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The hosts of a spiritual disease program acknowledge the harms of jealousy and its potential negative consequences, including loss of good deeds and negative social environments. They emphasize the importance of staying away from negative emotions and rebuilding positive environments, particularly in addressing anger and arrogance. A future program will help individuals benefit from their programs.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu wa salam O Allah May Allah be Ababa. Amoeba do photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem amiya sudo Nana Salama Allahu Minh formerly Sokolov, nauseum, respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are continuing with our program, purification of the heart. And thus far we have done several programs yesterday we spoke on the spiritual disease of the heart known as jealousy. We also said the reason why we have chosen that it was the first spiritual calamity to manifest both in Jenna by a police who was envious and jealous about hazard Armani.

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Salatu was Salam. And in this world, when one of the sons of Adam Ali Salatu was Salam killed, the other, his own brother, also out of jealousy. And then yesterday we spoke about some of the harms and one of the greatest harms is that you are objecting to Allah. You are saying Allah made a mistake in the giving of gifts, in the in the distribution of favors. One of the qualities of Allah is

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the one who gives people who gives people bless blessedness and gifts, amongst other many other qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Among the harms, it is the height of foolishness. Do you think that Allah is going to give favors based on your whims, your likes, your dislikes, it is a height of selfishness, that you feel that the way you don't want to give other people a lot Allah does not distribute his favors, and it is not been content with the decisions of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala continuing with him, how old am I have made mentioned, that jealousy it devours our good deeds. And there's a hadith in Abu Dhabi, Sharif, that nivia cream sauce them said he or Kamala has

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said, for him Mel has said I aku hasard Kamata coluna, Allah had that stay away from jealousy, jealousy eats up your good deeds for wave fire it up would try would the wave fire it's up dry, who gets the way jealousy takes away your good deeds. Just imagine you strive to do good deeds, but because of jealousy, it, it burns out and it completely destroys your good deeds because of jealousy. What a great warning. And what is amazing Our Allah tells us that there are certain type of wood that if it is burned, then it increases in value, like for example, wood. So yeah, he didn't say that. He didn't say that jealousy burns good deeds. It says it eats up good deeds. So this is

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one of the harms of jealousy that it eats up your good deeds. Another harm, amongst other harms the baker himself has made mentioned that it tarnishes the image of a person, it is not compatible with Iman. Therefore in a hadith Nivea cream sauce, and this is narrated by Neha Bernini, Sahib la Tommy ofI jiofi optin al Eamonn will have said, that it can never happen that in the heart of a heart of a person, a man and jealousy will gather. If a person has a man, then the true aspect with regard to that a man is that jealousy would not be in that heart. So it tarnishes the man, he man is not compatible with jealousy.

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In today's program, the third aspect third ham yesterday we made mention of for today we making mention of other hams with regard to jealousy, we already made mention of to increase program the third one good cannot dominate in a society in which jealousy thrives. Lawyers are going to be hiring Marla Miata has to do a hadith into barani. That layer people would be on good as long as they are not jealous of one another. The moment jealousy comes good comes out of the community and society. And this is what we are aspiring today. Unfortunately, good cannot dominate how many families how many friendships, how many communities how many societies have become disrupted because

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of the jealousy that thrives in the community and maybe occur himself Some said good cannot be in a community and a society in which there is jealousy that thrives in that and therefore, it is made mentioned amongst other aspects with regard to that evening lb Rama to lolly, the famous codeset lawyer Kunal kulbhushan.

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Human either cannot have food and her soudan marjaavaan mata kopieren a person will not have a clean heart that heart which in the in. In the 19 Jews of the Holy Quran, Allah tala says that only those people will not be disgraced on the day of combat who comes to Allah with a clean heart with a psyllium heart. And even the army say that heart cannot be clean, which has malice, jealousy, pride and arrogance. Another aspect with regard to jealousy is that it leads to create amount of harm and frustration for the person itself. Now Allah is not going to give people and Allah Allah is not going to distribute his gifts and his favors based on what you want or what you don't want. As as

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Allah tala gives people according to his wisdom, and according to his facade, and according to his generosity, not jealous person becomes more frustrated, and he becomes more in in pain because of what Allah subhanaw taala has given other people. So, it just, it is something that has absolutely no benefit. Now, just as we stay away from jealousy, we are also supposed to stay away from the reasons that give rise to jealousy. Now, some of those reasons, we will inshallah, during the course of this program with regard to the purification of the heart, we will identify it separately as an evil as a spiritual disease, but here in the context of why it gives rise to jealousy, let us make

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mention of some of it, one of them is anger and malice, when one is hurt, and you know, is anger angry against someone, it produces malice, it produces, you know, frustration and it also produces for example, a certain degree of jealousy towards the person against whom you are angry, and you have hatred towards another reason, one is pride and arrogance. Now, just say for example, you become someone who has a certain position or status that comes upon you, and because of that status and position, you are now all the time, you know, you worried that no one must come to your standard and compete with you with regard to the status that you have got, you know, so, that is also one of

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the reasons with regard to jealousy. We have taken it upon ourselves that we will keep our programs short, concise, comprehensive, that people can benefit and hasn't become too drawn out. So, we will stop here and we will continue with us inshallah, in tomorrow's program. And now what we are saying is, stay away from jealousy we have made mention of the humps and also stay away from those things that lead to jealousy May Allah Allah keep us away from it.