Hadrat Abdur Rahman Bin Auf RA – Secrets of his prosperity and business success

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa Ala Moana via via

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a mobile phone formula Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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while Athens Tennessee welcome in at dounia Watson comm arson Allahu hilic. While at the facade of fill,

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in Allahu Allah, your hip will move city, settler colonialism

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highly respected elders and brothers from time to time. In our talks we speak about certain great people of the past with the intention of gaining inspiration.

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Today I would like to speak about a great hobby. And there are various reasons why I've chosen this hobby for today's

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and that is the Sahabi jahleel the very great hobby by the name of Abdul Rahman ibni rhodiola.

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The most most wealthiest of all the companions of our beloved Nivea creams, Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He was amongst those companions who accepted Islam. In the very initial stages. Abubakar Avila Allahu Turan, who introduced him to our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he upon meeting via Karim sauce alum was so impressed that he accepted Islam. He is amongst the ashara Mashallah the 10 people whom navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one gathering nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave them the glad tidings of Jenna by saying Abu Bakar Phil Jana Omar, Phil Jana continuing and amongst them was Abdul Rahman Phil Jenna Apertura man is in Jana. So

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Angela, what a great fortune. You are in this world. And you are given the glad tidings while you are in this world that you are generosity.

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And just as the people of the initial stages of Islam were persecuted, Abdul Rahman me offers the ultimo was similarly persecuted and in this way he was forced to migrate to ever Sr. and they after he migrated to Madina munawwara

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over the load on ocupa I should remember Shara Massa, Sabina overly messy shrew shoo shoo may Islam kabuki theater or distresses sroka Mr. Manohar Qureshi, netta Cliff Concerta, Top Ramen Kavita Cliff pancetta Jetta she's gorgeous a widow martaba Ronnie jerky, a Kawasaki

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aurait Madina, munawwara Katara and when it comes to Madina, munawwara This is when he his situation changes when they came to Madina munawwara we know that maybe a cream sauce alum paired the mohajir in in the answer and make them like brothers. So when we saw slim told the people of Medina, you look after the people of Makkah.

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So the answer, they gave such a remarkable aspect of brotherhood that is unique in the annals of history, which is an inspiration for us. When people make Mohamed hatred, you don't feel bad. You welcome them. And suddenly you come in a car they never ever said, These people are coming from Makkah, they're gonna take our jobs, they're gonna take our business, they welcome them. So when people migrate from another country, it's the responsibility of the host. Not to feel bad about it. I sometimes wonder that many times we in our situation, we look we look down upon the people who have come from the indo Pak sub continent, or from Somalia from other countries. But where did your

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grandfather's come from? Who cassava Okazaki Yaki passion detonator, they will not here. So you also we have to keep that so the answer they kept that they welcome the people of Makkah. Right. And in that particular way, in this way, Abdul Rahman hypnobirth was spared WhatsApp bin Robbie sapien rappi was amongst the most wealthiest of the companions of the answer. So what did sapien Robbie do? Abdul Rahman

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nebia cream sauce is made us brothers by I want to fulfill the rights of this brotherhood. Here my wealth take half of it and take it. My house take half my house. I got two wives. You say which one you like. Not I wonder what I like which one you like it Versa you get married to her out of brotherhood, not because of a burden. Like the famous joke people say when a person put an advertisement in the newspapers, wife wanted the next day he got a whole host of replies. You can take my

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mirabello because yeah, Africa becomes so and become so despondent and so tired. Not like that. After a man you take your you going? Oh, look at look at the answer.

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He didn't say yeah, give me give me. He said No, sir. Leave me alone. Allah has given you Allah will give me Show me the way to the marketplace.

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Show me the way to the marketplace. Here big Hama pata. Mahajan, MCI. mokara masa, Madina munawwara. To better see sir Howard mahapatra hacer hodari Cordova euro hood ma Mutharika tomaselli pitch GT. Watch the Hara cassava Kiss Kiss COVID Nikki Sabina be rabina gs cashew Mara, Madina, munawwara Kamal de la meseta Hunan apne daulat appname baja yata caplet Opie BB

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Monica hood mo Teresa jawab dia. By destra Allah tala napco de mucho de de de motivated ngay up, mujer

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de zaraki Monica Rasta bottle, show me the way to the marketplace I will become self sufficient. So you see these two aspects when people make hatred, the responsibility of the hosts to be caring to open the hearts and the responsibility of the people who have come to make an effort that they must not be a burden upon anyone they must stand on their own two feet they must become self they must become someone who are not dependent upon others. They are people who will be dependent upon their own efforts that's what we learn that's why we make mention of the incident the Sahaba not only with the intention of saying Haha, what lessons we take now to Rockman evening Oh started and Allah tala

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gave him so much Baraka, Allah, Allah gave him so much blessings in his wealth. You can't believe it. Allah Allah that opens up his ways he can he gets married. When he gets married one day he comes in front of our beloved Nivea cream sauce jasola NaVi sauce from cesium sees an aspect of perfume, all of a sudden he is better dressed in this aspect of perfume. There was a specific type of perfume that the woman used to wear and he had a portion of it or some effect of it lingered upon his throat. So let me start them said man, you got married with Tell me your rasulillah I got married. What did you give your wife in theory I gave her a small piece of gold. Mashallah, now after you got

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married, did you make walima our limo be shot? Give walima even if we have to have one sheep slaughter and tie a sheep slaughtered going to Halima This is my Suna. Now look at the simplicity of the ways today if someone gets married we are not aware of it. We will get angry Rabbi you got married you didn't give me doubt where was a card? Maybe a cream sauce and didn't get angry. Let me saw someone said give her walima Let me say something and get angry. Then maybe a cream saw some said we are not Allah give you Baraka in your wealth. Allah Allah give you Baraka in your wealth and your children. Then after Ramadan evening Oh for the low Tron who became so wealthy he used to say,

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whatever I touched, turn into gold, whatever I touch turned into profit. So much so that if I were to have just lifted up a stone they would have been gold and silver underneath. Because of Nivea creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Baraka histoires his ingenuity, he starts doing business correctly and Allah tala gave him Baraka in that. Brothers. Let me say when you put in point many times today, we take pride we get our children, we get them, you know, university degrees, we get them that they must study. I'm not saying that is not important. Obviously it is important it is important that we as the Muslim Ummah have people in every field, whether it be embedded medicine,

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whether it be accounting, whether it be in the government, whether it be in bureaucracy, we must be everywhere, but one thing we must never forget is Allah tala and our beloved nebia. Trim saw slim is made mentioned that 90% of risk and is kept in degenerate 90% of risk is kept in trade.

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The way you can do good to others, and the way you can influence through the means of trade, you will not be able to do it in any way. There is this particular tendency that this oma and this community is going away from trade. And this in the long run, could be harmful and detrimental to the community and society. Today, young people will feel it more a mean of pride that I am working for such and such a company. I'm working for a multinational company. At the end of the day, you get a limited type of salary, even if it's a good salary. But through the means of business, you will find that our forefathers have been able to contribute and have been able to keep the institutions

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of our community anchored to the means of their contribution, something that we should never forget. Nevertheless, after Othmani Oprah theological who became very successful, one of his reasons of success was he figured out what is the demands of the society, how to acquire it, and supply it to people when they need it. If you look at his how he started, he started off by trading in dates. Then he started trading in oil and butter. Then afterwards, he started trading in horse horses. Then he realized there is more profit in the centers of the horses because the time people didn't use it, but they started using it. So he got involved in the saddle of horses and he started selling them.

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They after he got met, and then he got involved in camel farming. So much so that chemical farming in Medina was

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was controlled by a particular religious group

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went into that and took the control away from them to such an extent that he only got involved in chemical farming. But he even got involved in buying farms to look after and for the camels to graze. He only He not only got involved in the camel farming, but he also got involved in the supply chain, so that he is not dependent upon anyone. This was the business principle of a craftsman.

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And he himself was to say that I had three principles with regard to trade. One is I used to only trade by cash

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flow to say that a channel was Fulton, a Nakata Jarrett buying by cash selling by cash. The second thing is not waiting for a great amount of profit to come by hoarding my goods. He made Cabernet Kippur or is kind of bizarre kiya bizarre crowbar Karna, Saki Rondo, Xena Karna used to say I never used to hoard things, I will get greater profit afterwards. Whenever I got an opportunity, whatever little I bought, I sold it. Right Second thing, third principle used to make mention, and you say say insaf or Sahara say

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South Africa said he said third thing I never ever let anyone down. Whenever I made the job whenever I made a deal, it was always a deal was honesty and integrity. Even if there was a small flaw in my merchandise. I told people this is a situation with regard to my merchandise. Sometimes you can get away by making a sale by being false by being a liar and not involving and not speaking the truth. But in the long run, it harms you. People will look upon you as someone who is dishonest and they will not come back to you. And through the means of honesty and integrity. You build a reputation which was which will supplement and will help you in the long run. So after Rahmani Bo for the

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allotted who said these were my three principles of business and do you know how much wealth Allah tala had given him? Brothers I want to make mention of it. Because you know, you and I we get to the 1000s here and there we put up a small you know, bank account, we feel we are very good. You will be surprised by the wealth and that Allah had granted him. It's something for us to understand. When he passed away What was his estate 3,103,000,000 dinars. 3,103,000,000 dinars proper counting mazuma counting proper 33 billion 100 3 billion dinars gold coins ha must keep this in mind to

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this crore be slotted in our own kitchen jadad Mehta. Now, do you know one dinar is equivalent to 4.365 grams multiply that in today's parlance in December 2016 scholars, they took that particular what he left behind 4.365 grams, and they counted it. it amounted to 528%

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dollars. In today's parlance, up to rough man, if you have left behind $528 billion.

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He was a Sahabi. He was a Shriver Bashara. He was a gentleman. And he left behind $528 billion. Bill Gates in December 2016 was equivalent of $75 billion. He was seven times wealthier than Bill Gates, seven times more wealthier than Bill Gates. Now what was his situation? One is to have wealth, and then to know what to do with it. Well, you can get the wealth of qarun and go to janome. Or you can get the wealth of the rukmani often go to Jana. And what did he allow you to do? Firstly, let me give you a few aspects with regard to his wealth. He never sat behind it said I gave wealth What else do you want me to give? So I'm not gonna take part in the activities of the community and the

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Obama. He was amongst those together with giving wealth. He took part in jihad in warhead. He was wounded 21 times in in a been a shield to our beloved maybe a cream sauce

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21 times 21 wounds in the Battle of taboo he went when he went to the Battle of taboo Nivea cream sauce in one day just on the time of butter, Sarah, maybe a cream sauce limit to go and relieve himself. So when the resource we went to relieve himself, the Sahaba put up the Rama didn't have to become the the Imam

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Muslim came back. One record was gone. Maybe a cream sauce mm performance salad behind Abdul Rahman

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Sahaba jelly $528 billion Jaiden in Libya, Kareem saw Salamis readings in salad behind him. This piece of drama didn't have that was one aspect. The second aspect

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The second aspect with regard to his situation, he never allowed wealth to corrupt him never allowed wealth to make him feel superior. Today many times people have looked up or have well they think they are better than others. They look down upon others they have pride they have

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one day he was sitting in the in the in the gathering. He used to call people and you should give them down so he gave them down and during the course of that hour during the course of the invitation, all of a sudden Mr. Crider Why is he crying? Man Why are you crying?

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I'm starting to think why did Allah give me so much wealth? And then the Holy Quran says as a vertical fee hierarchy como Tanya was tempted to be a certain type of people who do a little bit good Allah gives them the reward in this world there would be nothing left for them in the after. I'm starting to wonder

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is Allah not giving me wealthier in this world that he doesn't want to give me the after musashino bear was better than me. This one was better than me. This one was better than me. Then they went they didn't have enough to even cover themselves. Allies giving me so much why is not giving me so much. Today when we get well does anyone even think that maybe perhaps allies giving us not happy with us he just giving us like that? I'm not saying that everyone is like that?

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wasn't like that. But just a thought.

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This when people get Where's where do they think of the after? Where do they think of Allah? Where do they think that maybe a letter is giving us any more give us in the after? second aspect of Ramadan you have the thought that no thinking of Allah not becoming proud not arrogance, and the 30 year law, what's the Howard? What charity what type of great amount of wealth Allah gave him. And really it is something basic or basic 100 a bottle or Pepsi coca or qsrs Carnoustie but if you have to have wealth, Nikola Tesla give you the wealth of Brahma

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Subhana Allah, what great amount of charity one day in this particular way, money over the long term. One day he sold the land for 1000 dinars 40,000 gold coins on that same hisab we make one dinar equivalent to 4.365 grams of gold. When you make use of that $6.7 million dollars. One day he gave everything out.

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One day $6.7 billion. He looked for the family of the mother of Libya cream sauce Adam gave everyone then he gave all

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He gave all the waves of Nivea creams awesome. So much so that when they got it they started weeping. Then he looked at every Patricia hubby gave them go and give give give the time of O'Meara viola, Toronto.

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People were in Madina munawwara. And then all of a sudden there was a great amount

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of noise commotion as the writer of the auto nation, are you in a room? What is this commotion? A whole convoy of camels coming? convoy of camels so much noise? What is the reason? No more mini 700 camels 700 kilometers from where 700 camels.

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The goods of approximately

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700 camels full of goods come into the presence of Medina. So I shall have a lot of nostalgia thinking. And she said, I remember nebia Kareem

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Abdul Rahman will go to Jenna, but he will go crawling into Jenna. He will go crawling into Jana. Someone into ramen. That doesn't mean really saying such and such a thing. He came running home. Did you hear the Prophet of Allah saying this? Yes. I also heard him saying this. Why is he going to go crawling, because the more wealth you got more accountability, so you have to give this up. So he said,

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I also heard this and when I asked him your cream sauce, what is the way out of it? Maybe a cream sauce and said given the path of law.

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Then there

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you have 700 camels full of goods, give it out to the poor of Medina. Everything he gave out in the path of Allah. There is why when he passed away, a little villatoro cried at his janazah and he said here was a man who had wealth. Wealth did not corrupt him and he utilizes wealth.

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Align the Holy Quran says with regard to wealth, which I read in the in the beginning, work turkey FEMA takala de la Sera, that when you have wealth seek with your wealth.

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When people come in at dunya Don't forget your share of this world. Yes, your wealth gain. Don't forget your share of this world. What you need, buy, buy good things, buy good clothes, buy good cars when I

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was in Kumasi and be good to others they will live in good upon you when a little faster.

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And do not raise corruption with your wealth for things with regard to your wealth. What does it feel that Alaska? Well Latin Sana sybok Amina dunya wha silica masa de la la

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la. If anyone was a manifestation of that, it was a drama video for the Allahu

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Allah for his cover was nor May Allah Allah elevate him. Let his legacy be one that we can follow it we will also I'm saying that don't when you get the wealth coin accumulate, but don't accumulate only for yourself. accumulate to help others and become professional in your business practice. become professional in your business. Don't just become a corner shop mentality for the rest of your life. Then go and become good. But don't become good for your own self become good that you can become the means of risk for others and you can help others and then keep the wealth the way or brahmani offer the ultimate kept it May Allah give us a trophy. It was through Donna