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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the fall of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Muslim majority. Omar bin legislation's actions led to a change in Islam's stance on avoiding violence and the need for individuals to focus on their own values. The importance of sacrificing material pleasures and making changes to one's life is emphasized, along with the three types of sacrifices that can happen in a life change.
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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Madonna Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi when Ashley acaba de Shariati, Amanda ruffolo foldover 90 min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wallaby Raja to phenol Ana de novo sabudana. When Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah,

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my dear respected elders and brothers. In last week's talk,

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you would recall that we spoke about the sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam.

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And the ultimate sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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even prepared to sacrifice his one and only Son at the time for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And obviously, we marveled

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and we gasp in amazement, that can a human being whom Allah has created weak Can he reach such levels of submission that he is even prepared to go to that extent for the sake of the pleasure and for the sake of complying with the commands of Allah tala.

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However, going on from there,

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we must realize that Allah is not going to demand from us

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that we must lose our sense.

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Allah is not going to demand from us that we should do so. Although if Allah Allah does, so.

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It would not be against

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the justice of Allah, Allah would have been entitled to ask of us and even the US of us to slaughter all what we have or sacrifice all what we have. Here it would not be unjust, because Allah has given us everything so a lot that I can tell us I gave you give me back or do this. So it would not have been unjust for Allah tala to tell us to start our own sense, but Allah won't do so.

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Because Allah tala knows our weakness letter knows our limitations.

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However, it has done once to show us the great level of submission. Although

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we must make mention that in our history, there have been occasions where people were prepared to make sacrifice for the sake of Islam.

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So in the time of Abu Bakr radi Allahu terrano one day was speaking to his son who was initially not a Muslim shuru mahabhava cara de la Tanaka, beta muscleman Nita to better may walk prefer kita appcelerator so he was fighting on behalf of aku father. So he told our worker one day bohart merkaba butter me up Mira terroir, Kenichi Yaga. Tillich and Bob so much Carmen acoustica many times in the Battle of whether you came under my sword, for I said my father, I can harm him

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Immediately a worker gave a reply, they trigger up eight matava marital work in each other Raja, Tommy Hakone Jota. If you have come once under my sword on the Battle of butter, I wouldn't have thought of us my son, who would have thought is us someone who is opposing align his lawsuit in our kitchen. So in our history, there is even that example, but Allah doesn't demand.

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So therefore, one Apple has anointed me, Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars and thinkers of the schoolmate made mentioned that the type of sacrifices that is required in the day and age you and I are living in. And he gives examples of that from our history. And one of the examples he gives is the example of Caliban will either be allowed to run Khalid bin Walid Saifullah, the sword of a law, never in the history when Holly pin Waleed was the leader of the Muslim army. Did Muslims ever suffer defeat? It was against what Allah has given him the title of say, Fuller, the soul of Allah then how can the sword of Allah tala be defeated? So many times people used to say is Khalid leading

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the army and when it was said that Khalid is leading the army, people used to take it as a foregone conclusion that Muslims are going to win. Such was the might. Such was the strength. Such was the genius. Such was his brilliance as a military rule.

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Not only in the history of Islam in the history of humanity, perhaps no one has seen a greater Muslim gender or greater general in a general sense. So Omar ultimo was worried about this aspect? Omar was worried. He said people are starting to see Muslims are gaining victory because of Khalid.

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And Omar wanted to dispel that notion that Muslims gain victory not because of an individual person

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because of Allah help. So Omar Omar, Aviano Toronto who wrote a letter and in the eve of the Battle of Yarmouk, Omar's letter came to the Muslim army that Khalid must be removed from the Muslim army the general and Abu Zubaydah, Edna Java must be made the general of the Muslim army

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I made mentioned this some many months back, Aveda is known liquidly who Mateen amin wamena Javier Omar Abu Zubaydah, each and every Muslim has a special trustee, and the trustee of this omotesando VEDA image.

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And do you want to know why is known as the trustee

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when he received the letter, and I'm looking at our situation today, our mindset on the eve of a better which Muslims, which was which broke the backbone of the Roman Empire, which was the means of the break of the Roman Empire.

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I could have assumed the leadership and took all the credit that because of my leadership, I was a leader. Muslims gain victory Aveda. Hit that letter

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until Muslims gain victory. And afterwards he told the people humorous letters come and numerous letter says that from her IP invalid I must assume the Muslim commander ship and leadership. This was his sincerity. Just look at his sincerity. Omar has mentioned I don't want people to say Islam gain victory because of an individual person brothers. Let me repeat. There is no one single human being that is going to change the destiny of Islam.

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Islam does not need anyone to change the cause of its destiny. It is Allah who will change the cause of the destiny of Islam. Whoever allow us it is His favor that he has used you and not that person's favor upon Islam.

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It is only a nice person that you can use if Allah wants to use he can use a facet further to to benefit his Deen. If Allah uses anyone if anyone is doing work of him, he is doing Islam Allah no favor.

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Allah is doing him a favor. And let Allah says in the Holy Quran,

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Allah to Allah, Allah, but he La Jolla mundo la caminhada community man, it is alas fever pony that he gives you he died not your favorite that you became a Muslim. But in La Jolla. La comunidad is Allah.

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If Allah takes away the diet, you will be you will die without human May Allah forbid. So Omar wanted to show that no human being as great as he is, even if it is Khalid bin Walid is indispensable.

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So this is what Omar's notion was. Now when a person has achieved the best. Take it in today's time a person is the CEO of a company. The company has been showing great amount of profit for years. Never anything went wrong with the company and the directors change the CEO what will that CEO in two days time he would go to the court and he would take them to the cleaners with regard to what thing? Now look at the example of Khalid bin Walid someone came and told him Khalid You are the gentleman who never ever suffered a defeat. Omar belittled you Omar took you away from your post. Why do you continue fighting? Holly pin worried continued fighting for the sake of the Muslim Ummah

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thereafter? Why are you still fighting? Do you know what was his reply? He said since when am I fighting for Kumara? I am fighting for Allah azza wa jal

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in whether I be the General of the Army, whether I be a normal human being from the Muslim army, that is sufficient for me to continue fighting. I'm not fighting for I'm fighting for law.

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In today's time, right Marvel has a network that is one of the sacrifices required that you do things solely for the sake of Allah, not to score any points. Not to show anyone a point, not to show your name and fame. They say that

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is no amount of good that a person can do when he doesn't worry who gets the credit? There is no amount of good a person can do. When he doesn't worry who gets the credit, maybe a criminal lawyer Salomon said to value meclizine punakha masabi houda. Congratulations be upon the people who are sincere. They are the lengthens of guidance. They do things which changes the course of history. The first type of sacrifice required is a sacrifice of Caribbean

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rights, keeping mind the background, Allah Allah won't demand from us to slaughter our sons in today's time. The way he made as Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam reached that level of submission. Now in our times, what are the sacrifices that are within our, within our boundaries, what we can do, sacrifice have hardly been worth the sacrifice, the second one of us will be allowed the grandson of our beloved Nivea cream sauce and him extremely beloved to Allah. Allah soon, as I said, had a method as a Hussein had a method. And each and every one of those methods was correct in its proper time, as it was saved by the ultimate sacrifice his life has allowed the most time after as a

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theologian who was martyred

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by the people who were there appointed him the halifa. Hazzard muawiya was a rival claimant, because he felt that he needed to, to take to task those people who had necessitated was mundo de la to long story, at the end of the day, has somebody a lot more closer to the nephew of Allah. He had the moral argument in his favor. He had the emotional argument in his favor. He had everything weighing in his favor. He could have said, I am the rightful claimant of khilafah. I am the rightful claimant of the leader, because I am the grandson of nebia Kareem Salalah cillum the people have chosen me, I am more closer towards this. But at that particular time, has it hasn't that he allowed relinquishes

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his claim to philosophy, and he makes peace was as a mahavihara. The Ultra has it

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goes on to rule the Muslim Ummah for 27 glorious years in which Islam reaches new heights, in terms of progress in terms of conquest, in terms of influence, and all because of the sacrifice of

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reminding people about what has a lot to do one day said that I was in the merchant, when maybe a cream sauce them to be allowed to know who was a youngster at that time. And he claimed on to the member and he said, This grandson of mines could become one day the means of peace between two great parties of the Muslim Ummah, between two great trends and to create factions of the Muslim Ummah, this grandson could become the means of peace between these two factions. Look at look at that example. Look at that sacrifice. Today we each and every one wants to take the limelight. Look at that relinquishes his claim, which in every right he was entitled to claim that, but he relinquishes

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it for the sake of the greater good of the Muslim Ummah, he relinquishes it for the greater benefit of the Muslim ummah. What a great sacrifice. Today, we can't relinquish our claims with regard to normal material objectives. Nevermind such great objectives. How many times we have situations we keep a dispute burning for decades. But we won't give in. We won't relinquish what is our rights just for the sake of continuing and we allow families to be in dispute for decades and decades. Now via cream sauce limited. And as a movie baiting fee was a deal, Jenna Lehman Tara kalmar ohakune i guarantee a house in the middle of gentlemen, for a person who walks away from an argument when he

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is correct.

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I guarantee a house in the middle of gentlemen, for a person who walks away from an argument while he is correct. Why I don't want to get involved in I can I know I'm correct, but I don't want to be the means of dispute or smarter the Latino gave his life because he didn't want to become the means of dispute between the Muslim ummah.

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This was a second sacrifice in today's time which is within our control and limit which is within our we can be able to do that. The third type of sacrifice and will be the last type of sacrifice in today's talk. The example of Omar bin Abdulaziz Rasul Allah, you know, this means the changing of life, but when we want to change the cause of our life, it requires a lot of sacrifice. We are living in luxury, we are living a life of maybe perhaps enjoying our life worldly pleasures material pleasures

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Sometimes we sometimes remember librettist glancingly fleetingly. But our main concern is dunya. The whole aspect is towards enjoyment of the material pleasures of this material world. And then we have to make a change. And that change requires you to make sacrifice. And let me give you the example of what sacrifice what sacrifice the sacrifice of Omar Ali. He was born in a family that throughout everywhere, you know, his situation was that everywhere, there was only claimants have been leadership, his four brother in law's will lead us. His father in law was a leader he was appointed the leader of the Muslim ummah. He was first appointed, the governor of Madina, munawwara Do you

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know his exquisite nature, before he became the halifa, he said, when he was appointed the salifu of all the governor of Medina, he transported his goods into Medina, with camels of goods laden with goods, he used to wear

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a jumper and a quarter made with 400 grams of silver coins. And even after that, he used to say that that particular quarter is not good enough for me, it is not fine enough for me. And then Allah, Allah made him the head of alpha, when he was appointed the halifa. He was appointed in the morning the halifa. So he went to sleep before so her, his son came to see him and said, Oh, my father, there are a lot of people who the previous regime, the previous halifa had taken the goods from them unjustly. Why don't you give it back to them, because it was taken from them unjustly. So he said, Oh, my son, I will do it. But let me respirable while how after I get up, I will do it. So the son

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said, Oh, my father, I will accept your explanation, but give me a guarantee that you will lift us or you will lift till the time you rest, then I will allow you so he got up. And he said, I think Allah has given me a son, who will help me in complying with the commands of Allah tala. And he immediately without rest, went to go and restore the wrong full property that was taken by the previous Khalifa. And all of a sudden his life change, whereas previously, he used to wear a 400. Durham's. One day, someone gave him a quota, but 14 theorems, and he told the Exchequer and he told the public accountant, it is too expensive for me to wear, I can wear this give me something more

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One day when he was sitting with his daughters,

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the daughters were putting their hands on the mouth. So we asked them, Why are you doing so they said, We have nothing to eat, other than onions and garlic and some roti, because of which odor is emanating from our mouth. That is why we putting our hands on our mouths. So maybe now this employee told his daughters, who my daughters,

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I could have also given you the luxuries of this material world. But I fear the laughter. Therefore I'm not giving it to you. This was Homer looked at the change that he brought in his life. His wife Fatima when she assumed he assumed she had jewelry from the previous day tomorrow. And he told her, he there you deposit this into the Patriot man who otherwise will leave my Nika. She said how can I leave your nikka and she deposited all the jewelry back into the bay tomorrow. After he had passed away.

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Her brother became the halifa and when he became the Salif, I told his sister, you know, all those jewelry that you gave, you can go and take it back if you want your husband forced you to go and give it back. She said after him when I gave it in his life, how can I can take it back after his life. His wife used to say, one day I saw him crying. And he used to switch around in the bed, like a wounded animal out to the view of Almighty Allah. And I saw him cry and I said, Why are you crying? He said Allah has made me the ruler of the Muslim ummah. There are so many poor people, that I still have to give them enough for them to fend for themselves. They are, they are the oppressed

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people. They are the old people. They are the age people when I'm the halifa who is going to look after them. And he said he used to cry so much that we the family members used to be out of pity we used to say why is he crying so much. We used to also feel uncomfortable because of his crying out of pity and sympathy for him. You know this was and such was his revolt interview leaders of the world can take a small example he used to have two candles

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One candle used to use for the state, one candle for his personal work. No, no difference between Canada and the whole thing anyway, whatever it is, whenever it was, whenever he did his personal work, use his own personal calendar candle. Whenever he used the purse the state used another candle, such was his. And when he passed away, he only rule for two and a half years but two and a half years was such that he changed the cause of people's perception of being a Muslim ruler, and about piety. When he passed away, the Allah say he was reading this iron ticket there was no January larina una una villa.

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After engine net, Allah Allah gives it to people who don't require superiority in this world and don't require corruption This will give them gentlemen, it was as if he was reading a practical example of what Allah subhana wa Taala said, such was a life changing condition of humor.

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Me Allah subhanaw taala give us a topic of understanding. So in this particular way, you know, this is the three types of sacrifices that rights Marvel has and that we that in today's time, it is within our grasp. We Allah doesn't expect us to slaughter our children. And that doesn't expect us to reach that levels of submission. But these three types of sacrifice, the sacrifice of Halloween what is really a lot the sacrifice of hustle hustle movie about the sacrifice of Kumar

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miracle of understanding and making Hamill was Ravana