Majed Mahmoud – Risalah Series #15

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The Prophet's desire to do aamora perform on the streets of Mecca is seen as a symbol of worship. The importance of protecting animals and human beings is emphasized, and the need to be watchful and smart is emphasized. The upcoming victory of the military is also discussed, with the loss of the military and the use of a cow to attack the people and the return of the Elders leading to a war between Muslims and Muslims. The importance of optimism in Islam is emphasized, and the need to accept and return to Muslims is emphasized. The conflict between Muslims and their supporters is highlighted, with the need to avoid war reminders and avoid war reminders to avoid confusion among one another.
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Brothers and sisters, the plata sauce and lamb in the sixth year after immigration, he makes the intention to do what? Go into the offense fight again, no, no fighting, but he wants to go and do aamra perform a pilgrimage aamra where they circulate around the house of Allah as an act of worship. And they do say, that act of walking and that point point jogging from one mountain to another mountain, imitating a wonderful lady. Her name was hajer. What she did was remarkable and it became an act of worship for the men and women to imitate hydrolase salaam. So the Prophet wants to do this act of worship, which is ombre, and you have to feel them not the Prophet because there's

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also 1400 companions joining the process as a lamb going to Amara going back to Mecca. Mecca was the city the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born in Mecca was the city the Prophet lived 53 years in, after six years from leaving it, running away for his life and to preach and to talk to people about Islam. Now, can you imagine the emotions of coming back to Mecca, and the companions who had to run away as well. And now they all want to go to Mecca, brothers and sisters, they have no intention for war, no intention to fight whatsoever. There's not there that is proven by some companions going with no weapons whatsoever. Some had little bit of weapons, some had some armor,

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but for the most part, nothing to go actually have a battle with. So now the head towards performing the ombre on their way, they come to a point where do they wear the clothing to perform the pilgrimage, specific clothing Allah demands of us to wear specifically for the brothers to sheets to the top and the bottom. The only thing they did was marked the sacrificial animals. So there's some animals they had the marking on it that this is to be sacrificed for Allah, they will feed the people so all the good that will come out of it fantastic. Showing clearly we're not coming to fight and the prophets as an being the proactive intelligent man, he doesn't just go when the see what

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happens in that way. No, he takes the means. So while him and 1400 companions are going to Amara, he sends a scout someone to go get the reaction of kurush what is Christ thinking about the coming of the Prophet and the companions? So why send them along? What's the reaction? So the prophets I said Lem continued to go continue to go events on the way to Mecca. All of a sudden, as the Prophet was heading to Mecca, who does he meet? The Scout he sent the scout he sent. So that scout You can also think about it physically, or physics wise, he goes faster than the army. So he can go by one asset, one individual to Mecca and come back before the army as a whole or that group arrived. So the

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progress lm hears from him, what's the update? Luke? What he tells them, the scout returns and tell them kurush wants to fight kurush heard about you're coming and they want to fight you all. What do you think the film will do?

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Let me test you holla. Hunter Hunter has several sessions. What do you guys think the process will do? Take a shot that stick of thinking Yes.

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I'm taking my time. You know why? Because you remember this pause?

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He got advice. What should we do?

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So if the profits are seldom The one who received revelation took the time, every now and then you see notice that? Here in that event? What should we do? What should we do? What do you guys think? Give me your thoughts. I see to Allah, you know, that's his attitude, and authentic narration ready for the sentence? I did not learn it till I was preparing for this. May Allah grant you all agenda, because every one of you was means for me to learn more. May Allah also make you all means for me to apply what I'm learning say? I mean, I know, the angels say and you too, so it goes both ways. inshallah. The companion said, well, ally, Madalena, we have never seen anyone seeks counsel seeks

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advice more than the person. No one did it more than him. So this is something you and I should adopt. I don't care what my parents think. I don't care what my friends think. I don't care what the world I'll do whatever it is, in my mind. That's not what a Muslim behaves like. counsel, what do you think you ask? Remember, one with experience, hobbies, and the one that you trust. Because someone they know but they don't trust you. Or you don't trust them. Fair enough. She wants someone trustworthy and someone knowledgeable.

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The province asking the companions then the process lamb gives his opinion ready to hear the province opinion, his opinion. He says What do you guys think? If we go so there's a group of kurush coming. So he says what if we go right now to their direction? We go towards it and we fight them. What do you guys think? And when if we defeat them that we can flourish, that makes us weaker, regardless of the spoke, said, Yasser Allah, luckily he opened the floor. So Baku Siddiq, said Dr. sola, we left for what intention What to do? Say, Amara, we left to go perform the pilgrimage. Majin Italia had we did not come to fight no one. So my thoughts is that we go towards Mecca. And if they

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come in our way, and we go face to face, then that's when we fight them not go out of our way to fight them. The Prophet doesn't take the opinion over his opinion, he? And the answer is yes. He said Bismillah Mo, then let's go ahead. So this whole mentality, you have to be watchful, as a parent as a teacher, as sometimes every now and then your students, and you have to be very wise what to ask, what do you guys think? What should we do? And every now and then let what they propose is what happens. They feel valued. They feel You know what? My opinion matters. So instead of us buying Tropicana orange juice how by simply simply simply just like bread, there's a high level of

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orange juice, and we'll get there one day. All right. So we'd like to Okay, that's why you think we should buy it? Let's go for it. Right. So as I said, Let me open the floor and they said, Let's proceed whoever comes then that's when you fight Alhamdulillah burn sisters, the believers are going intention ombre Bismillah I'm being very watchful, The news comes worse than the first one. What is it? Khalid Abdullah lead, like the Ultimate Warrior of Quraysh? himself, what about him, he's left Mecca with a group of horsemen coming to fight you. The problems are sanlam, he tells the companions change direction, go to a different direction, it can be longer, but it's fine. And they took

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another direction. holidays coming so fast, and they were able to escape and the escape caught me worried. By the time Heinrich came to where he thought they would be at he was shocked when these people go, and he realized that they escaped. So Hollywood, he rushed back to Mecca to warn them, Muhammad and his companions should be very, very close. And indeed he was right. But why he was very shocked. Perhaps one of the reasons was the terrain, the path the Muslims had to divert to, they went to a very difficult terrain and path. It was so difficult, some people's feet would have gotten gotten damaged from it, the animals would have gotten exhausted from it. It was so difficult to take

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that path to avoid the fight. So much so that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so lesson, he said, Whoever goes through that path, Allah will forgive all their sins. That's how difficult but you know what, we also have the benefit from this hadith. We also benefit from a hadith similar to that. Why? The prophet SAW Selim, he also told us, not a single one of you here, no believer ever gets hurt, emotionally, physically, even if it's a thorn that pricks them as simple as that as seed that may not be comfortable to you sweat that may making you a bit irritated heat. Whatever the case is, that is causing you difficulty whether it's small, that people belittle or magnificent that

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people will be shocked about whatever you go through the profit set. It will be means of you to be purified from your sense of love of

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everything. So right now like when is this going to end? I'm struggling I see that struggle since being forgiven inshallah, are you calling me a sinner, relax. I'm not calling you a sinner. But that's one of the possible reasons of why you're going through a hardship. By the way. I'm pretty old enough to keep going through heartache because of my sins. I really honestly I'm not being a show up. I don't think I'm that bad. To continue to be purified like the belting. Think of the Prophet Sawsan. What about him, the prophets are selling? Is he not someone who Allah said, I will forgive your past and future yes or no. But was he also not the one who faced the most tests out of

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all beings? Was it to purify him from from sin? That was the villa? What was it if it's not purification, it was for elevation, to elevate the status in general, so May Allah elevate all of your statuses in general, but the person said, some people Allah, make them go through hardship. That's why the prophecy authentic narration Allah makes some people go through hard

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And he gives them the patience to withstand it. So they can attain a level in Jannah. Without these hardships, they would have never made it a law. You see, now you view things like that. May Allah protect us. So all the companions they call Do you think they will pass every companion joint brothers and sisters, the prophet SAW Selim was about two miles away, two miles away roughly in a place called herd Abia, he was getting there so close. And once you come to the nearby area, it's a sacred land. No fighting should take place there. If you want to go to the finish line, all of a sudden, what happened? That candle of the prophet SAW Selim freezes stops then sits down

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like now random that's why they appeared.

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So that's how about the companion said, *

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should it was not getting up. Yeah.

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You're not it's not getting up. So they said hello to cassava. This camel is stubborn.

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Don't say that about my camel.

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Ma, Ma Ma Ma. No, no, this is not the cause what was the name of the camel? The Prasanna. He said this is not the character of my camel. He defended the honor of an animal.

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You know, talk about the animal mind. So Pamela,

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if that was what he did to an animal, what will he do to a human being?

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May Allah forgive us?

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Today we may defend the honor of the animal we do. But sometimes more than the way we defend the human being.

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And you see it over the news of 1000s of people perhaps of the believers dying? No wait for them whatsoever. But a panda being injured and we don't belittle that we actually wish the best for all the animals and as Muslims. The enemy said, What do you say when you want to go slaughter and sacrifice your animal? What do you say? sharpen the knife. Why do you want to torture the animal? This is their Deen, this is Islam. We're proud of them. Awesome, proud in his defending the camel. So you promised us all in Shambo. I promise you, I will do our best. You see the honor of your brother and sister being stabbed? You speak up from Mr. Sharma. The way I did when Mr. Howe was

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spoken about remember, and the way the Prophet did when this camel was criticized. And don't be shy to tell them a Hold your horses or whatever, they can hold your brakes. Okay, don't talk about this is wrong and don't be shy and nervous about it. We defend the honor of our brothers and sisters to your best of ability. You know what the prophet said men that ban MDS even Riba at the calacatta homina na whoever defends their brother and sister when they're being back bitten spoken bad about even if it's true, don't if you defend your brother and sister The Prophet said Allah will unleash your neck from fire What does that mean? unleash my neck? It means a low and never take you to *

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because of that one move of defending your brother and sister so let's not now collaborate on ruining the May Allah forgive us see the chiffon did not want this to proceed so

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it's dead right? Let me ask a quick question. We have batteries

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see we took the means we wait for our last victory.

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Last victory.

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Are we shaken now? I have to remember we're being shaken. So our last victory is coming.

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I gotta walk the talk where I ruined my entire lecture we just spoke about the to teach the people right I love the ICD for a limited time.

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Okay, this while doing shall speak a bit loud but not yelling and just speaking Hello.

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Where was I?

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I forgot the honor of my honor. Okay, the yellow let's let's proceed. Astana so Sally is doing this. Oh, my wife's microphone. Ah, see? masala curry.

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A long

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ship. I'm not gonna lie. I was nervous. I was like playing it cool. I was actually nervous. I'm like, yeah, Gemma Mila.

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Okay, honor none. So the Prime Minister then defended the honor of the camel. It says Mahalo to casa. Okay, then what happened? He said what stopped the camel today is what stopped the elephant's back in the day from attacking the Kaaba. Many years ago, the year the progress was born.

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And they will tell you, okay,

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this is like double victory. This is like in the magnocellular

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but then no matter of like both like double the ease

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Don't stop staring at them

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if you say Vicar Subhana Allah hamdulillah Phaedra failed May Allah help this miskeen onstage?

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Do you think we should edit this part?

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Do you guys think we should edit the entire part?

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Leave it who thinks leave raise your hand

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you can see it like why and I don't want the wisdom

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I don't question God but all Christian y'all

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have lost you know what? I will leave it

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believe it or not the whole thing right? Okay. So like I said, let me defend defended the honor of the camel. He said what stopped the camel now is a law who stopped the elephant many years ago basically, when the elephant's tried to crush the Kaaba or the people of the elephant. And this happened the elephant incident the year the prophets I send them was born, so it's about 60 years ago. So he said this is from Allah. So then the product sanlam could not basically proceed further to the Kaaba, he stopped where he is at, he kind of just shifted a bit to the side until he landed near a well, and the world was known as the wealth of data, but the well had very little water. They

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really little water, the companions dragon from that, well, they do well, until they run out of water. Brothers and sisters, the companions complained to the problem, we need water. So the Prophet I sell them What did you do? Did they not go through the terrain? Yes or no? They did not try to take the means were sent the scout where the harem mark the sacrificial animals they did not take the means. Then Bismillah let's see how Allah response. Let's see what happens next. The prophets of Allah he was sent and Allah can do whatever he wants. But here the Prophet took an arrow from his buckets and arrow. He told the companions throw that arrow into the well. So the companions took

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that arrow and see the submission of the companions. Right? What did some of benissa eel do to Moses? They said, You're making fun of us, making fun of us go get a cow and things of that sort. What can a cat remember going back and forth. The Privacy put there in the well we put the air in the well. We got the arrow dumped into the well and the Prophet supplicated to Allah What happened? Water started to gush from the well. The water continued to rise and rise and rise so much water that all 1400 drank from it, and there was enough water for the cattles and the camels and the animals and still some water was left behind me Allah grant us blessings in our lives. So the bulk

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of the process of the last 11 other proof of prophethood brothers and sisters while he was there, waiting, one of the people whom he trusted came to the prophets I send them What is it What's going on? He said Qureshi wants to come and attack you this close to the Mecca. Yes, they want to attack you. What is it? What's going on? So the prophet SAW Selim says the following, it's very important to you have to pay attention. The Protestant Selim is pushing for peace, alright. People have courage, the war, the president, he wants the Muslims they want peace, no fighting. Look what the prophet says and focus, may Allah grant us on being able to refresh the refresh to be able to

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understand I mean, he says to that messenger,

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what is wrong with rice? They have been very exhausted after all these battles. Correct, exhausted.

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So this is my proposal. Hulu Bane, you abandon us all what I want is peace between me and Christ. Let me let them leave me alone. So I can talk to other people. They keep coming, keep fighting, leave me alone. Let me let me preach. Then he says, and when we have that peace, no war between us and them. And let me know if that I want to fight me or the ATA wants to accept Islam, and they end up accepting Islam, then Christ can join. It's a big number now, if they want power, and so on. And if they don't want to join, and if they don't want to accept that piece,

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at least they rested enough to fight me. You see that they rested enough to fight me. And if they wish to fight me, then I swear to God, I will fight them until either my neck drops basically dead or alive.

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gives us victory and Allah will give us victory. very fair, very fair. This messenger, the prophet SAW Selim, he sent to the people of courage. He goes there and he says, shall I tell you what the prophet SAW Selim has for you, the youngsters and the or the foolish amongst them said, We don't care what he said. So can overzealous the elders? They said, Let's hear what he had to say. So who they are, that man told them what exactly the president said. Then Ottawa been Miss rude.

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He said to the people of Grice, the offer is pretty decent, you guys, what do you guys think reasonable. We have peace with them with Muslims. Let the Muslims do whatever they have to do a dow they end up being fought whatever the case is, they win. That's great. For us at least we're cousins, right? Perhaps I'm as relative to what I that's pretty good. For us. It's a plus. And we can accept this damn reject whatever the case is. And if he ends up wanting to fight us or whatever, and we want to fight him back, at least we arrested. So you suddenly go talk to him. Let's make a deal. So this urban majority goes to the province of Salem, he goes to the camp, he goes, right here

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in this area, roughly speaking. So he goes there and he tells them so what's the deal? The Prophet says the exact deal. So look what the other one decides to play the mind game ready? Look what the author says. Always says, Listen, you are fighting your own family. You actually feel good about doing that. Like does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you not embarrassed? To fight your own family? Look how silly who's the one trying to fight the Prophet? them? How ridiculous how ridiculous things even sound today?

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Right? A group, an army, I heard it from one of the elders was in a place where there was war people invaded. So the soldier, the oppressor, came and invade the place, shooting people not differentiating who was being killed until one man came and did the arm, the hand of that oppressive soldier.

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So the soul says, Look at these bunch of animals

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for biting his hand. So what about you who killed all these people?

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See, very unfair. So he says, Do not feel bad trying to kill your own family? What's wrong with you? He's like, let's say you win. And you beat us all and you kill us off. What would people say? You ever hear anyone doing that to their own family? Shame on you? Right? basically trying to shame him. Then he says, and by the way, but let's say we do fight, and we come and attack him. We arrested and so on. I'll be honest with you, Mohammed, I'll be honest. He's looking at the other 1400 people, right? Is these faces.

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A worker of mine, I mean, we see these faces, they look weak. I think if we ever fight you again, they will run away of workers. So he says what?

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And he says we run away from the profit. No way. So this man, Franklin says, Who in the world is this guy? That was an insult. So they said this is a worker. So he says, hmm, if it wasn't for something good you did to me back in the day, I would have responded back to you. So then, Ernest was talking to the Prophet touching his beard. So the dealer bank is a mind game. So I believe it was unreal and shorba where he had full body armor, he chose to take it or he was someone gave it to him. So he's standing with his sword. He put the hand of on his it Put your hand down. The leader was standing next to the processor.

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So what do you think about what deal we can do together? He said, Put your hand down before it doesn't come back.

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He's like, Who's this guy? They said this your nephew.

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He's a cue loser. That corrected you loser. I backed you up when you messed up when you were young and look at you now. So then the time for solid came the time came and the believer start to want to make will do the process was making Moodle. And Allah was looking and he was shocked at how respectful the companions were to the prophets. I send them the way they spoke to him the way they looked at him. They were fighting over his left. overruled. Oh,

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wow. This shocked him. He went back to what I said, Listen, you guys, listen. You guys know me. You guys know me. I went to a Natasha the king of Abyssinia. I went to the king of the Roman Empire. I visited the Persian Empire. I saw kings across the world. I have never seen them respected and venerated and honored. The way the companions honor and respect Mohammed

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Allahu Akbar so Ceylon. Are we like that? Can people say that about us? These Muslims

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The way they obey their prophet is not like anything we've seen before can they say that the boss inshallah can they inshallah can you work towards that inshallah can we have such reputation Sharma can we never be embarrassed inshallah, that we do what the Prophet told us to do. Then he told the Christ Listen, he never told them to do something, except that they rushed to do it. Yeah, a lot. Look at the description. He didn't say, then they did it right away they did it. Can we be like that? The Prophet said this Can we do that and Sharma May Allah increases in emergency I mean, he was amazing. I don't think such people should be abandoned, abandoned from going to the Kaaba, let

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them go let them go. So they didn't like the idea wherever they kept negotiating, then brothers and sisters, as man been a fan is sent as an ambassador. The problem is, man, I want you to go to Mecca. And tell them my plan, no war, I want peace. So a man of the land he goes to Mecca, fantastic. When you go to Mecca, you need some sponsorship. Like someone to cover you. We call it today visa.

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So he goes and he gets a sponsorship gets his visa to enter Mecca safe and sound for he after all, is what an ambassador. Once he entered brothers and sisters, he told the crisis of the plan. They thought about it and they said, Man In the meantime, why would you not if you would like sorry, if you would like go and perform your pilgrimage, go do circulation around the Kava. He said I would never do it before the processor. Like how much did he have to hold the imagine? Your got your visa to hedge everything like that? And you would the prophet SAW Selim, would you hold yourself out of love to the product silent and he held himself. Brothers and sisters, it took so much time so much

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time so much time. Eventually. Very sad news. Very sad news was communicated to the believers. What happened? The news reached that Earth man got killed.

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A man got killed. The prophet SAW Selim was so angry. He assembled the believers under a tree. Serious It's over. It's over his angry. You do that to an ambassador, no one in the world to do something like that. Even if they're your enemy, even if it's your absolute enemy. If they come as an ambassador's you don't do that to them. That's a worldwide law, yes or no. He was upset. He assembled all 1400 next to this tree. And he said to them, Listen, who will give me the pledge to fight them till death. Who will extend their hand who will shake my hand and give me a promise that they will join me to finish off Quraysh once and for all enough those who attacked us man who is in

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by the way, the signup is death. There is no weapons as you guys remember, hardly anything. And all of that then be exhausted and wearing the wrong clothes. Remember all that stuff and no going to war? Do you think they extended their hands? Then one campaign came he says I'm in the next one came to 10 3500 800 every one of them gave the pledge to the person then the product or sell them look what he did. He pointed to his hand. And he says we have the address man this is the hand of man. And here it is. Man is in even though this man is dead. Us man got the reward he sacrificed going around the cabin. Yes. And no, Allah honored him that his hand through the hand of the prophet will

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be in an honor. May Allah allow us to shake the hands of the Prophet as I'm engender. See, I mean, he went to put his hand not just that on law revealed yet the law and a lot of hand is there. A law the support a law had to reward brothers and sisters or was it luck or karate Allah Allah says I am pleased with all of them. Oh, no. Does that mean? The people are the 1400 we got to respect yes or no. I love it. I'm pleased to Who's there?

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Who's there?

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Who is there a man who's there Isley grandfather. So that was it. I am pleased with all of them. So when we talk about companions, specially the 1400 with absolute respect Yes or no? brothers and sisters. They got this about to get ready. But guess who shows up after the pledge who shows up? with nine dinafem? What? I thought he got killed. No, it was fake news even that time.

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Oh, so did you think they got the reward? Or you bet. Or you bet you got the reward in Sha 100% 100%. And that's what we love about Islam is that if you try to do your best and an obstacle comes on the way

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Low reward even if you don't perform it me Allah loves to be proud of our didn't say I mean by us mainland negotiation continues brothers and sisters these negotiations are a process that arrange send another person to negotiate until they reach a point of who comes a man by the name of Sue Haley. so high that words will come from which word said which means

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easy. So when the prophet SAW Sohail coming, he said Salah Alaykum inshallah, we will get things done, we will proceed, things will be easy inshallah. Why would he say that? He had the practice of being optimistic of good omens is part of Islam. It's not part of Islam to have bad omens. So let's say for example, you're leaving your house beautiful, whether you like inshallah, today will be a great day or night relax. Innovation now. optimistic nervous, but now when it's gloomy, you say Oh, it's horrible de la la la la. You see the difference? You go things are going great and Sharla clear. It's all good being in LA and that's how the believer is always optimistic. always

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optimistic. What's your name? Suhail. inshallah, Allah make it easy, right. Other people may be very pessimistic, and they're so creative, right? They're driving to go to propose to someone for marriage, they come and all of a sudden, the train is about to cross the show, Mama, this is a sign from Allah subhanaw taala. The train has just crossed in front of us. And this is the shot of the evil has passed. And the shadow has been on the other side, this is the U turn go back home. I was

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handed over to the user and actually, they didn't propose that attitude, right. May Allah protect us and Allah greatest agenda? I mean, right. And this is something that some of us may go through. So very optimistic. So suheil comes and he says, Let's go and write the treaty. Allahu Akbar. A deal is about to come. Yell louder today be a treaty. What are the rules? Before starting the rules? What does the Prophet usually start with? This middle amela grantee all agenda mean? So the private Assalam brings someone to write who is that wonderful person that will write I live in Abu Talib. He comes the private says to begin October Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah the man the

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Most Merciful that beneficent said no no no no no no no no no no no stop stop so we should know what is these names? No. right the way we know it I don't know this names and attributes No. Say this Mikela home in the name of God that's what you're right. And he says

00:32:33 --> 00:32:40

and he says no, no everything in the process it occupies Mikhailovich okay, right in the name of God. No problem is around.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:47

Okay. Start in the name of God written mash. The man the Sahaba are fuming can imagine a kebab

00:32:48 --> 00:32:57

of ramen ramen has been unlocked right? Whether you like it or not right we didn't say they didn't verbalize that you didn't say whether you're like curtain. So the process is still okay just the introduction.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:07

This is the following conditions to be agreed upon between party number one Mohammed the Messenger of God

00:33:08 --> 00:33:28

stop stop writing anything yet? Is that you? You are one ally to write an ally wrote from the Messenger of God Listen man, if we believe you're the Messenger of God, we would have never stopped you. We don't believe you're a prophet. Okay. So write it the way we know you Mohammed Abdullah, that's why your Mohammed the son of Abdullah

00:33:30 --> 00:33:41

the practice Adam says will lie in your soul. Okay. He says I'm a prophet of Allah, even if you disbelieve in it your alley, right? What? Mohammed the son of Abdullah

00:33:43 --> 00:34:16

overzealousness Okay, that does not work now. You have to be very watchful. They try to maintain it says well look at this one. I'm not doing Lalalalala I'm not. I'm not erasing Rasul Allah. No way. The Prophet hasn't says erasing. These yellow sola are not the one to erase something like that. So the Prophet says, Eileen pointed, where is it at? Because the Prophet cannot read or write nothing to be embarrassed about rather to be very proud of Why? Because the one who's teaching the world was someone who cannot read and write, which proves what he gets his revelation from the Creator.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:24

How can someone know the details of history of Moses and Joseph and Moosa and use of an ISA

00:34:26 --> 00:34:45

and all these things about the planet from the science to the human embryology is that the prostate correctly human embryology correct and all these things how other than someone who created the world? So he says the only way is it so he says here it is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam got his finger and erased it.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

harbor angry so how about our angry Okay, these are the terms of condition which Mohammed the son of Abdullah to be agreed to. Alright, write down. Well, what's the first condition this is the condition

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

To allow the Muslims to enter and visit and do online, so I had to take the notes before I told you what it said for us to go and perform what? Ramadan. So this is if we agree we go Ramadan. So I said no, no, no What is that? Not this year afterwards? Because if we let you go and this year the honorable talk trash about us Oh Christ became so weak they have no opinion that can be followed. No, this year No. Later

00:35:30 --> 00:36:12

for some says it right now and he wrote it in another year. So how about we imagine Well, I just just need to feel it. Imagine you got your visa for hydrometer. Okay, you go all the way to MCC? I'm not saying like did the airport. No, you took you went to Jeddah or whatever the case is, you took the car arrived to Mecca, you see the Canada like Oh, sorry, no full capacity or whatever they How would you feel not just that this is your city, that's your home. That's your homeland. But the process is fine. And that's something to appreciate, then after that. So I made the condition ready for that one. That's tough. That was so tough, the Sahaba to speak up, don't know when he said and

00:36:12 --> 00:36:27

if one of us, this is the rule, and any man that flees Christ to you is to be returned back. So if someone from Croatia, accepts Islam, and runs and escapes to the Prophet, Mohammed has to return that man back. deport him back.

00:36:29 --> 00:36:37

The Muslim said, we'll pay for your illusory kin aterna Muslim, Muslim, no spoke up. How do you want us to return back to you? I'm one who comes to us as a Muslim,

00:36:39 --> 00:37:10

the Protestant and said No, that's too much. He said no, as they were talking, someone came chained up as they're talking. Someone comes chained up and jumps towards the Muslims. What was that? It was Abu gendun. And who was that agenda was a Muslim being hit and tortured in Mecca. And he escaped because he wants to go to the Muslims. You see that right on the spot. And you know, whose agenda was the son of suheil.

00:37:11 --> 00:37:20

So then soheil set and that's the first one you apply the rule to my son. Agenda. Agenda. Imagine what rules

00:37:21 --> 00:37:41

so the president said no, no, we did not signed yet. Let Abu Gen Con. We did not sign yet. So having said that, we will not write anything anymore. And I will not work a peace treaty with you whatsoever. The Prophet said no. No, you will. So I said No, I will not. The Prophet said no, you will make this an exception. So I said no, no exceptions.

00:37:43 --> 00:37:43

I said okay.

00:37:44 --> 00:37:52

What he gave him he said, to go back agenda all chained up. is a query mean go back?

00:37:53 --> 00:38:03

What do you mean the construct is talking? Isn't your match? All Muslims? You want me to go back to the machine after I escaped? Do you not see what's going on here?

00:38:05 --> 00:38:07

Oh my gosh. So I

00:38:10 --> 00:38:17

grabbed his sword. Nah, he's not gonna disobey the Prophet. He grabbed his sword, swinging it in front of

00:38:18 --> 00:38:18

Abu jandal.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:34

Okay, even though your hands are like that the swing deacons hold it, Grab it, grab the sword, right? He says hi, the new Shrek demo demo camp. It says the blood of this disbelievers so Haley is like the blood of an animal worthless.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:17

Pick up the sword didn't do your thing. That's how angry he was. But agenda did not do it. And he was returned back and the Muslims were so angry. Other rules that were given or conditions is that there'll be no war for 10 years. And after that, whichever tribe wishes to enter into a treaty, so if someone wants to join the Muslims, they can join into this treaty. So Mohammed signature and other one wants to join. And then whoever wants to join obviously the enemy of Christ and so on. They can sign and the progress the treaty was done. And that's how it looked like something that had we been there a lot of nose or emotions, brothers and sisters, after this was done. The Muslims were

00:39:17 --> 00:39:31

so so down. I cannot verbalize it. Except in this narration. No one spoke except Mr. Ahmad went to the Prophet he said something that he was very regretful in the future for he says, Are you not the Prophet of Allah?

00:39:33 --> 00:39:36

Allah went to Mohammed asked me said, Are you not the Prophet of Allah?

00:39:37 --> 00:39:52

He said, Yes, I am. He said, Are we not on the truth and they are on the false hood? Yes. Then why are we accepting such horrible, humiliating conditions like that?

00:39:53 --> 00:39:54

The Prophet said, Listen,

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

in Nero, surah Allah, I am the messenger of Allah and Allah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

not disobey Allah. And basically I know what I'm doing. So almost says, Did you not tell us we will perform hombre? The Prophet said yes, I didn't tell you but I tell you, we'll do it this year.

00:40:13 --> 00:40:16

He said no, he said then you will eventually make aamra

00:40:17 --> 00:40:59

promise. And then Omar left Sahaba were showdown, brothers and sisters after this, the progress and told the companions that now they have to let go of their Islam, the two clothes that you're wearing your mo for Ramadan, and how do you let go of it? How do you not wear regular clothing? Certain things you have to do? You have to after obviously they've been very shocked. You have to cut your hair or shave your head for the brothers. And what they will do is sacrifice the animals they brought with them remember, so the Prophet tells them gumo Go stand up, cut your hair and sacrifice the cattle. Not a single companion got up and did the command of the Prophet. Not one. He said get

00:40:59 --> 00:41:40

up, cut your hair, shave your heads and sacrifice the cattle. lemony Wallah, one companion got up. He said a third time and the Prophet said it was hurt. No one got up. The Prophet went to his tent. And he was there his wife almost said he was so down. He said yeah, almost selama Do you see what the companions are doing? His wife? And look the wife comes in again. She said do you want them to do what you told them to do? Yes, she said you go outside. Don't say your word to them. Don't say a word to them. You go outside you cut your hair you sacrifice the animal.

00:41:41 --> 00:42:15

So he went outside didn't say anything. And then he started having his hair got the barber to cut his hair shave his head and he sacrificed the animal the narration says of the companions followed suit Allahu Akbar save the companions is telling me Allah grant agenda say I mean then they all got up you know the narration says they were cutting and shaving each other's heads and a injured one another out of anger that you need to go. Alright. How was that? You like the How were the rules by the way? Okay, um, oh, Allah knows what they said. But it says that the injured will another.

00:42:16 --> 00:42:25

Like so upset. Brothers and sisters had their cattle sacrificed. And then revelation came what revelation Allah says in

00:42:26 --> 00:43:15

time continue. Moving on law says this was great success, great victory. The Prophet when he got the revelation, he said Omar called Allah to come over and the king said Yama, Allah revealed that what happened was victory will come from it almost said this is really conquest. This is really success and victory. He said yes, it is. So Omar and all the companions felt relaxed, felt comfortable, may Allah make the Quran or comfort our hearts. Brothers and sisters and they were heading back to Medina coming to the end of this as you're going back what happens? sisters start to come, huh? sisters, left Mecca as Muslim as a lot of relieving woman tried to escape and go where? To Medina,

00:43:15 --> 00:43:33

amongst them, you know, who was it unconsumed that Daughter of urban epi might on costume, the daughter of the one the man who tried to choke the prophet to death. Remember, she was the daughter of the man who threw the filth of the camel on the Prophet when he was praying. But something I learned we all learn.

00:43:35 --> 00:44:22

Having a horrible parents like that, who Allah spoke about in the Quran, does not mandate that we don't respect their children. But don't give him a chance. Allahu Akbar, his daughter, the one of the worst disbelievers in history towards the Prophet, his daughter, I'm kazoom accepts Islam. May Allah allow us to be wise on how to behave with people say I mean time when the believing sisters come with a private return them no robot the treating law. A law says to the prophets. If the mohajirs and the believing sister they come then confirm that they're believers if they were true believers, then keep them with you. Keep them in Medina Allahu Akbar and they came and they stay in

00:44:22 --> 00:44:28

the country Islam honoring the sister the contract by the way was mentioning the when the men leave.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:32

So then after that, believing brothers come

00:44:33 --> 00:44:59

up over here Come over here, he comes to Medina excited by made his cape Naka animism and Medina excited and who follows him to soldiers from sent by a chorus. So the two shoulders they come to the Prophet, they may have been talking to Ya Muhammad, the treating and man comes to you, you return them back to where to us. you hand them to us.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:14

So then overseer, what's going on? And he gets handed to the two soldiers. He accepts that respect. Then the associate he goes with the two soldiers, they take some rest on the way back to Mecca.

00:45:15 --> 00:45:26

One of the soldiers had a sword. Abu Basia said, Man, that sword that you have is awesome. Is that Oh, you bet it is. When he took it out

00:45:27 --> 00:45:38

is like ultra felt I didn't I did with the sword things and wonders. Such a powerful sword. As you said, Man, Can I check it out? Is again, here you go.

00:45:41 --> 00:45:53

You have to try it. No, he wants to try it. So I will see you got the sword and he killed one of the soldiers. The other one freaked out What just happened? And he ran. What do you think he ran

00:45:55 --> 00:46:09

to the profits in the last lm because he knows the profit will never break his friends. So he ran he ran and the Prophet saw him coming. He said this man saw something that terrifying to him so much. The guy comes

00:46:10 --> 00:46:12

the guy who was here.

00:46:13 --> 00:47:00

He killed my other friend. He helped me out. He wants help. Who comes up? We'll see. Suppose he said Yasser Allah you did your part. I got handed to them. Okay, the Prophet says when you know me, what kind of guy are you? Musa? ad? How about you what the cause some war. So he, the prophet hinted that I'm going to hand you back to them. So obersee got the point. And he escaped. And then the soldier basically escaped. So Abu Basir he did not go back to Mecca. He went to the coastal part of Arabia, and any brother who becomes Muslim, he here he already heard about Abbasid and others joining him. So more and more people join guests who joined Abuja and then he escaped again. Remember which and

00:47:00 --> 00:47:00


00:47:02 --> 00:47:32

right, he just jumped in the middle of the Muslim he escaped. And he went with a rubber seal. And more and more brothers joined and joined and joined and joined. And any trade caravan Quraysh has, they go all attack it all out? Until Christ was sick of it, they felt not safe from these Muslims. The private has nothing to do with it. So the Christ send a note all Mohamed we beg you change that rule. Whoever comes to you keep them.

00:47:34 --> 00:48:24

Keep them. You see the conquest you see the victory you see the success. They are the ones who change the rule. So our gender, our team and joined the Muslims piece, year after year. And one of the scholars said Islam was spread. So much so that the number of people that accepted Islam in these couple years was more than all the Muslims at that time when it began. Islam spreads during peace a lot further than during times of war. Remember that? And that's what the historians and the scholars have said, and who was one of the greatest, most famous converts? A great man, a great star. Phenomenal, Who was he? What's his name? Who are these people what happened next? All of these

00:48:24 --> 00:48:30

things inshallah, on March 13 on Friday, let's hear inshallah

The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

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