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The lack of respect towards Adam in Islam is reflected in the language, and the use of honor is often seen as a way to avoid offense. The history and use of the Holy Quran are discussed, along with the importance of respect for individuals. The transcript describes a man showing respect to a paper and putting it in a respectless place, as well as questions about their religion and whether they show respect to their elders. A former sexual encounter with a woman is also mentioned.

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Hola Hola Hamdulillah you are? What's that was salam ala Milan

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anomala maybe about a month

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when I Sharia to abolish

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a mugger do follow me last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Here

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is what I focus on in Seneca Allah will ask him, my dear respected elders and brothers.

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There is great emphasis in our deen on what is termed as other

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respect, showing people respect and the whole concept of Adam and respect. Many times in our conversation we bemoan the fact that in today's time, there is a lack of Adam. There is a lack of respect.

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There is a rewired the meaning of which is corroborated

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at Devaney eruptive Senator dB, My Allah taught me respect and he taught me respect in the most beautiful manner and way.

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Kodama have written that adapt means to do something correctly, with the proper etiquette and with a proper way.

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Amara de Mer is that, for the other year DMCA humbly saya it rewired heck Allah may Allah name Bucha better in Egypt Sakai, loves the other comma club here Gohara cheese or Harish che comme si three que se or ba hoobie unjammed in the Arabic language yeah beautiful sayings with regard to

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the beautiful things either will do naturally nurse that other than respect is the shield for a human being Lacell * ruble Mal, enamel. Enamel * rubella hidden me when Adam there is no

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there is no pride in wealth. Pride is in knowledge and in respect and other honor.

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Yeah, it does. Or Ubik RB Mamula chiamata for her multi which is an EN Ilam or other Chioggia Sam. And this we find that many places in our Sharia the ease that Islam teaches us that everything we do we do it with adult respect. Now let me give you an examples. The first thing is adequate ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala. Now there is no doubt whatsoever that the biggest and the most important ADIF of Allah Tala is that you don't do things that are displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala

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Moloch Allah raka hate to Maya and

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your your protector and your Mala must not see you at a place where he is prohibited you that is the best because the biggest respect is Allah must see you doing things pleasing to Him and not see you doing things that are displeasing to Him. But even despite that, there is adapt in the way you approach Allah subhanho wa Taala so there is one beautiful thing from the our Sophia the Sufis say that worship takes you to gender perhaps, but I guess in respect of Allah Tala takes you directly to Allah subhanaw taala

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respect takes you directly to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. So, this is a very important Ibaadat subsea parallel to Adam

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Asami subset Batterien.

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the cables Casazza, Amana gypsum and water Ibadan was meant to have under Tanaka somni Adopt kissaten pay shy Soufiane Ilica Ibaadat in sample Janet Mila they

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Nick and Adam, Allah Galatia portugu

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Adam takes you to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that is why you will find our own I've written about the articles of dua

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that do us a failure of Allah Tala kita correct was kebab apne RC coupe script, before you make dua, you first praise Allah subhana wa Taala then you go and ask, you know Allah to Allah for your needs. Not like this. You Allah give me so much. How I heard our elders used to say what now give me a kriva full of money

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before you even ask him that Allah give me this money. Give me this give me this subset ballot this time.

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praising Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at how the Ambia Ali was salat wa salam used to make dua to Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada

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where you were even? Rub bow and knee Maselli a guru

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who Antara hamara Helene

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you when you set out to a Salam was sick for seven years he was sick one day his wife said you are the Mercy of Allah Tala Why don't you make dua to Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. So you believe so that was Trump said I feel shame that for 70 years Allah gave me health now seven years he's testing me. I feel shy, but eventually when he may do a look at this,

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and he must certainly adore our law. Difficulty has come upon me because of my illness. We're under Harper Rahimi you are most Merciful.

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No, she can she

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can lie I'm so sick. Your lie you made me so much sick you put me so much under so much problems. And the musalia door Owen that difficulty has come upon me one Tamra

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moosari salat wa salam came to a place where he was completely without food without shelter. Rob be in Neelima and Zelda II I mean, you're in *ing online we need of anything that you give me

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as a primer is to not do is made mention of him and it is use of the Holy Quran. And the Rehana can info who is the one lady who are you Imani while you're staying where you are married to vote who is fifth and I look at this I'm just absolutely amazed. He praises a lot before he asked me Allah Tala for certain things he made to Almighty Allah and in the DUA before the DUA he praises Allah. And in this praising of Allah, Allah Tala continuous caca, or what now you have guided me, we have given me food to eat and water to drink. When I become sick, you give me cure everything he referred to Allah. But when sickness came, he reported to himself uniqa Allah You made me sick. He didn't say

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Well, now you made me sick. He said when I become sick, you give me kill. This is Adam in his most beautiful form, how he addressed Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear respect of others, this is the way we are supposed to have in front of Almighty Allah subhana wa Namaaz maybe other and then the next thing is, I have in front of our beloved Maria Teresa Salam Sahaba grammar if you read one Allah, Allah and watch my inner

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Catherine Messiah, they showed us

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so, even the Sahaba how they showed respect to our beloved Namibia crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they such amazing excellent as an imbecile. The Ultra was Uncle Octavia carrying saucer. Now he was even more elegant than our beloved reoccurring sorcerer. One day someone asked him Abbas who is bigger now you know we say someone you ask men of speech. You know who is bigger? Are you bigger? Maybe a cream sauce is bigger. Sometimes you say it's big. And when he said certain who Borromini son? He is bigger than me. I was born before you

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can marry related to Isabella he is bigger than me. I was born before him. My DD Why did he say this respect. I will human sorry, ready Allah who was the host of maybe a crimson Allah when he was seven when he came to Madina Munawwara so when Libya Kinshasa themselves abou AU, he had two floors, the upper floor and another 10 floors that we have in today's type small house that were put on top and the people at the bottom. So in the vehicle himself, he said I wouldn't be getting visitors. Let me stay on the bottom floor, you stay on the top floor. The first day he came, all of a sudden the thought came upon him. I'm on top of Kareem Salah who

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I am on top of the Mr. Slim the resource name is down. He and his wife went in one corner of the room who might even stay

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home tonight and

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then during the course of the night the water fell from the judge. Now those times there wasn't this you know double type of flows to him. Those particular flows were such that the water would have dipped down to our beloved movie star slums room. He took everything to so in such a way he took off his own clothes didn't have much fruit, and he completely dried the floor that the water must not drip upon himself.

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Next morning, he said he understood that despite what you are saying, I'm not going to stay on top. I can stay on top of basketball.

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Yada yada yada you will stay on top. I will sit down. This is

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The adults and respect that these people have for our beloved Maria Teresa Allahu alayhi wa sallam who have been Masuda the Allahu Turon okay to, you know came to Fatima came to Davia and he saw the Sahaba showing so much respect.

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He was trying to negotiate between the coloration of Muslims saw during the cause of that heat caught the beard of

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he caught the beard of the saucer movie Robin Schumer took out his sword and said you're dead. That's our

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you did that hour maybe two he asked the missiles to him he called him who is this? He said he is Mahira your nephew. He didn't see mudra for a long time so you couldn't make up

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the nephew of Robin was who took him in he said who did touch our many spirits

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My dear respected brothers This is respect not only in the time of maybe I can install strip after Libya criticism style. Allah in the Quran says Latin for was the focus of the knowledge. Don't raise your voice above the voice of the Vietnamese awesome. Up Now I was co Chairman chronometer himself some kisana one day as an almighty Allah to store two people speaking loudly in machete number one

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and he told them no contact in Medina de la Oh Tacoma. If you are from people of Medina, you don't know the Atticus you have come from somewhere else. If you are from Medina, I would have punished you Turfan Swati Kumar in the Rasulillah you raise your voices of

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respect pity what we do we go in front of the rules are we taking selfies

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we got no respect for the place.

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Respect my dear respective Brothers is such an important part. This is the way that we are in the witness I it was revealed.

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Sabbath in case study allowed and I think it was most likely him. He had a naturally loud voice. He used to speak loudly. He didn't come in the presence of Nevis awesome for two weeks. Let me solo set it where you started. You have a sunnah he's afraid that he speaks loudly in your company and that Allah says Allah will take away all his good deeds therefore he doesn't come in your presence. The Vietnamese awesome setup is not for him. It is for people who speak loudly out of disrespect not because of those who are naturally who have a loud voice. My the respect of others respect for me saw slim, respect for the family of Navy academics awesome. Respect for for shy, EULA, respect for

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misspelled anything that is to do with the vehicle. It is also how the Sahaba used to have such great respect as it currently allowed to say when the leadership here de la Caraga Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aquila, when a Salah karate the family of the vehicle is awesome. I have great respect for them than my own family because that is a family that you would have bought in every house Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa,

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we show respect to them. And he's to say by hit by him in whose hands mice my soul lies, I will show more love to the family of miracle himself something that won't me.

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I used to say that, as an ambassador, we allowed the rules accepting Islam was even more pleasing to me than my father's. Because he gave pleasure to the beard cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I read an amazing thing today, that in the Ottoman time, they used to keep a record of all the sages who are authentically regarded as secrets. And they only did that because of the deep love and respect for the messenger of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada

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do like the ambassador, Viola triangle, you know, Zedi defamatory Allah was that I know. One day I live near a bus went to the dogs at Lisa because he was a clean savvy and he was very knowledgeable. So he waited outside his door till he got up. He didn't knock on the door. He didn't knock the door. He waited. So then after he got up and then when he came out of the line her bus, so they didn't throw the Allahu Turan who saw him then he said, Oh cousin of

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our beloved.

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Why didn't you wake me up? He said no, no, you are the ally.

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Respect for ally. You are an ally. You are knowledgeable. I am in need. I am in need of your knowledge. I must show respect to you. I must wait for you. Now they may

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give me five minutes. We'll be chatting Alan calculated you don't worry about give me a man give me a

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reply in five minutes. He waited for an hour or so outside

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The dogs they give me something to really show him so much respect. Then you know, and then as aw fabric review allowed to complain your boss was young, he started showing respect. So when he showed past showed respect to me, he said

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there is a way Allah has taught us to show respect with

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SUSE, even if they haven't started showing respect to him. So much respect to him that he feels shy to say, I am young while showing minister. He said this is the way Allah has told us to respect the family of

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everything to do with the we show respect to me, you Azim sha Allah who are in the army,

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whoever shows respect to the symbols of Allah, he did. It is as a spec with regard to our Taqwa we should have you really allowed to argue about America, very amazing incident, we should have he was not very pious. He was in fact, you know, a superintendent of the police. So one day he was going he was intoxicated state. So when he was going he saw a paper in which was lifted Allah's name. So it took the paper it was negative, he cleaned it up, he put it in a place of respect

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and Ally most of the time. So the vehicle in sauce eliminatory man said go ahead tell Bishop

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the way he showed respect to my name, I will give him respect.

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So be sure if it actually became a very great thing. One day he Champlin Abdul Malik met him in the home.

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So he shall we said, Bishop asked of me what you want to ask for behind the Khalifa. So he said we should I told him he sang in front of the Kaaba was asked you

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I'm in front of Allah they asked you

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how can I ask you in front of the cover? So then he shall fellowship.

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Then one day he shall met him outside the cover. So sham asked him he said now asked me you know mine the cover. So he said

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What must I ask from you about deed or dunya? of religion or dunya? So obviously you couldn't ask about deed because mission is a scholar.

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He said ask me about dunya what word we need you have mission Katya, Java,

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he shall dunya or human, I haven't even asked Allah what they can ask have you

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done your media? Let

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ask you something again. This Bishop, Allah gave him that trend because of showing respect to a piece of paper in which

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we don't show respect sometimes to the Quran, to IRS etc. What made you ask him sha Allah He for him Muhammad Taqwa. Hello, my dear. He said, even with regard to the Allah, that we show respect to the different methods that Rama has also realized that people are respecting them not because of the individual itself, but because of the enum that they have. That's a different matter, and that they must realize it, but you respect an ally. Why do we respect an ally because he is a possessor of the knowledge of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala the Vietnamese awesome limit set in a hadith he's not from us what I'm saying here, who does not show respect to our elders, who does not show compassion

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to our kindness and who does not show appreciate our own AMA? Well, I'm missing it.

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He who does not show respect to the

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cream saucer mistake thermosetting the Hadith the inhabitants of the heavens and earth, even the fish in the sea seek forgiveness for the Alama

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so we show respect to the Allama not because of the individual selves. And sometimes they might be meekness for the individual selves. We show respect to them because they are the possessors of the knowledge of the the knowledge of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala show respect to that you might want to Lolly used to say I never ever take out my legs in the direction of the house of

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a man

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this is respect. He said that my I never used to take you know, my legs was never in the direction of the of my Houston this so many Jeep workers don't have the time to say how to how to respect our our citizens. If you don't show respect to the assemblies or how are you gonna get rid of, then respect for human beings? Allah.

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Adam, Allah says that I have given respect to every human being. Jahangir said you're in some key sex scandal yet.

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In Santo.

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reoccurring sources showed respect to each and every human being irrespective of the status of Vi C irrespective of given the E

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As a human we are with you of respect and that doesn't say you only respect

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I every given honor to every child of animals

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and one was one of our great alumni in today's time he says today we don't we don't practice upon the iron. We show respect to Titus

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your doctor Dr. Mulder, who sent you

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a letter on a unique IQ to Hannah due respect titles up Luca

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z what will in Santa Barbara but

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up in Sankey

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you respect him because he's a human we'd this is what is

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given to those who are great and those who work in a particular position influential the vehicle exhaust them show them respect. You wrote a letter to Judas.

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Today we will say is a is a non Muslim King. Muhammad Rasul Allah in our era Kalahasti Maru from Muhammad Rasul Allah Almighty Allah to characterise the Great Leader of Rome.

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When you're testing even aggressive in an ordinary way, you're dressed in what is titled as the maroon, the leader of rooms. I didn't mean it was not a Muslim indicator of your current sources. When it came to the reoccurring sauce. When he came into the room, there was only one question I didn't ask him ran away from the vehicle.

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He ran away from the vehicle himself. But when he came in the room maybe I couldn't saw since there was one question he gave it to the police officers who said you are the guest you take it

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in the title of maybe a crimson Allah while he was still there was a black woman ever seen a woman who used to sweep the Masjid. Now they will different rewired, maybe a cream sauce in case you know that she is ill afterwards maybe a cream Salah while he was selling to the Sahaba when you come to know Avada if something happens, come and tell me. So maybe a creamy sauce from Kaitlyn afterwards that she passed away Libya crimson says Why didn't you tell me what began? Why didn't you tell me with regard to it. So only after that when the reoccurring source from Libya cream sauce to me came to know with regard when Libya Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam went to her cupboard in the midst of

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Islam meant to make dua for

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my dear respected letters. There are many other examples with regard to it.

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There is a there is an awesome former Apogee to please just go into better people are looking for just that formula. And lastly, I would say it's such a beautiful example. Even with regard to the people who are sick. We are supposed to show respect to them. You know when you go to visit someone who is sick, you wouldn't visit with a proper etiquette. You don't go in and

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you go there you give him good advice. You give him words of consolation you keep your particular visit very short to the summer person is sick who has spent so much time he gets the clip there's one very serious sick tropical area was sick so people came and visited. So afterwards they say that wow the sick person is very very you know effective. You know, people listened to it and another exception so they asked him simplistically make dua so you know, what do I he made hola Mahalia about a limb Hong Kong. May Allah teach you how to come visit the sick

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teach you how to come visit. So these tickets in whatever you do, go there's so much reward but if you're going to see go into it was going don't continue to put the clip by their respective others. This is an important thing that we have not been able to give it the proper attention now that there was a focus