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The host discusses the challenges children face in parenting and how parents should be concerned about the consequences of a physical disaster. They stress the importance of validating children and encouraging them to do good by their parents. The host also emphasizes the need for parents to be able to save themselves and their children from the the fire of Jannah and to prevent children from being burned or damaged.

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva Amadou photo Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. One levina una robina hablan. Amin has Virgina was reacting kurata

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Matatini mama respected viewers and listeners, beginning by praising Almighty Allah azza wa jal and sending salutations upon our beloved maybe Kareem said a lot while he was in them. We are continuing with our series about the Rockman the qualities of the favorite bondsman and servants of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah Allah make us amongst them. Today we are doing the 15th program and the last of those qualities as mentioned in Surah Furqan in the 19 use of the Holy Quran, and what is it quality, such an important quality and it is in the form of a doula Allah tala says that a bad man will Latina yopu to those who say make this dua, and he's a very famous da da, da da, da

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da da,

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da da, da you, Oh Allah grant us post spouses and children, who are the coolness of our eyes, and there are the means of our satisfaction, contentment and happiness. And there's no doubt that this is a very important one. Imam Hassan basura Malala used to say, the meaning of this verse is to see your spouses and children doing good. When you see your spouse and children doing good. It is a means of the coolness of your eyes, satisfaction, contentment and happiness. And together with it being a dua, to Allah after seer and mo for Syrian have written that in this there's also responsibility that the abajo ramen together with their own reformation, they also worry about the

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Reformation and the upbringing and the correct tarbiyah and the doing of good by the spouses and the children. Allah in this 16 Jews of the Holy Quran says what a more likeable Sadat he was to be raha I command your family members to perform Salat and you also be steadfast upon it. That's your responsibility. And today, we are all aware that the challenges our children face, the environment is not conducive to good many times. And there is so much of pressure, peer pressure, other pressures, societal pressure, social media pressure for them to behave in a particular way. In this the responsibility of the parent has increased. And let me say that there are different types of

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parent things which have been made mentioned in the books of parenting and people who understand the science have spoken about it. There is the free rein type of parent who allows the children to do anything permissive type of parenting, the control freak with regard to parenting, the authoritarian. Now in this time, you don't have the ability to be able to go into the merits and demerits of these different types of parenting. However, what I would say in this particular regard, that our children are facing tremendous pressure. In this particular regard, we need to validate our children, we need to make them feel important. Children need recognition. Sometimes children will

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even play pranks. Sometimes they will even misbehave with the intention of gaining in depth attention. So they need validation, they need encouragement. And they also need that type of encouragement to be able to save themselves from peer pressure. So one who gets validation encouragement and a tip on the back from his parents, he is more likely to save himself from peer pressure, then the one who does not get that validation, who does not get that type of love and kindness from his parents, and he might be able to see you might succumb to peer pressure because he's getting greater attention, greater love from those people who are goading him to do something

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that is negative. And in this particular regard, we should always try to be such parents that the first port of call for our children with regard to any problems should be towards the parents. In this regard. We get the example of our beloved Nivea cream sauce them encouraging people to do good you know, instead of you know do this to that encouragement. He taught us a model of he allowed on Yamaha's in the book. Oh my god, I love you. After every salad, say Allah Martini, Allah deca or sugar clicker was about a tick, you know, old on our law helped me in remembering you in being grateful towards you and doing your about it in a proper manner.

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As a miser the lotto said they were gonna be a cream sauce Lim told me this I never ever mustard after salad because he told me I was homeless. I love you do this. So this is the way that we encourage our children to be able to do good, constantly speaking to them, you know, in this regard that we concluded two things align the Quran is given us a small indication of asset jacoba Salatu Salam iacobelli salatu salam came to know that as a Yusuf alayhi salatu was Salam is alive after 40 years. And the person who brought the news to us at jacoba Serato Sam, when he came and set your standard luciferase ceram is alive. So immediately yaku asked him jacoba salat wa salam, how is my

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use of? So the person replied, your use of is the most powerful man in Egypt. He's like the king of Egypt. So immediately jacoba salat wa salam said, I'm not asking you if he's a king of Egypt or not. I'm asking you how is the spiritual condition? How is this a man? This is the responsibility parents have towards the children and in the 28 to power of the Holy Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah,

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full circle wireless comm Nara, oh believers, save yourself and your family members from the fire of Jannah. Save yourself and your family members, I will write the intensity, the flicker. The concern with regard to saving our children from the fire of jahannam should be as if not more, that when we see our children going towards a physical disaster, going towards fire going towards a place where they could be burned or they could be harmed. What is the situation of the parents at that time, that intensity should be with regard to saving our children from the fire of Jan. May Allah save our children from more fitness and calamities both in the soil in the after? Therefore they bottle

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ramen. They together with making this dua they also worry about the children's after accurate and they make this to our opennebula namanas wodgina was reacting authoritarian Oh Allah make our children and our spouses the coolness of our eyes.