Ebrahim Bham – Ibaadur Rehman #16

Ebrahim Bham
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna ba bada a mavado folder wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. When larina yaku na na na na na na na na

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na na na na Hema Sara Kala who Nazim respected viewers and listeners. We begin by placing Almighty Allah sending salutations upon our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla

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Alhamdulillah. Today is the 16th program in the series and the last of the series and we are speaking about the 13th quality. Yesterday we spoke about the first part of the 13th quality today battle rock man when they make do they make dwara but I have learned I mean as Virgina were to react inaccurate iron will make our spouses and our children the coolness of our eyes. That was the first portion and we discussed it yesterday. Allah subhanho wa Taala says this edit wa with regard to jalna Lil mattina imama Allah make us the leaders of the pious the Metatron. Now this is a very interesting to arm and also it does raise a question the question is navia cream sauce them I said

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in a hurry, don't pursue leadership. If it is granted to you with because of you wanting it Allah will leave you to your own devices in dealing with the challenges of leadership. But if it is given to you without you wanting it, Allah will help you and Allah will appoint someone to help you in terms of fulfilling that leadership. Here we are making dua Allah make me a leader of the pious people. Well Am I have written that here It depends what is meant by leadership. One aspect of leadership is everyone in some way has some authority and leadership. Therefore there has to be a cream sauce them and said kulu Kumara. In Coloma school in Andhra at each and every one of you is a

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certain degree of authority and will be questioned with regard to the authority that he possesses. So it shows that in some time in our life, we will be having some authority some leadership and leadership is something that the world needs. We need the we need it in a macro level and a micro level at home level and a governmental level. And leadership today has become one of the greatest challenges of the age. Today everyone complains about leaders because leaders are not fulfilling the rights of leadership. And there are so many books that are written with regard to leadership today. It is estimated that 90,000 books have been written on leadership 60,000 on Amazon alone 1000 every

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year, in our tradition, our orama have written with regard

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to lolly and Luna Talalay with regard to leadership. And in fact, it would be very amazing that if we were to look at it, there is no greater example of leadership than our beloved to be a cream saucer. And when am I have written on the leadership qualities of our beloved to be a creature about himself? And in this regard, one of the cornerstones and one of the most important aspects that emerges from the leadership qualities of our beloved Nivea cream sauce that is that nebia creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant leader. And what's the difference between a servant leader and leaders in today's time, a servant leader looks at the need in the interests of his people first,

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today, leaders, whether it be in the political sense or in other sense, they look at their own interests, the interests of their own families known as nepotism, and the interests of their own party before the interests of the poor and common people. Not so in the case of our beloved nivia cream sauce. Allah tala presented before Nivea cream sauce to be a prophet, in the sense of being a prophet of being a king because of Solomon Elisa lamb, or being a servant prophet. In the via cream sauce, chose the second one. And the Sahaba said, our beloved nebia creme de la de la cena used to be so full of humility. He used to be amongst those who used to do the household chores. He used to

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move the goats he used to feed the animals. He used to be in the forefront with regard to any challenge or any assistance or work that the Sahaba Ikram and the oma had to do. And so it was in the time of

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boycott of the Muslims via Crimson Islam was in the forefront when they were building and putting up the masjid in Abu Dhabi a cream sauce Salaam was the one carrying the bricks to such an extent that while carrying the bricks while carrying the bricks, the Sahaba crammed in one light that was made. They were singing these poems. Hello, hello hello hello. Hello Malaysia Indonesia for Hamill and sobre el Mahavira la in Katonah one maybe you Yama that are coming now. I'm a role model. Oh Allah, there is no reward and there is no comfort but the comfort of the Acura, owner have mercy upon them hygiene and the answer. We are sitting and the Prophet is working. And we sit here and we don't join

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the work that we have done something that is extremely unwell few of us. So nebbia himself was a servant leader. And there are many qualities of our beloved via creme de la wasallam which are mentioned and people have written books with regard to it. And we must learn from their whenever we assume authority and leadership. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, which is

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the bedrock man amongst the dualities of Allah make makers leaders of the decade. Also it shows that what does that mean? You also need to be a good leader you also need good followers. So therefore Allah Allah says Allah make us leaders of the team, leaders of people who feel nutana in this good leaders and good followers with the oma progress after making mention of all these 13 qualities, and literacy is like a huge zone and

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it's such people were these qualities, they will be in the upper portions of gender or farming the upper portions in 100, maybe a cream sauce themselves, people who are you know, certain people will be at the upper chambers of Jannah.

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And their houses will be most beautiful, transparent, most graceful and elegant. And Sahaba said yellow Sula, who worried before what will be the qualities of those who will be in those houses, maybe a cream sauce lamb said, Those who speeches are soft, who greet people who feed the poor, and who recite and make 200 prayers and the end the surah ends with Maya above the camera below la Latina says, Now what will you gain or people if you do not call how to invoke towards your material. So in this end verses of surah Furqan Allah has made mention of the special servants of Allah and allies define the qualities Allah make us amongst the bad Rahman and inculcate within us

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those qualities and work through the

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village. Me

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