Ebrahim Bham – The Role Of The Musjid

Ebrahim Bham
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah

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wa if we Eva qudra T was salat wa salam O Allah siedel MBA he will mousseline.

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When he was happy he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira. I'm about to fall away last minute shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Masada de la de falla to whom Allah.

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Allah tala in Namibia Maru masajid Allah human homina Villa

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respected all ama, elders, brothers, mothers and sisters, the local community, a special mention of Hazzard mala Mohamad

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala take further work from him. And during the introduction he said that you know, I am being forward yes he is going forward in the way the Quran says festival qualify right before word in good deeds and he is Alhamdulillah among those who is forward in good deeds, in establishing Dean in remote places in places where Dean is not established. One is to go on to a moving vehicle, the train is there you get onto the moving train, that is 100 a light is also meritorious. But we also know from our Sharia and our teachings, that to establish a legacy and to establish Deen where it is not then that is even more rewarding than going onto a moving train. If

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there is an infrastructure and you are going on to that established infrastructure and hungry law, you are doing a continuation of good deeds. But when you are establishing Deen and you are establishing you know religion and goodness, in places where it is not then we all know that it is even more rewarding. So we Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioning the Quran may yes Pasha, Sonata yaku Luna Cebu minha whoever introduces a good deed, he gets the reward of every person who they after, does good in that particular place. So that Mana hamata peace amongst them, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala take further work from him. There are many issues that we can speak on on

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such a Friday. It is a Friday that is just before the Ebola hub, there is the aspect of zebra Himalaya Salatu was Salam many sacrifices and inshallah we will bring that also in our band. In our country, we also have Woman's Day, you know, today is Woman's Day, why there is no men's days the different weather. Now men have been pushed into the background, at least is a metaphor, the Constitutional Court to speak about, you know, an equality that why is the woman's day a no man's day but of course it also that aspect of Woman's Day and we will refer to that also during the course of our talk. But of course on such an occasion where there is the initiative of the masjid

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and the inauguration. It is only appropriate that we speak about the role of the masjid and the role of the house of Almighty Allah subhana wa tada in our Deen Alhamdulillah Islam has laid great stress and emphasis upon the masjid and there are many reasons for it which inshallah we will try to enable devere to bring some of those aspects it is a houses of Almighty Allah Appleby Lally Appleby, la de la Ilaha Masada Nivea cream sauce limited, the most beloved, lend in the eyes of Almighty Allah and the place is the masjid it is a house of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala one rewired mix mentioned that the masajid and the masjids they shine out to the inhabitants of the heavens, the way the stars

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shine out and radiates for the people of the

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from the top from the heavens the way the masjid radiates, like stars radiates for us who are sitting and who around the Earth. It is a pervert around which our Deen and our community is supposed to evolve around. It is a symbol of Islam. And in one rewired Nivea cream sauce limited. It is a garden of Paradise is the house of Almighty Allah, some of our scholars who have come to South Africa, they have made mentioned when you come to South Africa, everywhere else in the house, in the world, it is a houses of Almighty Allah in South Africa it is a mentions of Almighty Allah. Allah Allah has made us and we are known that Alhamdulillah we have been amongst those who have looked

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after our masajid we take a pride with regard to the beauty and the aesthetics and the cleanliness and the maintenance of our massages, and why should it not be so when we take pride with regard to our own homes, we should take greater pride in the construction and the maintenance and the beauty and the aesthetically pleasing appearance with Rick

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To our masajid via krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam has, you know, emphasized this, you know as a chef Abdul Fatah Buddha, one of our great scholars. I was reading an article of his during the course of the week, and he narrated a narration that when nemea Karim sauce the one day was going to those were the Sahaba on a journey, and they were about to come to their destination. The via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Sahaba pray make your appearance good, beautify yourself, make your conveyance good, you are coming amongst people come amongst people in a way that it becomes a mark of distinction and you are shown with regard to your appearance that people look upon you as a

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mark of distinction the way you appear amongst them. If that is with regard to our own appearance, why shouldn't our mistakes and the houses of Almighty Allah tala be distinct in terms of its appearance in terms of its maintenance and the way of it looks, the way it looks? And this is something that we should try and bring about. However, when we talk about the masjids what are the objectives? What role is a Masjid supposed to play? one most important and the most fundamental role of the masjid it is the place It is a spiritual center of the most most Muslims. It is a place of our reformation. It is a place where we build our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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respected brothers and elders and mothers and sisters, I can't overemphasize this aspect, you and I regarding our material needs is something that we have to fulfill. And it is our responsibility, no doubt whatsoever. The reoccurring source element Islam has made the fulfillment of our material needs for us and our dependence, not something that is good or it is something that is voluntarily he has made it a religious obligation when he said tolerable halali for either to the acquiring of Allah risk is a religious responsibility. And what is our physical needs? Allah has made mention of it in Surah Taha so beautifully when Allah tala tala domani salat wa salam when he was in Ghana in

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Melaka annata do Ophea wanna Tara when McCullough does Murphy Ha ha ha. Oh, Adam remain in Jenna Don't let shaytan take you away from Jana. Because you're you will not be hungry that that you wanna Tara you will not be without clouds. When Nikola Tesla Sophia, you will not become thirsty, you will not be without shelter. That is our material needs. roti kapra makan. You know food, drink, and shelter. These includes these are our basic fundamental material needs, which Allah has made mentioned in the Holy Quran. But together with that, there is another need which people do not regard it as a need. And may I say, it is as important if not more important than our material

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needs. And that is our spiritual needs. The the need for us to have a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today, people don't regard it and one of the reasons why we've seen chaos throughout the world. We see people behaving in a manner against the interests of the community against the interests of society, we see crime, we see corruption is because of the dearth of the spiritual fulfillment and the spiritual need which has not been fulfilled, it is causing chaos in the world. And this is the place where the spiritual need is supposed to be fulfilled. And that is what the Holy Quran has made mentioned alladhina amanu. In nofollow, boom, visit

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Allah decorilla hated my job, people are looking for comfort, when we are people are looking for comfort. Sometimes when I look at these adverts, I just get amazed when where we are thinking that our our happiness is going to lie. Sometimes they will it seems our happiness is if you stay in a particular state, sometimes you feel your happiness leads if you use a particular perfume spray, you will become happy, not only you will become happy, you will attract attract so many of the opposite gender. Sometimes it feels that if you wear a particular brand of clothes, you will become happy look at how the adverts are presented. And you will feel that our comfort, our happiness is going to

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lie in that we are natella has made mentioned and Latina amanu those who believe their hearts find contentment in the remembrance of Allah. Allah has anyone who knows Arabic Allah is something that Allah tala emphasizes Allah. Remember, remember human being only in the remembrance of Allah will your hearts find contentment, your hearts are not going to find contentment and satisfaction in the type of debt you have. You can sometimes have the most beautiful bed, the most beautiful deck in your in your bedroom, but you can buy 100,000 where you can spend

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This is without exaggeration to bring about the most perfect serene atmosphere and environment in your bedroom. But you can go and buy sleep even for 1 million Rand.

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Allah tala refers to this by saying you feel comfort, ease in material things, ally has kept comfort in the remembrance of Allah. And this is a place where you are going to remember now, this is a place where Allah is gonna give you comfort. This is the place where life is gonna give you contentment, and this is the place where Allah is going to give you satisfaction. And that is where we are supposed to turn towards Almighty Allah. And why should we not turn towards Almighty Allah, Allah has such control over the universe, and is such control over each and every aspect of our life. You know, everything happens with the bidding of Almighty Allah, his knowledge is supreme, ya

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da da da, da, da da da da da. He knows the amount of drops that come down in a torrential downpour. Who can count the amount of drops that come out in the rain who can count it? Allah knows the amount of leaves that fall down in all the trees of this world. You and I will lie to him. We don't even know how many trees there are in the street that is in front of us. Nevermind the trees on the street, the treated trees in mahbubani or in Pretoria or in South Africa, nevermind the trees. Allah knows the leaf of every tree in the entire universe. Those that remain greener on the under on the tree Allah knows it, though that they have fallen away during the time of autumn and gets washed

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away by floodwaters. Allah knows it and Allah knows the depth of the sea and knows the the weight of the mountains.

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lol Bihar, Allah Allah knows each and everything. In consistent with that nothing happens even with us. Without the control and power and authority of Almighty Allah you cannot take a step. You cannot take a breath without the permission and one of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The body is full control over his entire bondsmen

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tend to show you how he has control over you and that gives us a small example had either Kumar mode or furusawa Humala you for return a time of your death comes whether you are ready or you are not ready, whether you want to go or you don't want to go, whether your family feel they need your support or not. When the time of your death comes and law sends a messenger molecule mode that never ever goes against Allah tala has commands and he takes your your role. He takes your soul he takes your life to show you don't have control over your destiny. Allah has control over your destiny. When Allah has such control over your destiny, my dear respective brothers, it is only about fair

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that you and I return towards Almighty Allah. He is alive. He is the ever living

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as a man zainul Aberdeen, where they allow

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us to get a 400 namaz he used to say, he Allah, the the courts have been closed down, the doors of the rulers are closed down, only you are, you are how you lay your mood, you are the one who is ever loving and and death or sleep or does not ever overtake you let the photo center to slumber on on sleep does not overtake you, you are the only one that we can petition and turn towards at such an hour. In fact for hours we can only turn towards Almighty Allah. So

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one scholar has put it in this particular beautiful way and I will take this and conclude this aspect and this point with regard to the masjid the spiritual centers, the place where we gain contentment through the means of seeker of Almighty Allah where we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala a scholar has made mentioned and he speaks about maybe occurrence or slum he saw I saw a most beautiful human being the best of human beings, the greatest of human beings, the most elegant of all human beings. The best of Allah tala spiration such a creation that Allah tala took an oath in the city in which he resides because he resided in that city. Such a human being that

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Allah tala took an oath on various aspects of his life lambro Allah tala took an oath on his on his life, Allah tala to close on his speech well clearly he

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took an oath on it in speech, and that such a person when he said yes to something, it became harder. When he said no to something it became Haram, Mata Kumara Sulu, hamana hamanako Fanta who he said for a moment I thought such a great human being such an amazing person, such a remarkable person, I if I need something, I'm going to go to such a great human being and he said went through the means of his biography. I went to knock at his door with the intention of

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Asking him, I saw the entire issue of sleeping in this great human in was petitioning someone else. And he was making dua with regard to the soma into the home fine normally by the way into film, as usual Hakeem over life you punish my alma, you have the right to punish them. They are your bondsman, they're your servant, if you want to, you can punish them or industry lahoma if you want to forgive them, you are Aziz you have the power and you have the wisdom and you have wise enough even if you want to forgive them, you can forgive them, then my mind and my heart made a decision don't go to such a great human need for assistance. Go to that bill. Even such great people when

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asked assistance.

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Go to that Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran with regard to the masjid masajid Allah La Masjid is the house of Almighty Allah, it belongs to Almighty Allah. Ask of Allah in the masjid to not ask of anyone else in the masjid.

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The reoccurrence also I'm referring to this very same aspect of the masjid nebia Karim Qasim said if you see a person who his heart is tied to the masjid bear testimony to his Eman and you read the ayah which is in Surah Tauba in nama Yamato masala Gita law,

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those will tend to the masjid who believe in Allah. You want to see the image of a person see how he's attached to the masjid and referring to this aspect and there are many aspects with regard to the masjid. I say this is the most important aspect of the masjid why I said you see the in the time of Nivea cream sauce alone, when maybe a cream sauce alum gave the man towards a man. The police said what do they say? They made mention and they said What is he calling people towards the man we are the people who give the hottest food and we give them drinks. We give them water and not Allah said ultimacy firetail Hodge, Mr. Atul Majid C'mon homina Villa he will do me a favor tjahaja FISA

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de la, do you equate this is so relevant in today's time do you equate looking after the Haram looking after the masjid and giving people food and drink? Do you equate it with Eman? Do you equate it with striving in the past of Almighty Allah lay a stone in the law it is not equal in the eyes of Almighty Allah. The first aspect of the masjid made the respect of others is to have our taluk with Allah tala in this Masjid and without which I said we are not fulfilling a spiritual need and without that spiritual need is a void in our life is a vacuum in our life. Today to fill that vacuum people are going on drugs to fill that vacuum people are going to materialism they are not getting

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satisfaction the reason why they don't get satisfaction and that didn't keep satisfaction in that Allah tala kept satisfaction in spiritual relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala, the merkez and the center of which is the houses of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second aspect with regard to the masjid is a place to foster unity. So Pamela, my dear respect for others what can we say with regard to the importance of unity for Indian Baraka tamale Gemma cream sauce from said Baraka and blessing is what the United lot yet Allahu Allah jamara

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the hand of Allah tala is upon the United Lok

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Sabha to lolly, the son of one is about to say, until the Muslims do not get united, Allah subhanho wa Taala his assistance will not come upon them

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and naza systems will not come upon them. And he gave this example he said in a time of nebbia cream sauce them if they are 10,000 people, there were 10,000 people in Medina, every one head they support the DA and the well wishes of 9999 people that is why they became successful. Today we are fragmented in billions of groups and many times we have this particular type of groups which are not based on on how can battle but is based. Unfortunately we have to make mention with regard to it. It is based with regard to sometimes you know selfish interest. Now Wait, where are you going to be where you're going to start with regard to making the place where you're going to foster Muslim

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unity. There is no greater place to foster Muslim unity than the masjid. It is in this Masjid. When people come on a regular basis. Just look at the look at the unity that is fostered. Can you imagine if there are people who are regular coming to the masjid now you come together for further salah and there are people who come regularly for for just salah and just for a moment to think the person who is regular for fudger Salah doesn't come for three days. Immediately there's a concern. Now you don't come to them well

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People who hold the phone think about you won't even remember you won't even understand what is there. If this person this is something that you see if you are regular in a match it for further prayers. If the person who is regular is not there for one foot prayer immediately there's a concern. What has happened to him? Is he sick, something happened to him that isn't come today. If you see him at the time of photocell hungry law, this person everything is happy with him. Everything is good with regard to him What a beautiful way of fostering Muslim unity, Muslim love and compassion, my dear respect for others without this particular aspect, we will never be able to

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go forward. There is a request from some please come closer maybe you just come one one step closer so we we can accommodate the people who are coming to sakala.

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And without this My dear respect Allah have made mentioned the punishment for dividing the oma is more severe than the punishment in the Guna Ensign of discarding Juma. This is as a normal use of sobre la de one of his last bionz he made mention that the punishment of creating disunity in the Ummah is more severe than the punishment of discarding trauma. And this is something that we have to bring there are certain we have to create situations of bringing unity. It is made mentioned about you know Sidney

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was the student of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee. He one day during the course of the class of in the delis and the lesson of Imam Shafi Rasul Allah, there was, you know, in a matter with regard to a Muslim in which there was a difference of opinion, and he became angry and he left the class and towards the end of the night, he was resting in his room, when he heard a knock on the door, he said, Who is it this time of the night Who has come? So, he said, Who is it? He said Mohammed bin Idris, he was shocked because all

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he knew was he mom Shafi his homestead, and when you open up it was it was stirred and what is that said you know,

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we had different this one point, but yet they are 99% of things that we are united upon, let us not make this one point that we had disunited upon the means of disunity the means of discord, the means of hatred.

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Brothers, we talk about the aspect of disunity, let me bring it in another way, the point of what can be achieved if we are united. If only we can think about the points that we can achieve when we are united, when this Muslim Ummah was united, nevermind caring for its own, nevermind caring for its own. When this Muslim Omar was united, it gave refuge to the oppressed people of other faiths.

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When the Jews were oppressed in different parts of the world, when they were oppressed, and you know, they were taken away from Spain, the Muslim Ummah was still strong, they could gain refuge in Morocco, and they could get refuge in the Ottoman Empire, which gave them refuge for many, many years. The oppressed people of the world used to gain they used to gain Sacco and relief from the oppression from the Muslim Ummah when it was thrown, and there was a semblance of unity. Today when we are disunited, we can even give relief to our own people when we were strong and united look at what we could have achieved. Today look at what is happening in Kashmir, on this particular day of

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Friday, when there are protests that are happening happening there with regard to the oppression and persecution which has been envisaged against them, let us not forget that particular aspect and let us remember them into us in Sharma and the press people throughout the world, whether it be in Palestine, whether it be in Africa, whether it be in Central Africa, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them relief. The point is when Muslims were united, they could have achieved many things. It was the unity that was achieved in

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that gave gave rise to such great, you know, situations and what was the basis of unity. The basis of unity was people came from different backgrounds. So it was as a biller that came from Africa and never senior. He was Hazzard salmaan FRC who came from Asia. Sometimes we would say from someone who was from the Persian, from from that particular from Asia, there was suhaib, who came from Rome. He had he was someone in Rome was someone who was that time that people used to call Rumi as someone who was a European read European features. This was the aspect of Africa they came together and they call came together for a common person common objective. The beauty of our beloved Nivea cream

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sauce. They were people of different talents in material number we use them accordingly. So Halloween, Waleed was a warrior as a trap. There were people who were assertiveness habit was a poet. And when he was under, giving poetry from the member of the Council, let me sell sell him gave him to allow you to borrow photos. Allah helped him to people from different backgrounds, different

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talents and nebbia Kareem sauceless brought them together for a common cause. And that is what the machine is supposed to play, bringing people from different backgrounds, different talents, each and every one using his talent for the goodness of the community and society. So, the second aspect with regard to it is the means of fostering unity which is so important for the for the development of the oma, the third aspect is giving you a sense of identity today everyone talk about an identity crisis, right. And there is no doubt that today an identity crisis is amongst those things, which is one of the great problems of the world youth today are facing identity crisis, which make them go

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into various isms and ideologies. This particular Majid is supposed to have a link between communities and people would they deal through this they develop the emotional emotional bond through the means of a community what was the Dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, the merchant becomes the means of our identity, the means of our individual and to the means of our community identity. That is why you will find there are many beautiful communities until there was not a Masjid, they did not exist as a community.

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So the third aspect with regard to image it, it gives us identity identity as individuals can you imagine in which is a community in which there is no magic? Nevermind the community identity ways your individual identity as a Muslim, the machine gives you an identity, individual identity and it gives you the community identity. The fourth thing by the respect of others, it is something that we need to be making mention of

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and that is Alhamdulillah. We see we have this most beautiful massage, and today there is emphasis with regard to aesthetically beautiful Majid Alhamdulillah which is so good, but what is important for us to realize is a machine does not become beautiful only by the aesthetics and the carpets and the beautiful lighting that is there. I'm not saying that it is haram. In fact, in today's time, we should have it because I made mention, when Libya Crimson allow yourself one day came to the masjid in the ninth year after he did it. right the first time first time and light was lit in material number he was in the ninth year after he did one or two years before nobody saw cinemas passing

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away. Up till then there was no lighting in Nigeria nabawi but it became the beacon of guidance not only for the people of that time for the people that they have

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a beautifully pleasing, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful Masjid with beautiful carpets. While it is good, does not become a beacon of guidance on its own

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the first time and EMEA creams but of course there is benefit in it when the when the resources one day came into the market and he saw you know there was lighting

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so he said who is led by merchant who has put the light on the magic and maybe a cream sauce mama said to me my daddy has to let me my daddy put up the lights. So that'll be a cream sauce them said May Allah tala illuminate him the way he has aerated my Masjid.

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May Allah enlighten him and illuminate him the way he has eliminated my image. All those who are responsible in whatever way for this particular image it may illuminate them also. May Allah make them beautiful the way they have made this machine beautiful. May Allah grant them good the way they have brought good in this community. Maybe a cream sauce and a midwife or Tommy matauri Allah illuminate him the way he has illuminated my image. But remember, our merchants as beautiful as it is, can never be as beautiful as the merchants of Spain.

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Never go and look at the beauty of the merchant of Spain even today, with architecture so developed in advance. When people go there they are, they are astounded by the beauty, the geometrical patterns, the beauty with regard to that must judge they are still completely you know taken aback. But those beautiful must be did not prevent the Muslims from being expelled from Spain. The Masjid itself will not prevent you from being expelled or coming under target for for persecution. It is the Amal of the masjid what you are supposed to do in the masjid that will make that happen not only the beauty and what is the aspect let me conclude with this. You know it is also maybe for us to to

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make mention of that when Allah tala made and of course we come to that I said one of the aspects is about hazaribagh Emily salatu salam because it is something that we have to keep in mind that when Allah tala established the masjid Baitullah, Allah has made mentioned in that Holy Quran in the debate, you will hear the nursery Lady berkata Mubarak Odin Liliana me, the first Majid that was established in Makkah, it is blezard enter Hidayat for humanity until our master

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Become Mubarak can bless it for the community around us.

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We are not fulfilling

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the vision and objective of murshida haram which was established by NASA Ibrahim Ali Salah first before Adam alayhis salaam, and then revived by the Prime Minister atossa. Our Masjid must become faces of Hidayat, and blessings for the entire. And in this, we need everyone's help that we can get this. And of course, I also spoke about the aspect of you know, humans day. So let us pay tribute to a great human, you know, has it hajer has it not been for a sacrifice that must change which becomes the means of our identity, the merchant which every merchant in the world is telling that direction? Was it not because of the sacrifice of a woman on this woman's day that has made mentioned hazard

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hazard until was not her sacrifice that much it would not have been established?

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And is wrong what people say I saw this one particular measure, one measure message and they were saying that is not only the pseudoknot to slaughter your sacrifice or be ready to sacrifice yourself, it is also the student that to leave your house your wife in a barren desert so could leave your wife in the Kalahari Desert. No, no, that is not true. Nobody has any by Melissa that was surrounded with the permission of Almighty Allah Don't say I want to do that, it is a pseudonym, that is a distortion. Nevertheless, what we are saying is the bramalea salatu wa sallam left her there and because of that, the Matura bacova and v2 Allah Subhana Allah has it more than a prime sub

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Bismillah read this beautiful and maybe it is so such a beautiful way to end this talk is to look at what Allah tala has made mentioned with regard to that particular Masjid. robina India has come to me via TV and I've left my wife in China in this barren desert. India has come to me into reality be wired in a visa there is nothing there is no vegetation there is no greenery there is no fruit there is no vegetable in the basical Muharram but I have done so because it's your sacred house. Why have I done so I'm gonna do tea masala. May those objectives fine. Many things manifestation in this Masjid and in every Masjid of this Muslim mind shall it find manifestation will love him as him they

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will be a change of fortunes. They would be Baraka in our life and in our communities and societies. And they will be Baraka not only in our community and societies, they will be Baraka in our entire country. Brothers when I talk about unity, this country is calling out it is crying out for unity of the Muslims to provide thought thought leadership and guidance with regard to the crisis that this country is facing. It will come together if there is unity and it will come together if we realize what the budget is supposed to play. what the law says Rob banner up masala cola the merger has been established to establish center runner up masala then Allah subhana wa Taala says of either termina

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necesita who eaglet him, I will not make the people's heart turn towards the masjid. You know as the prime minister to make the people's heart and inclination towards the masjid. We are not make the entire community around here their hearts inclined towards the masjid.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:56

And economics mentioned with regard to that masaba tallinna suwama The merchant in Aqaba, and the Baitullah was a place of century and safety and refuge for the entire place for mocha mocha Rama. May Allah make wherever our merchants be a place of safety and make it a means of safety and a means of refuge and a means of goodness for the entire you know please it is Mubarak, it may be a mere being may a means of blessedness. And maybe you also say the way Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam said after he had constructed the Kaaba in May to La Romana tackable mina Allah accept from us. Sometimes I wonder, you know, if there was anyone because our view is of the Holy Quran, we makes

00:33:56 --> 00:34:37

mention of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, Allah tala told him a slim or Ibrahim submit, submit. In you know, you sometimes think if anyone in this world could have given an answer, if anyone in this world could have given an answer. Here now what are you asking me to submit? You told me to leave my homeland edit. So you told me to leave my wife and child in a barren desert? I did. So you told me to put my knife on the neck of my son. I did. So now what are you asking me to submit? If anyone could have answered me would have been a prime minister we could have answered, but an unnatural atonium submit What did he say? As

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

I submit to the Lord of the world, may Allah tala and then when he put up the carbine Baitullah after all of that submission after all of that sacrifice, he made the door that we made for all of those who have been involved in this merger. Rabbana Coca Cola except from us You are all hearing or knowing and forgive our shortcomings.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

In this regard because you are Forgiving and Merciful, we are not make the masjid fulfill all the objectives and even more of the objectives, which I have not been able to mention, but some of it which I've mentioned today in all the objectives of the masjid be fulfilled in this and indeed all the massages of the Muslim ummah.

Opening Of Musjid -Mabopane

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