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The holy Bible uses the word " handyman" to describe actions of gods, including their behavior. The video of Jana driving with a license plate and according to the license shows that she wanted to see Microsoft Teams and Facebook, but was arrested by police after driving with a Raymond. The history and meaning behind " handyman" in the Bible is discussed, including the use of the tongue to identify good and bad blood, the importance of adopting means to achieve Islam's goal of worship and deception, and the use of memory and knowledge to achieve their goals.

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah NaVi Avada a mother do favela Jimenez shaytani, r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will

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lead our photo Sina to

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Luma peace

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sakalava nauseum,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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The central pivot around which

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our entire Deen revolves around

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is a man in the greatness in their existence in the attributes of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada This Mahara k gurman Amara Dean Gunter him or Allah tala caywood Allah tala tourism as mud, or Allah tala Joseph percaya Qin Han and that is the reality. Allah subhanho wa Taala everything even the commands of Almighty Allah, even the aspects with regard to the ibaadat our social dealings our Mama, it all comes about because of our belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. For example Allah tala says welcome is Salah tele Vickery established Salah for what do you establish solid Why do you perform Salah the victory for the sake of the remembrance of Allah? Allah tala fermata k Salah kamco Allah

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so her Chico Allah tala k here give or Allah tala k by k in gira Amara Deen where he where he is killed.

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Allah tala is a proper noun, which best describes our Creator and all the attributes of Almighty Allah subhana wa tada laser chemistry he there is no one like Allah, He is free from all imperfection souhan Subhana Allah the meaning of Subhana Allah means he was free from all imperfections and to translate the word Allah is not haram to say God, for example, you are in a in a situation where there are non Muslims and you use the word God, it is not Haram, but it is not appropriate. The best way and the best word to refer to Allah subhanho wa Taala is a law he is our Creator, he is the one who is free from all imperfection, he is the greatest and what is amazing is

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take any other word, take any other word, you take one letter out, said after taking out that letter, that whole particular word would not mean anything. The word you know a lie is such you take out any letter from Allah it still refers to Allah subhana wa tada Allah is Allah take away the leaf of Allah Lila Hema is summer wati wa phenol says Allah tala in Surah Baqarah you take away the leaf, you take away the one of the Lambs Allahu Camila who He is Allah, He is the one takeaway leave take away the alarm lahoma is somehow

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to Allah tala belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth. Take away. Take away, take away the other lamp, Allah hula Illa Illa Allah Allah is Allah is Allah My dear respected brothers, that's the best way that we can refer to how Allah is to say Allah. And this is what Allah subhana wa Taala in the Holy Quran has made mentioned, every letter of the word Allah points in the direction of Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge is complete. His knowledge in every method is complete. So men come man as a woman zahavi it is equal to Allah, whether you do something openly whether you do something in the darkness of the life for whoever Mr. Fehmi Lael was sorry for Mina, whether you do

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something in broad daylight, whether you do something in the darkness of the night, Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware of it. Yeah, Allah Maha

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motto is sudo. No one knows someone is seeing you with his eyes. You do

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Know what what intention is seeing you. Allah says I know that treachery of the people's eyes what what intention he is looking at something with what intention is looking at the wealth of someone with what intention he is looking at you, Yamaha you know, I know what is in people's eyes with what intention they are looking at someone Amato fish, I know what is in their hearts. In the Quran. One place Allah tala uses the word.

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Alpha means what you conceal right in your heart. You haven't even made mention of it to someone, we haven't even brought it to your tongue. Allah says what is alpha? I know Allah subhanho wa Taala knows each and everything. Allah Karim camelhair will logo keyaki Kiana k de la mer toupee whereas ACO or zalim Oh ks zulum. Cobra, homie walk if Allah says in the Holy Quran, Allah Subhan Allah have a Maya Angelou, Solomon, Allah is not aware of what the evil people do. I always tell people when people become very, very, you know, despondent, they become frustrated. They become angry with what the oppressors are doing. Sometimes it is like sometimes in Palestine sometimes in Burma, Allah

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Allah says don't think I'm unaware, mature who may or may

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well not when I Allah Subhan Allah has of the room. I have delayed it. Leo min Tasha Sophie Hill, I'm sorry. I have delayed it for a moment when the eyes will roll out of fear. I have delayed it for that moment. But the time Come, I will take this up from them. I will take accountability accountability from them. We're in Canada Mr. Harper, Tim in Horrigan attain obeah says align the 17 to power of the Holy Quran. Even if there is an issue to the extent of a mustard seed, whether it be in your harmar whether it be in your deeds, whether it be in the in the expanse of the heavens and earth, or Dana B I will bring it in front of me on the day of Tiamat Allah subhanho wa Taala his

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knowledge is complete my dear respected brothers, and therefore we must never ever think that Allah subhanho wa Taala is unaware or maraca hafid in a matter amarone Allah is not a halfhill Allah is not unaware of what you are doing, how many times we read this ayat in the Holy Quran, Allah His Majesty, Allah subhanho wa Taala his greatness has it mousseline salat wa salam made dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala once nine to power of the Holy Quran, Rob br me Anzu La Jolla Abu J. Up Maria Zion apne forma Yalla show me yourself, I would like to see you. And Natalie says Linda Ronnie opusa you can see me in this world, you will only be able to see me in the afternoon. You will only

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be able to see me in the year after in Jana. So he said Ravi really wanna Allah, Allah says he said, Oh Allah show me Allah Allah says lanta, Ronnie, what are Kenyans are eligible? You want to see me? Let me give you an example how you won't be able to see me while our qinzhou eligible. Look at that particular mountain for lamotta gela Rahul

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and Allah Allah revealed his jelly upon that mountain musala salaam Nadia for my Yala Abuja dekai Show me yourself and atomica have made the exit okay. Nicholas barkatullah of deadly

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desire keys or his power Cooper, Allah tala sent down His Majesty upon that particular mountain, for a matter Jalla

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Jalla who was Tara moussaka, that was her Reza Reza hoga that particular fountain became dust, it became completely eradicated, destroyed into dust. And musala Salatu was Salam fell down unconscious for a Maha when he regained consciousness he said, Oh Allah I made I asked for forgiveness for asking something which is beyond me to do unless Majesty is so my dear great, Allah will filter himself on the day of Tiamat in Jannah, for us to be able to see Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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This is the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah subhanho wa Taala has full authority, kingship sovereignity over each and every aspect of what he has created in this world. The Houma is somewhat a warmer, warmer, warmer warmer data to Allah belongs the authority of what is in the heavens, or what is in the earth. Why am I being a woman what is between the heavens and earth?

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What is in the crust of the earth? Only Allah subhana wa Taala knows only Allah has authority, mighty respect of others, we have not understood the greatness of Allah. We are going in different ways My dear respect for others, let us understand the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah says the who will Kusama wa T will arrive to Allah tala belongs authority of the heavens and you hear what you mean. He gives life and he takes away life. You see what you mean? Well, who Allah Felicia

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Until he has full control over everything who would Oh well, he is the first of the first lol Billa if he is the first without any beginning, when you say something is first to say it begins some somewhere, he is the first without any beginning, when

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he is the last but the last without any ending. Who

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was here, Felisa phoca cache? delbarton, Felisa Duna cache? He is the most apparent he is the most hidden He is Allah subhanho wa Taala This is Allah subhana wa tada well who Alka Hiroko curry body he has full control over his bondsmen over his creation. No one can do anything without the permission of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala maka, maka, Allah you plan Allah plans only that happened which Allah subhanho wa Taala plans, how many times we have seen that reality? We think that everything happened with us, many times people have money people have power people of influence, I will do this, I will do this, my context will do this. I will do this. A person was

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driving and according to his license, you know, he said that you are supposed to drive with us with a spectacles or with an optical ad. So the traffic cop called 40 men said according to the license, you are supposed to drive with a spectacle with specs. So he said I got contact. So he said whether you got caught tech or not I'm giving you a file

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called take care whether you got caught tech, not only Carla's contact will work metiria spectral balance so Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the one who knows each and everything Joby assmann, Omaha zamin Omaha, Medina Hey what's up Allah tala key him, Allah Allah, Allah apne that may be mi Sol apne portrait, lm Tata or Hammersmith Lama dude, only Allah Allah controls each and everything by the respective roles. If only we can understand the greatness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah tala you know hidden he narrates some of his novia, Karim Sol Sol Musa say Allah mellanox Ethan Anneli will know we cannot, we cannot praise you you are as you have praise yourself. Align

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the Holy Quran in surah. inshallah in it because he uses the word Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will how you look at you Hi means he who is everlasting, who is started off and will end off all the time. No end in Allah subhanho wa Taala continuous life with no beginning no end. What our call Adelheid says a lie in the 19 Super all the Holy Quran rely upon the one who is ever less loving, who will never die. I'll tell you everyone is in existence because of him somehow.

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Or he will just and he he is self sustaining. He is a young Let me call himself slim said you want to ask Allah as per these two qualities yeah how you yaka Yun very famous to Yahoo yahoo, the mighty canister Hey, Oh, hi. Okay you only your Rama to we seek only you or your hammer. Do we seek LAN Matic we only seek your hammer to mercy Allah Hosni ba Nicoletti latinum walk nof Nibiru conical la de la Yara Allah protect us with those eyes of yours. That sleep never overtakes and give us protection with that fella that will never have a fall. What a honey bee pathetically, yes, vanilla. What a beautiful day. Our lap protectors because of your power over us. Protect us over your power

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over us. Protect us over your power over us. My dear respective brothers. We feel that things happen because of our whims and desires only happens because of Allah subhanho wa Taala up the ante to read read. In them he showers with his favors, my dear respected others, there is no greater, no greater sign of Allah then this human being suddenly him if enough he felt he was unfussy him attire to me.

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says a liner three four so part of the Holy Quran. I will show you my signs in the horizon and in your body until you come to realize if you want to that only Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatness and who only Allah tala is our Creator. Look at look at how human beings our heart goes on for 7080 years don't one day did it stop.

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And if it stops with the end of our life, sometimes a person has 80 years of life sometimes 70 years said 7080 years it continuously it continuously beats not one day does it stop the kidney filters. The kidney filters good blood from bad blood, who gave it the capacity to be able to know which is good blood and which is bad blood? Allah Allah gave us the tongue. He gave us the flexibility of the time to be able to form words. He gave us the intellect to be able to understand those words. Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us all this My dear respect for others who gave the tongue

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The flexibility to form words and the ability to understand it only Allah subhana wa tada Watney Rama Toki bearish ampere carta in sunny dill sector sassy circle delta y Tata Nike. Whoa, whoa director attire. conehead yo who said was a jazz at the time? Who is it Who gives a how Allah subhanho wa Taala his history is a band called fast banana key lecture dear or in Belfast for Sebastian at Salah.

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Only Allah subhanho wa Taala all of this My dear respective brothers

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demands from us that we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in our worship, obedience and in protection Ummah, uwgb

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we actually pursue

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Allah whom Allah Who is there who will listen to the calls of those people who ask Allah tala in the times of difficulty, who is there who will remove difficulty, a healer whom Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah tala Go ahead, call her to Veronica in quantum sadolin. Bring your evidence if you are truthful with regard to it, only Allah subhana wa Taala Allah tala in Surah minimix mentioned in ayatul kursi. When you do have Zuma, it is not difficult for Allah to protect you. Allah tala Kalia aka Nirvana or aapka you know protect you okay. mushkin Nia is not is not difficult. Mustard has a minute for Rama was a rooster from Bangladesh who taught me in my earlier years. He's to say whenever you are in difficulty, you don't have time to read a lot of da read this. What are you doing Zuma?

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mushkin A Asana Allah who do his oma Allah Allah is the one who protects my dear Don't go towards anyone else. When am I have made mentioned with regard to the statement in in Arabic money I Tama alumnus Mullah he relies upon people will become disappointed money

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will tally for cardella he relies upon his power and authority authority. Allah will disgrace him money uttama holla Mali Coca Cola he relies upon his wealth, Allah will make him poor money.

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He relies upon his internet, Allah will deceive him money. Allah He relies upon Almighty Allah for Allah, Allah He won't be disappointed. But Allah, Allah won't give him any less. When are the Allah Allah won't disgrace him? Well after Allah, Allah won't deceive him, turn towards Almighty Allah in worship, in devotion in obedience and into her. Yes, there is a way that Allah Allah wants us to ask and that our alumni have made mentioned and I will conclude with this My dear respect to others, our alumni have said ask Allah but adopt the means. adopt the means. What does it means Allah Mohammed mentioned ma ba Hara or as BB knife

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or as back open tawakkol karna christoper barossa karna yet the relative not to adopt means is ignorance. And after adopting means to rely upon your means is deception. You are going astray. First adopt the means Allah tala then go towards Almighty Allah. If just for example, you don't adopt means you don't get married, you don't go to a woman you can make every day he bothered into her totality of karma. Allah is not going to keep your children

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until you don't get together with a woman in nikka is gonna give you children. So not to adopt means is ignorance and to adopt means and they say my means will give me that is that is the planet that is been led astray. And Allah tala despite all his greatness, he loves us, my dear respective brothers, despite You see, someone can become very powerful and he can forget the people who are under his influence. Not Allah subhana wa Tada. As a worker of the lotto in one day came in the presence of our beloved and via Kareem Salam. He had thorns as his buttons, you know, as a worker, when at the time of Israel had 40,000, silver silver coins. He was not poor. But he took all his

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wealth and he use it in the path of Almighty Allah. He came one day in the presence of Navy. He was awesome. He had thorns that were covering his quota and putting his quota together. And that Allah revealed upon Nubia Kareem so awesome. That asked Abubakar, is he happy in this condition? Love is so great. He is asking a human being a companion of the Prophet asked him is he happy in his condition? Yahushua

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who became Jewish, he said, Tell Allah I'm happy Khalil I'm happy. So my dear respected brothers, this is our small message. Whatever our situation we are finding ourselves in, that has turned towards Almighty Allah into our seeking Allah protection, worshiping Allah seeking our help with love.

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To our situations with regard to our protection from all our calamities and our situation, because in that lies our solution this morning, my dear respect for others, we got the sad news of one of our great alums of our country, as a multitasker on the move to have Muslim Judicial Council, and one of our great alums that passed on me a letter A police covered with more. He was a great genius. One day I heard him speaking, I was mesmerized by what he was speaking. I was just taken aback because when he used to speak he should speak with regard to you know, things you should just flow from his tongue. He had a remarkable you know, memory and his knowledge when what am I used to sit

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in his gathering used to be astounded that what crate illuminata had granted him So one day I asked him Where's your note that morning? I got no notes I was speaking from memory. I was just taken aback me a

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great amount of server. She lost two sons a daughter and her husband, may Allah Allah grant her and all the family members of Allah tala grant him the highest ranking Jenna