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AI: Summary © A group of Muslims were in a chaotic situation during the Battle of mother, where they were attacked by the Muslims during the Battle. The group had to fulfill their Wada Nib ic, their promises to fulfill their Wada Nib ic, and their promises to uphold their Wada Nib ic and their promise to fulfill their Wada Nib ic. The group was faced by a overwhelming number of Muslims who were not able to fulfill their Wada Nib ic, and they turned to their father, who had promised to fulfill their Wada Nib ic. The police officer later goes in to find out the condition of enemies, and they later go in and gathers intelligence. The speaker advises the audience to be careful in revealing their secret to others, as it can lead to embarrassment and devastation. They also advise people to be careful when sharing secret with others, as it can lead to embarrassment and devastation.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah anomala.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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from time to time we speak about great personalities of the past. And today I would like to speak to you about one very great Sahabi and companion of our beloved Nivea creams and Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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has said huzefa, Binyamin rhodiola

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and the Sahaba as Maria Kareem saw solomid said, as hobby can newsroom Sahaba alike stars whomsoever you follow, you will be guided, and your life will be illuminated

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the way the stars illuminate the horizon. The life of the Sahaba serves as a light to guide our lives. And every Sahabi had certain peculiarities, certain essential qualities, which helps us in charting and having a better life. Who's a five Nia man was amongst those who say first father was your man. He is watched from the ABS tribe in Makkah.

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Due to a disagreement with someone,

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he killed someone in Makkah, and in that disagreement, because of which he had to go and flee to Medina.

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So although his background was from Makkah, he stayed in Medina for much of his life. Who's a foreigner they allow Tron who this

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was bad ground MCI mocha Rama, but he grew up in Madina munawwara he stayed in Madina munawwara

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and oddsmakers, him savvy huzefa Binyamin kibarim a putana Chaka Khan, Cavalier. Monica Cara Santa Maria when Saiki Sika Katana

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choker Medina Juniper Muskoka so when Jose for the Allahu Turan who grew up in Medina, but his background was in Makkah, and he bought and he became a Muslim because his father was a Muslim, you know, in his very beginning of his life,

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and he was a Muslim without seeing the Via krimson Allahu Allah wa sallam, so he had a great desire to see our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Eventually, when he came to see our beloved Nivea cream sauce from Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam met him and asked him in *ter, contaminant mohajir Cheetah continental answer, because of your situation, you can decide whether you want to be a mohajir or whether you want to be an unsigned whether you want to be amongst the people of Makkah whether you want to be amongst the people of Medina. So Jose for the Allahu taala who decided to be an he chose to be an unsavoury he chose to be amongst the people of Medina. who say for the Allahu

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Allahu shuru masa masa, man hoga Macaca Papa semenza lickin Brittney wala Madina munawwara kitten, where Islam try a wild Mimosa man who get them all Zeus Allahu alayhi wa sallam ki mohabbat Kobayashi aka DevOps 1,000,002 opposite Allahu alayhi wa sallam Nanaimo hajiya and Santa Monica str dia, Tony and Sal

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right, he became an answering. Now as we say, we're not giving every aspect we are just speaking about essential aspects and things that we can learn from one amazing aspect that we can learn from at the time of the Battle of button.

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Hazard who's a father and his father was traveling.

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So during his travels, they met a Mujahideen and the Mujahideen asked them where are you off to?

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They said we are going to Medina we stay in Medina. They said that okay we are about we have left MacArthur to fight

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and to go and fight with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and you give us a word we will let you go that you will not join Mohammed army against us. So who's a fan his father agreed.

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So on the way to Medina they met Maria cream sauce from coming together.

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They met Abu Jamal live in Makkah to come to border and the net militia said I'm leaving Medina to come together

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and said, Where are you coming from? Would you like to join the battle? Yasser Allah? This is what happened. This is our Zavon we gave to Abu Jahan

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Tamiya Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam said you gave your word, you will not take part in the Battle of mother.

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This is the importance of fulfilling your word. This is the importance of fulfilling your commitment. Says Eliza, Karanja you and Athena. Amen. Oh for Bill Odom. Oh, you believe fulfill your commitments up now why do karneval even in such a situation? We all know, Muslims were in such a short number, that there's believers who are more. But even in that situation that we saw some said, You gave your word to Abu Jamal you will not partake in the Battle of

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mamoon bin Moran.

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Who says that there are a few things that there is no difference between a Muslim and non Muslim. One of them is you must be good to your relatives whether your relative is a Muslim or non Muslim. One is if you have given your word and you have given a promise, then you have to uphold that promise whether you made that promise to a Muslim or non Muslim.

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Unfortunately, we have not been able to fulfill this Islamic requirement with a sensitivity that Islam requires from us. That's why

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only Amanda your Wada Nibbana calm moussaka Jo hamari la baranda Muna. What a great lesson we learned from this.

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Another aspect of his life was amazingly in the Battle of who had

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who's a fast father human

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during the chaotic scenes now who had happened, and they attack the Muslims. And after that, there was a great amount of chaos, confusion, in their confusion, Yemen and some old people were told by nerissa Aslam to remain in the background. But when the fighting became fierce, and the Muslims who attack Yemen and then they join the battle,

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and in that chaos and confusion, the Muslims turn against your man. And he and another person was killed by what is today known as friendly fire. So, who's a fire came and said, This is my father, this is my father. But by that time, they had attacked your man. And he had died at the hands of the Muslims. nebia Karim's, Allahu alayhi wa sallam was very perturbed about it. And he called me to say, Fine said, I would like to give blood money for your father. And was if I said, jasola, what my father get the reward of martyrdom, that we saw some said his intention was to fight for the sake of Allah, Allah will grant him martyrdom. So huzefa said,

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I want no blood money. I have forgiven all those who are responsible for my father's death. Because it has done it has been done accidentally. So we sign sometimes it happens. You get someone knocking your car by accident. What do you do? Look at his intention, if he didn't do it deliberately learn to forgive, learn to forget, year who's a first father was killed by mistake, and who's a fan of the lotto did not take any blood money. And now because of that, He forgive because of that, who's a fan of the ultimate became very close to the Joker himself. Maybe aquariums, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, loved Hassan, who's a fan of the Allahu taala tremendously and there are certain qualities

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of Hassan huzefa that endeared him to our beloved Maria Kareem Solomon. One was his intelligence. One was his, you know, unique intelligence which he employed in dealing with difficult situations. One was this quick witness he could think on the feet and he could make a decision immediately, and most importantly, was his trust and keeping of seeing

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This was a unique quality of Azusa.

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He used to keep his secret. Now because of this

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great trust in hazard was a felony.

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Now, because of this Nevis also had great trust.

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So in the Battle of the French, it's a very crucial juncture. Now via cream sauce. Sidhu will go in this time to go and find out the condition of the enemies. Now bear in mind, first of all the danger. It was exceptionally cold at that time, no one wants to be chosen. Because of the difficult circumstances. Nobody saw him because of his dress. Code hazard was a part of the plan when said you will go and do a mission. For today we will go in say intelligence, you will go and gather intelligence. And then he told us

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that goal only and go and see what is happening.

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And come in, tell me Don't do anything more. Don't do anything more. Just go and see and come back. Who's if I said I was feeling so called Nevis Aslan, put his hand on my chest. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant, my entire body won't and I went. And I saw the whole situation. Abu sufian, the leader of the police at that time, felt certain things. And he said, it seems one of the Muslims have come into our gathering.

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And he's spying upon us. Lead everyone gets the person next to him and identify the person next to him. So that we can find out who is not from amongst us. Here is a quick witness comes to the fore. He immediately before anyone could tell him, he catches the person next year said Who are you

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and that person is on the back backfoot and was a part of the alto comes away. Then he says during the course of that I saw Abu sufian the leader of the enemies, I took out my hero. I said I'm gonna kill this enemy. He's a leader of the enemy. I got a chance. And then I realized the results from said huzefa only go and observe and don't do anything else. Obedience, par excellence. He put his arrows away. And he came back and he tells me the sauce that you see many times. Emotionally we want to do many things. Not every time the thing that you want to do emotionally is correct.

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Yeah, emotionally, he wanted to kill the leader of the enemies. But many sources told him not to do so. And he came away. What a great lesson. Not every time you want to do something emotionally, it is the correct thing to do. Sometimes you look at the broader picture. Sometimes you look at obedience. Sometimes you look at what you are supposed to do. But the great lesson, then we saw some comes in a nice, awesome, puts him and hugs him. He said I felt such a great warmth when initialism hugged him. There was another remarkable incident of hazard was a photo DLL.

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And that was that one day he was you know, going out in jihad. And during the car part of jihad, he you know, they were eating meals that overtaken the enemy. And during the course of having meals, one portion of his meal fell down.

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And he picked it up, cleaned it and started eating it. So someone said yeah, don't do that. People don't they look down upon it. They feel that you are greedy, you are eating that which has fallen down How can you do so? So he said a very remarkable phrase. That is such a great lesson for all of us at that pruco Sonata habibie Hakuna Matata Mata if I quit to leave the sunat of my beloved Habib for the sake of these fools, how many times you and I, we are faced with a situation. Now you are to read numbers if I read numbers in front of everyone people will call me a fundamentalist people who say what's gone wrong with you. You want to as a woman you want to wear your scarf, people who will

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say you know you are very very pious, you millia times when your situation you want to display your Eman and your Islam. What will people say? What the great lesson Are you going to forsake the way of navy seals the way of truth for the sake of other people's sensitivities. I find it very amazing today saying sometimes

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People are not shy to say we are agnostics. People are not shy to say we are atheists. People are not shy to show the sexual preference. People are not shy to stand up for what they regard to be true even if you and I don't agree with it. But you and I, we will feel shy to tell what is proof or to stand up for Islam. Amazing. So this is what we learn. Now the greatest things was with regard to this. That what was the qualities of was a part of your mouth?

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That made nivia Kareem sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam share, maybe saw some secrets with him.

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What a trustworthy person that maybe didn't tell anyone the names of the monastics and hypocrisy

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so panela what was an amazing thing? One was his ability to keep a secret What an amazing thing. Now what we do learn with regard to things that Firstly, be very careful in revealing your secrets to anyone

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be very careful. Never saw someone didn't tell anyone besides one person once

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no this also wisdom why he couldn't tell some of the the greatest happy like they were gonna leave.

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When you leave the Omi sometimes is better you don't know the faults and shortcomings of others. So many sources told him the name of the monastics and hypocrites. Firstly, be very careful in revealing your secrets might be unexpected manners. They saying to keep your secrets to yourself his wisdom to tell your secrets to others is a folly unless you've got trust in that person.

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It was Khalil Gibran who said

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if you reveal your secrets to the wind, and don't blame the wind if the brain if the wind reveals your secrets to the trees. If you reveal your secrets to the wind, then don't blame the wind if the wind takes your secrets and tell the threes and three we all know once a person got someone secrets, he is itching to tell everyone else who humorously was saying I didn't reveal the secrets the person who I told he revealed it. I didn't do it. The person who I told he will tell you Firstly, be very careful in revealing your secrets. Be careful that you choose the right person. To keep your secrets to yourself is wisdom to reveal it is a folly until you have full trust in the person you are

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revealing to. The second thing is Be very careful when someone shares a secret with you that you don't reveal to anyone else. It's an Amana

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you are playing around with the honor of someone if someone gives you a secret and then you go and tell other people you are you are violating and I'm honored. You know, the damage that can result from revealing another person's secrets can range from embarrassment to devastation.

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reveal secrets done carelessly or maliciously have destroyed life's families and futures of people.

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Be very careful. Al Mustafa Mata Milan, when al majali Seville Amarna, when something is said in a gathering that is supposed to be secret, if you reveal it will violate the trust set near terms of law alayhi wa sallam. So we saw Salam revealed because he was a fan of the allowed under the name of the monastics and hypocrites.

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He allowed us to come to him and say, Oh, huzefa

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I know you're not going to tell me the names of the hypocrites. I know you're not gonna tell me. It is a secret that maybe Sal Salaam shared shared with you. But tell me

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they might.

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This is introspection. This is humanity. All the time a person is thinking, am I not doing wrong? Today? Everyone thinks his daddy, no one thinks he's wrong. Everyone thinks he's the greatest value and Saint Omer. Go and ask him who's a farmer. I know. You're not gonna tell me tell me. You didn't take my name. Huma chose governance. Then one day he came to Safeway and said, Is there anyone who maybe saw cinema as a monolithic by mistake I might have kept him as a governor was if I said one person. Whomever uses discretion to remove that, to remove that Governor afterwards who's safe I used to say,

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who made this decision was correct. Almost perception was correct. But the remarkable person who's safe I used to say people used to come

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I used to come and ask about the signs of Tiamat. So most of the signs of Tiamat in the Hadith is from Mustafa Binyamin, watery and he was among those people who remain, you know, he took part in the Persian Empire, he was in the forefront of the conquering of Hamden Ray in New Haven. They are in present day Iran, Ray actually is close to Tehran. Ray was, you know, at the time of modern theologian who has conquered his last words, when he passed away was Yala, you know, throughout my life, I gave a preference to poverty, over wealth, humanity over boastfulness and

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over the world. So,

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you know, throughout my life, I gave preference to poverty overwhelmed. I gave preference to humanity over pride and arrogance. And I gave you a preference to the athlete over the world, and he passed away. And let me conclude as an amazing incident. In 1972, the kingdom of Iraq 1932 Kings King Faisal, at the time, I think his name was King Faisal. So a dream

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and in a dream,

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to Sahaba

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came to me and said,

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the water of the river euphrasia. So piggeries is flowing into our cover move our body.

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So he saw the dream and he felt maybe is nothing wrong. So the Mufti of Iraq also saw the same dream and he came and tell the thing. Did you see this dream? He said, Yes. He said, We must make arrangements for the removal of this podium. So they chose the 12th of July.

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When the people of the you know, the world, the Muslim woman said, It's time of Hutch, make it for the 20th of June Hmm, we all want to partake.

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So the bodies of his two Sahaba

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were removed. It's amazing. It's actually filmed. If you go into Google, you will see sketchy images of this, how they took out the body of the Sahaba. One of them was was a phobia, man.

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And when they took it out, the coffin was intact.

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The body was as fresh as it was alive.

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And the people who saw it, they said we couldn't see it through the eyes of the Sahaba.

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It was so full of new record and seat

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and they tell us the reason is the tools I saw.

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How could you lie See,

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this was a phobia, man. In fact, even non Muslims. There was a German professor who was there who became a Muslim and he saw this entire set.

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This is who's a phobia man, what great lessons we learned from his life.

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status. And among those who benefit from his life and lesson was Rhoda Juana.