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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna via via a mobile phone wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Kamiya yes we don't and NASA alhama de la hoomin fatherly sort of colonialism expected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah and sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We are continuing with our series, the purification of the heart. We had spur first spoken on the importance of the purification of the heart. Then we spoke on Rhea ostentation and been doing things for name and fame ostentation. And we even gave the reason why we started off with it spiritual calamity. And today we're starting off with another spiritual calamity. And Allah knows the hierarchy or the seriousness of the different spiritual calamities,

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Allah knows which is more serious than the other. But the one that I'm going to speak on today, and maybe the next few days, is definitely the first manifestation of spiritual harm the first manifestation of spiritual harm and calamity, and that is jealousy. Now when he believes refuse to make sista in front of animals, Salatu was salam, after being commanded by Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was a mixture of jealousy and pride and arrogance. So if we say that the first manifestation and the first spiritual calamity to manifest and to humankind, it was due to envy and jealousy, and jealousy remains one of the most spiritually destructive and harmful of all spiritual

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ailments. Nivea cream sauce in one day, he gave any as the Sahaba a nasty upsell, which is the most beloved person and the most superior person, and Sahaba they defer it to the knowledge of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum. And he replied, Coloma Mila Culver, Costa Rica, listen, right now. Sahaba said jasola sutopo. Listen, we know you know it is someone who is truthful, truthful in his demeanor and his approach and his all his matters. But what is

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what is the what is the meaning of that? So Kareem saw Salaam said who was happy and nothing, someone who is pious and he full of purification. His heart is pure law is MFI well above what water has said that in his heart is no Guna and some, there is no aspect with regard to injustice and oppression to others. There is no deception and there is no hazard. Respect of viewers and listeners, let me just show you the importance with regard to keeping our hearts free from all types of malice, hatred, jealousy, etc. One day Nivea cream sauce, lamb told us Ahava that from this particular place, there is a person who is going to come out, and he is a person from Ghana. And

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everyone started looking with curiosity towards that. And then sorry, Sahabi came out, his sleeve was rolled up towards the elbows. And he had just completed his boo. And he had his shoes on one side, one of his hands. And when he saw some set up to like me, I'm gonna be allowed to do this decided through the means I'm going to stay with him to see why he is a person of gender. And the incident is a long one, how he made himself and how he stayed with him. After three days, he came to the person and said, the reason why I've given you to stay with you is not in reality, the truth. The truth is that navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you are a person of gender. And

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I wanted to know why are you a person of gender? And I must say, in a certain way, I'm disappointed because I didn't see a great amount of ibaadat I didn't see you getting up in the air and spending the entire night in the hardwood oil, prayer, etc. And I'm just wondering why didn't give me a cream sauce, say that? And the Sahaba said, I also don't know. And until I

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was departing from him, when he called him back and he said, perhaps I can just say one quality of minds What an amazing quality. And he said Aveda in Neela, Adolphe Neff, Celia, I had him. They had me Leah had him in a Muslim in a rush.

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Shall we say do Allah Azza wa la jolla except this particular aspect that I don't have malice and hatred towards any Muslim or any other person and I don't have jealousy with regard to the good Allah tala has given to anyone. Now, coming back to this aspect of jealousy, there is one word that is very similar to jealousy, which is known in Islamic terminology as ripta.

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n one is hazard and one is ripped up. Let me just give you for the purpose of this program and the next one or two days. The definition ripta means emulation. It's very similar to jealousy as I will go on to explain ripta means you see someone whom Allah has blessed with some favor, whether it be a worldly favor, whether it be a spiritual favor and you wish that I also be granted the same that is known as ripta. And for the purpose of the program, I would say I would translate it as envy.

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So, when you see someone who has got something good you wish you get the same thing our alumni have made mentioned and said that emulation and acepta in worldly matters is not recommended without the Madonna in a llama Madonna

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atonia don't look at envy as a good Allah tala has given other people at the worldly benefits Allah has given someone, Allah tala sometimes might give him to test him. So don't envy what Allah has given someone in terms of worldly matters. So in terms of worldly matters, you know, Riptide emulation is not recommended but in terms of Dini matters, it is recommended. And there are several examples of this la hacer Illa is named via Karim sauce them said, there is no hassock in here that I have written it is in the form of a HIPAA emulation. There is no worth of emulation except for two people. One whom Allah has given knowledge and the Quran, and he fulfills the rights of the Quran

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and one, Allah has given wealth, and he fulfills the rights of the wealth has ever Musashi salat wa salam in the time of marriage whenever Kareem Sawsan have left him who Salah salat wa salam started theory. Someone is Angel as Why are you hearing he said his oma is greater than bauma. Another example will be will be jadine. He were passed away in one of the expeditions. And Kareem saw Selim gave him Kosar can often be a criminal lawyer said he was not among the very influential people and maybe a cream sauce them gave him hosel. Sir, has it ever worked in Amara vilanova, lowering in the gay crave and underlying Masuda lauten Who said I envy through Jordan, I wished I was in his place.

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So this is known as ripta emulation and that in terms of worldly matters is not recommended. But in terms of spiritual matters, I hope I can be a spy as another person. It is recommended. We will continue with our discussion on this tomorrow.