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He was college for Stella McCartney, when Kathy

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when levena Ma, da,

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da da

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respected elders and brothers,

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from time to time in our course,

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will speak about great people of the past with the intention of being inspired and motivated by them.

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Today, I would like to speak of a very great hobby, as a hobby,

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who was

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a close relative quote.

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He is none other than Abdullah.

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Abdullah was the son of a bus. As such, he was the cousin of our beloved

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was born some three years before him.

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And this foot put him at the time of the death of our beloved

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around the age of 13, or 14,

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just remember this because it will have bearings in what I'm about to say.

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The vehicle is awesome catch up above or below.

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guys. So

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this was he was at a particular time. His mother was my

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mother was

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she used to say, I was among the very first people to accept Islam, some Malaysian saying after

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she was the first woman to accept Islam.

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My father

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will be allowed okay. We shall

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we. So this is this particular way. He or she he was from a very prominent family, that Governor this system of bus, the mother, my father was among the very first people who accept Islam. And she says when he was born, I took him

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who could make me so the very first thing that entered his body was the Mubarak saliva.

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So, this was an amazing thing. Because of this Baraka

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always used to be in the forefront and especially with regard to knowledge, and with regard to aesthetics pertaining to our beloved military saucer, when he when he reached the age of discretion, which was slightly young, slightly where he could understand he attached himself to the vehicle himself sort of, he used to fish the water for the

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tremendously. one millimeter in Jocelyn was sitting in a

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room and there was no water. So I've passed

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and brought water to make room. When this happened, maybe at

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the time of salad, the

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big numbers behind the numbers

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With me sitting next to me, Marisol, aka Moscow, so I

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didn't have the courage to stand next to the vehicle.

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So after

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I told you to stand next to me, why couldn't you stand next to me? So he said, Yes, I, you are too illustrious, and you are too great for me to stand side by side with you. If I stood behind you

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while he was serving gave me a lot.

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So we're not granting the knowledge of the

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law granting the interpretation of the data, one rewired made mention, I will not grant him

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even the hidden aspects of the Quran granted to him, therefore, in our history of good life in your past is known as the first sale of the holy for the one who understood the Quran the most amongst the Sahaba. He is known as the

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oma. He is known as the best of his heart was enthusiastic. He's young mine was pure and uncluttered. So he committed the sins of our beloved

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to memory in a very short time, and with accuracy, and he related 1660 stains of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how much 1660 I asked you to remember what was the age of

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3013 or 14, before that time,

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a bus memorize 1660 100 before the age of 13. And of course, I don't need to test anyone, but pick a goal gathering. I don't think anyone knows even 500

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1660 by the age of 30. He knew that was a good idea.

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And one of the reasons for this.

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One of the reasons was just because of his enthusiasm.

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I kept up my quest for knowledge, and approach every person who was supposed to have heard something from our beloved police officer. He says sometimes I used to go and learn here that this hobby knew. I used to go and step outside his door. I felt it against etiquette

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that for my knowledge, I must disturb his sleeping.

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For my knowledge, I must disturb the city. He said I used to put a sheet outside the sandwich house. And then when he used to come out to see me there and used to say the cousin of nanny sauce.

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Why didn't you tell me how they come up with each

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mistake? No. I have come to seek knowledge. I must wait. I must will give you techniques. Today nowadays, you know, you as you as a Muslim, and you expect him to give reply immediately. One day I will just kill

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myself I was very busy. Someone asked me a Muslim on WhatsApp. I took time to reply. He sent me a message if I was from out there, you would have given me a reply. If

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you're not if you should have taken out time to come to me.

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So a good idea is to sit and then he used to wait to wait for several hours. Because I was the one who assessed

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one day image.

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Now, it was very, very knowledgeable. In our parlance in our Islamic terminology, we say

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the one who knew the most about laws of inheritance. So he will and he was on this convenience of delighting a person to

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show him respect. Kiss him. So they didn't stop it although he was senior.

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He felt very very, you know, embarrassed. So he says yeah, yeah. Yeah, isn't

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that Yeah.

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Oh, the cousin of the prophet of Almighty Allah. Don't do this to me. You are making

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me feel ashamed. So could it have passed, you know, showed in greater respect and he said

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leave me ozasia

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This is the way

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my cousin taught me two three.

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This is the way he taught me to preach the way we have been taught to show respect to the Lama. So in turn what

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he said early

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on the Prophet Give me a hand a cappella, and he kissed it. And he said Hakuna, Camilla, and enough, Allah, the athlete a Filipina, he kissed me said, this is the way we have been taught

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to show respect to the 70 of the vehicle.

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Look at the mutual respect. This is the way Mr. Roth is one of the most famous students of Herbalife members, we look at the books of the CEO, Elon

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Musk relates to

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Musk is a student he said.

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If you were to see a person who would say the most handsome of human beings, were you that upsetness when he speaks, you will say the most eloquent of people, when you

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when you get the expertise, you will save the most knowledgeable people

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that when you look at him,

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most sensible people, when you spend he speaks, observing us.

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And when we act with him

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to get to

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aloneness, this was as you know, this is a respect this respect that showed him and gave him this great amount of knowledge

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inelia tema de Mola

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the team is not one in reality they have seen Yes, the technical term Have you seen this? One who has lost his parents, he used to say the real

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the real yes, even awkward is He who is deprived of knowledge and respect, that he was awarded this capacity.

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Nice to see. So, this was was what was he? He used to have his house was a place of knowledge. So Panama City was a university. Sometimes once once one person say I came to his house, so crowd of

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people waiting for us, what are they waiting for? He said, Let me make buku he came on. He said there were people who were wanting to know

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and they wanted to know about history, and they want to know

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each and every one time they asked him he used to distribute his time by giving classes on different disciplines have been superior company law, our institutions, we have different disciplines and different alama and who starts teaching those disciplines. Abdullah

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was someone who was known as the ocean of knowledge. So, he used to teach the seal

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from one person, today we have experts in different fields, he was an expert in every field. So that is why he is known as the ocean of knowledge. One remarkable type of incident and that is nature related about him.

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One day

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he was sitting behind the

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I was

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on one day and he said yeah, in the

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few sentences you, you protect unless commands

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to jakka.

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preserve the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala in front of you.

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When you ask for anything,

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don't ask them.

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where you stand.

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Let me

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remember it the entire humanity wants to give

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One since they want to benefit you so little, they will not be able to benefit you unless Allah wills it. And Allah has determined this.

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And oh, my grandson is the entire humanity one four Have you set milker up.

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So they can even have one here of yours unless allow

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In this particular manner, the things that we looked at with regard to that deal, no one will be able to benefit, and no one will be able to harm you. unless Allah subhanaw taala was, he played a very prominent role. After

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passing away, I'm still astounded at 1314 1667 he showed him respect and showed him loving kindness because of this, and make dua for his for the knowledge

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to rely upon abulafia first, now, if you look at

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two years after the resources

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are 7080, in the time of ability

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to put him in his Matura right in front

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foot, right, some of the elders, initially they felt it, it's such a young Sahabi How can he be the rank of the senior salah and

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a young man of maturity. He's young, but he's got maturity, one day, asked about one thing instead of is known as religion, the whole principle behind it, and he everyone gave these you

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gave the best view with regard to the meaning of death. So when he did so, then Kumar said, You know why I put it in now, in my case, a young man of maturity and understanding the Holy Quran, when I

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saw humanity

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having such regard

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for a good idea, but he gave him five advisors. And he said, Oh, my son

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loves you or not. Kumar has a lot of respect for you. He has a lot of consideration for you. Now you don't betray his confidence that he has in you don't do five things. Don't divulge the secrets. Don't speak of anyone in front of Omar. Many times we speak better have someone in front of someone repeat with me very good. You lose your respect. If you do so, you speak bad about someone in front of another person, you lose your respect. Don't tell right in front of whom

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Don't disturb me what he's telling you and don't ever just loyal to him, the famous Sage shabby

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to say that every one of those advisors is equivalent to 1000 devices. Oh, my son,

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woman loves you. Now don't do remember these five things so that you can remain in his confidence. And another aspect with regard me the time of

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him to debate for the average

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initially was a second Islam who portrayed that they were very strict. But in reality in that strictness, there was Barfield, there was false. They were false, because

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one that you must not go beyond the limits. They will be on the limits. They used to kill Muslims. They used to be maybe as a group of people who don't exist today, that group has coverage. But in terms of thoughts and ideologies, they have always existed this in the humanitarian I have to take into consideration that those who knows, you know, it's not necessarily that those who speak the ash ashes are those who speak that they apparently show that

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they are necessary upon that.

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So they were among those who oppose the law.

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They said,

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So, applied near past us has an ulterior motive.

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So he was not he was not very in favor. There is a great debate. So the next three objections

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very briefly, one objection was that why did

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you agree to arbitration

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law the law is fully formed.

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by him agree to arbitration of human fields, he has gone against us hired.

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The second one was when he fought against us.

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And again,

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why didn't he take booty? Why didn't he take the spoils of war. And the third thing, which was initially called

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out of humanity to accept the title, so politely

00:20:32--> 00:20:36

replied to them and said, you find it difficult with regard to arbitration

00:20:37--> 00:20:44

is made mention of arbitration that when husband and wife fight, they must go to our traitors.

00:20:51--> 00:21:03

How can you say arbitration of human human beings in a dispute is against the Quran? Allah has made mention of him, then with regard to your second objection, you fought against that,

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as an I shall be allowed, when I was there,

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I asked him, Are you prepared? Were you prepared, if you want the booty, since part of it at that time was also to take slaves are you prepared to take

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as an Asia as a slave.

00:21:25--> 00:21:27

And on the third thing, he said, he gave an example

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at the

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air is named when the Quraysh objected to Muhammad Rasulullah.

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they came upon the truth, and the others, was still not convinced, even after this

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debate was

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in the house.

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And then one last thing I will say he had genuine concern for people. And therefore one of his great statement was, when I realized the importance of a verse of Allah, and I understood it, I wish that everyone can also share in that knowledge, if I understand

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the Quran, everyone knows understanding. So I like to share it. Today, we don't like to share

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a recipe.

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And you may share a recipe they put one small thing wrong fitness outcome as good as yours. Many times it happens. We don't like to share our suppliers years of your life in your past safe, that when I see something good, I want to share it.

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When I hear of a Muslim ruler, who deals with people, equitably and justice or justice, I feel happy for those people who are humbled that Buddha was just actually happy. And the third thing is when I hear beneficial radius come upon any any part of the world.

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Such great concern for humanity. One of his great statements or many of his statements, which is time doesn't allow just a one statement. He says

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that when he says that ground upon which people make six that when a person dies, that ground, one cry

00:23:31--> 00:23:44

during a placement system, when you die that place will cry for you. So many times what am I escaped from this, that if you have a specific Sport, Sport, when you die, this please

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passed away. Of course, he became very disillusioned with what was happening in the Muslim world at a time, especially when it happened a couple of years.

00:23:56--> 00:24:01

And he passed away the age of 71. There is a magic no there is known as magic.

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Nearby that method is the place where

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I had opportunity to go to that place. You don't find the exact spot where he was buried. But we have a place of references, capacity and

00:24:18--> 00:24:21

capacity for beauty and the lessons from his life.