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The speakers discuss the importance of cleanliness in Islam, including houses and bathrooms, and the success of Mah prep School of Islam in cleaning houses. They stress the need for active participation in the cleaning process and show appreciation for the beauty of houses. The speakers also emphasize respect for Islam and not just highlighting cultural aspects of mergers, while cautioning against certain behavior and overestimating the potential of the message. They stress the importance of community activities and making them a focus, and caution against bringing children to the military Academy.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah hilmi bada in me, where Allah if we

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are salat wa salam, O Allah clmv he will more serene. Allah Allah He was happy he was ceilometer Sleeman kathira en casa de la Amano favela.

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in muramasa je de la HeMan Harmon Avila he will yo Mila. Hello, sir. Hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers in last week when we spoke about the importance, the virtue and some of the objectives of the masjid, the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala would like to continue with other aspects pertaining to the masjid. In this regard, some of the points that we would like to make mention is, one is that Allah subhanho wa Taala and our beloved nebia Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam has commanded us to build masajid In fact, in one Hadith nebia, Karim saucer, Ahmed said, that bill your masajid endure in the different suburbs of the city. So from time to time, from place to place, there must be different massages to cater for the spiritual needs of

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people. So the word used in the Hadith is Bell, massage it in the Dewar in the suburbs. And also together with that maybe saw some said, keep it clean and keep it well perfumed. Keep it well. And fragrantly smelling now also these great reward in putting up a machete which many of us are aware of the via Kareem salsa most famous Hadith Mumbai Allah He must didn't ban Allahu Allahu beighton Phil Jana, how come? He who constructs a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will construct a house for him in general. And for those who cannot construct an entire Masjid This is such a great glad tidings in a hadith in Ebony magia de novia Karim ser Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said, Whoever

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removes an offensive item from the masjid that causes inconvenience to people. Allah will construct a house for him in general. Just remove an offensive item under will bill for your house in general. This is the amongst the aspects. That is why the MB Allah salat wa salam took an active role and part in the construction of the masjid. And then the Holy Quran commands has Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam wa Taala hero Beatty Alito if he you know what, if he in our ruka he was so good that oh Ibrahim, clean the house of Allah. Allah is telling me often not clean the house of Allah, for people who will come and make the wealth for people who will come and make a tick off for people who

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will come and make ruku and sister. So Allah tala is telling you primary salat wa salam directly that you go and clean the Baitullah for people who will come for tawaf and for salat, etc. Today, we take it against our dignity to take part in the cleaning of the masjid, we just give it to one or two people I know there are some times of difficulty, but we must take an active part in the beautification and the cleanliness of the merging, and we must give people the opportunity to be able to do so then. I mean, just to give you an example of our beloved Nivea cream sauce from Libya cream sauce. In the constructor of the machine, remember we was carrying bricks on his shoulders,

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and then we saw some was getting this blue bricks when the Sahaba saw and he saw Sonam himself building the machine and then the Sahaba started singing poems. And part of the poem was Hello Murphy era illa highroller era for Hamill and savall mohajir muhajir incarna one

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lane codnor one abbiamo

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camino amarula model this is the form that they were saying there is no good but the good of the accurate. May Allah have mercy upon the answer in the Mahajan Are we going to sit when our Navy is working to put up the budget we are going to set when our Navy is working. If we have done so then we have been led astray. So nebbia Karim saucer himself took part in putting up the merger. today of course we know that there is you know constructions and these architects etc. But take an active part in the beautification of your Masjid. And our massage is supposed to be you know, practical, simple, not an exaggerated show and display of adornment. However, there is accommodation to make

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the masjid beautiful as it was man that he allowed runway this time of hillford made the merger nav beautiful, comparative to the time of Nevis awesome Abu Bakr and Omar Avi ultra. No. In fact, he even got the specific type

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Good, we should all do is known as sag kilocalorie, which is this very dark brown type of wood very expensive, and he verified machinima. So someone told us man oh man, you are doing something that in the Navy of Allah didn't do.

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Didn't do. So the beautiful reply he gave, he said in a time of the Sahaba and a time of Nassau Slim's people's houses was simple. Now your houses are beautiful. If I don't beautify the masjid, you will start looking down upon the masjid. So I'm making the masjid equivalent to the living standards of people. I'm making the emergency covenant to the living standards of people. And Imam Abu hanifa used to say that the only reason you can beautify the masjid is not to show off. So this must this this community people he put up such a beautiful Masjid. No, no, no, that's not permissible. The only reason he said to beautify and make a beautiful merge it is what an amazing

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thing we're wanting from Fela said dazeem of Allah.

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The reason why you beautify the magic is to show respect to Allah. This is the house of Allah. That is why you be referred otherwise to build a Masjid with the intention of competing with another community. May Allah forbid is a sign of gamut

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from SA la takamasa that chiamata will not come until people start taking pride in the mosquito dabbling in competing with another community. Yamato swag technica jeptha Jenna log Masjid he Bananarama Johanna lo egusi sH whenever

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they will, they will start making a show with one another. This is not it's not right. But with the intention of the azima of Allah subhana wa Taala that is permissible. However, you know, the beautiful Masjid a beautiful Masjid does not protect you as a community. Just remember this, I will make this point very clear. We in South Africa we sometimes take pride in this regard to our merchant hamdulillah Trespasser and Greece. But that in itself will not protect you as a community. It will not as a currency of sobre la la when you should come here when he came to South Africa you see dussehra Gambia, wherever different paces and Latinas houses, generally Africa and Africa Bangla

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in South Africa is another has bungalows such beautiful Masjid. But a beautiful Masjid cannot protect you as a community until you do not do the things that you are supposed to do. Your merges are not better than the merges of Cordoba. Our merges are better than merges of Granada. But those beautiful masajid could not protect the Muslims from being staged out of the place. Why they didn't follow up the activities of the masjid.

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The merges are beautiful. Our merchants is no comparison whatsoever to the masajid of Cordoba and Granada. I've seen it, you know, and not only that, I read in a history with regard to the masjid in Cordoba, that every week the halifa of Cordoba used to call the Imams of the surrounding areas. There used to be 3000 mustards near Cordova 3000. And a man was not appointed until he was a half is of Madonna through Cobra, the fifth a book of Mr. Malik Muhammad Ali, he had to know 10,000 a hadith then only was appointed as a man in one of the surrounding villages of Cordova. Now that was the caliber of the merchant the caliber of the Imams. But when the time came when the Muslims didn't do

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what they are supposed to do, that all those Muslims are lying in ruin today by and large. So just keep this in mind and Majid beautiful machine is good, but until we do not follow it up with activities that you are supposed to do in emerging, it cannot guarantee your survival image in itself. Allah says in the Holy Quran, in our debate, you Woody Allen, nurse Lady baccata Moo Baraka who tell me that the first Masjid Allah established in this earth was in Makkah and two qualities of that Masjid. It is Hidayat in Baraka that we repeat this. And Masjid of Gabon. Baitullah is Hidayat in Baraka Hidayat, we all know, but blessings for the entire humanity.

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Our masjids blessings for our neighborhood Never mind the entire community. Our message a blessing for our new neighborhood. Allah says a Masjid is supposed to be a place of Baraka in a place of his

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brothers. This is something that we need to pay special attention to with regard to the emerging alarm like ballad said, you know, brother build me a harem of clay, then a beautiful master of marble. So while there is some accommodation Keep in mind, the real objective of a Masjid is to dispense with the diet and Baraka and blessings for the entire neighborhood for the country, for the entire humanity. There are certain etiquettes maybe a cream sauce Lamb has taught us with regard to the masjid, amongst them maybe sauce limited when you enter into the masjid as collateral as Ramadan mercy Allahumma salli Ababa

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Automatic and when you leave the merge it as collateral as puzzle and grace and normally the word Rama refers to spiritual blessings. And the word Fazal refers to worldly blessings in sustenance. So when you enter into the merchant you ask Allah as Rama,

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Rama, when you leave the masjid, you asked collateral especially because now you are going out into the marketplace and they you seek the sustenance of Allah and Allah tala refers to sustenance as the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala enter with the right foot and also heavier cream sauce limited either at the Harajuku Masjid or cotton when you enter into the masjid boorishness. Firstly to rockets of salad according to some amount it is watching. According to the latest recommendation, it is nice to have or at least get yourself involved in some form of seeker of Allah. Remember, Wanda masala masajid belong to Almighty Allah do not worship anyone but Allah. Take a look at the last

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name in the magic. The moment you come into the magic, start remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala for every step that you take towards a Masjid, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you 10 rewards for every step. This is different these different, you know superiority. On one occasion via Creme De La Hoya Allah He told us Sahaba stay near the masjid. The person who stays near the masjid for the Leela Razi Anelka, he has got the superiority of one who takes part in the battle, comparative to the one who sits at home. So when you're near the mercy This is one superiority, but when the tribal police Selma, US Navy creams awesome, that we want to, you know, come near the merchant we are staying for

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maybe sell some didn't give them permission, maybe a cream sauce them said, stay where you are. Come come to the masjid walking to double artha comm for every step you take, Allah will give you a reward. And Allah Allah will elevate your status and Allah will wipe away one sin cut through to the hookah fill machine to take many steps to the merger is a means of the elevation of your rank in the status. Also among the aspects with regard to the merging Yamani, Adam Rosina to come into the masjid, opening Adam when you come to the merchant, come with your best adornment has it has anybody ever heard Bronwyn used to come to the masjid use away his best clothes? People said Why are you

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doing so? He said my Allah says Rosina to come into the masjid. Take your adornments to the masjid. You should not come to the masjid with clothes that you are shy to wear in front of your friends or in shy to wear in front of the community. You will not do and wear clothes that you are shy in front of your friends. Why do you wear the clothes and you come to the masjid wear the best clothes that you can wear presentable come with dignity. And also with regard to clothes. I would like to make mention, together with a dignity Trine with a Summa If not, at least that it is something that covers your body completely. I don't I'm normally very accommodating. But one aspect that I'd like

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to make mention of is to wear clothes with a name of disbelievers names in the masjid. Now, let us be realistic when a person doesn't believe in Allah. you weigh in, take his name and you come in front of Allah and that person whose name you are wearing doesn't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala it does Be careful. Sometimes you also you know, there is a particular

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jersey accent particular t shirt people were with the devil on top of it. Right Now Allah says in the shaytan a shaytan is an enemy, you come in front of Allah with a symbol of his enemy.

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Now I'm not giving a photo but just think about this. I mean, this is something that is you know, according to your intellect, do you go in front of a person with with an with the name of his enemy in front of you? He will not take kindly to it. How do you expect a letter to take kindly Oh, you were throats

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justifying or glorifying something which is prohibited. These type of things that we should be very careful with regard to it. Also, when we come to the merchant navy, a cream sauce has specifically made mention, if anyone has eaten onions and garlic, then he should not come close to our mustard. Anyone is eating onions and garlic, then you must not even come close to our machine because he's going to emit a foul smell which is going to cause inconvenience to the people. Right? We all know that particular type of complaint people have at the time of taraweeh is the person who is sitting near to you. If he has to sometimes emit a book we know exactly what he read for.

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Now we don't need to know what we have read. May Allah Allah give him Baraka, but we don't need to know with regard to it. May Allah Allah give you even more Baraka ancestor in your sustenance in your home, but there has to be careful with regard to it. In the common three of h bar one NASA the ease mentioned is made that the Muta one is of a much it can prevent them personally from coming into a Masjid when he emits a foul odor. Someone gives such an odor that causes people inconvenience, the trustees of a Masjid can prevent him from coming in.

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Don't come to the masjid. In fact such a person who has got a permanently you know, odor and a smell that causes inconvenience he must rather it is namaz at home. This is a Sharia, you know, this is what the Quran and Hadith is made mentioned with regard to it. So these are some of the aspects maybe a cream sauce them also one day got extremely angry when a person stepped in the direction of the merger. And he spat in the masjid and let me occur himself while he was, you know, became extremely angry when a person was doing such a thing. Even when we come to the merchant that has come with dignity, maybe a cream sauce and Ahmed said that always Allah can be Sakina when you come

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to the magic come with dignity for my

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mama, Fatima, the beautiful Hadith, what whatever you get with an Imam Alhamdulillah you know from attracting what you get with a human read that namaz what Mr. furtick what you have missed in terms of the records you completed. Now why must you come running you know, running there you have one sample is the side you want to

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try to get one one record if you really are so keen to get a look at what the family but if you ever come early for your running is against the etiquette of the masjid. So let me introduce our Sunset from an attractive person know what portion of salad you get with a man with a man before

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what we have just completed afterwards. Don't come running into the machine. Keep the dignity of the machine. Part of the sanctity of the budget now via trim sauce limited. Gently massage era calm subiaco. Keep your magic clear from small children or from people who do not know how to maintain the sanctity of the magic. Keep your magic clear from arguments keep your magic clear from brandishing swords in the masjid. The psalmist said this is part of maintaining the sanctity of the machine. While we have to find the right balance when bringing our children to the masjid. To be able to know the ethics of the masjid to be able to come to know and understand the Muslim community

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and Serato Jamaat we should be very careful that when they come, they do not disturb the sanctity of the masjid. Perhaps our parents must take the responsibility of looking after our children when they come to the masjid. And also when we come to the merchant navy Academy Jocelyn metzen strive to get the first stuff in Allah How am I like, you saloon Allah safilo one in a Buddha which is a hadith and nine is mellitus and blessings upon the person who gets the first who gets the first three people come early to the masjid to get the last half. No, come to the first step in Allah Allah. Allah is Malaika they send the route and Salaam upon the person who gets a first, be very careful

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that you don't cause inconvenience to people comes in a hurry that maybe a cream sauce animates it, when you cross the merciless path to not do so. You are breaking his communication with Allah subhanho wa Taala in one Hadith is the word has been used as the robbery of the addressee I don't know what maybe saucer meant. He said if you knew the sin of crossing a path of a Muslim Li you would rather wait for 40 years there than to cross his path. Now you tell me how many people are so you know don't worry about these type of things. Either the masjid has a very very great as an AI Sharia law says and I will conclude with this will together with us one or two small announcements

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that that even in your own house and locate a place where you can worship Allah subhanaw taala it will not be in the form of a Masjid. But at least it will be a place with a home the people of the home would be able to read numbers then the men the men who can read the Sunnah and the Nuffield, the woman tokens with animals, those who have spacious home should try and bring about as he says, maybe a cream sauce lamb is encourage people to allocate a place in the homes to be able to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala then it was a topic of understanding because the magic can plays very many roles by the time of Nevis arcilla It used to be a place of learning. People used to come and learn

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in the masjid Abu huraira the Ottomans famous Hadith that have already one day when the market places zero people you are busy doing all your your things here, the inheritance of nebia Kareem salsa has been distributed in the masjid. So they all went. Now people when they hear inheritance, they run to India also the people with the

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following. You never saw India for 40 years all of a sudden that you are supposed to be

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a very beloved to you. But anyway, whatever it is, people hurt inheritance rent to the masjid. They saw people reading Quran teaching Quran teaching Hadith, they came back to us saying the inheritance has been distributed. There was no inheritance. So what did you see people reading Quran, people reading, etc. There is an inheritance of Nivea cream sauce. There is a inheritance of Nivea cream sauce, not money that you think of woman got married to someone and said, Now father was very wealthy. So as the husband are you getting married to me are you getting married to my to me because the father left behind a lot of money. So the person said, I will get married to you no matter who

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leaves money for you. So whoever leaves money, I will get married.

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Via courier service limited time on

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the merge it was a place the house for refugees for poor people. We all go to Medina Sharif is one worth is one pillar there is Tijuana food. What is this Tijuana food, different people used to come even disbelievers used to come to the masjid and the resources we use to place them there and the resources to speak to them. So that is a pillar of the delegations, that when the delegations used to come, let me a cream sauce Salaam used to put them up in the masjid and speak to them and let them stand. In one occasion, the merchant was a detention center. samama been withheld for one week was detained in the machinery, right, a place to make Matura amaravati news to call people towards

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any Mashallah to be made for the community come to the masjid. Now, this is how a merger is supposed to function. There might be one or two difficulties. But it is so sad that we have restricted the activities of the masjid just one or two things. These things are important. But in reality these this was the objective and this was what was happening emerged at the time of our beloved Libya Crimson Islam. It became the focal center for all of community activities. And we should strive to making that measured once again active that it serves as a beacon of Hidayat a beacon for the community to be able to recognize Allah and also even to get the community you know methods sorted

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out May Allah subhanaw taala be retrofit of understanding and making our last one reliable Halloween