Yasir Qadhi – Heart Matters #15 Expecting The Best From Allah

Yasir Qadhi
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Well Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was so heavy woman who Allah, of the primary pillars of the Teskey of the heart is the pillar of hoping the best when one thinks of Allah subhanho wa taala. In Arabic this is called Raja, and the concept of hoping the best it is linked with the concept of loving Allah and fearing Allah, these three go together and tomorrow we'll talk about the relationship loving Allah hoping the best in Allah and fearing Allah, they all go together. Today we're talking about the second of these pillars, and that is Rajab hoping the best in Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah describes the believers in the Quran, Allah aka your

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Juna Rahmatullah the believers have Raja they're optimistic and Allah's Rama and Allah subhanaw taala describes the righteous are saying that without a lead, you know, you're the owner. Yeah, but who's gonna interrupt him when he was seated at a young club while you're a Jew? Naramata Well, half the believers are those who they're striving to be the closest to Allah. And as they're striving, they're eager to obtain Allah's reward, and they're also scared of Allah's punishment. So you have here love, fear and hope they're striving to come close, that is love. They're eager to be rewarded. That is today's topic and that is hope and they're scared of Allah's punishment, that's going to be

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tomorrow's topic, Inshallah, to Allah. Now what is our job, our job is to think the best thoughts of Allah and to have the best expectations from Allah and it is manifested in three primary areas. Number one,

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when you do a good deed, you are expecting Allah to reward you and you're looking forward to that reward. So we're fasting and we're fasting Iman and why the seven that's Raja we're praying a young man camara Madonna, Iman and what the seven that is Raja, so number one of Raja, when you do a good deed, you are looking forward to be rewarded for that good deed. Number two of Raja when you ask Allah's forgiveness, you are optimistic that Allah shall forgive you. So you have good thoughts that I'm asking you still far and begging Allah to forgive me and in sha Allah, Allah will forgive me that is the second category of Raja. And the third category of Raja is that when you make dua to

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Allah, you are optimistic that Allah will answer your dua you will have good thoughts about your job as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, oh dear Allah want to move you don't have a job make dua to Allah, while you are certain that Allah will each Abba will yester G will respond to your DUA so your DUA should we do our optimism. Allah is listening Allah is Hearing Allah will give me what I want that comes from Raja so I want you to memorize three aspects of Raja number one Raja of good deeds, number two on a jar of forgiveness and number three Raja of your Dumas Allah says in the Quran, what county Runa Raha Benoit Raha. He's describing Zachary and his wife, they would make dua

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to us, hoping for the best Robin and also scared of a rejection that's going to be tomorrow because again, usually when Allah mentions hope, he also mentioned fear, hope and fear go hand in hand. We'll talk about that tomorrow, as we said, Now, our job one important aspect of Rajat where does it come from? That comes from a positive understanding of who your Lord is, if you know who Allah is, and you know Allah is Rahmani Raheem, and Allah subhanho wa Taala cutterbar Allah enough see her Rama, he has prescribed Rama for himself. And Allah never shows any votive and Allah is happy at the repentance of the one who sins. If you know who Allah is, you can never give up hope of Allah's

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mercy. And that's why we are told in the Quran when Yaakov sends his sons to find use of what does he say in a hula ye assuming Rohilla he ill Komal calf you don't nobody can give up hope of Allah's blessings Allah to help you can't be pessimistic of Allah, except if you're a Kaffir This is what your code says when 20 years he hasn't seen use of and he still sends his sons go find you will find use of I'm still optimistic. I'm never gonna give up hoping Allah only the kaffir gives up hoping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Notice how he phrased it. If you know who Allah is, he's listening. He is Samir. He is MoodGYM he will give you what you want. And Allah says in the Quran, that one a Yoko

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Nakamura matura de la ba alone who can give up despair who can feel despair of the Rama of Allah except a person who was completely avoid him somebody who's completely lost. So we have optimism of Allah accepting our

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Good deeds, optimism of Allah for giving us an optimism of Allah responding to our doors. A very important point. This optimism only comes after you have put in the effort. You cannot have this optimism when you're doing nothing. If you look at when Allah mentioned that our job, when does Allah tell you to be optimistic, it is always said after you have put in the effort. So for example, Allah says listen to this in Alladhina amanu wala Dena ha Giroux wa Doofy sabini Allahu Allah, Allah your Juna Rahmatullah those that have Iman and have done Hijra and have done jihad. These are the ones that truly have optimistic thoughts of Allah Look, I'm a new Hydra Raja who another verse in

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the Quran in the Ludhiana yet Luna Kitab Allah he will accommo salata will unfuckable minmetals acna himself, Allah near 10 year junior teacher Atalanta board, they're praying, they're fasting. They're really sorry, they're reading the Quran, and they're establishing the Salah, and they're giving charity these are the people they have Raja in Allah's hope once again, not the lazy another verse, a man who are calling it an Anna lady Sergio then we'll call him and look at the one who is standing in Salah at night in search and standing up at night. That is the person Allah says you have to do another amateur so the guy who prays to God he is the one that has a job in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as for having a job without doing any good deeds, there is another term for that in the Quran, and that is Amani Lai Serbia Imani. You come while Amani al Kitab Amani to desire foolishly if you do nothing. You don't have the right to feel Raja. But if you do good deeds, then you have the right to feel Raja Allah will accept them. If you ask Allah's forgiveness, you have the right to feel Allah shall forgive you. If you make dua properly, you have the right to feel ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will answer your DUA so Raja and Amman are always linked in the Quran, you do your deeds, and then have optimistic thoughts of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala final points. What are some of the benefits of Raja?

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What are some of the perks that come when you have Raja of the biggest benefits when you have these optimistic thoughts? It motivates you to worship. It's not a coincidence that Allah mentions Eman and Hijra and Jihad and karma to Salah and tahajjud. And he links to Raja what's going to motivate you to wake up at night except wanting Allah's rewards. So when you perfect Raja Raja is going to motivate you to do extra. And when you do extra you have more Raja each one feeds into the other. So Raja is the most primary motivational factor expecting Allah's rewards. That's why Allah that's why the process of linked to Cayambe linked to two Siyam linked to Tolkien will lead to tahajjud. He

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linked it to all of these deeds, fasting Ramadan, Eman and YT seven so this is of the biggest benefits it motivates you to worship and one other benefit insha Allah and of course much can be said time is always limited. One other benefit it is one of the most powerful benefits and Subhanallah if this were the only benefit of Raja it will be enough of a benefit. optimism of the heart having a good attitude towards Allah subhana wa Tada towards the reality of the situation. It allows you to cope with every tragedy in your life, every disaster, every calamity when you have Rajat the darkness of the world. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you. No matter how

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dark the dunya is. Rajab will make it light for you and you will have positive thoughts. Allah tells us in the Quran, when the battle of oil took took place and the Sahaba themselves felt a little bit down. They lost 70 Some of the greatest were lost they lost so many of their people and they thought it was a disaster. Allah subhana wa Tada revealed in the Quran, listen to this verse and with this we conclude into Kulu Munna for inner homea Allah moon, the moon, what our June I mean Allah Hema, your June, if you are in pain, if you have dead and casualties, if you have suffered, well, they to have suffered. It's not as if they haven't suffered, but there was a defeat for them. They

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themselves have lost people as well. So it's not as if nobody is suffering they also have suffered but you have expectations from Allah that they cannot have. What total June I mean Allah He muda your June, at times of stress, at times of disaster when the world seems dark, when the vastness of the Earth is constricted on you turn toward a job in your heart and the vastness of the earth will come back to you and the darkness shall go up and you will feel a sense of optimism and brightness. There is a wisdom why this is happening and the pain I'm feeling now. Allah will reward me for that pain, and the one I will get on the Day of Judgment will make all of this difficulty easy for me. So

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Rajab is one of the primary mechanisms of worshiping Allah and tomorrow we'll continue with the concept of hope and how it

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All links together in sha Allah Allah was set on wanting to catch up

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