Mirza Yawar Baig – Death and Hereafter #19

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the Sun peel and following schedule. The use of the "hasho" in Islam is emphasized, along with following the schedule for Islam. The speakers criticize confusion surrounding Islam and the lack of support for Muslims among them. The importance of protecting one's body and not just one thing, but multiple things is also emphasized. The speaker discusses the history of Islam and the deception of deception and the Hife in relation to one's behavior.
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I'm Alan Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala tion of Colombia and more saline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah ID un and he was ever seller does live in cathedra and cathedra. My brothers sisters the third question of the grave is Maha Raja rule the boy feek

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Who is the man who was sent on a mission among you?

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Maha Raju Lu, a lovey boy Isa, Vic,

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who is the man

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who was sent

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on a mission among you.

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And the reply should be Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the messenger of Allah, who I followed and who I believed in.

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Again, I remind myself and you that is not a matter of memorizing something and repeating it, this will come out of our mouths. We will say this, if that is how we lived.

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If we lived a life which was based on the Sunnah of Rasulullah assassin

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if we lived a life in which we tried our best to emulate, also relies on sunnah, then this will be our reply. Ask Allah subhanaw taala. For this for us, or if on the other hand,

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we spent our life finding or trying to find loopholes to escape the Sunnah of Rasulullah sensel

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because we were not confident about it, because we were hesitant about because we were apologetic about it.

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And we hunted false loopholes to get out of it.

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Much less and even more. If we were disdainful about the Sunnah for sources.

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And we said that something is not important. Not because we believed it was not important, but because we really didn't want to do it.

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To consider a sunnah to consider a practice to consider a habit to consider a way of the prophets of salaam to unimportant itself is a major major sin because it is a sin of arrogance concerning the Prophet salallahu Alaihe values.

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So, let us correct ourselves. Let us make us their foreign Toba Let us ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us. Let us try to ensure that we don't do our own graves.

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Because if we live in a state of disobedience to Allah, if we live in a state of not following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu deliberately, and if we die in that stage, then May Allah help us because I don't want to say what will happen what will not have. This is up to Allah subhanaw taala but definitely that is not an ending that I want for myself. And there is not an ending that I want for you.

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It was Mandela called

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the coming of his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala sent him, Salah is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala call this a great favor from himself on the Muslims

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which of course it was. And he said

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look on Mon Allahu Allah menina is Basa fee him rasool Allah min unfussy him here to Allah him if he or use a key him where you are The Moon will Kitab on haga. We're in Cano in ko blue Luffy Dali movie.

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He said geladeira Lu, indeed, Allah subhanaw taala conferred a great favor on the believers, when he sent among them a messenger Muhammad salah, from among themselves. Reciting unto them, the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala His ayat, the Quran, and purifying them

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internal and external, the skeleton absoluter we're to look luck from purifying them from sins, and instructing them in the book, teaching them dalim the Skia Bucha Haleem and our hikma

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which is Tobia

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which is following the Sunnah of resources. And Allah said before that they were in manifest error. They were misguided they had no guidance. So four things

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it Tiller which is the law, but then the skier then daily, then Darby

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deliver to the Quran, inform them

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the Ischia purify them. tarbiyah teach them

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Mitali teach them tarbiyah train them and prepare them.

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That's not to say that Saddam was sent with these four very critical

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and four essential aspects of understanding

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Islam, which means understanding our own lives.

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As soon as there's no daughter's to ask for guidance to follow the Sunnah of him to follow his unless rattler dollars taught us to ask for guidance to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salaam in every record in every Salah and Allah made this a record of the Salah where if we do not seek this guidance and the salah itself is invalid

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what is it? What is that door? Isn't

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sera de La Nina and EMTALA him very motivating involuntarily

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every record of every channel this is a record of Salah it's a pillar of surah if somebody does not decide this, then their Salah is invalid

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here then what is this another mystery ultramarathoner dollars this ya see all Quran Al Hakim in the Colombina Musa Lena Allah salty mas takim Allah subhanaw taala

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said Yacine which is one of the names on

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a lot of an oath well Quran Allah Kim This is the vow of the oath. One Quran Allah came by Bill Quran one Quran by the Quran

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in Naga luminal mercerie You are truly from the Russell's the messengers of Allah. Allah Salah Mr. Kim and you are on the

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on the path of steadfastness on the straight path on the Start battle steadfastness. Another out that also mentioned who are the Anantara him because Allah told us to make it as another mystery Sirata Lavina untidy Who are these under a Allah's rather told us? Mama ut la Sula, who Molina Allahu Allah him. Mina Nabi Yin our CDP in our shahada Eva Solly

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the hashanah Allah Ikara Fuca, and whosoever obeys Allah, and his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then they will be in the company of those on whom Allah subhanaw taala best toward his grace, his namah

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from the of the prophets, this is the whole, the follower of the prophets and the further foremost to believe in them, like oh, we're gonna sit here for the Lana Delano, the martyrs, and the righteous and how excellent are these companions? I'm not telling us anything, that these are such excellent companions. And this is what will be given to you if you follow if you obey Allah and is also whoever obeys Allah and Rasul Allah ut la surah.

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This is the Serato Mr. Kim and these are the companions of the Serato was document that is why this is the question which will be asked whether we followed the one we were ordered to follow. And the one who we asked, dua, to be guided to follow.

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You will be asked, he was sent for you to follow, you made dua and he said Allah

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enable me to follow him, did you do that?

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How strange and dichotomous for one to ask for something,

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but not take it when it is given. That stinks of hypocrisy that seems of hypocrisy and if acmella suffers from that. So let us reflect on this when we say pay the throttle was the creme Sirata Latina and I'm Tara him well motor very well darlin, who is this Mohamed salah. He said

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my brothers and sisters, I have done a series of lectures on a sort of a Salah recent

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in which I mentioned the description of US versus Salem, as done by Muhammad, Muhammad of the Allah and

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hamdulillah it is sufficient so I won't repeat it here. He was named Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam one who draws praise or the praised one

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by his grandfather Abdulmutallab. Before he was born, he was named I haven't, as we know from the Quran is a Salah.

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I predicted that a NaVi will come is Mohammed, the one who praises Allah subhanaw taala a great deal. And Muhammad is the one who is praised a great deal. In the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled the meaning of his name and his name is braised like no other. In the other His name is exalted throughout the day and night all over the world.

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Allah subhanaw taala and his Malayaka Send blessings on him. And Allah subhanaw taala honored the Muslims when he ordered us to do the same. When Allah said in the love of Allah, he got the who is a Lunarlon navy. Yeah, your livina on Sunday Riley he was selling with this diva

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a learner's

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milega the Angels send blessings on the prophets of Salaam. And Allah said oh, you will believe you also send blood blessings on personal life I was gonna address him by saying salovaara

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A quick recap about what we believe about our wishes. And because these are these beliefs are a part of the creed of Islam and denying or not believing any of them results in the person leaving the fold of Islam. So let's quickly do a

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recap. One, that he was human,

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anyone who thinks that Hassan was not human you or some other form, this is from guidance from the base from his guide. This is showing that he was human and he was the messenger of ALLAH and he was the last of them after him. There is no messenger, there is no Nabil. There is no Rasul. There is no way there is no guidance of Allah subhanaw taala other than the guidance of Mohammed Salah.

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anyone who claims for anybody else that there is a prophet, or messenger other than them was salam, after Muhammad Salah ceases to be a Muslim has left Islam, right. So the Qadiani is and

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I Medea and all these people who claim that Muhammad was a nubby otter, so this is over. In Islam, this has no place, they can have a religion of their own no problem with that they are free. But that is not Islam and anyone who believes that has left Islam. Similarly, anyone who ascribes to anyone other than the sources of those qualities and attributes, which are peculiar to him as the receiver of a hate from Allah, and so on, also exists Islam. So if somebody says that somebody else is also getting away is gone from Islam, Muslims therefore reject all those who claimed prophethood after Muhammad salah, like Selma, Al Kansa, the liar hola hola Qadiani and whoever else

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and we therefore as far as we are concerned, these are people who are not Muslim.

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Also, we believe that as soon as the resolution was the as I said before, we believe he is the last and final of the messengers of Allah and he's a seal of the prophets. Allah Swatara said Mark anna muhammadan Abba, I had the middle region Aliko Wallachia, Rasul Allah He ohata One there been a kind of Allah equally Shane I Lima, Mohamed Salah was not the father of any man among you,

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because he or only daughters, but he's the Messenger of Allah, and the last and the end and the seal of them and Allah is all is ever all aware of everything.

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We believe that Nimisha Salam was divinely inspired.

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Meaning he was the recipient of hate, and he received revelation Allah subhanaw taala said one knows Misa dolla Sahiba Komaba Dawa Rama Yun take one you'll have in Who are you You are a lover who shall use will go up though Mira Lumira Festiva what were we overkill Allah from Medina Fidella pecan acaba housing

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for OHA Illa Abderrahim Oh Ha, ma,

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unless by the star when it goes down, or vanishes. Your companion masala has neither gone astray. Nor has he heard, nor does he speak of his own volition, his own desire. What he conveys to you is a divine revelation. It is behave that has been revealed to him. He has been taught this forearm by one mighty in power which is way this rap

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Lumira free, free from every defect in the body

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And mind has thought established while he

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was in the highest part of the horizon. Then he diverted SLM, approached, and came closer with asylum.

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So did Allah convey the revelation to his live Mohamed Salah Salem to debrief, the province of Saddam's heart did not lie in seeing what he saw. We believe that he is the lawgiver and has absolute authority from Allah to permit and private whatever Allah revealed to him to do so nobody has this absolute authority. Nobody can create a law or nullify a law that already exists. Both of them which came from Allah subhanho wa sallam, His commands are to be obeyed without question and not to be disobeyed. This is a second this is a condition of faith and denying it denying that renders a person out to fit

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a lesson by law or ABA law, you know Nahata yaki mcguffie Marshalls or binome samalla yeah Yeji do fi unfussy him hydrogen

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Mima hot data we will sell him with a sliver. But no by your dig and have no faith they can have no faith until until they make you all Muhammad Salah Salem, judge in all disputes between them and find inside themselves in their hearts, no resistance against your decisions and accept them was full submission.

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Marga Maracana meaning well,

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either for the last half hour or so who am I going around clear? A

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clear I don't mean I'm reading him when he asked

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for the law,

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unless rather Zed which means it is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter, that they should have any opinion in their decision and Whoever disobeys online the messenger, he or she has strayed far in plain error.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the position our sorrows and salam, in many places in the Quran.

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It's not my purpose to here to narrate all of them or to list all of them. I have done that in many other places. But

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it's very important to understand the nature of Salem. There is no way to Allah subhanaw taala bypassing Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam let's be very clear in their minds about this. This is a big mistake and a big

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trap of shaitan that shaytan tries to convince some people that they can reach Allah without the messenger Salah Salem that they can deny deny Hadees and that they can say that they have these are not required. All of this is

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somebody who denies their Hadees also as SLM has committed Cofer somebody who has denied one Hadees has committed over somebody who was denied it denied all the Hadees together has also come in cover just like someone denying one either the Quran has committed cover and someone denying the entire Quran is covered cover so let us not fall into the into those places. Allah subhanaw taala

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told us sector which is a very clearly and told us and him my util My UT Rasul Allah fucka Atala momento Allah from Asana kala him have his up unless it whoever obeys the messenger thereby he obeys. Hola, hola, yo Tia rasool Allah, Allah Tala, the one who obeyed the messenger has Obaidullah and as for those who turn away, we have not sent you as a guardian over them Omaha masala and he said it is therefore the belief of the Muslims that Rasul Allah is seldom received there he in terms of its word, the Quran, and its explanation and meaning, which is the Hadith, and that Allah subhanaw taala promised to preserve both. How else

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could it be that Allah subhanaw taala promises to preserve the word but not its meaning. He promises to preserve the order, but not the explanation.

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of how this order is to be implemented, that Allah subhanaw taala preserved, okay Musala but Allah did not preserve how the Salah is to be established Allah preserved the order, establish Salah, but it did not preserve how the Salah is to be,

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is to be established Allah subhanaw taala preserve the order to do Hajj, but he did not preserve the monastic and the rituals of Hajj Allah subhanaw taala order preserve the order for us to fast. But Allah subhanaw taala did not preserve all the instructions regarding fasting, and so on and so forth. This would be

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a completely illogical and stupid argument. So anyone who makes this argument to say that they are Hadees we're not preserved, is first of all demonstrating his own ignorance about history, because the bodies were preserved. And this is a historically verifiable fact, which has been verified anyone who does any, or not even a serious study, even a half hearted study of the hadith of rasa salaam can see that the preservation the action, the job or preservation of our hobbies is one of the it is not just one of the it is the most unique job of the preservation of any body of knowledge that has ever been undertaken by humankind. It's as simple as that. The have these were preserved in

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such a beautiful way that not only was where the word of the head is preserved, but history of all those people who narrated that heavies from the province or Salem, down to whichever person

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narrated that hadith. Their histories were also preserved. And this became a independent body of knowledge called Elmore. USMA. Origin, the knowledge of the names of the people. And so therefore, not only do we know, the Hadith, the teaching of Surah Salam, we also know who conveyed those teachings, then there's the head disown, the scholar there had these went a step further. And they graded the Hadith in terms of the not the word, but in terms of the narrations and the chains of narration. So some are these were graded as being very, very strong and sound, which are also hate, and some other ideas, which may have had some

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weakness in the chain were were graded as, as, at a second level, I'm deliberately not using words like authentic and less authentic and so on, because they have a different meaning in the English language. Something which is not authentic is a lie. It's a false, but in the in we don't mean it in that sense, when we just had this it hasn't. We don't say that this is a false Of course not. It's a it's just this it's a, it's a character. This is just that the there is a weakness in the chain of the narration, the words of Rasulullah Selim are not I'm not put up for

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evaluation and for

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anyone to talk about. But it's the chain of narration which we talk about Alhamdulillah this is a very sound principle of authentication. So anyone who denies the hadith is also demonstrating his or her ignorance about the history of Hadith. So I say to people, that before you go off and and opine, and for and express opinions, and thereby put yourself into all kinds of

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trouble, some of it can be extremely serious trouble

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before with Allah subhanaw taala. Before you do that, it just do some, do some research, just if you're serious, then do some research. Go ahead and study the history, see how these are preserved, and so on and so forth. And then you will not need to say anything more, because this is something which is, don't imagine that you have this knowledge, which is superior to the knowledge of all the great scholars that have existed from the Naval officers or Salem, this Sahaba the Tamar interatomic, all the great scholars, other great Imams, please don't think that they were all fools and that you are the only person with knowledge. This is completely It's arrogant, it is stupid, it

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is completely insane. Right? All the people who who caught it I have these who have preserved or have these withdrawn hobbies, do you think they were all fools using they were all you are the only person who's got this intelligence to say that oh, all this is, you know, nothing was preserved. Come again, you know, give yourself a break for God's sake. So don't don't put yourself in a situation where Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear. And Allah said, Whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed Allah and then Allah said, and for those who've done away, we have not sent you as a guardian over them which means that the punishment of Allah will come on people like that. We don't

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want to be among those people.

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There was the belief of the Muslim the what I'm talking about is created is a fundamental of Islam. It's not, these are not some tertiary things

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is therefore, the belief of the Muslims that was was salam received the right in terms of the word the Quran and explanation, the Hadees and both of these away well he Metro and by Rare Mutlu the way which is recited in Salah and the way which is not recited in Salah.

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another thing, let me clarify before because people trot out this,

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they have they have this wrong doubt in their minds, that sort of syllabus to be obeyed only in so called religious matters. And they trot out the famous incident of the manual pollination of date palms, where as was mentioned in the passing, he said, I don't think it will help. And then later, when they mentioned to him that there stop pollinating. He said, you know, your worldly matters best. But when I tell you something about the deed, hold fast to it with your malati grab it like this. Now the people in their ignorance claim that this means that we are free to do to disobey the Hadees also sell them where they relate to whatever we consider to be worldly. This is far from the

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truth. The incident refers to him having made a remark in passing, not to any order or instruction that he gave. Understanding both the fact that the deen is the entire gamut of our lives, and that every aspect of it has relevance to our life.

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And life in this world and the next and also understanding the position of Resource Center as the lawmaker, we need to get it perfectly clear that all instructions of the province of Salem are to be obeyed without question, no matter what they are, because our whole life is the there is no scope for disobeying resources, I mean, anything that you ordered, because that will negate the very purpose of

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Allah sending his messenger

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Allah send sent His messengers and Rosanna Salam is the is the Emir of them, he is the Imam of them

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to be obeyed completely and without question, not selectively at our discretion. So, if he gave any instruction, no matter what its nature, it is to be obeyed without question. If you did not even instruction that is fine. But if you give an instruction if you say do this, we have to do that. Whether we understand it and understand it or not, whether it makes so-called sense or not sense is what the Prophet saw was an abroad it's not what is in our minds will go against what he brought that is nonsense. That is from shatta. Allah's rather than made, his messages are seldom free from any responsibility of convincing people or of their compliance and said that his job was merely to

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convey clearly, and that the evil of disobedience to his teaching rests on the soldier short shoulders of those who

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those who disobey and those who disobey Allah subhanaw taala mentioned their state when they will see the result of their disobedience when they meet Allah subhanaw taala May Allah open our eyes before they are open for us, and we see the tragic consequences of our

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disobedience. Allah said Yama is in Yabba doo Lavina Cafaro. For us our Sula low to savoir behemoth Urdu. Wala yuck to warn Allah had effect on that day. Those who disbelieved and disobeyed Muhammad wa sallam will wish that they were buried in the earth, and they will never be able to hide a single fact from a loss manager. Finally a loss right there are clearly set the parameters

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for of, of who is a Muslim and who's not as being rooted in action based on faith. It is not sufficient in Islam merely to know something or to claim something, or Islamic knowledge and claims must be translated into action for them to benefit the individual. Allah Allah rather, as in Winona Lavina Armando Millay. What are Sunni some Mala Mia Tabu wa dubium. While he wants to see him feasibility La La Iike homos saw the code only those are the believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger sorcerer, and afterwards did not doubt but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Those they are the truthful. Interestingly, there is no ir in the

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entire Quran, where the obedience of Allah has been mentioned alone, with no reference to the obedience of the messengers on Sunday. This is because it is impossible to obey Allah without without obey,

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or sources. On the contrary, the Quran did not deem it sufficient to refer to the obedience of Allah, without referring to the obedience or resource or salaam to remove even the remotest excuse for ignoring the obedience of the Prophet. Until

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You've no doubt whatsoever in the fact that obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is not complete, unless the obedience to resource SLM is fully observed, with all its implications.

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One last word from the above, it must be clearly noted that Surah Surah Salam was a human being in terms of his existential reality.

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But he was a messenger of Allah, and the one who has the highest status before Allah. If anyone assumes on these ayat that a sorcerer was a human like himself, parity, then this is gross error. This is grave error. This is gross, missing misunderstanding. It's like the king of a country compared to a citizen in terms of humanity, they are both human, but they are completely and totally like, unlike each other, completely and totally different. So also resources is human, but he is the beloved of Allah. He is our leader, and the one who will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment. We ask Allah for this in sha Allah, He is the Imam will Ambia, the Imam of the Prophet, Prophets. He

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says a mousseline the leader of the messengers. He is really mean he's a mercy to the world and the one to whom the Quran was revealed. And who Allah subhanaw taala praised along with His angels, and Allah say, said, Allah sends Aladdin Salam on him. And Allah ordered us also to do the same. In Allahu wa melodica who is a luna Allah and maybe yeah, you will live in Avenue sunvalley He was selling with us Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kumar Selita libre him Allah libera Hema Nigam within budget Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come about in my world I live in Nikka Hamedan Majeed was Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was

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to know what to cancel

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