If Hindu & Muslim is Cut, same Blood Oozes. Then why Muslim is Buried & Hindu Cremated after Death

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A pleasure Good evening to everyone here. And we'll actually a year. So I'm a Hindu, and truly believe in Islam, I believe in Islam because I have got some proof from it.

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So when you say God is one religion is one, let me take an example of three people, a Hindu, a Muslim and a Christian. Let me take them together. And if their bodies if suppose their bodies are cut down, what bruises from their body, only blood and it's only blood, not the male, nor the water, it's only the blood. When you cut down only the blood causes. Why do we differentiate when we depart the body? The Muslims go with burning, and we Hindus, we go by letting the pile the sister says that she appreciates Islam she believes in Islam, and I congratulate you and welcome you to the fate of Islam. So bending over to Almighty God. The question asked by the sisters that a Hindu, Christian

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and a Muslim all have got the same body, same blood, same constituent, but when we die, why in Hinduism do we burn the body? Why in Islam do we bury? Let's analyze the pros and cons and you decide which is better. In Hinduism, also, they say you can bury the children etc. But when you become an adult, most of the sex saved you have to burn you have to commit there are some sex we say you have to bury, but let's analyze the pros and cons between cremation that is burning and burial. If we analyze and Islam, we have to bury why because today we have come to know that whatever constituents of the bodies there, the earth, the soil contains the same basic elements of the body

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in lesser or greater proportion. So from earth we come and do earth we return

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comparison point number one in cremation, we burn the body there is pollution in Islam and we bury the land become fertile. There's no pollution, there's no burning. Point number two, when you burn to chop down the trees, greenery goes down. And amendment is being

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uprooted and Islam when we bury land becomes fertile, more trees grow, it becomes a menu or

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no chopping down of the trees better for the environment. You know, the government says don't chop trees. If you don't chop trees, how will you burn the human body.

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Point number three, it is more expensive. According to Indian statistics every year, crores and crores and crores hundreds and 1000s of crows every day crores of rupees are spent every year hundreds of crows are being spent only on the trees and burning the body. In Islam. When we bury it is cheap three. Point number five. When we burn, the wood becomes charcoal ashes and Islam once we bury in the land, the same land can be used after a few years. It is for ever, you can recycle it the same land. After a few years. When the bones gets disintegrated you can recycle so logically and scientifically if we analyze it is more scientific, more human more better for burial as compared

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for cremation. Hope that answers the questions