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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah Milena via via an AMA Lana

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de la vida kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati. Amalia wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Zahara facade offenbar we will

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be Maka 78 in settler colonialism, respected elders and brothers.

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The Coronavirus

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has made the headlines and the back of our conversations has spoiled travel plans has become the the talking point within our conversations within medium and throughout the world. And maybe what some just reason to date, they say there are 75,000 people who there who have confirmed cases of the virus, of which 1000s have already been killed, and whose lives have been taken, it started off in mainland China. But since then, the source of the outbreak has resulted in fresh outbreaks in other parts of the world. And recently in the last few days from when, as they Italy and Iran has emerged as the epicenter of the rapidly spreading illness and virus, and this virus has the potential to go

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into a pandemic. Now, what's the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic? epidemic normally is that which covers a large area but normally covers a region and affects multiple countries. But when it goes beyond a region, and it goes into an entire international scenario, then by definition, it is called a pandemic. So you have this technical difference between an epidemic and pandemic. And of course, they have been epidemics and pandemics, whatever you want to call it, with regard to the different technical terms that has happened in this particular world. Right the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages in Europe took the lives of 1000s if not hundreds 1000s. The worst type of pandemic

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on record is a Spanish flu, which in 1980 to 1920 took the life of something like 50 million people. So this is something that has happened in the past in this world. And let me just say with few words Coronavirus, artikel Puri jr may have rocky Suki panahon attack bow swag that I came with Epic Patel's has says the other log was Kashi car where this man has managed to kill him. He said they're gonna be left to some cayabyab please give me

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a monetary war um, was given by Joe Sahaba but purchase Hazara Caribe Sahaba Shaheed

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ora, Amara Nikita Irishmen Spanish Flu who nice obese Carib

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pan screw Crota Grove to Hannah was man was Maria Maria so this you have these types of situations, epidemics and pandemics. Now in our history, we have the plague of a worse, which happened in the time of Toronto, we took the life of something like 50,000 people. In fact, there is a place on the border between Jordan and Israel, where people who have been there will tell you that this is where the plague of Hamas took place. And it is covered with a cover and graves of many great people, many great Sahaba who come we will be making mention with regard to the lessons that we take from this particular play. And those lessons which we can implement with regard to the present day scenario,

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what was the source of the virus? And of course, we know there are various unset and substantiated reports with regard to where the virus came from. So some say it came from snakes. Another theory which says that the outbreak was from a market in which fresh animals which we call wild animals, and in Chinese, the term is used as Jimbo, those particular animals were illegally sold. Another report says that it came from snakes and bats. And of course we have the conspiracy theories. Now I'm not a very great fan of conspiracy theories. From the very outset I might make mention with regard to it. We have to be dealing with facts, not with things that are not substantiated. And

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someone who can say that a novel has been written 2030 years ago which spoke about, you know, a particular type of plague novels have outlandish type of scenarios. Normally novels have these type of outlandish scenarios. And if you were to take you know facts based on out

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In the scenarios, which are made mentioned in novels, that we are going to end, what are you going to be able to do, you will never be able to come to any type of conclusion or any type of lessons. So I remember one day reading with regard to a novel some 2030 years back, in which there was a novel with regard to the Maddie, how the Maddie will come in how they was, you know, a plan and a conspiracy to be able to manipulate the body. So, you know, novelists will come and they will have outlandish type of plots for us to deal with regard to those type of outlandish plots sometimes become very difficult. So it becomes a point of sending it from WhatsApp to WhatsApp in groups to

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groups, but you can't take any lessons with regard to it. Now, the very important thing is, what lessons can we learn from the pandemic? Or the epidemic? How do we as Muslims view the outbreak of this disease and this particular type of situations that come about?

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In wobba, wobba sama, Casa casilla kar sakta? What can what lessons can we take? The first thing, of course, is such an important type of lesson is, life can change in ways that we would think it's impossible for us to change. life can change in a day, in a short period of time. That way, we could never think of ever thought can come across our mind that life can change in such a short period of time. And let me make mention with regard to it, and we ask people to make do a look at what is happening in India, look at what's happening in Delhi, Delhi is the capital city of India, in the glare of the entire media, who would have thought that people would be killed in such a way people

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would be, you know, planted in such a way, but right in the glare of the entire world. And this is the pride and arrogance that has, you know, come about with regard to certain people who feel that they got worldly power. And what happens one day you are sitting completely, you know, safe, and something can happen the next day where your safety can be compromised. So this is such a great lesson that life can change in a way that we never ever thought possible. Are we able to adapt to unexpected circumstances and changes? Are we able to adapt to unexpected changes and circumstances? Or are we so comfortable with our way of life, that if something small changes, we will never be

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able to face it? This is a reality that life can change in an unexpected way that we don't know. You know, these are situation, it is made mention of the very great scholar by the name of Abu chalet, who was at the time of the qualifier he did he say whenever I'm afflicted with a calamity, I think Allah tala because of four reasons, I praise Him and I thank him that it is not worse than what it is, it can be even more worse. The second thing is, I praise him that he had granted me the patience to bear it. The third thing is I praise Him that He has granted me the ability to make dua with regard to removing that affliction from me. And this is something that Allah will reward me with

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regard to making dua with regard to removing the affliction and the type of duar the situation that we find ourselves. And the fourth thing what an amazing thing, you know, this is made mentioned in the duels of the pious letters almasi batana. Fie Deena. I think Allah that He did not make this musi. But in terms of my team, he cannot make this calamity and try in my team. And our own ama and our pious people used to make dua, Allahu Allah, Allah Scimitar Kadena, Allah don't make any calamity come upon our deity. Our worldly thing if any calamity comes inshallah, Allah will give us the ability to make someone although we make dua, Allah never test us and give us difficulty. Never

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ever test us by giving us difficulty. But he said I think another alarmist and therefore I remember the phrase of alira de la what a remarkable you know, phrase arafura BB first refers to as I recognize Allah by the failure of my intention, I want to do something I bought a plane, but another's planes is greater than my plane. So the one great lesson we learned from this particular aspect is, be prepared for the unexpected. life can change. Are we prepared and are we able to adapt to an unexpected change when it comes, although we make dua that will never bring about difficulty upon us, never bring about unexpected changes upon us is that was of the pious made mention with

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regard to it? Our eggs subak Zindagi Na Ma na mungkin Pooja who Jihad kidnapper na monkey who are keeping

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up Kahala, Mr. Bill may arch cabinets but mostly for sit there.

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And the second aspect with regard to you know, the lesson that we learn with regard to it is the impermanence of life. This is a reality My dear respective brothers Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us this life is nothing but having higher teutonia

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it is amusement and play. It is a deceiving enjoyment. Our life is the space between one breath and another breath. What is our life

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Our life is a space between one breath and another breath. And when we take one breath we don't know whether we will take another breath or not. I related this previously that one day Libya Kareem sauceless, Abu Bakr, radi, Allahu Allahu wa, Abu Bakar how prepared are you for death? So

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when I read one salad, I don't know whether I'm gonna read my next salad or not. So, Muslim said, we have such great expectations of life. When I make one salad for salad, I don't know whether I'm gonna make the next alarm or not. So the second lesson we learned is, life is in reality, you know, a temporary enjoyment or this even enjoyment, so make the best with regard to what time you have available. So this is an important thing have done yet is in the DRC head, or Zindagi dokie. Lisa, Lisa. So Second thing, the third thing I think is such an important point, is this disease, a sign of a lateral as punishment. And this comes about especially

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when you happen, it happens in China. And we all know that the Muslims have been the the target of oppression from the Chinese authority. So immediately when these type of things come, immediately people start saying Could this be a punishment of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In truth, we cannot sit in judgment with regard to this. We neither have neither have the authority nor the ability to pass judgment, which is the prerogative and the preserve of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala determines who and how he gets punishment and for us to give our individual opinion with regard to that, in a way it is to say we claim access to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala is knowledge which no human being can do so so we have no right with regard to making this type of situation. kiya yay Allah tala kita yazaki Nishani him such a Kamiya fresh la Karnataka hockman sin forces Allah tala was there holla honey Allah tala key portrait or takut per worker Natalia However, one important point is we need to be able to reflect with regard to it. Why does it happen? We as Muslims we believe that any difficulty that comes and this is not only to do with a Coronavirus, or any type of virus, any type of difficulty that comes, whether it be a sickness, whether it be a calamity, whether it be trial, whether it be a dispute in your family, it can either

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be a warning, Allah tala warns you, you know that lesson things are not right, we'll undo the karna homina.

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I warn you with regard to a minor punishment, prior to the greater punishment of

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your own, that you might be worn and come back upon the right path. And that Allah sometimes gives us wanting to come back upon the right path, sometimes to reflect over the greatness of another overlordship of Allah, that things don't happen by what you are doing. Things happen with alas plans, and sometimes it could also be a blessing in disguise. Although there is no difference in the apparent manifestation between the two, between a warning and a blessing disguise. They came at our own they came a plague in the time of Maria Loughton. And they came plagues upon various other peoples it came upon the believers, and it came upon the disbelievers. But who will ever say that

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the consequences is the same upon the both sets of people? You know, it could be a warning for some it could be a reward for some, however we have. And we can ask this question, justifiably, it's a justified question. Why is it that the suffering of the Yuga Muslims receive only a fraction of the media coverage? The victims of the epidemic are receiving? Why is it? Why is it that the loss of life and the oppression of the Muslims of yoga, or many other places of the world with regard to Muslims being suffering, or being oppressed? Why is it that it only received the friction of media coverage? The way this particular type of you know virus is receiving? Is it because it's going to

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hit home to you or what? So that particular aspect with regard to oppress Muslims is happening in a faraway land, we've got nothing to do with it, it doesn't impact upon us so that it happened. So we have a, you know, a justifiable question that we can take with regard to it. Then I made may make mentioned that, of course. In our history, we had the the plague of Hamas, it'd be very interesting for us to see how did the Sahaba relate to that particular plane in the time of maratea loutra, who does play came upon the Muslims who were stationed in Syria, right. So when this particular plane came, you know, has a woman who was on his way to Syria, and he came to a particular place, and he

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came to know that the plague and the epidemic had broken out in Syria. So he asked all the Sahaba Ikram and said, What should we do? So people gave were here

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type of suggestion, but there was no conclusive type of suggestion. So when are they allowed to run who, in a way expressed frustration, but he said, I'm going back to Medina. at that particular time, Abdul Rahman apne offer the Allahu anhu, who was not there who had gone out for some errands. He came back and he said, I heard Nivea creams, awesome saying something about the plague. He said, whenever there is a plague in a lane, do not go there.

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Whenever there is a plague in a lane, do not go there. And those who are in that lane, they must not come out of there. What a remarkable type of vehicle in Sausalito. Wherever there is a place wherever there's an epidemic, you don't go to that place and whoever is in that place, they must not come out. There are some remarkable incidents with regard to this particular place. So when Amara LaDonna was going back Abu Zubaydah said, Omar Where are you going? Are you fleeing from the portrait of Allah? Are you fleeing from the will of Allah? Allah said, I'm fleeing from the portrait and the power and the will of Allah to the will of Allah. I'm going from the will of Allah to the

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will of Allah. This is what

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taught us. Now Abu Zubaydah was in the spring.

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Medina wrote him a letter.

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I need you for some urgent work you come to Medina. So I will be there.

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When you read this letter, he said an amazing thing. He said Omar wants to keep a person alive who doesn't want to live in this world who wants to keep a person alive in this world who doesn't want to live in this world? So he wrote a letter and he said you know you

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I cannot make it back because I have to be with my with my people and I'm the leader of this people. So when he came at that particular time, the letter came to O'Meara Viola with Rancho Mirage de la to read this letter, he started crying. So people said what happened is, he passed away. He said he has not passed away, but it seems very likely that very soon he will pass away. So Maria Loughton wrote him a letter and said Abu Zubaydah go to higher ground, go to the mountaintops, where the air will be more cleaner because the air will be more cleaner inshallah you will be able to save yourself perhaps from the epidemic, and I will be debut Jabara de ultimo received this letter, while

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he was he was on his last stages of his life, then why the medieval Viola and his Santa Clara mungbean was they were also involved in the epidemic. So as a Muslim to see Santa Clara, and he told him, man, how do you find yourself and he said, I am pleased with the decision of Almighty Allah. Karim saw Selim in his time he told people, a plague will come in Syria. And when that particular plague come, whoever is involved in that plague, they will die the death of a shahida

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Joby stoutner Marina was shahidul Pokhara Tomasi, Japan, Korea,

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Taiwan, kepada Nagar to more who swear he became so happy, he kissed that particular finger in which there was the science of the plague, which was to come out in the form of a rash. And you should say I love you more than what the world and whatever it contains. That is the way they dealt with it. They dealt with an epidemic in such a way now this hadith is very interesting. You don't want is the second part of the Hadith is pretty obvious when there is a you know, epidemic don't go there. But when there is an epidemic in a place, don't leave it at that goes against natural human instinct. The natural human instinct is when you are confronted with a contagious disease run away from them.

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That is a natural human instinct. But you know how did maybe a cream sauce cinnamon What did our beloved maybe a cream sauce alum motivate with regard to this? And maybe aquariums or Allahu Allah He was celebrated. plagues have come upon the people as a warning, but it can be a blessing for the believers. Nun amongst the believers remain patient in a land in which plague has broken out and considers that whatever ally has worked for him will happen. That Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him the death of

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what the motivation that obviously we can understand where there's a plague you don't go, but what motivates you not to leave a place in which is a plague. This Hadith may be occurring so Aslam said whoever is in a place where there is a plague and he remains the same whatever now what will happen to me if he dies in that Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him the death of Ushahidi. So look at the great lessons we take from the plague of Hamas. And then lemelin conclusion say if Muslims follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah they will have a number of solutions with regard to this particular aspect.

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As an omen of the ultimate paths Sham Christopher kurata Rasta Mona Sue Nikita Hoon, cover Sunni to apset Allahu alayhi wa sallam to appear as a woman of the aloneness of cusabo Cobra

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or Chuck Tomasi.

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to wahama job or a girl is Jagga Shu hodja Whoa, Tong Bahasa bergamot to Allah tala Nam mo Todd Hanukkah cumbia is a potential Titan Mr Tanaka cambia. Now, after that aspect of Hamas, if Muslim follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah they will have a number of solutions to deal with us. I read an aspect in the World Health Organization, I read a directive that wash your hands frequently and thoroughly clean your health, clean your hands with an alcohol based hand wrap or wash them with soap and water. Why washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol or you know, whatever so, rubs kills the viruses that you would be able to have in your hand and the potential of it

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spreading becomes less. Now these aspects, washing our hands we make blue five times a day

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and personal hygiene as strong aspects of Islam Subhanallah we can practice maybe I can install sunset burqa to Tommy

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Bahama Mama Bada, the Baraka of the barakato eating is to wash your hands before and after nebbia cream sauce. As mentioned in study in Germany with me whenever Nivea cream sauce I'm used to sneeze nobody saw slime used to cover his mouth with his hand or a piece of cloth. So Pamela these are type of things that our beloved maybe a cream sauce lemon Islam has taught us our Muslim man Khurana curry masala, tenebrous, Rama, Salaam kitale, Marquis permethrin in WA Santa Monica Bahasa tariqa mil sakta Hakuna Wazoo Sal Karna oppressor fika husk?

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camara de hacer la or first Kalamata, let me give you one more example and conclude the Quran makes mentioned Illuminati, but eat the pure things from this what Allah has grant you. And Natasha says Allah Allah, Eva, eat halaal and pure. Now look at the situation with with regard to we find ourself in. Unfortunately, the world has not been able to understand the divine wisdom in eating halal and pure. I mean, many years ago, there was the mad cow disease. What happened was a mad cow disease, where they took the used meat of dead animals and they grinded it to save money, and they fed it to cows, and those particular aspects, turning happy voters into cannibals, you think you're gonna do

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it without any type of reaction. And then of course, we have this whole aspect of gebouw which is eating a fresh animal, and all of that the reaction with regard to it. So Islam has told us Illuminati, but it few things halamka and we also we find ourselves, you know, veering from this beautiful teaching of Islam, and if we bring it up on our life, we will find it will become a solution not only for us, but for the entire mankind. Maybe a cream sauce limited there is no disease and sickness in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has not created a cure. If only Muslims could be the one to show people that our net he has taught us our Deen has taught us for every particular

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disease, there is a cure we should have been in the forefront. Unfortunately, Muslims do not have that confidence into data. They don't have the power, they don't have the authority. They don't even have the confidence with regard to sharing those beautiful aspects of our deal. So these are just some aspects which you speak about the Coronavirus at the end of the day. What we need to be understanding is the power of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the insight to take lessons from whatever happens and for Nothing happens without a chance without meaning and May Allah give us the ability to be able to take those lessons and implementing it was

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through that one