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The Hekia language is recognized as Christian, but not recognized as a Christian culture. Parents must show kindness and show respect towards parents at a time when school fees are high. The importance of showing mercy and weakness towards older generations is emphasized. The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Malka was pressured into going back to Islam by her mother, and she later passed away and her family lost their mother. The transcript suggests that the woman may have been given a certificate of her mother by her family.

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Al Hamdulillah he was salat wa salam wa Ala Moana v Avada and mavado the villa Jimenez shavon rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Katara, bukanlah Tabu Illa

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de de de Santa Sara colloquialism, my dear respected elders and brothers

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in the Iet which I recited Allah subhana wa Tada. It said, Allah has decreed

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that you should not worship anyone besides a law will validate the Asana and you should be kind and good towards your parents. Amongst the rights that we have been told to fulfill, from our Sharia, after the rights of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. The most important right is the right that is going towards our parents Mufasa and have written that Allah tala has joined three things together with three in the Holy Quran, a de la de rasuluh obey Allah and obey and Lazarus. Secondly, we find that Allah subhanho wa Taala has said ottimo Salah wa to Sokka you see repeatedly in the Holy Quran, Allah has joined Salah tenza in the third thing Allah has joined the obedience and been grateful to

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Allah and our parents are cassara bukanlah tomuu Allah here will be valid in issara that worship Allah be good towards your parents and is currently value validate. Be grateful to me says Allah and be grateful to your parents. So three things Allah has joined. So Allah tala normally speaks about the rights of parents almost immediately after the rights towards Almighty Allah subhana wa tada Allah kokuka daggy kebab validator who cook pork via Camila Khurana Allahu Duke who kooky idi geeky foreign body, wallet NT who kooky idi geka calmness in hotel, this is something that we find and it shows us the importance. Now after understanding this, the relationship between parents and children

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is a very unique relationship.

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And it is something that is very amazing. But it is amazing in one sense also, that ally in the Holy Quran, has not asked parents to love and to fulfil the rights of the children or not to love them. allies and told anywhere in the Holy Quran, that parents must be good to the children. It has given them responsibility because of the love that saved them from the fire of Johanna. But it didn't tell them to be kind to children. Didn't tell them to love children, because that comes instinctively and naturally. You don't have to tell a parent to be loving and kind towards the children. They will do it because of the love Allah has placed in them. Right? But Allah subhanho wa Taala because children

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are not so grateful. Allah has to remind them repeatedly you'll be good to your parents, and the standards. Allah doesn't tell parents love your children. Be kind to your children, because that comes naturally. But Allah human children are not so obedient children are not so grateful. Therefore not Allah is to remind them repeatedly in the Quran and Hadith. You Be kind to your parents be good to your parents. That is why you find one parent and a mother will look after 6789 children right. But when it comes when the mother becomes old, that 5678 children will argue amongst one another who is going to look after the mother. This is a reality that we are facing. So this

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aspect is something that Allah tala has to remind children because children are not so grateful. And Nana alwaleed in CO owner kisara adjust soooooo carnavon consequently sahaabah karna kakamega came off

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the hamanako valid and quality in kisser hussaini Tsuchiya de honee Allah tala a barber Quran or Hadith metromile. Now amongst the aspects that Islam tells us, is to honor and respect our parents under all circumstances. This is very important. Many times the mistake many children make and we find it. I've seen it people speak about this they say, Yeah, but our parents did this and this and that. Now remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to respect and be kind towards our parents. It does not depend upon your therapy.

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Your parents earning the respect in your eyes. It does not depend upon them earning the respect in the children's eyes. And now has told you what will validate a Santa be good and time towards your parents and let them tell you be good to them. If you feel that they are worthy of respect, be good to them. If you feel they are worthy of kindness, no, no lie it said Be kind to them, irrespective because they are parents be kind to them. They don't have to earn the stripes in your eyes. They don't have to earn the stripes in your eyes. And therefore never Kareem saw serum on one occasion, told one Sahabi who said Yasser Allah, Yasser Allah, my parents are unjust to me, maybe a cream

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sauce Adam told him three times, even if they are unjust to you be kind to them and be good to them. And even if they are non Muslims, be kind to them. A smart interviewer came and said it came to be occurring saw selam jasola my mother came from Makkah she's not a Muslim. She doesn't believe in what why we believe in Should I show kindness to her and maybe a cream sauce lamb said yes. show kindness to her, even if she's a non Muslim, even if she's a non Muslim. So this is something that is Hekia mahbub Casa

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mbak he said her Holmen apne holiday in cosmic Karna Chai horoscope was komati anosognosia or just a hadith Maha cha here on hoonah abscess yada t ki whoa or

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the adjuster okay. So, this is something that and what is the what is the reality with regard to showing kindness and the the aspect of being good towards our parents? What is the sharing welcome? What is the reality of it? One day a person came to me after him sauce annum jasola what is the rights of my parents support me? What am I supposed to do with them? How am I supposed to through through them? And maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has he was always blessed with a beauty and eloquence of speech. He said, What are you asking me about the rights of parents upon the children? Houma Jana to kawana rock, they are your genitalia, Johanna, your parents are your gender

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or your Jana, depending how you treat them, they will make you your take your gender, or you will remake your gender. If you treat them well. You become worse you have gender. If you treat them in an unkind word manner, then they become then you become with your Jana. So Allah tala has made tension with regard to this idea about Amara gender or those are those are hamara supermoon has said

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he depends upon how we treat them, that they will be our our the means of our gender, Jana. Now a very important point that comes in. And many times we hear people saying this is that yes, we know, we have to be good to our parents. And many times we are good to our parents because we feel that they are our benefits are attached to them. So when we are young, we don't go to be good towards our parents, they cut off our pocket money, they will not pay our university fees, our student fees. So therefore many times we do good to them because our benefits are attached to them. But Allah subhana wa Taala tells us to be good to them, especially at a time when you have to look after them. And

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many times your benefits are not attached to them, it is the other way around. So therefore laterra says Be good towards your parents in your blue one in the calculadora huduma. Oklahoma, if one or both of your parents reach old age. Now here is the test. Many times you see people saying that my father has become very difficult. You know how he speaks? Sometimes he is so demeaning to me, he doesn't take into account how much I'm doing for him. Now many times we say he's become old, he's become ill tempered. He's become short tempered? Yes. What do you expect people to do when they become old, they are going to change the temperament is going to change. People do not remain the

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same. when they are young compared to when they become old. When they become old. Sometimes they become tempered, they become short tempered, they sometimes become difficult. Now that is a test. And there is a difference between our values and the values of others. Other people tell us look at your own interests. Look at your own benefit. Look at what is supposed to be good for you. And if they become very burdensome, put them in an old age home. Put them in an old age home. What Islam tells us No, no. Now is the time for you to gain reward. Now is a time for you to get into gentlemen. Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Rama and for Ravi Mohan for Ravi Mohan for

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three times may that person's nose be test wrapped into the dust. May He beat his grace. May he be humiliated Yara Sula, who are you speaking about in such a way? Who are you saying that that person must be humiliated He must be humiliated and he must be disgraced. To be utterly himself. Selim said that person who find one

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For both of his parents in old age, and he does not gain Jenna by serving them. So Pamela, what would the Western world say they're become an inconvenience put them away. Islam said they become old. Here is your opportunity to get Jenna. And if you don't get Jenna nebia Kareem Salah whenever cinema said make up disgrace, may you be humiliated. What is the US of you that you can look after your parents who looked after you when you were small? So therefore, Allah says in my blue ohana, indical, Kibera, a huduma Okinawa, if one or both of your parents become old falletta Paula Huma of Don't even say to them in this respect. Don't even say off to them in this respect. And this is

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something who say yeah, be utterly men who have the kanaky jazak knee jerk, perhaps. pancetta to smoke on kisara just sunako karna Orbeez yahama? Or Yeah, Jenna kills Zarya, it becomes a means of Jenga for us to serve them. And another says don't even say off to them in anger or this respect, doesn't mean you must anyone speak to them and don't say anything. Now what it means is that you speak to them. But obviously, you do it in such a way that is always with respect and with kindness. Don't say to them in disrespect, or in anger, as it allows you to say amazing thing. And he will be allowed to say if there was a word lesser than that signifies this respect and anger Allah would

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have made mention of it. That means don't even say anything remotely. That is even remotely in terms of disrespect or anger with like, like, if we just a very small type of sentence, don't even say to them. Now can you imagine if you have to if you have to abuse them, or you have to say more things and off to them, how much can I insert if you are not allowed to say off to them in this respect and anger if you have to abuse them more than oath and you have to tell them a whole lot of things in anger in this respect, how much sin there is when you are not even allowed to say to them and disrespect. Therefore Allah subhana wa tada after that, and that Allah tells us that make dua for

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And look at how Allah subhanaw taala says was Phil LaMarr Jenna has

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made you humble yourself before your parents. Don't be proud and arrogant in front of them. And even if you have to give them something you give them with respect and honor. And with humility. You don't go and show pride and arrogance in terms of them. Well, Phil, Omar, Jana has alumina Rama was corrupt Durham, Houma, Kamara

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and every time you make dua for them, and when you see them in old age, then what do you do? Then you say, oh, Allah, you have mercy upon them the way they had mercy upon me when I was small, and I was in my infancy. Now we all know in our infancy, how did our parents look after us? They sacrificed the nights, they sacrifice, they sleep, they sacrifice little whatever they had, they use it. And they use the resources for the sake of upbringing, the children, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you, when you look at your parents in old age, and you are about to make dua for them, think about all the sacrifices they made for you. And then when you make dua, you just have to wrap your

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heads into our your to our must come out from the bottom of your heart, Oh Allah have mercy upon them, that we've had mercy upon me when I was

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when I was in my infancy, the way they showed mercy upon me and kindness of Allah, you will show mercy and kindness.

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Obviously, we have to say this much also them

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to to look after your parents is a very great act of reward. Such a great act of reward that we can even make mention with regard to in Emeryville, as Sophia Malcolm says, a person came and said, I want to go out in jihad. Now many might have been circumstances why not be occurring? Jocelyn told him this. The director himself said, is your parents alive? He said yes. The pieces have said go and serve your parents. It is your jihad. Go and serve your parents that is your jihad. Now I'm not giving a fatwa the asset and circumstances that people can go out but I'm just trying to show you the reward of looking after your parents that when a person came and asked the director himself to

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go out and she had maybe a cream Silla, whatever serum said, go serve your parents it is your jihad. One day as a hobby came to me occurrence awesome. Yes, well, I have committed a great act of sin. There are so life committed a great act of sin, and he was remorseful and regretful nebbia Kareem saw some say, Is your mother alive?

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While you're rasulillah go and serve your mother Allah tala would wipe away yourself.

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When serve your mother in law would wait for yourself jasola My mother is not alive. She has passed on. Never said is any of your mother's sisters alive. Yes. jasola mother sisters easylife who will serve your mother sister. Because of the mother. You have committed a Guna now she is passed on go and serve your mother.

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The system Allah subhanaw taala would wipe away.

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Obviously we have to say that the parents obedience is always

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under the obedience of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Matata makuuchi maaseiah till Khalid nebia Karim sauce limited there is no obedience of parents. It involves this obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala Sabina be wakasa the ultimate became a Muslim was saying Allah insana. bhiwadi de husana will injure Hara Kali to Sri kabhi. Molly silica be here illman Fela Kuti oma. His mother became very, very, very angry, sad that a lot of Mahabharata love for his mother, he found it very difficult. She said, if you don't renounce Islam, I'm gonna I'm gonna kill myself. I'm gonna go on a hunger strike. I'm not gonna eat anything sad came gonna be occurring. Sonam Allah revealed this

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ayat. If they force you to go away from Islam, and they force you to commercial, fanatical oma, don't follow them. So the parents obedience is, is within the boundaries of obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. If they tell you to do something wrong, then they are no more worthy of obedience. And many times we find parents also the users blackmail, they say Allah will never accept you because you didn't listen to me. But it what you what they told you sometimes is wrong. So there is also not right but look at our neckline. The Holy Quran says we injure had to shreeka B for today was sashiko, Macedonia, Moldova, even if they tell you to do something wrong, you don't have to obey

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that letter, but then to be kind to them for sasikumar. Tomorrow, then to also be kind to them. So this is something that we have to keep maba kita Shirky diamir tire American Academy child, Sophie said PETA to serve Allah tala ki ki jatiya. They can do TESSA shafqat kobato. Her work. Ahmed Karna Chaya, now, after understanding this, there are very important thing is amongst the parents, we have the father and the mother. And the Father has got to rank in terms of respect, but in terms of our rights, and in terms of kindness, then the mother has extra rights, and the mother has superiority over the rights of the Father. And we all know that if a person came to him and said, jasola, who

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should I show the most amount of kindness and who should I should fulfill my rights most towards themselves and said your mother, then he said, He then

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said your mother, then then your surgeon said your mother, the fourth time he said, your father, Elias also made mention of even to the sixth part of the Quran. I won't go into details. General routine Rumi Rahmatullah Lee has made mention of this. I have also repeated this many times in my talks before, when one day the father and mother were arguing with one another who makes more efforts for the sake of the child. Father will say I do this, I do that I go out in the early hours of the morning to get the risk. I have to go in the business from morning till evening, and the mother close the abdomen with these three points. Don't you compare your sacrifice with my

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sacrifice? Don't you compare your sacrifice with my sacrifice? You carried the burden of your child when it was like I carried it. When it was heavy. You carried it for a short period of time. I carried it for nine months. You dropped it in a foot of pleasure. I dropped it in pain nearing death. Who are you to compare your sacrifices to my sacrifice. Therefore must have said Jenna to

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generalize under the feet of your mother. under the feet of the father is only the champion

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under the feet of the mother agenda. So your mother has got more right over the Father. Not to say that you must disrespect the father but of course, this is in terms of market, Mamta ik Barbary parbhani, history ma market sadhu, Sulu, Bob semi berker. And in conclusion, there are many examples. We certainly radi Allahu anhu. He became great. That nebia dream sarson toda Sabha, Toma Denali, if you find Oh a second ago and asked him to make dua for you, what was his, his attribute? What was his greatness? One of his greatness was that because of his love for his mother, and serving his mother, you could not come and meet Livia Karim salsa, but Allah subhanho wa Taala gave

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him the thing that maybe a cream sauce mom told us that when you meet him go and ask him to make dua for you. Abu huraira will be allowed towards the latter portion of his life.

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He was staying in Khalifa which of course today we may we wear our hair out from and his mother was in Medina, so every day used to come and meet his mother. Many times people say the mother is by going meet your mother from time to time if she's staying away from you. So a Buddha used to come and meet his mother and when he

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Come and meet his mother used to make Salam Can you see? Oh my mother Salam be upon you PHP upon you may Allah have mercy upon you the way you had mercy upon me when I was young and I was more so the mother used to reply okura Sarah be upon you, may Allah order you, will you

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Oh abora Allah wanna you and give you respect the way you are giving me respect when I'm old. And lastly, I would just like to say that one question that always comes in mind is what do we do and our parents have passed on?

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And many times the situation is their parents pass on now you feel regret? What can you do? Sadly, nobody came to be occurring SOS jasola I was going out in jihad. My mother passed away. I'm feeling very, very bad. And I'm feeling very hurt that I was not there when my mother passed on. What can I do? Maybe a cream sauce and says give charity on behalf of your mother. give charity on behalf of your mother. Then he asked her Sula what type of charity must I do? Let me saw some said provide people with water. Give people water on behalf and in view of your mother supanova once a person came from bunny Selma, either as a woman bunny Selma for Carla Hall bottom in every other way. Yeah,

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shaping abara Houma bada Mota jasola Is there anything that I can do for my parents after they have passed on? Maybe occurring so also made mention of four or five things? A Salah to la ma? Make dua for your parents. What is the third lahoma make it safer for your parents make dua for them, make it safer for them while in five

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then fulfill the promises fulfill the commitments they might have had. They had maybe they had they wanted to do something you they couldn't do it when they were alive when they were alive. They made and they had an ambition fulfill the ambition fulfill the commitments fulfill the debts 30 then they'll be occurring saucer them said that was Silla Tora ham. Be good enchain to be good enchain to the family of your parents. So if your parents you know your parents, aunties and uncles and cousins, make it a point of being good to them because of them being relatives of your parents. Three karamu sadita ha and then we saw some 50 said, honor the friends honor the friends so if

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they've got friends go and go and search out for their friends and be good to them because they were your father's friends of July Maria Lawton was, you know, lastly, I will just make mention of this, I believe no matter the ultimate was coming from but one he was coming and there was a bug. In a villager. He was simpleton and he came and when Omar as a kidney woman identified him he gave him his turban.

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So his students said you gave this person a turban? He would have been happy with less than that. And what did he say? Dr. Newman said he his father was good with my father.

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He his father was good was my father therefore I've given him my turban. So this is the way we can still be good to our parents after they have passed on. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy.