Ending Ramadhan with Hope and Fear

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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of acceptance and honoring Islam in the culture of the Middle East, particularly in avoiding over till it is the right time. They also discuss the success of the books' "by the way" and the importance of not over till it is the right time. The speakers stress the importance of acceptance and bravery in the culture and emphasize the need for dedication and loyalty to their actions to achieve their goals. They also mention the difficulties of finding the right person and the potential for harm in their relationships.
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Alhamdulillah he Allah,

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Allah as we bother, it was said it was set up

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even more serene,

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and he was happy was seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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mavado favela, Himalaya shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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he will look

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at what he

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said of Allah.

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My dear respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah with the grace of the Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are on the last Juma of this Ramadan.

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And there is no doubt whatsoever in the minds of many people that this is a man that went very, very quickly. Some weeks before we were on the threshold of Ramadan. And we were thinking that how it will go and how we will cope, how we will manage how Allah will make it play out for us. But Allah tala has been so kind that the month has gone very well. By and large, we have had a month of mercy, a month of blessings a month in which people have tried the utmost to comply with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala and embolized minima local abode koshish Allah tala Kurosaki. Allah tala is Judo, Jihad conda tala kabu Karim. Allah in the Holy Quran has made mentioned a Yama module that

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Allah has made this month for a short period of time. Now many times people have this whole situation. When they come towards the end of Ramadan. They will mahtim carnage. You know, it is a time of mourning. The month has come now Mubarak month is going away. But this is not an aspect of mourning. Allah has designed this month to be for this period of time. Remember what I'm saying Allah has designed this month to be for this period of time. Allah Allah k hickmott a. k Ramazan, Sylph, eight Martinez, Pura, Salma, Allah Allah

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Allah tala did not keep our fasting month to be so short, that we do not feel some difficulty. Step we can take the lessons of Ramadan and that Allah Do not come near Raka K to na was may or may not good chapter Jihad naka napery or Hama Krishna put Saba castle No, it not come near catalana is Monaco, or Allah tala scriptless Yaga llama Nibbana tatami Malabo, and Allah did not keep it so long that we cannot bury it become too tedious. No, no, Allah has kept Ramadan in such a way that it is not so short, that we don't find some difficulty. We don't bear the lessons Elias kept it at the right time, at the right type of length. And a lot didn't keep it so long. Like you know, many

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people who say Ramazan could be the entire 12 months we wouldn't have been able to manage.

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We don't make that wish, because Allah Allah didn't wish it. So the first thing that we have to do is to thank Allah that Allah gave us this opportunity. And it is a month towards the end. When we do have eat, it is a day of happiness. So we show happiness that Allah gave us Ramadan, so don't have this particular type of attitude, that it is a time of mourning. It's not it's a time of celebrating and a time of happiness, that Allah at least gave us this opportunity to be able to witness and we make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts it. That's the first point that I would like to make. The second point is many times we know that there is ama ama is one thing. And a Boolean of ama is

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another thing ama he is hell, or this ama aka Boolean research is. One is you have ama but having the Amal doesn't guarantee acceptance. This is a very important point. You can have great amount of power you can have great amount of deeds

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But it does not guarantee acceptance and that is a reason why towards the end when we come towards the end of anything we seek Allah tala to help and to honor that Allah must accept sometimes the Amal can be tremendous sometimes you see in history Allah has made mentioned in the name of the Holy Quran. What lolly

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Tina, Tina fansler familia have

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forgotten Amina Laval we will know she

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will be our

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whatever our fermata lu comma salary caliber, Allah Allah says read in the Holy Quran and give the example of that person whom Allah had favored. And he followed shaytan he became Allah tala uses the word for Masanobu commissary. He's example is like a dog example of a dog. And who was it? Well, I'm being bahara 300 years he made a budget of Allah. And then towards the end of his life, he became tempted by the corruption and by the money that people have given him, any he with his own words started cursing mousseline, salatu salam, Allah tala made him and changed him that his tongue became big, you know, lolled around like that of a dog after 300 years of ibaadat and Allah subhanho wa

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Taala gives his example and said he is like a dog for medicinal chemistry. After 300 years of divided in the Hadith, in Bukhari Sharif, there is one chapter that is known by the Fulani shahidan, the chapter is entitled, don't call a person shahida until you know whether or not Allah has accepted or not. The chapter is entitled blah, blah, you calphalon shadid don't call a person Shaheed. And in there there is an intern of his model. This man Johanna, hold on aboard. Both gentlemen, Cecilia Delaney sharpish, I

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showed so much bravery. Then the people came to me and said you're a celebrity no one was more brave than his man. No one was more brave than his man. He outdid everyone in the in the better sepsis era Terry

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sub says euro dollar water or Nivea cream sauce Lim, Nikita this man.

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His man is in gentlemen. And people looked at said What is the reason? I'm saying? And then once Having said that, I was wondering why didn't Muslim say this? And he said I went after this man. And he was fighting. And then when he became wounded, you know, he became wounded. He could not bear the pain of his wound. So he started slitting his wrists to commit suicide. So I told him his man, you know, why are you doing this? You had shown such bravery for the sake of the dean. And what it is man turned around and said he said metal Dean Kelly a cobbler rotta I was worth fighting for Dean. I was fighting to show how brave my tribe is. Metal stlr hataoka Yeti cow kitchen Mr. Joe Kabila have

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a delicacy rasa

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jagtar Satya Nadella? How brave is my tribe. That's the reason why I am fighting. And he slipped his wrist and he died in that way. That is why we don't know for others. Whether or not Allah accept or not. We have expectations. We have hope. That is why Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, when he finished and he built the Kaaba and the beta Allah, Allah has made mention of that particular situation when he had built the tower. And Allah has made mention of his do i do is that you and I, we continue reading till the Day of Tiamat where is the euro for Ebola Ebola?

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At what is smile? And recall the time when the primary Salatu was salam, the Kaaba, right. And he left it up the construction of the Kaaba, and he and his son his smile, and after they completed made dua.

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Oh Allah help us. And voila, you you accept from us. Because you are all seeing all hearing. Sometimes you wonder, sometimes you wonder if there was anyone in this earth that could have claimed, who could have claimed instead of a law you have to accept for me if there was anyone in this dunya who could have said what law you have to accept from me. Look at what I had done. You told me to leave my

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place of my birth. I left it You told me to leave my second place of birth which was in canal in Palestine. And you told me to come to my time Aqaba that time it was a pure desert.

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There was no vegetation. There was no food. There was no water. I did et Allah. You told me there after. Leave my one small son. Leave my wife there there is no water. Oh Allah I did it. I will now you came after what you told me slaughter my son. I was prepared to do that. Y'all know you have to accept if anyone in the world could have laid claim to acceptance by guarantee it could have been Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, but even that great human being when he is making dua after all of that trials and efforts, he's saying we're a banana company

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except for me, what does it show us? Where is our pride with regard to the little liberty that we make? Therefore this aspect that we do not know? Whether or not Allah will accept or not, is supposed to create in US humility, not pride after all of this all of Ramadan we don't show pride. We say well now we beg of you you acceptance yes we have done whatever we put we try to do but we don't have any guarantee Allah after all, you are the ones who accept and Allah tala has made this clear in the most beautiful passage in Surah najem who are moving

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from Manila

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to Martina to phoebo Tony mahato Oh human being he knows you Allah tala sub Papa sub k bar ma pata

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paradissa Pepe, Allah tala puja or janta Allah tala janta. Up apne. Market pig metal with antimagic. Multiple, Allah knows up for your conception. Allah knows you when you are scattered into the earth. Allah knows you when you are in the womb of your mother. Allah knows you for that was a coup and fusa come don't praise yourself up Natalia Medan who

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he knows who he is. So the second thing My dear respective brothers, we all una whatever little effort we have made. We do not know whether Allah will accept whether Allah subhanho wa Taala will reject many times we feel Allah the month of Ramadan had come such a month of blessing. We didn't do sufficiently the little that we had done was not sufficient and worth your presenting in your case. And in your court. Allah you accept it. So this is the second thing is we make dua for Allah tala to accept. And we don't show any arrogance with regard to what we had done no pride, because of the fact that we don't know whether Allah will accept or not, it creates humility in us. The third thing

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is because of this aspect that we don't know whether Allah will accept or not, our entire ibadah and our entire attitude towards the end of anything is unimaginable hope

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that we end off between hope and fear. This is the way it

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is said that the one who has both these attitudes, fearing Allah and having hope inshallah he will be saved the Via corinthos in one day, so a person he was, you know, on that particular time he was on his deathbed and let me occur himself Some ask how do you find yourself? What is your attitude? He said, Yes.

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I feel a fool about my sins, but I'm hoping for less mercy. Maybe Kareem Solomon said these two attitudes never gather in a person but Allah tala gives him safety from what he is fearful for. And Allah tala gives him what he expects. We end off any deed in any aspect as we come towards the end of Ramadan. We do so with these years. One is a fear that Oh Allah, we didn't do sufficiently whatever we had done was stingy with a lot of insincerity. It was stingy with not doing the proper way. Allah you forgive us Allah, but we also have also have hope. Islam they have maybe a year but I

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am Allah Allah said, or Allah tala, Samira. dosa milker chillin to inshallah immediately Allah subhanho wa Taala

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karenga inshallah, and this is not something that we have this hope, after all, whatever people have done, why have they done it? Sometimes we make a joke, you know, we make a joke with regard to some of the some of the girls and the woman in our community. We also say, you know, doop doop without the brook who say she got she got the Duke but you got no Brooke but but why did she wear the Duke? She wasn't because of Allah subhanho wa Taala Why did she win it? That also was for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What do we know that Allah tala will accept that there are people here who sometimes who are young, we have not been fasting was not for us, but they get fast. There are

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people and we hear that there are places in the world where people at Camp Rosa for 1920 hours

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After all, what did they use it for? They did it for the sake of Allah Allah. So why we are afraid we also have expectation. And in this regard I always like to quote this incident of Dr. Abdullah Rafi Rahmatullah Lee, who was a halifa of Manila tanura to lolly and move to Texas up on his obituary had written this incident. He said a person one day came to Dr. Avila sobre la, and he said him to

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Nakamura, he Allah subhanho wa Taala hamari coochie coo coo coo nickering hamana

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hamana must be beta hamara somos de Amoeba beta. So he came to tell Dr. palesa everything what we do is all useless. We have not done anything correctly. Our numbers is not right. Our salad was not right. Our CRM was not right. It was so weak it's not worth your presenting before love to duck septilin tk comes over to her ligonier kanakia Baker McKenna kitara don't say it is useless. It is weak. It is not worth your presenting before Allah don't say it is we for whatever kathira give us here to Baker Baker to Dr. Sapna Kaga nahi bakery to marry sister Sammy sister.

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If it is so useless makes it there in front of me to hope they're here.

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is it How can we make sense in front of anyone we only makes it in front of Allah tala. To set. The fact that you only make sister in front of Allah tells you that that sister is valuable. Her sister to sit

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to you.

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The fact that you can do it in front of anyone shows that it is valuable. So whoever has done something with your respective brothers in the month of Ramadan, why did we stay away from food? Why did we get up in the early hours of the morning? Why did we make that away after it was something for the sake of Allah tala. And while we don't have evidence with regard to it, we don't have pride with regard to it. We have expectation that insha Allah Allah would accept it inshallah. So that is the third thing is our ibaadat and our n is between Badal Sophie Raja. And then in conclusion, I would just like to make mention of another important point to see

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our Allah have made mentioned there are two types of ibaadat doc is simply about a barrage harassing or indirect, one is direct and one is indirect. Direct is what you and I know. No direct is namaz, zakaat, etc, all of that is directly about it. We do it solely for the sake of Allah, Allah has commanded it, it's a direct divided,

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then there are other activities, which are not a bad word in its own sense. In its own sense, it's not about it, but it can become a bar that was correct

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terminology, method, methodology and neot right. So many of the mundane activities of our life, like for example, our worldly activities, we opening up our business, we go and eat, we go and drink water for the sake of survival. All of these are activities, which are mundane activities will perahera separate me, Nick and others say need cassata to get

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justice on a risky hierarchy talaash. Now, that particular aspect of indirectly but it becomes reported, if our intention is correct, and the methodology is correct, but that indirectly bad, it can be camouflaged, it is something that is very tricky. up his near to do concora what intention are you opening your business? What intention are you doing business? Are you doing it because the commander of Allah which will make it a budget or are you doing it just to increase my wealth? What are you doing? That particular indirectly but it is very, very tricky. It can be bothered it can be Willie motors. Now, the fact of the matter Allah Allah has made us human beings, that we cannot make

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direct deposit all the time. soap is granted when a mama's man naomasa

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yarraman we can be in a car for 11 months, we can be in salad all the time, we can be by the 24 hours. Now the allameh have made mentioned and listen to this point as we go towards the end of Ramadan a very important point.

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This indirectly bothered

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to make it the proper pattern that our risca halaal becomes for the sake of Allah that it becomes.

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Our eating comes for the sake of Allah that it becomes an

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But for that, because it is can be camouflaged, because it can be other motives, the direct ibaadat that we have done in Ramadan recharges our battery and after recharging our battery, it helps us after gaining the momentum after gaining the Baraka from our directory, but the dead directly but then helps us make our intentions for right forward in the indirect divider to become really bad.

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So all what we have done in Ramadan, now we have built that particular type of dedication and loyalty to Allah. So that now when we come out of Ramadan, and by the very nature of human being, we are not going to be in 24 hours in a bar that in the in the masjid and in Salah. Now those mundane activities, who spoke as a manager,

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that directly butter that you learn from from the salad, from your seeker to tilawat it helps you heart. Now when you go and do your mundane activities, inshallah your intention must be correct. I'm doing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And in that we did his department, and Allah Mohammed mentioned, at least the karma to folk alpha carotene, and steadfastness indeed, after Ramadan, it is even more greater than 1000 miracles is the comet indeed is both greater than 1000 miracles. So with these few themes, which I've made mention of today, Vijay respectable is a Yama module that Allah has kept Ramadan to be for a certain period of time. Let us celebrate that we

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don't want that. The second thing is fear with regard to peculiar and how do we gain in we asked Allah tala spell and grace with regard to acceptance. The third thing is below Hope you are Raja. Our attitude is now at this particular time between the fear of Allah and hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And the fourth thing I made mentioned, between the example of direct and indirect how do we draw from our directory but to be able to help our motivation and our intention and our sincerity in our day to day life that will happen more frequently after Ramadan than what it is in Ramadan. May Allah Allah give us a topic of understanding and making Amel just a small important

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point is also the aspect of setup or to the fitter that we have to comply with it is wajib for us to give sericata before the fudger of Eden, whomsoever has not been able to be have not been able to give please to give it the posters have been posted with regard to the amount

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and with regard to the motivation, brothers are kindly requested to keep that in mind. Even inshallah today after Juma they would be a collection with regard to the center to Repertory Theater, please see that we comply with it also before that it's Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all our efforts in in the month of Ramadan. May Allah give us many more Ramadan's inshallah, so that we can always benefit from the Ramadan the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala