Ibaadur Rehman #8 – Moderation In Spending

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The transcript discusses the importance of spending money on things that are not needed and wasteful. It also highlights the need for people to avoid being Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna via via

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a mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, when Medina akula Musa userinfo bottom yocto vaca anabaena Anika calama pseudocolor will as him expected viewers and listeners beginning by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and cetaceans in the Ruby upon our beloved nivia Kareem said Allahu Allah He will send them. We are continuing with our series on Ubuntu ramen. And the qualities as Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned in Surah Furqan, the favorite bondsman of Almighty Allah, and then Allah Allah goes on to mention the qualities May Allah inculcate those qualities in us, today, we are doing the eighth program, and the six quality the six

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qualities will lead in either and for those who when they spend a battle Rockman or those that when they spend, let me use three four, what am yocto they are not wasteful, and neither are they miserly, and they spending is between the two. And yesterday's programming yesterday as part of this series, we spoke on the beautiful balance in this and indeed every aspect of Islamic behavior and Islamic life. Now let us look at what the ayat says well Ludhiana either and Allah muesli for that Allah Allah says that the bad man when they spend the first word is rough. They are not wasteful. And we have to say that wastefulness and extravagance has characterized much of our community's

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behavior. And we have become part of the of consumerism, you know, sometimes buying things we don't need. With money. We don't have to impress people, sometimes we don't even know but we have to create a certain status for ourselves. And Allah tala and our beloved Nivea cream sauce them has warned us with regard to this, so Allah Allah, Allah says love muesli for the bad man. They are not wasteful. Allies use two words in the Quran with regard to this one is is rough and one is the beer. So it's rough Allah Allah says in the a two part of the Quran in surah,

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Kuru wash, Rabu eat and drink. And many times we like to make mention of that the Quran says eat and drink. But what we don't say is after that Allah Allah says in eating and drinking, don't be wasteful. And then Allah in the syrup and he described in the 15 superar. Allah Allah says in the rain, can we quantify it? Those who are extravagant other brothers of shaytan is rough means to spend more than necessary on things that are needed on essentials, and that there is to spend on things that are not necessary, not essentials. Therefore, a greater warning has been sounded with regard to the beer. They are the brothers of shaytan, spending money on things that have few times.

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But even with regard to things that are essential, Allah Allah says, Don't be wasteful. And then we also find many times people say it's my money. I've learned the hard way I can spend it the way I want. We'll just consider this. Firstly, our expenses is not only determined by our financial means, but but other moral considerations as well. You know, so therefore, you know, we can't just say I can afford it, let me go and buy it. And I know with regard to expenditure, and with regard to consumerism, it is subjective, but what what is the meaning of the Hadith? And we occurred himself said he's not a believer who eats is full and his neighbor is in poverty. That tells us there is a

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certain moral consideration with regard to our spending, and maybe a cream sauce limited in a Hadith, we're in the middle of a Yakuza, Mr. Hyde Park of wastefulness is to eat whatever you want, take it further just to buy whatever you want, because I want the means. No, there are other moral considerations in our expenditure. The second aspect is that, you know, in response to this, I got the money I can spend. The other aspect of this is that when we start becoming wasteful and extravagant, we raise the bar, when we raise the bar and other people want to imitate that and we have become the means of people becoming wasteful and extravagant. There is also not correct.

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Thirdly, and this is so important that when you become wasteful and extravagant, then sometimes it has consequences in terms of your long term financial situation. Therefore to be occurring, softcom said my Allah Monica said, poverty will not overtake the person who is moderating his spending. He spends wisely, he is thrifty, but poverty will overtake a person who is wasteful and extravagant. And today in this situation, many times people spend on the basis of future income and when it has

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materialize they fall into financial problems. He only they could have heard this hadith of our beloved maybe a cream sauce from my Allah Monica said he who adopts moderation in spending, poverty will not overtake him. So therefore polythene, either unpopular muesli for the pious bondsman are not wasteful. And therefore, you know, in Zurich in the 20 for the Jews of the Holy Quran in surah, half it says, under most rufina, who must have one now the waist as the other inmates of Johanna, so we stay away from wastefulness and extravagance. But at the same time, we also stay away from being miserly not spending on our needs. I mean, part of we have to spend on our needs, we must not be

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miserly with moderation and also upon our dependence. So those people who are our dependence we also have to look after the needs maybe a cream sauce limited of zero dinner in

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the best of dinner, which a person spent is spending it upon his dependence those who are dependent upon a person for his needs with regard to you know, miserliness being you know, miserly you know being what you know being a bahini being stingy. In all due there is a word Maki choose a person who takes out the fact from an ENT terminal from a fly so what is there going to be with regard to any someone was all the time you know, being so miserly and maybe a cream sauce limit said you know Alabama he'll be it'll mean a law over it'll mean a nurse will be a terminal gender worker a woman and a miserly person is far from Allah far from Jenna far from people in close to the fire of Jana.

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Let me conclude with a beautiful hadith of our beloved Nivea cream sauce lemon said hustle attorney likes Damiani Fie movement and bought or sold. Napa cream sauce them said two qualities will never find itself in the characteristic of a believer. One is miserliness and one is bad character. So the bad ramen or those ballerina unfolded when they spend. They are not wasteful and they are not miserly in the spending is in between. May Allah give us the topic of understanding and making Hamill classloader 100 reliable anime