouri, I'm not sure whether I will read Russia or not. Send me a cream saucer. Abubakar, you got so much expectation. When I make one Salam I don't know whether I'm going to make the next time or not. Now via krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam told Abdullah I have no more either as a serial Messiah. When you get the morning don't expect to be alive in the time of the evening. Brothers This is a reality when we come to that we will also forget all our pride

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I disputes with others. It is because of our not remembering death.

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Fear own ketchup. What are Myrna Kalia? Allah has made mention of it in the Holy Quran.

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Either Erica Oliver Carla Armando La ilaha illAllah de amor not be Ben who is ra he'll nominal muslimeen when he was about to drown, he said I bring a man on the load of Bani Israel and I become a Muslim Brothers debt free round who used to say an Arab poco Allah Allah, I am your Lord musala salam has taken you to the wrong Lord. And he came to die He said I bring a man. The man was too late. I asked you the question what is your pride when even death leveled and brought down the pride of thrown

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up here? What are you gonna say? hambone kisser Barclay Curtis sallow Sal Sam bartnik Ray, we're not talking to him for so long. To determine what what have you done?

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If you know you're gonna die one day is it the way you're going to carry on with people? Are you going to have that particular pride either and speak to him so what you are one day gonna die and death is gonna level you down, down into the earth. minahasa Latina

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Amina Tara, Tara, and let's take a lesson from the people who have passed away. As an eyeshadow. Viola. Donna says, When our beloved nebia Kareem Sallam passed away, he had a great amount of pain. He was putting his hand into water and he was passing it on his forehead and a secondary Moti Sakura. Their early death has great amount of things. He saw the brother Abdul Rahman Minami Baqarah, making miswak so he looked up he was too weak to speak, he looked at a man as a Latina, understood to cut miswak softened it and gave it to me via cream sauce them to make me swag. How fortunate was Russia, that amongst the last thing that we saw some did was to take the miswak

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offered by has an eye shadow the louder I made this work with that particular miswak and then revise make mention to Bradley Serato. Sam came? No Never he leaves this world without his permission. The only the ambia are taken only if they exceed otherwise you and Allah will just take our lives whether we like it or not. So nobody saw Sam, as he barely came and said, Oprah formati Allah Allah tala wants to know whether you are ready to leave the school or not. So Nipa cream sauce said he looked at you but

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she barely Serato ceram gave the indication that oh prophet of Almighty Allah, the people in heaven are waiting for you to leave this world. So nobody says that. I'm told you I'll go and find out from Allah, what will be the position of my woman and you realize that wassalam came back and said, Allah will reassure assure you with regard to God but then maybe source them said hello Manhattan a bit of a futile Allah now ready to go in the Presence of Allah subhana wa rahmatullahi Allahu Turan who was coming back from Hajj, keep in mind he passed away on the first of Muharram the time used to take 10 510 days to come back from Hajj on his way back from Hajj. maratea Lao Tzu saw the waning moon

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and he said, our law the way this moon is waning, bring an end to my life. Why he said that, look at what he said. He said our law.

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The Kingdom of Islam has become too great. There are so many other countries that have come into Islam. I don't know whether I will be able to fulfill the responsibility of delaford. Before I make a mistake, in my responsibility Take me away. We all know the incident when Omar who was sick and when it became clear that he's going to leave this world. One youngster came in when people came in praise Omar, Omar, Omar Phil Jenna, related the Hadith, which they

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spoke about many aspects with regard to the greatness of Omar Omar looked at him and said, Allah Hill as in if I appear in front of Allah with my good and evil deeds equal I will be happy.

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What you say whom are filled. If Omar appears before Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is good and He will teach equal, Omar will be happy.

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And is that youngster who was praising humor walked away. Omar saw that his quota was below the ankles who were called him back. He said oh my youngster, it is not appropriate for you to dress in this way.

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such great understanding of the Sharia even at a particular time.

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was one of the most wealthiest person not only in among the Sahaba. In our times, he had four wives.

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They inheritance of each wife was 80,000 gold coins before he passed away. He gave 50,000 dinars in the path of Allah bequests 50,000 dinars in the path of Allah 1000 horses to be used in the course of Allah subhanho wa Taala they were 100 batteries hubby's alive and he passed away. He said each and every battery is a hobby from my miras must be given 400 dinars 400 gold coins. And we gave it to not his family, people who took part in the Battle of butter. And then as he's leaving this world is crying. People said you gave so much charity. What are you crying? He said Musab bin Omar was better than me. But when he left the school, he didn't have enough money to cover his body. Hamza

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bin Abu Talib was better than me. But when he left this world, he didn't have enough copper to cover his body. What is this charity that I'm giving? The fear of Allah tala. Even at that time after giving that amount of charity, he said about 42 to a third. His life changed. It was a very famous perfume seller, very famous perfume seller. But at that particular time someone one day came into his in his shop. And he said you got such beautiful perfumes, how are you going to die? You love this world so much. When are you going to die and how are you going to die? So for a wealthy person, I'll die the way you die. This person said I will die like this.

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He slept down and read La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and he passed away. It is such an impact upon farinata Iris, he left everything. He left his perfume shop, he left his business, and he became chef for religion after a very great Sufi, Eva wonderful Rahmatullah Lee family was poisoned. And he was poisoned because he did not accept certain aspects of what the halifa told him to do. And as he was poisoned, he realized he was poisoned. He went into Citadel and he passed away and

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this is the way pious people pass away, because they have prepared themselves for death. We are law makers amongst that Vasco da Juana

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