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The speakers discuss the importance of using one's wealth for one's health and family members, as well as avoiding wasteful spending and Sweet-wethering. They stress the need to use one's wealth for one's health and family members, and to not wait until one's life is over to give gifts and make them a habit. The importance of giving children gifts and not being a formalized child is emphasized, along with the need for privacy and security in the aftermath of a death. Representatives emphasize the importance of practicing the deal and staying true to Islam, while also acknowledging the need for proper behavior and behavior in the aftermath of a death to avoid damaging one's wealth and pocketbook expenses.

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva La Motta moto Moto E lakita.

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You see como lo fi Ola decom, set a colloquialism.

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respect our elders and brothers.

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This Week in South Africa is known as national worlds week,

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where emphasis has been placed upon

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the throwing up of one's wills. Keeping in mind that this is National worlds week, we find that people from the legal professions

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and it's even banks have

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in some ways, some might say sarcastically, surprisingly, offered free legal surface to highlight the importance of keeping your wills correctly.

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And keeping in mind that this is National worlds we can there is an emphasis upon it. I thought, I will speak on this topic today. And of course, it's an important topic. Normally we say where these days away now we can change it and say where there's a well days relationship. Nevertheless, because of its importance, we will talk about this and when we talk about it, we all know that was has got to do with the discharging and the distribution of one's wealth. That is what it is about wills, how do I distribute my wealth? That's what it is about. And inshallah there are several aspects with regard to it that we would like to highlight in this particular regard.

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Mr. McMahon, was he at a metallic after him? His art is more Superbad, Corinthian, was he at $1 quartet symphonic Anam him or his Mozu Kambou, Calif. Pero, para Ambrosia, darlin, Rusty darling, so we will talk about it. The first aspect is, when you are alive, Allah Allah gives you a certain degree of options and discretion with regard to the utilization of your wealth. And that is why it is so important that you utilize your wealth correctly. We all know that wealth it has been given to us we are not the full owners of it. Allah has given us a great degree was option and discretion but Allah tala tells us that whatever wealth I've given you, I am going to take account from you on the

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day of Tiamat with regard to it, so matusadona yo ma even annina him, I will question you with regard to whatever favours and wealth I have granted. So now while you are alive, and that gives you the option with regard to utilizing your wealth, utilize it correctly, stay away from wastefulness stay away from extravagance, and law says law 234 Don't be wasteful. In Allah Allah.

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Allah tala does not like those who are wasteful, to not become to not be extravagant in the libertarian can we furnish it those who are extravagant are the brothers of shaytan. I had made mentioned previously why Allah uses two words, this graph means to spend more unnecessarily more than necessary on your needs. So you know, food is a need, but you spend more than necessary that is rough, and that is not like those who are Muslim who are wasteful and the very means to spend on things that are not necessary.

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droplist bannerghatta zaroori pissouri pinay lekin ABS misko professor from Scotto fool Hershey that another law says slo fool Hershey Carnevale shaytan cabeza, they are the brothers of Sita. So therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us and Kumi merasakan

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wala Chava when you got the opportunity to utilize your wealth correctly before a time comes, when you will not be able to benefit from your wealth and that is after you die you will not be able to benefit. Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that utilize your wealth while you have the opportunity correctly. One day Nivea cream sauce lamb was asked jasola

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jasola which, which set a tiger is the best. So Muslim said Contessa he wouldn't, he wouldn't touch alpha

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Hello, Xena wanna come heal?

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The Fulani Fulani. When is the best time to give sadaqa give sadaqa when you are healthy, when you desire wealth, when you are fearing poverty, give that time Seneca give that time charity and do not wait until your life comes to your throat and you say give it now to this madrasa this machine. This poor people don't wait till then was swept up Kinzer macaroni chopped up zinda

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mundo houseworks

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give psutka that time Don't wait till the time you die and said after I die give so much to so much give so much to so much. So while you are alive Allah gives you the discretion and the opportunity to spend Tom apne Zindagi me admin kokoshnik Azadi Haiti apne pesa haha

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is as RSA find out and attire apne pasa pasa him must

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utilize it correctly. Allah hasn't given us wealth only to utilize for ourselves. Therefore law tells us in the Holy Quran repeatedly, Mara zakenna what I have given you spend in the past

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and part of that is give gift gifts to your to your children, to your family members. Go and give gifts to hardware to have go give gifts because it increases mohabbat toxic to have a dog get to a fair Mahabharata or melco soft cotton cream sauce limited exchange gifts, it will lead to increasing love. And one additional year cream sauce lamb said give gifts for indeed gifts removes bad feelings from the heart. So when you give gifts to your family members, all the different types of politics that come in the family gets away and the color removes Allah tala removes all types of enmity and hostility by you exchanging gifts and therefore not be occurring saucer also emphasizing this person

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has said even if your neighbor gives you a sheep's Trotter don't regard it as insignificant. Queen mama Lisa

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Tosca Hakeem deserves another call. Because look at the look at the intention behind it. So why are you alive in short, while you are alive, Allah has given you the discretion to be able to use your wealth to give sadaqa to you to utilize upon yourself and Natasha tells us in the Holy Quran

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what are the FEMA takala udara what happens on a super common atonia Don't forget no she also have this material what Allah has given you, you know, spend on your on your surah spend on your needs, spend spend on your comfort, with moderation spend while you are alive, Allah has given you this and part of this particular aspect is also giving people gifts. Now one aspect that is very important in this regard is that many times people give the relative skips but check our data. Now we give our children gifts, and giving our children gifts. Very important point. You know, nominate neighbor Sheila Sahabi of nebia Kareem Salalah Sam said my father took me to Nivea cream sauce. And he said

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I want to give one slave to my son of mine. I want to give the slave to my son. So the maker himself said a cool new welder can help me fella Have you given every one of your children a similar type of gifts. So he said No, I haven't given so much all of them I haven't given so many occurring saw some said tako la la de lubaina Allah decom fear Allah and be just amongst your children be just amongst your children, but choco tofa datawalk barabara kiandra co

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occur in sauce luminesce Allah tala Sado or apne Batumi, bhramari or musawah time Kuru be fair and be just with your children. So let me occur him saw Salaam rebuked him and said be fair upon your children. Now, it doesn't mean that you can't give one child more than the other. It's possible. However, there must be a valid reason it mustn't be to look down upon one child, or it mustn't be because you don't like one child, but there are certain times when you can give one child more than the other. Right and this is not this is a recommendation. It is not an obligatory thing. It is not something that it can be imposed. from someone one Father gives one child more after the father's

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dead, the other children can come and say we must also get the same No, no, the father David is possible. But he must have a valid reason. As far as possible, he must have a valid reason. Now sometimes it can happen. You see you got four children, and you see three children are well established.

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Now has given them great amount they got well they got cars they got they got homes and one child is suffering is the finding it difficult. So you give their child more is nothing wrong it is permissible to smuggle in a check he sees a bad choco zyada did to smell

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they can put in a put giavanna challenge so you can give one more than the other. Or for example, out of the children one is giving you doing most of yours. He is the one who is putting your favor upon you and he's doing good. There is nothing wrong in giving him more. But as far as possible a person must try and create

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bribery and justness between his children because nobody Academy saw some say for de la de la Vina oladipo fear LA, NB just amongst your children. When you give a gift to your child, or you give a gift to anyone, this is very important because by and large, I found that many people are not aware of it and there is a great amount of ignorance in this.

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Yesterday when doing the radio program and I made mention of this. There was a host of questions many people said we didn't know this. And people said this one gave this and he gave me this way did it. What is this if you give someone something

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then you have to give it to him in full he must take possession over it. He must have authority over it. Then only it is considered a gift. Otherwise it is not considered a gift. Many times people say after a person's father passed away my father gave me the sentence. My mother gave me the jewelry. Why is it jewelry it's in a mother's safe. What is that is audio is not his Hurston home caretaker Miriam catechumenate butcher codea or Manipur Chico he has ever Tian Chi Marielle Marina de la Marina.

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If it is in your memory it is yours. If it is in your possession it is yours. HIPAA and gift is only complete when you have given it over to someone that person after getting it from him. If he wants to give it to someone who can object that is giving otherwise it is not giving. And if it is not given in that way, then it will remain part of the state after you die everyone will share from it not only that child, if you want if you want to give it in have the courage of your conviction to give it properly. Otherwise is not given HIPAA, but tofana Ml molokhia da Jana persipura hota Pura media to encode area, he must have power over he for example, it's ln, he must have the power of the

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papers he must have the power with regard to say this is my lane I want to give this one too. I want to give it for him don't want to give it for him then only read HIPPA. And that particular giving his complete right now after this this after this. A person why he is alive as I said can give freely. But the moment he passes away that wealth is no more his now, the moment he passes away.

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This is a very amazing thing. After a

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while you in your life, you've got these options, which I've given you give sadaqa give charity, utilize your wealth correctly, give him a gift gifts. There are so many all of these benefits. The moment a person passes away. Now it is no more his Ted wealth is no more his they are on ama and great scholars. They were sitting nearby a person who was on his last throes of his life. The moment he passed away. They put up the candle that was his they asked for the own candle. Some people said Why is why are you doing this? The reason is it was his wealth, it is no more his wealth. Now they are under consideration. They are the heirs right up on that wealth. Now it is no more he is I can

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use this candle. In this regard. There's one very amazing thing moved into sub rights that my father moved to LA in his room, he had a big room. He had his guitars he had few of his possession he had his bed them and he said anyone who's to bring anything from another room and bring it into this room and they don't take it back I used to get very angry. And you say Why are you getting angry is from the same house? He used to say no, my your my myself and your mother, his wife. We have got an agreement whatever is in this room is mines. Whatever is in the other parts of the house is hearse. I don't want the method to be mixed up that they must be Guna upon me after I die. They must be

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clear cut determination with regard to what belongs to whom. The moment a person passes away. his wealth is no more his apne dollar company merci Maxime carnet Can you just sip applause indicator on here? Make a bad word donut up who's keen here He is no more he's and therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala says one people

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Mr. Issa Conoco spend what we have given you before your death for your food, then you say a certain Elijah curry if only allowed have given me more time to spend and given for a scepter calculus is now the time is gone. Only time for you to give sepka while you are alive The moment you die, there's no more you can't even give sadaqa so Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us with regard to it. Now what what also a great lesson, your wealth is no four years your identity is no more yours. You'd be so sneaky, but the moment a person passes away, what happens is identity changes. Now what do we say? No matter how great you are, no matter how much wealth you have, what a doctor you are

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monana you are a chef. What do people call you? Mayor?

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When will the mayor know when will Dr. sango? When will

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When will the medium?

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What time is the main yet what time is a janazah the reality of our life My dear respect of others, that is the reality of our possession which we take so much pride in the moment you die, that wealth is no more yours, your identity changes. People don't call you know, by your titles they call you may yet when will they may yet go. That is a reality by the respective weathers therefore it's important that we keep this in mind. Now after a person passes away and because of these things, after a person passes away with his wealth, what is the do upon his wealth, the first thing that can be taken from his wealth, he's we're asked that his estate that we were called, is his burial

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expenses. The first thing that can be taken is his burial expenses. That means the expenses of the coffin or the expenses of the burial fees. The cover fees nowadays is cover fees. And I believe it is quite steep climb below our barrier committee members who do such great work, they will tell you that it becomes very steep, it can be taken from the estate. How it is many times nowadays people pay for it on behalf some cell family member will take over that responsibility. But from the shery point of view, it can be taken from the state. But what can be taken from the state only the necessary burial fees or the necessary cover expenses or the telephone expenses. This aspect of the

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food that is given to the people who can for the sake of mourning or condolence cannot be taken from the estate.

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It's not possible to take from the estate unless all the heirs agree upon it. And in this particular regard, there is a great amount of neglect in this regard. You know, it's not possible to take it from the from the from the more homes so you can use this well to fit people. Maybe there are small children, the small children haven't given you permission they don't have the right to give you permission. So if you take that particular well from the state who have committed an act of sin, you are going against the Sharia

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and therefore these these ramifications which people do not have tonic if Raja Jana will marasmus and Lisa Monica bata GS f Raja was k we are acid cilia just

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licking your Kanika Jonah Nila Jessica. So in this particular thing, the first thing that can be taken is the aspect of the necessary expenses. Then what comes then comes if he has left behind any debt

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if he has left behind any debt, that is, you know, that is what will be taken out first before anything else.

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We'll see a chip la mirada Pele Kara's Jenna was subset Bella Mayor kita MSA leogang the first thing that will be taken after burial expenses, easy debt debt, respected weather brothers and elders in this particular regard, we must say that people are very, very neglectful in this regard. They don't realize the severity. They don't realize the consequences with regard to it. How many times we take if there is a need take it there is no need. Don't take that. As it look minor hockey match said stay away from incurring debt because it is a humiliation in the day. You're running away from the people who are going running away. It's a humiliation in the day and it's a worry and anxiety in the

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Therefore nemea Creme De La Hoya while he was telling us to seek protection with regard to taking a debt and he was here your intention correctly man.

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If you take you take a loan from people and your intention is to give it an inshallah your intention is safe. And now we'll make the means for you to pay back. But if your intention is not to give it back, never mind that person's loan and that will destroy your wealth also, Allah will destroy your

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So your intention must be correct now via Kareem Salalah. He was telling us to make dua, and what do I know via cream sauce they wish to make. Hello my name. How old are the criminal Masami? Well Muslim. Wanda. So as I said, jasola you are seeking protection from Allah from you know, death and send together sin and Guna and dead together but I'm in sin the sin in debt is something that is possible to take. So what is maybe a cream sauce from say? Maybe a cream sauce from Seto Ayesha. When a person takes a death he becomes morally vulnerable. When he any when he makes when he when he speaks he speaks lies. When he makes a promise he breaks his promise. How many times will you have

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people who are offering you? I am I am just now sending you a check used to be a time of sending a check. I am sending you an EFT. EFT will come to you tomorrow morning. And after two weeks you are looking at EFT nothing came through. So let me start slim said I seek protection of debt together with Guna because a person goes into debt.

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the genotropin Kpop chorus chorus accent good mama Marina via creamy sauce nominee shadow mountain and la mujer barrio Kara's or Ganesha may panna Mancha to Cassini puja Yara Sula, Kara's co bonacasa shamika to Toby

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bandeja charisma bachata to Judo, Nana Chi or what is what the hell African tie one Ninomiya, Kareem salatu salam was sitting and he caught his hidden souhan Allah Subhana Allah What a great warning. What a great warning. Here Salah. What are you referring to? What a great warning. Maybe a creme de la de wa sallam made mentioning he said that Allah, Allah had revealed to me when a person goes out in the path of Allah it becomes Shaheed and he is brought back alive and he becomes Shaheen again. He is brought back alive. He is then is betrayed again three times he is made Shaheed Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed he will not go into Jana, if he has left behind deaths. Gender

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jacked up Nick Carrasco Khurana one de novia Kareem salsola mas performing the janazah of someone and I will conclude with this and when the reoccurring saslong was completing the the janaza before the janasena we saw some set theory leave behind any colors.

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So someone said jasola he left behind cars. He left behind a debt did he fulfill his debt? Does he have to remake original for the payment? No. Is there any correction for the payment?

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wanna push? Husqvarna? rockin nature. APNIC Carrasco technically, he hasn't left behind anything. Maybe a trim saw Sam said you perform the janaza high not performing the janaza said nobody who was

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mentioned as na parotta

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Yasser Allah will pay his debt. sama sama big jasola will pay his debt

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and perform the janazah the next day in America himself. So the meta Abu Qatada who Abu Qatada, did you pay his death? Yes, yes, well, I immediately went to pay the vehicle himself Some said now there will be comfort for him in the cover.

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Now there will be comfort for him in that we take that as we don't it's out of fashion.

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Don't we realize the severity of it. So the first thing after so in brief and we will continue with it maybe next week. First thing while you are alive Allah has given you as it how to utilize your wealth utilize it correctly. After you have passed on the first thing that will be taken out from your estate would be your burial expenses, it can be taken if someone pays it for Alhamdulillah and the second thing that will be taken will be your debt. Thereafter will be the next stage which inshallah we will make mention of next week. May Allah tala keep us alive Allah Allah make us and give us an opportunity to practice upon all aspects of the deal. Pass through