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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah La vida kitabi when Ashley at Avada Shariati Amanda

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Rajamouli smilla rahmanir rahim in a hula yasumi rohilla Hillel como

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Sara Kala

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respected elders and brothers We begin by praising Almighty Allah azza wa jal for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us and we send salutations upon our beloved maybe Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are living in a time in an era in an age, where it would be correct to say that throughout the world, wherever we look, they are situations which creates the spin creates a type of apprehension. When you look at the news media, what are the headlines that dominate? It is war it is terrorism, it is economic downturn. And of course, the recent phenomena, which is highlighting the world today it is the Coronavirus and I believe in Limpopo, you have more reason for concern,

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you have more reason for concern. So we all have these types of situations that is dominating our minds. And as individuals, it is just natural that we do feel apprehensive. Normally, there is a sense of despondency, there's a sense of sadness, there's a sense of, you know, these type of situations that dominate or seems to gain the upper hand in our conversations and it could have an impact upon our mind. And it's important important for us to understand and therefore, I think that in today's you know, goodbye and talk I would like to speak about the positive aspects of life, the positive aspects have been the positive aspects that Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us because

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there is no doubt whatsoever. One is we read from the management perspective, that always better to be an optimist rather than being a pessimist. And we all know this particular aspect that you know, instead of seeing and you see a glass that is half, instead of saying that it is half empty, rather, it is half full, a pessimist will say it is half empty, an optimist will say it is half full, or for example, you will look at a doughnut, and the pessimist will look in the hole in the doughnut. And the optimist will look at the filling around the hole. We see normally there's a person who are three people who are in a tunnel. Now there were three people who are in the tunnel. And one of them

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was a pessimist. So he said, He's so dark in the tunnel. And there was an optimist. And he looked at the end of the tunnel in cities like that is at the end of the tunnel. And there was a realist, you know, a person who was real. And he said that to get off the track, there's a train that is coming. So we have the situation but Islam has always taught us to have an optimistic and to have a positive aspect with regard to life. In fact, it gives the satanic forces. It gives shaytan no greater joy, then for people to be in despair, because there is no greater joy for the satanic forces and for shaytan than to put people into despair. In fact, the word a police comes from the word apply sadly

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so which means the one who creates the spare, who the one who makes people despondent, aligned the Holy Quran, it said in the hula yasumi rohilla Hillel homolka furon. It is only a disbeliever who loses hope in the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. A believer and losing hope or believer and Miss becoming despondent. One who believes in Allah and he becomes despondent if he's impossible. Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us ways with regard to this particular aspect. Firstly, when we say that you must be optimistic, it doesn't mean in any way that is no challenges. He is no life without challenge. Allah in the Holy Quran, it says Nakata hallak Melvin Sanofi

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covered. Allah says I have created you in toil, there is going to be the fair share of trials and tribulation and challenges you are going to face in your life. But Allah has also said that that is part of the test. The one you know sometimes amazing thing is you and I we make a big mistake and a big error and the error is when difficulty comes upon us we regard it as a test and of course it is a test because Allah in the Quran it says what a number one number a minute how well do you want a person mentally unwell, when unfussy? What some are odd that I will test you with fear I will test you and anxiety

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Well, Joe, I will test you sometimes with poverty and sometimes you know, there will be difficulty in your financial situation, because you will do

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well and foresee what tomorrow there will be difficulties that our test to it, that we regard that to be a test. So when there is any difficulty, we said, Why, why is this difficulty coming? He says guess what is the reason, but we never ever regard when things are going well, that that is also part of the test. When things are going well received.

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Testing business decision, all of a sudden, my business turned around, I did such a great decision. I did this, I did that. What you don't realize that is also part of the test. I mean, funnily enough, I have given you a grace, I didn't give him you a give you a grace, because I was obliged to say Allah to give you something good. I wasn't obliged to give you anything good. I did it near blue. And he asked me to test whether you are grateful I'm grateful. How many people regard wealth as a test, how many people regarding the business is going well there is a test from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala that is a greater test, then perhaps a test that comes upon you in these challenges.

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So these are type of things that we have to keep in mind that this test. So when these difficulties, not the fact that when you must be an optimist and look at the positive things in life doesn't mean that these challenges there is going to be challenges, but we always have to look at a situation. That is the bigger picture. A rose never complains. A rose never complains that it is in the midst of phones, it just goes on blooming.

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Rose never see. I'm in the midst of thorns, what's gonna happen to me, round around me the stones, what does our own blue rose do? At the time comes it just blooms and it gives people happiness in terms of its appearance and in terms of its fragrance. So even in the face of challenge, you bloom with your Eman And you just continue giving people the beauty with regard to your your fragrance with regard to demand and the Holy Quran it says

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Allah has told us he is going to be difficult, but look at Allah Allah has put in, but in the last three years, normally we know many times we translated that after difficulty they will be is that is not what the Quran says. The Quran says mal was three molars three Yusra what difficulty there is ease in the months of difficulty you will find things to be a you know positive with regard to it. And anyone who knows Arabic will be able to tell you that the word al is a definitive article.

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So Allah tala when he uses the word upon difficulty for certain means difficulty user means is when Allah uses the word, he uses Alif Lam the difficulty, but Allah uses the word usage is there is no elite law there is no definite article in the Arabic grammar, any word that comes with a definitive article? It is it is you know for India mahalo Sri Yusra, in Nam, it is one difficulty. One difficulty when I leave Nam comes upon two words. There is one difficulty and you sir, means many eases when this verse was revealed navia Karim salsa came out of the house smiling and said Allah has given bled tidings to my alma that there is one difficulty there are many eases. Allah has given

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glad tidings to my own man. So we second let me give you some examples with regards to what are we supposed to be optimistic about? Allah has always given us this particular feeling in this teaching that our Deen is a futuristic deal. deed in what sense? What do we mean by futuristic? It says that even in the midst of challenges even with regard to this material world, it is a temporary world for Maha de la jolla to dunya illallah wa

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sera to say

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that this material world is temporary and the end the year after it is permanent, it is going to be permanent. The difficulties and the challenges of this world are temporary. it pales into insignificance with regard to the challenges and the joys of the the reoccurring source cinema put it in this way once he said on the day of Tiamat Allah will bring a person that Allah tala will bring a person and who himself in the mirror and say if for example, if for example, that person in this world, he only had ease he never ever had a challenge never had any difficulty in his life. He only had comfort upon comfort, and Allah. Just For example, let's only for an example say because no

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one only has ease everyone has a fair share of challenges in this world. But if for example, brings a person who only head is allowed to dump him in jahannam and take him out

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My Panda homophones When did you ever see any ease? You will see one I never saw any ease and comfort.

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For example, that also is a hypothetical case doesn't happen that way. For example, from the beginning of his life till the end, a person only had difficulty, but he remained steadfast upon the commands of Allah, even on the day of gamma to put him into gentlemen.

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Gentlemen, Mr.

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Panda, did you ever see any difficulty? That letter word of gentlemen will be such as a Yala? What is difficult? I don't know what is.

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Islam has taught us that this particular world is it's a temporary phase with regard to our existence. And Islam has always told us that there is a future is a future existence in which joy and comfort in Aliyah will be law, difficulty will be permanent. So we always have a futuristic vision with regard to a things in this world. Another aspect with regard with our beloved maybe a millimeter in one hobby.

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What a beautiful

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wondrous is the state of affairs.

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And then

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this is not for anyone but the believer is only wonder and is only good in the state of the believer. If anything good comes upon him. He made Sucre he is grateful to Allah and when he is grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tala rewards him. And I just did a small clip this morning on how to be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala, which I put on social media, how to be grateful.

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Be grateful, how do you be grateful? Yes, seven steps of how to be grateful to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala is different. But Allah Allah says, whenever law gives you good, be grateful to Allah to gain reward. If there is any difficulty that comes upon you, you accept it coming from Almighty Allah, you persevere normally receive doesn't mean that you will just accept it. Suffer means you persevere even if it's difficulty you still comply with the commands of Allah, then you get the reward

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is no one for no one but the believer is good image Sucre he gets a reward. If there is difficulty he makes about he persevered, he still gets a reward. It's not for anyone but the the fourth thing, amongst other thing is when we look at our beloved Livia, Kareem Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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our beloved maybe a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always optimistic. Always look at the brighter side of things always looked at situation in which stays good. How many times there are situations in the type of Navy aquariums are sort of in the Treaty of what a Vietnamese awesome he's been good at, or 12 or 14 kilometres from Makkah. And Muslim has a situation that what is going to happen? Is it going to turn out into a war when they allow us to go into Mecca? What's gonna happen at that particular time? The Quraysh sends someone as an envoy to negotiate the peace treaty. His name was Suhail bin hammer. So hail comes from the Arabic word son, meaning ease and comfort. The

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moment Libya Kareem saw cinema heard that Suhail is the negotiator, he said, be praised. Allah has made things easy for you.

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On the months of challenges, people are apprehensive. What's going to happen? And then so he comes up so he is the negotiator immediately. Let's take a brighter side. So Haley, so he'll come from salvin cz, and that will make things easy for you.

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And it's a way even with regard to relationship even with regard to people.

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There were people who you know they were arch enemies of Islam

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always had the view that they will come upon the right path that we saw some could see the potential.

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Me to up Yeah, the Oh Allah give me some Islam.

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Give me this help Islam.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted para tomar la

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when he was an arch enemy to such an extent he turned the tables of the baton off.

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And when he came to MCI mahkamah once I think it was at the time of Morocco, Kava Kava he came, and he asked me what he wanted was your brother?

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What is your brother? So he said he couldn't even bear the seeing the Muslims in Makkah, he left Makkah has gone away. He couldn't even bear to see the Muslims coming into Makkah such enmity and hostility. And what?

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Worried tell your brother Sally, an intelligent person like him, and intelligent person like him, cannot forever remain oblivious and ignorant of

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what he wrote.

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Let the 230 running away. The proper open law was calling for you the proper of a law saying such an intelligent person can remain away from the truth. And when I heard that the Navy of Allah was calling for me, despite the fact that I'm the one who would change the tables of the Battle of who hadn't caused great anxiety and pain to the Muslims, he became a Muslim. He said I'm going

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to Medina to become a Muslim.

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Muslim never lost hope with regard to anyone even go to the enemies. Look at how you and I we believe we see some one of our youngsters did something wrong.

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He's gone. But the teachers that you look at be optimistic that one thing he will come back upon the right path he was.

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We got this particular type of attitude is not the attitude

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and the Sahaba

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Tasmanian devils who had the same attitude, they always were the ones who are keeping glad tidings no matter what the situation was. They learn from the level of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, they were they were in challenging situation. They gave the message of optimism. They gave the message of proof whenever you're carrying a lot while he was selling came back from the first one he you know, dizzy and frightened by the strange experience, will he be able to fulfill this responsibility or not? But who is the one who consoled him? Who was the one who gave him confidence? There was no one there with him at that time. He was alone The only person have to say that time.

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I said

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oh my oh, my husband. Don't worry and I will never ever disgrace you. You are a person with such great qualities with other people believe it or not, I bet

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she was the one who gave you optimism. She's the one who gave me positive news. Jaffa Pina Vitali and wasapi Romero. They went into areas where people were hostile against Islam. And Jaffa, Tina Vitali, a senior Masai

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Mara, they went to went present Islam in hostile environments. They didn't shy away from the freakin saying that this is a hostile environment. What are we supposed to do? We are supposed to stay away from it. They went into when to go and explain the beauty of Islam. And when they went to explain the beauty of Islam, that optimism, that attitude that he learned from the nephew of Allah what happened was Sakina went to Medina, Medina, Medina to navigate

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to go to Medina, because of the efforts of most of the men. But when he went there, it was a it was an easy situation. It was a hostile situation. He went into a hostile environment and he changed the conditions. Jaffa went into a hostile environment to put pressure on Natasha send them back to Makkah chopper with with the beauty of Islam. And he had such an impact that when maybe a cream sauce Lim wrote a letter to the king Naja, she became a Muslim.

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So the Sahaba learned from our beloved maybe,

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maybe a current source has told us

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always be a person who is the one who gives bled tidings. He has a martini Jamal when he was sending him to Yemen. bashira want to know, yes, the rah rah.

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Give people great tidings don't make people afraid. Don't make people afraid. Your every message is making people afraid. Every message you get is more something more worse. bashira wanna give people glad tidings don't make people afraid. Yes, Sara, Omar, make things easy for people don't make things difficult for people

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to be productive till the day you die, be productive and be an optimist till the day you die. And this is something that is absolutely phenomenal in this regard.

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That, that when the day of Tiamat comes upon you,

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when the day of Tiamat comes upon you, in two years, the trumpet sounding and you got a seed with you. You are about to plant a seed to plant a tree and the type of Tiamat comes the trumpet is blown. Don't say what is this trumpet here what is gonna come who's gonna benefit from this tree? plant the three that is the attitude that may be occurring source of notice. Even at that particular time when the day of care button a trumpet is sounding. You are busy planting a tree, go on and plant it. Don't go and see what is the benefit of planting it. Just go and do good things and prepare people and give them glad tidings. That is that is a meaning. If you live in a time of

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Tiamat you are supposed to go and do good at such a time and how much when there is opportunities for us to

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Good, I'm going to we're

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going to plant the seeds of goodness in the heart of people

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has taught us that a person who is an optimist will always attract people.

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Look for something to be positive about, you will find it. There's always, you know, a silver lining to every cloud. Perhaps one of the situations that I can say with regard to it is that always try to focus on solutions, not focus on problems. Our problem is we are always talking about problems. Whenever looking at solutions. We're never looking at ways to come out to the problems. So when you get into a mindset of only talking about problems, you're always going to be in a negative framework. And above all witnesses computers to three minutes to tell you about this method, the greatest optimistic thing that you and I have my dear respect of others, that Dena Latella has

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granted us well I Allah Allah has chosen this Deen for us. What are the optimal Islam Medina, he sent Libya Karim sauce is an example of how to eat your life to suasana.

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Hydra tremendous favor for you by sending the Navy of Allah for you as an example. He gave us a deed which is a beautiful deal through and through, it is such a balanced deal. It is such a great deal. It gives us that straight path, a balanced type of path away from the extremes. These extremes in everything in today's time with regard to believe in terms of you know, practice. People are believing with regard to Allah on one hand, they don't believe in Allah.

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Allah in between Allah says, He is one a law. There is no more than one Allah you believe in his existence, but there is only one Allah not many laws, the motor motor path between the two extremes. He is the one that when you rely upon him

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he relies upon Allah Allah become sufficient for him. Look at the history of the nations of the past. On one hand, they may be the son of Allah. On the other hand,

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the other people have been killed in the Korean salatu salam Siddiqui is a way of our Deen we were very careful that we didn't attribute divinity to our prophet

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SAW one person making dua Mashallah, Mashallah Muhammad, but Allah wishes what Muhammad wishes. We saw some say that the Dalai Lama he Nita, are you equating me with Allah? Only Masha Allah what Allah wishes. But on the other hand, we showed that respect forward let me get no I don't mature that respect

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between the two situations with regard to the material world. On one hand, there were other people who went on to one extreme, who said I have nothing to do with the dunya have nothing to do with this dunya dunya is evil. The more you stay away from Brunel, the more you will come close towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the other extreme, the other people who made everything Julia, they sold their souls for material world in between Islam has told us that we have removed it but what Allah has made holla don't stay away from it. Don't stay away from the legitimate and beautiful treasures of this world. But don't make it the be all of human existence. Don't make it the be all of your

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The believer when he spends he's not miserly, he's not extravagant. He's not wasteful spending is in between, look at the beauty of our team.

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Even with regard to the current situation, is there a better guidance that anyone can give in the situation of the virus in what our beloved mythos told us 1400 years ago, when I put me off to the mountain when he was going to the base of plague in Jordan, and he said, the Navy of Allah said, wherever there is a plague don't go to that place. And those people who are in the plague they must not get out of that place. And for those people to get out of the plane is very difficult. You know, when when you either playing the first instinct of yours is to get out of the plane, to save yourself. That is awesome said, remain there. Be happy with the patter of Allah with the decision of

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Allah. If anything happens to us, you will die.

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Maybe saw something foolish today telling us about hygiene. Wash your hands, wash your hands.

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To wash it five times a day. Baraka Tommy,

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the back of our hands before eating and wash your hands after well what are we getting carried away with regard to this? Allah has given us a t which is a solution, which is beautiful through and through. And in the midst of all those things, my dear You and I we can never ever be amongst those who despondent overtakes. We are one of those. We are always optimists. We are always looking at a brighter future, the brighter future because our deal teaches us that and that deal, which in itself is a puzzle.

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was a lot of understanding