Hussain Yee – Purity of Islam – The Difference Between Freedom & Religion

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The history and meaning of Islam is discussed, including the use of the word Islam to describe the culture of Islam and the importance of respecting individuals' rights. The struggles of Muslims in dressing up and respecting others' rights are also highlighted. The success of individuals in finding their way to a certain point and embracing Islam in a total way of life is emphasized, along with the need to be truthful with actions. The importance of honoring others' rights is also emphasized.
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No slam is its way of life.

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It is

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for big and small

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smilla rahmanir rahim in Alhamdulillah his motto who want to start you know who

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owns Billahi min Cerulean fusina was say, Dr. Medina, Mia de la ilaha illallah wa

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de Allah, a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa la sharika y shadow, Muhammad Abdul Rasul

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Allah, Allah

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Or praise due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We think Allah subhanho wa Taala for all the bounties, we ask Allah to forgive our sin, whether it's minor or major. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us to the straight path. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to help us to overcome the backfilling that we develop within ourselves, that caused a lot of unpeel within ourselves, and also others. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us in all the good deeds that we are going to engage in, to make sure that all the data is solid, mean righteous did not just adits and in the same time, whoever follow the way of Allah, He will be guided insha Allah and none can turn him

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astray. But whoever do not follow the way of Allah, none can guide him to the true path.

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We bear witness that there is none worthy to worship except Allah alone, the creator, every bear witness, the prophet Mohammed, is the last messenger not the only messenger. But the last messenger for all mankind. There's different Muhammad is not sent to a particular nation or tribes. But he is a rock send Omarosa naka de la Mata, Al Ameen, as a Rama, the mercy to all mankind and the universe, fellow brother and sister in Islam Today we are going to discuss about a very important topic that a lot of people is confused about the difference between the freedom of religion and the freedom of Islam.

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Now, there are two issue here number one, we must understand what is religion, and what Islam.

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In brief, we can say that no country on this earth to not give us the freedom of religion, every country, on planet Earth, on the right of everybody who have the right to choose his religion.

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Freedom of religion means you are free to choose whatever you want to believe. Even you do not have to believe anything you have a right to be a free thinker. The Act is

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now what is religion. And what is Islam religion, people always live with righteous or ritual. Example in Islam, you will talk about the freedom of Islamic religion. We are talking about maybe majority understand you have the right to practice your prayer your Salah, what gives you the freedom to fast in the month of Ramadan. That gives you the freedom to pay within yourself to help the poor and needy. They give you the right to perform Hajj once in a year to Makkah karma, karma and Medina.

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There's all they allow you to do maybe some of your tradition that you used to do they allow you to pray Juma and so on. Now, when you talk about this kind of freedom, the freedom to exercise the ritual within religion. This is very common, and this is something that every country disagreed about. But when you talk about the freedom of Islam, Islam is a way of life is not fasting, praying, give Zakat and perform Hajj or Umrah oni is a way of life. How to dress like a Muslim Islamic education, Islamic economy, Islamic politics, Islamic takaful obviously insurance, Islamic banking, everything when you say freedom Islam that means we must give the right to the Muslim the freedom to

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exercise what they believe. Because Islam is not just praying, fasting, Zakat and hash but it's a total

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Way of Life, the do's and the don'ts, halal and haram.

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Now a DVC, the Muslim was not given the freedom to even dress up islamically according to what they believe they are forced by people who call themselves people who honor human rights,

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human rights champions. Once upon a time, they said that we should honor the right of everyone. Now, they do not even honor the right of the Muslim, especially the Muslim woman who was required to cover the aura when they leave home and go out. But now you have some country who do not even the respect the basic right of a Muslim ladies just giving example.

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The same go to the Muslim nowaday, wherever they go, they don't feel they have the freedom to practice Islam, but they have the freedom to practice their religion to say that I'm a Muslim.

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So it's very important for the Muslim first to understand what is the difference between their freedom of religion and the freedom Islam means a total way of life.

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From the day you were born, and you grow up, you become teenagers, and you grow old until you die. We want everything to follow Islam because Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us, Islam that Allah is pleased with is not the Islam that we know something. We thought that Islam follow us Islam don't follow us. Islam belongs to Allah Allah subhana wa Tenn in Edina and Allah * Islam. Indeed, the deen the Allah accept is only Islam. What am I? Yep, Islam didn't follow Kabbalah me. kiloton necessity and whoever choose other than the deen of Islam, Allah will not accept Allah He will not accept, we may see is okay this is mine allows it other than Islam. I don't accept I don't recognize

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and in the hereafter all of us will be the loser because we choose something that Allah do not accept

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and allow C or D to locomole Islam and

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I am pleased that Islam beyond religion, be a way of life. What kind of Islam Allah Yama, Mottola coup, de Naka, that kind of Islam, that belongs to Allah, the Islam that Allah had perfected for us, not the Islam that we understand some of them, but the Islam that Allah have perfected for us, and the Islam that was delivered by prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala called people who want to become Muslim and want to become a believer. Yeah, are you handlers in Amman, not coleauxv Cilmi

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one Tabby watershed in a hula abou movie, Allah subhanho wa Taala call upon people who believe or who ever want to be a Muslim and believer, enter Islam, totally not hafley quaterly know, Allah want you to become a total Muslim. Not only Muslim name, but Muslim thinking, Muslim lifestyle, Muslim family, Muslim business, that means you must know halal and haram. You must know what is Islamic banking, why the Islamic banking and why the conventional banking, why there is some kind of Islamic insurance and conventional insurance, all this important for the Muslim to know why we don't just eat any food because we have to do and don't. Because we are Muslim, we must honor the do's and

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don'ts alas Hannah Horton have laid out for us. He is the creator of the all new he knows is better for us. What is best for us.

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It gives you one example.

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Any country that is ruled by Muslim, the Muslim always on the right of their religion and give them the freedom to exercise what their religion want them to do. But when the Muslim is minority in any country, we found that a lot of people do not honor the right other Muslim. But when a Muslim is in power, the Muslim always honor the right of anybody. Whether you are Christian, whether you're Buddhist, whether you are a free thinker, also a Hindu you have your right. I give you one simple example about my country. Malaysia is Ruben Muslim leaders. He honored the right of every other people's belief. They have their right to celebrate their

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the whole

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The so called the holy day. Yeah, religious festival. They have the right. No but stop them. There is how the Muslim, honor the right or the freedom of religion, and also whatever the religion require them to do. If they want to dress like a Buddhist, they want to dress like a Hindu, they want to how they want to dress, whatever their religion require them to dress their Muslim, and they will never forbid them. But when the Muslim is minority, they will see that the Muslim, right as Islam is not been on. They just give you the right you can play fast and muddy. Nobody's stopping. You want to go to Hershey? Welcome, you have the means you can pass in the month of Ramadan. But we

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are talking about Islamic banking, they have some problem, Islamic dressing have more problem. Now they have more problem people talk about some interesting, you have more problems now. We hope that Allah subhanho wa Taala will open the heart of the people who don't understand Islam, to honor the rights of the Muslims, so that they will know how to give us the freedom of Islam, not only the freedom of religion, now, it's very important for me to explain to shave all the brothers and sisters and the lever about this ayah or the surah that Allah has revealed to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Yeah, you healthcare field, la boo, boo,

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boo, boo, boo,

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boo boo,

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boo boo, boo, la coup de la ku Walia de. Now these verses is very important for us as Muslims to understand first, and to the make the people who are not yet Muslim, to understand so that we learn how to honor every individual's rights. Number one, Allah is reminding us as Muslim, that if you have any discussion with people who are not with your own faith,

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who are not yet Muslim, then you can say to that, if you are disbeliever says we are believer. Now we will not perform our prayer the way you perform the same go to you, you will not perform the prayer the way we perform, and we are not going to worship what you worship because it is your belief, your religion. The same goes we are not going to force you to worship what we believe. At the end of the day, we must draw a line la comme de novo Walia De La Crosse, Indian and Allah says, There is no compulsion in religion. You have your religion can follow your religion, you're free to do what your religion want you to do. But we as Muslims also have our do and don't. And we all have

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a responsibility to do what allows us to do and to stay away from what Allah say that is haram for us. So if you will learn how to respect us that how we respect you, and give us the freedom of our religion and Islam and your freedom has been given 100 there will be peace.

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Now what is happening today because we give you the honor, but the Muslim is not been given the right to do what they think is good for them based on their religion.

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I give you one simple example

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about dressing the dress code. The Muslim has been commanded by Allah how to dress up the male and the female.

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Now that's why it is very wrong. For anyone, even among Muslim to say to a Muslim woman who call themselves power they are totally that you are extremists. You are wrong. You are conservative know how can we say that because they are just doing what Allah want them to do.

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is very sad sometimes people when they see the Muslim man kick in become a problem today. When the people who are not Muslim keep a bit there's no problem

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with them the mostly wear a turban, he also creates some problems. But when a sick have his turban, there is no problem we don't understand. We don't understand why we can honor and respect the freedom of other people. Why can't they respect us and steel we are talking about

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human rights. We are talking about democracy. So this is very important. Now there are strict

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Now one us to be honest to ourselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us as believers. Yeah, you handed Gina Amano de la wakulla Colin city there you go Amala come

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to know Baku, la hora Sula, who pocket further falls on azima. Now Allah is reminding us because as Muslims we start within ourselves, we are not going to pinpoint at first, but we are going to look into ourselves, have we become a good Muslim? Have we understand Islam properly? Do we know the difference between religion and Islam? After we know all these things, insha Allah, Allah say, Armando de la, oh, you will believe be faithful to me.

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A lot of people who believe how faithful God they do not know. Only they know and Allah The all knowing.

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A person who are faithful is a person who always obey a lowest common wherever they are. Like what the prophet said, it has to

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be faithful to Allah, wherever you are, with the India lady in Malaysia where you are in Makkah Medina or in London or in America, wherever you are, whether in a mosque, in the market, or in the beach, you must be faithful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah Azza wa kulu colons.

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always speak the truth. Be truthful with your words with your action, be truthful to Allah and the Prophet sallahu wa salam. What is the benefit? After you become faithful and be truthful to yourself and to Allah? If you are Muslim, then you must tell people they are Muslim wahala in anumana, Muslim in Why must you be ashamed to tell people that this is my religion, this is the way we live. This is how we conduct ourselves. This is our way of dressing let them know that we are different because Allah wants us to be different. And then Allah see us let Amala come.

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If you are sincere and honest to yourself and to a much religion, Allah is here to solve your problem to come and help us. Now fellow brother and sister we know that living in this world today, we all encounter problem after problem. There's a lot of problems encounter within ourselves, within our family in the community. But Allah subhanho wa Taala say to us, if you are faithful to me, and you are truthful to me, I am going to come and solve your problem. How lucky we are fellow brothers and sisters, Allah offer himself does come into our life and help us when Allah help us, nobody can destroy us, based on lies not dare for us, then only Allah knows what is going to happen to all of

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us. And Allah says again, after I help you to overcome your problem, we are creating a consumer

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I will forgive your sin Mashallah is a blessing is a great nickname. If you're honest with yourself, be proud as a Muslim, and be happy to be a Muslim wherever you go. And don't ever feel that you are small because all Muslims are make the God that we believe in Allah is the Greatest. So after the Allah say I forgive your sin. And at the end of the day, oma UT la hora Sula, who forgot 1000 azeema. This is our nd

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Allah said, Who ever obey Allah command and try his best to do what Allah want you to do because Allah has a particular master talk to him. He will never force us to do things that you can. Islam is a very simple religion. Now you can refer LaHood knutsson illa was a low and narrow burden anyone except what he or she can do.

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And then Allah subhana wa delacy You must be faithful to my messenger, they may whatever Prophet Mohammed sama when you do, you try your best to do to follow his suit. Because it is very important, because he is the Messenger of Allah to all of us. Whatever he wants you to do is the best. That's why the prophet SAW Muslim said, lay you know, I had to come

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and lay magic to be the prophecy. You cannot have a sound

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until you can control your desire to follow whatever the Prophet Sansa have brought to you follow his teaching. And then Allah faza falls on azima there is what we want our fellow brothers at the end of the day. We want to be successful. And our success is not only in this world, we want to be a success.

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Dunya was successful fill out.

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This one we are here a lot of people want to be successful and how they want to be a successful person. Allah do not value success because you have bigger, big house. No

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a must Hana hawala see me known, indeed, the believer as a successful one.

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If you don't believe in Allah, at the end of the day, you will be a loser.

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But when you believe in Allah, Allah value, he value the man more than the material thing that we have.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala remind us again, how to take care of our mind and safeguard ourselves. That's why Allah, Allah Hamza,

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what could have been this.

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Indeed, the successful one is a person who always keep themselves clean and pure. That means stay away from anything that is haram. Stay away from all types of shit, whether it's minor, or major, and all kinds of Kaurava and VEDA.

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One you stay away from all these things, insha Allah, you have a clean and PR feat insha Allah and Allah wants us or herb Amanda Sangha, and the one that is going to feel is the one who allow himself or herself to be corrupted by the environment.

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You are corrupted with your image, our image is mixed up with all other belief or other qualified and all kinds of sharing. And also our evanka was so corrupted, we do not know the difference between which is a vida sala de vida Tara, we don't know.

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Maybe a lot of people do not know that. The Stila the term of Sala and poly Sala is a righteous D, that the prophet shall. Allah is something that you do. There's no example from the Prophet of Allah companion, a prophet, but you think is good for you.

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And the Prophet one as Mann amela, Armand Lisa, Allah, He am Runa for who Rob whoever involved in any acts, that was not taught by our profits or loss or none. All this act will not be recognized, it will be rejected in the here after, Hello brother and sister in law. Once again, I like to remind myself and all of you over there, don't forget to understand that what we want now is not the freedom of religion, we have got the freedom of religion out in the socialist country, communist country, even capitalist and everywhere in the world. People give you the right to believe what you want to believe. But what we want from the people today is please give us the right to practice what

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Islam want us to do, because we want to be a good Muslim. We want to be a good citizen. We want to be among the people and to bring peace and develop peace in this world. Because we know at the end of the day, all of us is going to go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you are prepared or not, whether you are believer or not yet believer, sooner or later, everybody will die. Because all of us came from one good life, what the prophets Allah have said

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iohannes in Arabic, why? all mankind in the your God, your law is only one, there is a law, whether you accept him, there is your problem. But there's only one creator that we believe and He is Allah, God of Adam, of Abrahamic, Moses, Jesus, Prophet, Muhammad, and all creation they receive. And in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the understanding the clear picture about Islam, and May Allah make us become a total Muslim. And after that, we have the right to us for our freedom. But when you have your freedom, we hope that you will exercise Islam. That means you will do what Allah wanting to do. But I hope fellow brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah help those who help

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themselves. You have your right you know your right, you must ask for your right. How you honor other people's right? We hope other people will honor our right is the non believer don't know about our right we cannot blame them, because they do not know the difference between Islam and religion. We must make them understand. So what is Islam? Islam is a total way of life. Religion is just concentrating on

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The ritual by Islam is a total way of life for the day you're born and you die. So we hope Allah subhanho wa Taala make us a good Muslim and give us the freedom of Islam inshallah. So May Allah strengthen our Eman, increase our patient and also change our feeling from su is on the hosting zone from backfilling to good feeling so that we have peace within the oma and we have faith within other people inshallah, until we see you again soon inshallah Bismillah or tawakoni, La La La La quwata illa de la de la z. And we pray that may Allah Subhana Allah forgive all our sin, guidance, forgive the sins of our forefathers, and for those who have passed away among us, and those who are present

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among us today, and those who are here with us and those who are not with us in sha Allah Subhana Allah humblebee Ambika, a shadow Allah

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as kawakubo li Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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